How to become physically strong – no bullshit

Want to add 100 pounds to your squat within 2 months!?  No…this isn’t a infomercial, I am going to share with you something so obvious but that I never did despite working out for so long, and the simple change that was huge.

The ‘secret’?  Add weight the next time you work out.

Period.  That is all it is.

It is unbelievable how simple this is, and how blind I was for a long time.  I read some article about 9 months ago about some guy that went from like 70 lbs on a GOOD squat to like 130 in 3 weeks, and I was like ‘no way that happens’.  Because, my mind was caught up on my own patterns of being stuck.  He essentially said he did 70, then the next time add 10, and did it, then next add 10.

I was of course skeptical, 10 pounds?  20 two times later?  No way.

They referenced this book ‘starting strength’ which I read a bit, its skippable if you have any idea on how to actually lift weight, and if you make sure your form is good (eg go down to parallel on squats).

The idea was this, find a weight you can do 5 times, 3 sets that is at your limit, and your form is good.  Do it for major lifts like bench press, squats, deadlift.  Wait 2 days, then do it again.  Add 10 to squat and deads, and 5 to bench.  Repeat for at least a month.  Oh, drink and eat a lot too.

It’s that fucking simple, next time you are there and your muscles are hypertrophying, slap some more weight on that bitch!

Obviously, it cant be sustained forever, and the rate is rapid so injury is possible, but to get 50-100 in 2 months if you are dedicated is completely possible.  I was stuck at about 135 n squats for like years, I never did it because it never went anywhere, then I just started trying.  I got injured a few times, but I started in September, and I am at 235 on squats, full, deep, 5×3 sets.  That’s pretty damn good.  I added 10-15 lbs to my frame, and my legs added about 2 inches to circumference.

It works, try it.  After all, the manospehre/mgtow movement is about personal improvement, and this is an important part.



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