USA Made Survival Gear – my site is live

I have been working on this site for about the last month or so, most of it going into research, but here it is: which is essentially a go-to niche site for survival gear that is USA made so you do not have to search for it yourself.

I do not actually sell the products, but I do get money if anyone happens to buy the stuff.  Check it out, any support you give me I will apprciate, and at the least, it will give you some ideas on survival items.

I talk about bugout bag essentially, water/food, compare various knives, even weigh in on the AR vs AK debate (and I come down hard on one of them).  Enjoy the site.


Criticism of Capitalism / Right Wing Economics pt1

Criticism of Capitalism / Right Wing Economics pt1

What is interesting is within the strong core of red-pill knowledge, it breaks down into a lot of sub camps, but among the biggest are also proponents of right-wing ideologies namely ‘Capitalism’ – I am very critical of this, and the post might rub some wrong, but at least try to keep an open mind.

What got me inspired for this post, was I am almost done reading ‘Enjoy the decline’ which is a book written by ‘Captain Capitalism’ and while I find his social commentary good, his economic ‘genius’ is the same that plagues all republican thinking, and quite frankly I am glad I did not actually waste my money on this book as it rehashes the same ‘its all obamas fault’ as if I was watching fox news. This post is not about this book, because its just foxnews drivel repacked in some libertarian/ann rand wet dream fantasy.

The major problem, is the lies capitalism lures the populace in with, with siren-like words that we are often too indoctrinated to resist. Let us list some of the major capitalism tenets:

1: The rich are the ‘job creators’

2: The rich are there because they are smarter/more capable/ had a better idea than the rest of us

3: If you aren’t rich, its because you weren’t smart/capable/inventive enough

4: If you work hard, you too will eventually be a millionaire

5: The government is evil, and does nothing good except perhaps defense

6: The ‘Private Sector’ can do anything the government can do, better, cheaper, and more ‘free’

7: Capitalism is the only ‘free’ system, where the best rise to the top

8:There is nothing wrong with capitalism, and anyone criticizing it is likely a Liberal/Commy

9: (Unspoken but critical) Money/Wealth is real

Economics is a joke major, it was the major at college the athletes took because they were too dumb to take anything else, like the concepts of supply/demand are really that complicated. Do they understand real world concepts like buying out the competition to suppress actual competitors, do they understand legal challenges to remove startups from the running, do they understand the lobbyist/subsidy revolving door plague? If they processed even one of those they would have some real tough questions about if capitalism is so good. I took advanced economics, and it was talking about things like ‘inelastic demand’ for gasoline, as if its something really hard to grasp, WHEN CAPITLISM ECONOMICS IS NOOB AS FUCK.

Essentially, the problem with these people, is that they see Obama, they see our economic crisis, and they put his ‘socialist policies’ as the reason, as if the entire slowdown that has been happening since 2000 never really happened. Now, I hate Obama, I think he is a total fucking sham, and that he is nothing more than a puppet for higher powers like multi-national corporations (hey capitalists, how does that fit in? Where do they teach political buy offs?) People entirely fail to connect that our entire world is simply running out of resources, and if this statement does not compute you really need to read outside the box, because this shit is real.

Look up things like how many off-shore rigs Saudi Arabia has had to build to keep production up, look up how we are doubling shale oil rigs, but production is only holding steady, look up the Oglala aquifer about to collapse within 20 years…it is things like this, not because ‘obama is a socialist’. Obama is a pathetic, hate-able shyster, and he is doing tremendous damage to our country, but if you think Romney was going to be able different you are severely delusional, if you think ANY POLITICIAN WHO CAN GET ELECTED is not completely controlled you are dead, dead wrong.

This is what pisses me off about a lot of libertarians, right-wing econ people etc, they don’t realize the dream they are stuck in, they truly think it is obamas fault, and once some fat fuck like chris Christy or ‘freedom loving’ rand paul get in there suddenly everything will be back to normal. The game is over, capitalism is a flawed system that ends in monopolies and trans-national corporations that subsume governments to keep the profits flowing.

Like in this book, he has all these nice graphs about ‘social parasites’ taking their unemployment, medicare etc, yes, that is a government expenditure, but how about we look at corporate subsidies (whats that? You don’t even know that term?) which VASTLY outweighs the ‘handouts’ to the parasites. Look this shit up for yourself! Or how about the top 20 corporations that don’t pay taxes, which can help fund BILLIONS that the gov is not getting. How do capitalists justify this? Is it rationale? (I have had that argued to me, btw) maybe its rationale, but it should be illegal as fuck. You pay your millions in taxes, otherwise you get booted out of our country, you can keep your off-shore headquarters (which all of them do) and you do not get access to our markets.

Capitlism is based on the severely flawed idea that capital/money is ‘something’ instead of just a lubricate for social exchanges, that this ‘wealth’ can then be manipulated. It is kind of like if you have 10 men who can do 10 hours of labor a day, that by pulling some accounting tricks, that suddenly those 10 men actually produce 150 hrs of labor instead of the real 100. We have so much unfunded and over-leverage ‘wealth’ that there is more in the world that ACTUALLY EXISTS in the world. Think about how irrational this is.

Its late, and I will expand these points in a future post, but essentially capitalism is this lie the sheeple on the bottom (yes that’s all of us) are fed that we too will one day be a millionaire instead of the dynastic reality and nepotism you will never successfully navigate. Oh, but let’s blame puppet-obama, its so much easier than actually thinking.


Top 5 NES games

Coming up with top 5 of anything is always hard because of the choice between something that was the initial and paved the ways for its predecessors, or choosing the typically better predecessor.  The general choice I am following is ‘would I play this game now?’ to any game.  So for that reason I will have honorable mentions, such as a game that really paved the way for others, but that it is not actually that good, or would not be as fun.

First the honorable mentions:

Dragon warrior 1:

Arguably the FIRST rpg on video games system, its was pretty revolutionary for its time.  As I kid, I knew a lot of this shit by heart, you start with enough money to buy a bamboo sword, and have extra, or spend all 60 (yes I remember that) for the club.  One of the enemies had a mohawk hair style, as I kid I really wanted to wear my hair after seeing that. The most notable thing from this game was the final boss asks you if you want to rule half the world with him, if you say yes you die.  I see this referenced in some new rpgs, nice throw back.

As among the first RPGs ever it had to be mentioned.  It has a massive overworld, and was a fairly large game for 1988.  However the limitless grinding, and completely random location you have to find stuff in severely detracts it.  But look at this bad ass cover art!


For reference, they always make things more ‘hardcore’ for America, look at the dragon warrior 2 art for japan:



Yes everyone knows Samus is a hot women now, but in 1986 it was this faceless (male?) bounty hunter on this crazy hard world.  This game set the precedent for all future Metroidvania game (like huge 1-world platformers like castlevania and future metroids).

You jumped, ran and dodged hard, hard enemies and terrain, got powers and slowly powered up to take down mother brain and not get rocked by the eponymous Metroids who were rocking the galaxy.

This game was very hard, and anyone who doubts this, I dare you to try to beat this game WITHOUT the screw attack which basically broke it, but was nearly impossible without it.  The map is huge, and there are a LOT of areas you can get permanently stuck in because you get stuck in the lava, or your fall down a cliff and cant get out.  This is the worst, and you dont die either, the game forces you to power down.

What was cool, is you could glitch into ‘hidden’ areas with new tilesets etc, these were called the ‘hidden worlds’ and really took the game community by storm for a while during the early advent of the internet and message boards.


Kirby’s Adventure

This was actually hard along with Metroid as for what would get #5

This game was a very fun, unique platform game where you ate the enemies and you gained their power.  Kirby has been around with nintendo a very long time, (1993) and thus is a big ‘character’ much like Mario, though you dont see him much.  What was cool about this game was there were multiple worlds, and kind of an overworld map you worked your way through.  The bright colors were fun, and the background were well done.

The major reason I dont rate it higher, is that this game came late, and while fun, I am given points to earlier games if they still hold up and/or better.  So this game is not bad, I actually am a big Kirby fan, but considering these others games came earlier, and were also superior, I give them the edge.  This game is good, do not deny that, but I am basing it off of ‘would I play it now’ and this was a critical game of my childhood, but it was replaced by the much better SNES kirby, and there are more fun on the NES.  Still check it if you haven’t.


#5 Super Dodgeball

This was a kind of sleeper game, not many people knew or played it.  It is the same people who made Double Dragon among others, thus the similar art style.  Essentially you take the under-powered USA team and have to literally kill your way across the world by playing a 3 on 3 dodge ball match.

This game had a lot of secret ‘stats’ to the character like their defense, attack, grip, throw etc, so it had some serious rpg-like elements to it.  What made this so cool was every character was different, and they all had special moves, if you dashed and threw, or dash/jumped you unloaded these super damaging specials where the ball goes faster than light, splits into 3, etc.  It turns into this anime battle of super moves being unloaded and first one to blink loses.

Skip a few mins in to see the normal gameplay.

The reason this beats out Metroid and Kirby, is it is simple to learn, but fun and has depth.  You can just pick up and with a friend and start rocking.  One of the first major ‘pick up and play’ type of games and the simple-yet-deep gameplay.  You have to fight progressive harder nations, ending at the USSR, after you beat them down you have to fight your shadow self, all to win a tournament, blood on hands and all.

#4 Double Dragon:


As a kid I would sit there and just leave my nintendo on listening to how cool this music was.

Imagine as like a 5 year old kid, how pure unadulterated BADASSNESS this game is.  Some guy PUNCHES YOUR GIRLFRIEND and kidnaps her, and you are going to beat down everyone in your path: with your fists… street fighting style.  The violence is surprising, you beat down women and men alike, throwing dynamite, kniving people up, bashing in heads with baseball bats, ground-and-pound people dead, grabbing girls by the hair and kneeing their face in, oh my god was this badass as a kid.  Even now its pretty cool thinking about it.

Make sure you listen at least up to the 1:10 minute part, this was ripping it the fuck up with 8bit music.  This is literally better than 95% of modern music, and this is over 20 years old and 8bit.

Pretty much the only thing stopping this from a higher position is a very brutal difficulty level later that detracts from the general badassery of beating people down to suddenly having to time jumps and think instead of just fighting.

Double Dragon misc. bonus/off shoots

Double Dragon 3: ‘Bimmy and Jimmy’ a small meme based on the fact in the opening story they misspelled the heros name.

River City Ransom:

I call this game River City Rampage because it is a funnier name, and that is essentially what you do, you go around fighting an entire town to subjugate it to get your girl back.  I played some fan patch version which was more violent in the text what I guess was more accurate to the japense version where instead of ‘BARF!’ it was ‘Damn!’ which was cool since I was like 14~ when I played this game.

By far the most badass thing in this game was the 2nd to last final boss was a homage to…double dragon, playing this slightly remixed DD theme song as you threw down, talk about sick.


#3 Final Fantasy


This game was amazing at the time, it took everything Dragon Warrior did right, kept it, and improved on everything they did wrong.  Square (not enix) was nearly bankrupt and put it all on the line for one ‘final’ game to see if they could save themselves, thus the name, ironically.  It ended up being a huge success.

This video has all of the songs, which were impressive for 87 in jap (90 in us) listen to the opening theme I call ‘bubble music’ which was kept for a majority of the final fantasy’s but they stopped doing (about the same time they started getting bad)

Also listen to Matoyas cave at 5:39, this is just some minor character who GOT HER OWN SONG and it was a damn good one that has been remixed a lot.

This game was crazy, it had multiple classes to pick from, the instruction book was, it gave you a map of the whole world.  ‘here you go, this game is going to blow your mind, you need a map just to even hope to understand the insanity you are embarking on!’

Whats funny is for show and tell in 3rd grade I brought the instruction book in and read to my class the different characters you could pick from, the audience was enthralled.

What this game did right was a sense of progress.  You were nobodies who couldnt even afford full gear.  But slowly you got a boat, you got better stuff, you got an airship, you grew up into badass adult forms.  So when it was late game you had a real sense of how far you had come.  Not many games successfully capture this feeling.

Megaman 2


This game was so cool, it was totally unpretentious, and just pure ‘cool’ for a kid, you are this kid-like hero shooting everything and everything, and powering up off their dead bodies.  Each level was well thought out, and felt different, you have the industrial heat/lava of heatman, you were out in the woods fighting animals in woodman stages, jumping through clouds at airman’s stage.  It was impressive for how much they improved off megaman 1.

This game probably has the distinction of having more remixes of music done on it than any other mega man, or likely any nintendo game.  There are literally hundreds of remixes.

Some of the best songs are Quickman, Metalman, and Dr Wily Stage 1.  The best is probably Dr Wily stage 1, thats right, just a STAGE is pretty well known among gamers and the remix crowd, for good reason, its an awesome song.

Quickman is 2:15, Metal man is right after at 3:39 and Dr Wily is 14:27.  Check how awesome the Wily stage is if nothing else.  Here is a Metalman remix, just to show a taste of the remix talent and fandom for this game:

Now, this game took the platforming action of the first megaman, and like a GOOD sequel improved on things without making things worse.  Powers were expanded, and felt like they did something, boosting damage to bosses, even if metal blade was more badass than even your normal weapon.

MM1 you were just kind of thrown in, no story, no nothing.  It was an okay game, plagued by a random difficulty level, notable elecman stage was frustratingly hard, in this game the levels were better, everything felt more fair but still presented a challenge.  What is interesting, is this game was before game testing was practiced much at all, so there is a boss near the end that you can literally get stuck on because you need a full weapon, and if you screw up the fight (likely) you are stuck because you cannot refill your weapon.

This one had a story, a good sense of progress, ‘secret’ weapons you slowly unlocked that were the predecessor to Rush.  Later games essentially just copied this formula set out in two with only minor changes, which is not a problem, but for that I give it to 2 as the best megaman in the NES series, and most of the bosses were pretty legit too, with quickman and metalman being my favorites.

Look people even made entire animations of just the boss battle:


and for the number 1 NES game….

#1 Clash at Demonhead


Some of you are probably like ‘what the heck is this game, I never heard of it’ or if you played this game you might know.

Why this game was so great, was it had this insane 80’s flair to the game that was relentless and ever present, it mixed the platform action of megaman, with rpg and adventure elements of rpgs like Final Fantasy, and had a concise, twist and turns story that was pretty good.  There were multiple paths through this game, side quests you could do, characters that died, a large ‘world map’ you had to work through any way you wanted:

Here is the music from this game,

route 1 0:50 is a pretty good theme that captures the feel of it, route 2 2:41 is pretty good as well.

The gameplay was advanced platforming where you made your way through with different equipment and gear and the story slowly revealed itself that you had to track down 7 bosses and beat them down before you could ascend the mountain.  Along the way you could buy better gear, improve your stats, find new moves by doing side quests etc.  Plus there were different environments, high cliffs, lakes, even lava, and you had to go through all of it.

It was told in anime-style cut scenes, which was unseen in ANY nes game at the time and essentially paved the way for later rpgs (though I consider this game a platformer) :

Plus his girlfriend was pretty hot, you didn’t see that until arguably at least the SNES days.

What was so cool about this game, and it was not again seen at least 3-4 ENTIRE CONSOLE GENERATIONS LATER was that your cut scene picture changed based on WHAT YOU WERE WEARING, that sounds like a small detail, but really makes an immersive experience.  The main character Bang can buy a lot of different equipment, including entire combat suits that change his ability, such as advanced scuba gear, or this super stylish jetpack outfit.

This exact scene would be different depending on which suit you wore, and each suit had its own facial expressions, this was very ahead of its time for that type of detail.

Consider that this game came out in 1989, but how far it had advanced what mario had set before it, in addition to just walk/jump of mairo, you could do SO much more, you could crouch, crawl, swim, climb walls, fly.  You did not see that until the SNES, and even then a lot still lacked all that movement.

Look at this huge sprite sheet of JUST THE JETPACK:

Compare to the much lauded Mario:

To me there is absolutely no comparison of any platformer on the NES to Clash At Demonhead, it was technically superior in every aspect, and included so much more.  You could play for the story, the freedom, the platforming, so so far ahead of its time.

A very quick but funny aside, is there is a password feature that is basically too insane to realistically use, it is like 30 letters long, mixed with numbers, as a kid my sister had come over and entered all 8’s or something with a final 9, so 8888888888889 kind of thing, and it was a password to the final boss with all equipment maxed, completely random but crazy to have found.

What was great was that this game gave you OPTIONS, meaning you could just go through a level normally, you could spend money on a super but limited ammo gun, you could put a different suit on, and suits like the aqua suit were normal on land but came alive in the water, whereas the jetpack was fast and you could rip through levels but was expensive.  This is a game design concept that is very advanced, and you dont see in meaningful use until much later like in fighting games like guility gear where the designers give you a ‘way out’ that is not broken but can make obstacles passable if you are having difficulty.

Come on Mario, what the fuck you have against something this badass?

Clash at Demonhead is my favorite NES game, a hidden, under-rated gem, and quite frankly, Megaman 2 is far behind how awesome this game is.



This post took a long time to put together, I hope you like it.  There will be more to come.  Comment if you enjoyed.


top 5 games series

I am in the process of making a series of posts outlining in my mind the top 5 best games off each system that I have played.  I grew up as a pretty hardcore gamer, and I know a LOT of pua/game/pill guys like to pretend they do not game even though its pretty near universal all of them came from video game backgrounds (likely given the analytical nature required of games)

Anyway, keep in my any top 5 you can come up with and post and comment along.  I have wanted to do this top 5 for a very long time.

If this theme fires you the fuck up, you will like what is coming!

Protecting privacy: why you should move past google/gmail

Alternatives to google and gmail are required in this day and age. It came out with only a small notice, but google recently ‘updated’ its terms of service, and basically they are allowed to use, reproduce, profit and manipulate ANYTHING you say. (

That means you send a pic to a friend, google can reproduce that, sell that, give it to the NSA, whatever. Talk about fucked up.

The best alternatives for search engines are probably, they are private. Bing and duckduckgo are also ones to check. But please, get the fuck off of google. As far as mail, you don’t need anything complicated. Go with outlook (formerly Hotmail) or even aol.mail is fine.

Google is a TOTAL shit company. They revolutionized internet searching, and their success went to their head. EVERYTHING they touch in recent history turns to shit. As evidence look at youtube, which when it first came out was a legit site, you could find all sorts of stuff, they got ‘official’ and cracked down, but the comments were good, funny etc, google touched it, trying to convert everyone to this mass forced monopoly of google+. There was a huge fallout because you could no longer comment anonymously but now it would be Frank Smith says ‘your video blows!’. The worst part is comments were switched to some fucked up system of showing the highest ‘google+’ clicks or something stupid, you cant even ‘view comment’ correctly anymore, who the fuck thought that was a good idea?

It would not surprise me if google is in bed with the NSA and purposely feeds data to them in the name of ‘protecting us from terrorism’, I wonder how many red flags I have for criticizing the war on terror, noobama, etc.

To add to their fucked up ness, did you know there is an entire ‘science’ to getting listed on google, and basically noobgle controls who gets on there – mainly by how much you pay. I shit you not. I even tried using their program to advertise a site I am working on, and my pittance is not even taken, compared to the hundreds of thousands companies spend. They wont even take my money because its not enough to get listed or to be bothered with. Someone trying to GIVE them money was worthless, because it is not enough, think about you freeloading their shit, you exist only to further them.

The internet is an awesome decentralized place, where you can get non-controlled info, and they scares the people in power. They want to control and dictate what we do, what we see, and take out those who disrupt the flow.

We are at a very large pivot point, either the internet gets cracked down with kill switches, google/nsa take overs etc or it becomes free. I am really glad hackers tend to be on the freedom side, unsung heroes.

Anyway spread the word about google’s atrocities, and keep the hope of real freedom in our hearts – the dream of unfiltered access to what we want, not what someone else wants, not someone else spiying on us just to make obscene profits.


Shattered Dreams

I do not use social media in the slightest, I have a fake facebook I use like once every two months to look up somebody if it comes up in a conversation – the search functions on that site are laughably bad – but yesterday I sat down for a while looking up people from high school, and also for the first time since I ended it with the BPD girl who broke my heart I looked her up. (Story here, most personal confesion here )

First was so many of the hotties from high school…now look like trash.  Fat, bloated, chunky…so sad.  I was sitting there with my yearbook admiring their lithe body at the time, and the land whale picture staring at me in the screen.

A lot had kids, which is a mixed blessing, because I advocate girls marrying and conceving young, but it was just shocking to see these girls having 2-3 kids already, and no ‘life’ to speak of.

In regards to ‘no life’ this is the males as well as the females.  Across the board it is ‘tech this’ ‘salon that’ basicly fancy ways to say they have shit jobs.  I do not want to sound like I am critizing, I actually have a lot of sadness and pity for what we have become: nothing.  When we all had these grand plans to do this, to be that.  I am reminded of the song ‘shattered dreams’ by offsping. make sure you read the lyrics.

I had been purposefully avoiding looking up the BPD girl, because I was not sure if my emotional state would be re-triggered by seeing her face.  But, I no longer wanted to keep ‘running’ from her.  I looked up her…and for a moment I felt a strong surge of reconginzation. (I knew her for about 3-4 years before I had a short and intense history with this girl, about 9 months in length before we went our complete seperate ways and I NEVER talked, looked her up, messaged her since, that was about 2 and a half years ago)

But…after the breif surge…nothing.  She looked about the same, maybe a bit more worn down, a little more cracked out, not bad for a femcunt lawyer in this day and age.  The reality was, I didn’t feel…anything.  It was just a girl, someone I had met in my life but now meant nothing to me.  Everything she had done to me, all the change she had forced in me (like taking the pill, becoming manosphere aware etc) the source of it, my ‘enemy’ after all this, there she was, and she was just some dumb girl.  Its so ironic, I used to cry and write page after page analyzing what this meant or what she meant by that, and now, she gets mentioned for two paragraphs and that is it.  She doesnt meant anything to me anything.

She is just somebody I used to know.




The Feminine Deception

What many many men do not realize – typically ever – or only after they get rocked in a relationship is that women are manipulators. Sound obvious? Do you actually internalize that? That any interaction you are having with one of them, in her mind she is twisting your words, equivocating her own, all to manipulate you? Do you realize that? If you do not consciously, then you are a victim.

It comes from evolution, just like men are stronger than women – yes feminists, that is a fact- women are more manipulative than men. Notice I did not say ‘diplomatic’ , ‘thoughtful’, ‘nice’, ‘tactful’. Women often are far more cruel than any man. This manipulation comes from our savanna days where a man could force a women to do what he wants, mostly sex. A women can not literally fight back, so in order to secure things like resources and protection she resorts to manipulation. Promises, implications, veiled threats, all in her arsenal.

To a man, the ultimate goal is to have a really hot women he impregnates. A woman’s might be to be that hot women right? Oh no…you have much learning to do. Her’s is to secure resources and protection with as little work as possible. So if that means she can stay fat and get what she wants, she will (see the parallel to American women?). Why get pregnant when it slows her down, and no other male will protect her? So she will avoid pregnancy, unless it suits her. It typically will suit her in some sort of cuckold scenario, where she is having sex with different guys, all of which think the kid is his.

This is a critical thing to understand evolution-wise. If there are five guys, ABCDE, and she only has sex with A and gets pregnant, BCDE know its not his kid, so that’s resources she is losing out on. In fact they may even be hostile. However, if she is having sex with all of them, she can tell each of them its his privately, and they will all dump resources on her. She wins. Think this is insane? Its not, it happens in the biologic world all the time, esp. dolphins.

So next time a women tells you about how they need more money because of the wage gap, or that women are enslaved by the patriarchy etc, don’t just think about their words, think about the purpose. The purpose is to manipulate you.