Obama: a disinfo and un-unifying agent (pay gap)

About the exact time obama 6 years ago was on his campaign to get ‘re-elected’ (I have very strong doubts as to whether voting is real) that he was saying the same shit he was the first time about improving the economy, getting out of wars etc, I realized ‘this guy is a complete sham, all politicians are complete shams’.

You see because if you take off the society-controlled blinders you have grown up with your whole life (Look I get it I grew up as a democrat, I can admit my past addiction) a harsh truth is revealed: democrats and replubicians serve the same masters.  Namely global bankers and isreal.  We are endlessly fed this false dichotomy of ‘democrat’ vs ‘republican’, if on the demo side things like the environment, workers pay, female rights are vital to you – all of which are denied or corrupted, obama has been horrendous on the environment despite what fox news may decry.  If you are a repub, gun rights, and christanity are major themes to you.  Gun rights are constantly eroded by the very people you ‘elected.

It should be no surprise that obama is talking about the pay gap and other working issues facing women. (http://www.telegram.com/article/20140312/NEWS/303129770/1237)

It makes me mad, for a bit.  Even as much as a year ago I would be raging about the stupidity, the shear obviousness of it being a lie.  These days I accept more as just the status quo of a collapsing system, content to lie to its people until the spectacular crash.

I will present two facts: one is the 77% (if that is true, its nearly impossible to tell) if based on end of year earnings, meaning because men WORK MORE and in TOUGHER JOBS men have a higher percapita earning.  Is it fair a oil worker working 60+ a week makes more than a preschool teacher?  Damn right it is.  Even if this number of 77% were true, it would be foolish as a business owner to NOT staff with nothing but females, after all, presumably they work as hard as a male, for a fraction of the cost.  Here comes big Christmas bonus!

Of course this second argument is clearly illogical, because the stated logic do not reach the conclusion:

A: Women make less than men

B: Women work as hard as men

C: Therefore women should compose very high % of the employees

Obviously C is not demonstrated in reality, so either A is wrong, or B is (or despite women being the ‘better economic choice’ the evil patriarchy still hires inferior males to suppress women)

Of course both could be wrong, which of course they are.  Women make as much or more for similar positions, and they work far far less hours (even if you grant the hours are equivalent quality, which I would not)

So in this Brave New World of 1984 truthspeak Obama continues to be the white knight of females everywhere, espousing lies HE KNOWS TO BE FALSE as our sexes rip each other apart, while our isreal and banker masters smile.





6 thoughts on “Obama: a disinfo and un-unifying agent (pay gap)

  1. Yeah, on the pay gap..(I’ve written about this before on Emma’s site)
    There have been many, many studies on the gender paygap and when all variables are examined the consensus is that it does not exist to any meaningful degree. 95% of workplace deaths are men. Employees recognize that they’re a lot more likely to get seriously hurt or killed working construction than working a day care, and as a result they demand more money. “Women’s work” has traditionally demanded far less in the way of specialized skills, and if anything, that’s almost universally even more the case today. The biggest exception is nursing, where the skill level demanded has increased quite a bit and (uncoincidentally) so has the pay.

    • Thanks for the article, it was interesting, all it really does is confirm to me the fact that democrats and republicans are the same party, and there is no ACTUAL difference between them

  2. A good friend of mine said “Women have all the pussy and half the money, and they’re working on the money” — so true. They’ll pursue any means to get it too. Divorce theft, Wage discrimination, anything but blood,sweat and fucking tears. Yeah ladies go work 60 hours per week in a coal mine and see if your body holds up.

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