Xeresgate: The Castle Within

Xeresgate: The Castle Within.

One of my fellow bloggers has successfully wrote his own book and got it onto Amazon.  It is a small group in this end of the sphere, so I am gladly shipping him any interest.

Lubu is a devoted searcher of Truth.


2 thoughts on “Xeresgate: The Castle Within

  1. I think it’s important that we fight to get out the Truth in our ENTERTAINMENT as well as the other side has been doing for the past decade. (If you don’t believe me, compare how many commercials on your next TV show break has Competent women vs Competent men – or even Strong women vs Strong men. You’ll see why we have to FIGHT for the media.)

    But I also don’t want the entertainment to be done half-assed or be inferior in quality, so that’s why I’m getting DIRECTLY INVOLVED. It may not be much, but I know my skills: writing, acting, debate, and public speaking. So I’m starting with a REALLY AWESOME book.

    If you’re a MGHOW, then find out what YOUR strengths are and use them to HELP MANKIND. It doesn’t take as large of an effort from everyone, but if everyone IS DOING SOMETHING (And if you’re a writer, I don’t mean JUST writing on a blog – been there; done that.) then eventually the work gets done on a large scale.

    Bottom Line: I know there are NOT many (more like: extremely few) MGTOW-friendly entertainment venues out there, but I want you to know: Our community will ALWAYS be able to count on me to deliver proper MGTOW values in my writing.

    Go pick up a copy – I guarantee you’ll never utter the phrases: “Pffft! Women aren’t that much smarter/stronger than their male counterparts! This is BULLSHIT!” or “This is such feminist propaganda! It makes me want to puke!” Can ANY OTHER entertainment medium promise that these days?

    NOPE! 😉

    Thanks for reading.
    Fight injustice; fight for Truth!
    – Emperor Lu Bu

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