No Shampoo and no deodorant – best health yet

Yes, you read that title right, I do no use shampoo or deodorant, now before you perhaps react with predictably disgust, listen to what I have to say.  I have not used shampoo in over a year, and my hair is clean, healthy looking, and requires no maintenance.  I do not use conventional deodorant as I have swapped to baking soda, and the very bad smell problem has completely gone away.

Now, you still rinse off, clean your hands, then simply rub your hair, when you first start you may have to do it a few times, but essentially you are only RINSING you hair.  Sounds gross, unclean whatever, but it is how we evolved, our hair secrets natural oils that help keep it moisturized.  In about a month, your hair will be great, it stays the same appearance for much longer without shower than ‘clean’ hair.  Plus its healthy, and feels softer.

Next, I had bad under arm smell, nothing would work, I’d shower, scrub, pile on the old spice, and nothing.  But, I saw someone mention baking soda, and considering I had tried rubbing alcohol and vinegar I thought why not.  Let me say, its pretty insane how good it works.  After a shower or whatever, just sprinkle some on under your arms, and you are GOOD. This is coming from someone with bad odor before.  I can go like 3 days easy without any smell, but you might want to do it more than that.

Anyway, press on loyal readers!  We are on the path to being the best we can be.




13 thoughts on “No Shampoo and no deodorant – best health yet

  1. Not really. If I use somebody’s from DeviantArt, I give them a link, and figure that will pay them off to their satisfaction. Stuff from Japan, I figure that, unless specified otherwise, they’ll also be happy to get publicity here, and I give links to articles _about_ them. Since I’m a cartoonist myself, I have a feeling for it, I think. I let people use my stuff gratis on noncommercial blogs in exchange for some good links. BTW, I went ahead and linked to this.

  2. East Europe is as far as I know the best place regarding the bio products&cosmetics.Genetically modified food is also forbidden here.Bio cosmetics produced here do not contain DEP,DBP,silicone,SLES,PEG-they have the legal obligation to specify all the ingredients a product consists of.No need to use just baking soda or no shampoo therefore. I am a vegetarian myself and vegetarianism and going raw vegan became already a way of living where I live.Also leaving corporates in favor of having own garden/growing your own products/going back to nature became part of this way of living.Corporates/outsourcing/consumerism destroyed any normal relationships between people and feminism is popular in the West side too therefore Europe is nowadays full of sociopaths.You guys, do not be fooled by Swedish or other Westerner girls, from some points of view they come from the same type of systems as the American one.Unless here either East or West being sexually open and not repressed is the norm-that’s why as body language,kissing,hugging, being nice and caressing with the opposite sex is the norm.Nobody is uptight but relationships themselves might prove as shallow at the end of the day…Curious, no European man would call a woman a slut because she had other or more sexual partners then him.Having back up male friends is not common here either.Its either one and then a next one if it did not work…
    What I find utterly surprising reading this blog is that while Europeans males find themselves comfortable in the beta position society placed them into due to all the rough economy,feminism,lack of jobs for men or conditioning slave jobs..Lots of them prefer loneliness while living in their parents house even if they’re 40 or over with no intention to form in a relationship/family, although they might have found good women-as taking decisions, being responsible,adapting to a couple life or having a child seems to be unbearable to them…There are lots of single moms here and not because they sucked as partners neither have they been greedy whores, simply the male they have conceived with did not want them or a child in their life.
    You Americans sound more like you have adapted to the male/female realities in your own country-as no desirable woman out there then so be it you go your own way…
    Well what can we all do.We are only what we can be sometimes.

    Sorry for the off topic and thanks E.K for sharing.

      • It happened I lived in Sweden for a couple of years so I know what their society is all about.Healthier way of being comparing to the States,pretty girls- easy going about sex,shallow matters of the heart and all in all just consumerism.

  3. Good going EK. I’ve been rid of deoderant and shampoo for about 10 years, and generally use basic soap (containing about 4 ingredients) instead of shower gel. A couple of things I’ve noticed after ditching deoderant:
    – How different foods effect your own BO – e.g. dairy products contain sulphur, which smells bad, hence I’ve stopped consuming dairy produce; a bread heavy diet makes your BO smell yeasty;
    – How much deoderant and perfume other people wear, and how potent it is.

    Cosmetics on the whole seem to contain a lot of chemicals that have a detrimental effect on men, (e.g. pthalates) so we’re better off without them, or at least cutting down on them.

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