Survivor: Brains, Beauty, Brawn – Archetypes played straight pt2

In my prior post I gave a short overview of basically everything wrong with the archetype of different women, how painfully typical they all acted.  Despite being different people, all the girls on each tribe acted nearly the same way.

The point of this post is to analyze the hottest girl there, and the typical utter bullshit that passes for normal and necessary in this world.  Notice her resume-like profile, and the fem-fantasy it is.


Now, let’s look at her profile for the oh-so-typical feminist bullshit.  I have no clue if this girl is a conventional feminist, given that she is from Kentucky, probably not, yet nearly all girls in America are poisoned by it.  The ‘xxx’ in quotes are excerpts from profile, not exact wording

Hobbies: ‘Traveling’.

Ok, I will spell it out for any new guys out there, since I had to have it spelled to me.  ‘Traveling’ is code for one of two things: 1 the girl actually does shit and wants to sound impressive.  Or 2: (more likely) she actually does travel but its code for loose, slutty and generally penis pounded.  Travel is a natural inclination for men, driven by testosterone, this is documented, and girls with high T travel and engage in sex more.  That is a fact.  Look at low T level girls, like east europe, they never move away, just ripe vixens waiting for plunder.

Peeve: ‘Bad teeth’.  I find this interesting as its clear she has dental work done.  Yes, I do not blame her, as I do not like bad teeth either, but a peeve?  A peeve for what you clearly have enhanced?  That’s like a girl with implants saying her peeve is ‘small breasts’, it speaks to deep insecurities.

3 words to describe yourself: ‘Outspoken, charismatic, fierce’

hahah, my god, this is straight out of human resource hell right here, just the perfect answer you fed to HR Bitch across from you.  The irony of course, is this girl is none of those things.  In fact MOST PEOPLE are not those things.  Maybe you have 1-2 people that are outspoken in your circle, maybe 1 person who is charismatic (it rarely exists anymore) and ‘fierce’?  Come on now.  I might call some MMA guys fierce, but some little country girl?

That section is a perfect microcosm of what reality has become, where style supersedes substance, where saying something is more important than actually being it.

Hey Erudite Knight, what are your three best qualities?  “Indomitable, Unstoppable, Godlike”

It actually is pretty sad.  Do people buy this shit?  Clearly they do, because thats why our society is so fucked up.  Why office work has become who can figuratively (and perhaps literally) suck more dick, and prove their ‘biggest weakness’ is that they ‘work too hard’.

Reason for being on show: ‘I’m a broke college girl tired of eating ramen noodles…and to prove’ pageant girls are smart’.

The second half is laughable, as she is not smart at all, but we have already established personal delusion is par for the course with hot girls; it also possesses the typical ‘redemption at the world’ all feminists seem to carry with them.  Her first part is interesting as it is very clearly a lie (you are not going to stay good looking eating ramen noodles) but it fulfills a pretty standard modus operandi of girls of playing the victim card whenever and wherever it suits them.  It effectively speaks the the white knight in males ‘aww, you poor (and really hot) girl!  Here why don’t I take you out to dinner?  (Maybe will you suck my cock after?)  I can’t just let a girl down on her luck waste away on ramen.’

Why will you be sole survivor: ‘I survived cervical cancer, financial ruin, drug addiction’

This doesnt really need to be discussed much as it simply fufills more of the victim role already established in the upper parts.  Notice the dual outs this gives girls?  If she wins, its because she was smart or a fighter.  But when she losses, its because the odds were stacked against her.  Not because she was just stupid, or lacked tactics or anything her fault.

Are you brain beauty or brawn? : ‘Beauty, beauty is more than skin deep’

Haha, I guess even hot girls are saying this shit now.  Of course it fulfills a useful role of giving a guise that she somehow possesses spiritual or mental fortitude, or is some angel within or whatever, not that her one role is to fuck and make kids.

Who has best chance to win, brain beauty or brawn? …ok before you either look back up or read on, what is a typical answer to this?  Is a girl really going to answer?  Or how about some good equivocation?  Her answer ‘You have to have a combination of all three…blah blah blah’

Hey, if you guesses equivocation you win.  It is SO human-resource-like of an answer.  A bad sign of this society where you just can’t say the truth anymore, and that you have to give vague, noncomittal answers, that now pass as accepted truths.

Instead of ‘beauty, I am going to make guys think I’ll fuck them if they bring me to end’ or ‘brawn, I am going to smash everyone’ or ‘brains, I am simply smarter and will out think them’ we are left with this.  This meaningless paragraph of about 60-70 words where she says nothing other than dodging the fucking question she was asked.

I actually hope she sticks around for a while, I like watching her body.  But the simply fact remains there is very little to this girl, other than the faked persona and depth that now constituents most women in amerika.


6 thoughts on “Survivor: Brains, Beauty, Brawn – Archetypes played straight pt2

  1. Oddly, when studies are run on what humans actually find to be good-looking and then IQ tests are performed on the test-group, the pretty ones repeatedly come out as smarter. Not always, of course, but as a norm. Which makes sense, what with brains being the main characteristic of humans over other animals and, thus, an important selection criterion. So what we find “hot” is established by our genetic drive to mate, based around what is likely to be practical to us as a human and, as smarter people did better, we find that hotness and intelligence are often packaged together. Or: we find the external traits of good genes attractive, and good genes tend to also offer brains. It’s a whole package that makes you a good quality human, as determined by natural selection and millennia of evolution.
    Yet when we ask how “smart” “pretty” people are, the media trots out 6.5-7.5s with a caked layer of make-up and an IQ a couple of standard deviations below the average chimp. I mean, if half of America weren’t obese and make-up wasn’t allowed, most of these people wouldn’t rank much higher than “above average”. Then again, since when has the media represented things correctly? The US loves a “brains and brawn” dichotomy, and their beloved indoctrinator doesn’t want them to wake up.
    Just a thought.

    • What exactly are you saying? That smart/hot is set at a really low bar?

      One thing you allude too, and I think about a lot, is if the obesity was gone (and girls were thin/fit) would american girls be hot?

      • I’m saying that, in the real world, smarter people and hotter people overlap a hell of a lot more than in the media. We like a dichotomy and we’re fed one.

        And also that the bar is low, yes.
        It is something I ponder. A lot of “hot” girls in the UK too are simply cases of “not fat, wear a bit of make-up, not trashy”. I mean, that’s the pinnacle we have to reach? When I dress up, I should be stunning, by that standard. The reality is harsher: I’m a mere 7.5 and most modern “hotties” would be 5s or 6s if the typical woman weren’t so undesirable. Dysgenics at its finest.

  2. The “addiction” part of her history likely involved a year or two of her life when she was sucking any dick with a dime bag. I knew a “recovered” addict years ago and the sordid shit she had done to score drugs was eye opening and of course didn’t stop. She was back to screwing random guys for drugs after her so called recovery, lived for a while in a crack house which means she rented all her holes to complete strangers for drugs and her parents went broke bailing her out, replacing her cars and paying for expensive rehabs. This bitch in the profile probably has a fierce case of anal herpes. Run don’t walk from hos like this.

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