Survivor: Brains, Beauty, Brawn – Archetypes played straight

‘Survivor’ is about my only contact with what passes for culture, that being said the current season is laughably consistent proving stereotypes hold true with the eponymous ‘Survivor: Brains, Beauty, Brawn’.  What is notable, is the way each archetype of girl acts, a archetype played very straight based on their notably ‘perk’.

One of the 'Beauty' tribe

One of the ‘Beauty’ tribe

Survivor, for those in other countries is a ‘reality’ show with people camping on an island and they slowly turn on each other, voting off until only 1 remains.  It actually started the whole reality show trend, so for that its notably.  It shows generally the darkest sides of humanity, with betrayals, backstabs, and pretty much anything counter to virtue.

The ‘Brawn’ tribe is composed of athletes and police officers generally.  Girl-wise we have some post-wall yoga instructor who is from boston or something, and thinks she is tough simply because of that fact.  There is some dyke-y hair dresser type, very likely bi.  Lastly, some tough but naive police woman.  The most notable here is the hairdresser, I have seen this type before.  Its the feminist shocktrooper to a T, who radiates GURL-POWER and her mission in life is to show that she is superior to all males.  She was ready to cry and quit during the first round of rain storms.  Typical.  ‘Tough’ in this fucked up beta society, but when reality gets difficult their illusions are shattered.

I fully planned on sympathizing with the ‘Brain’ tribe given an affinity for intelligence.  However, this tribe has been a complete failure, completely given every negative stereotype of intellect support in those beliefs.  Two of the three are notable, the first is some black phd in nuclear engineering, and the 2nd is a femcunt lawyer type.  Again, it is painful HOW FUCKING STRAIGHT THESE TROPES ARE PLAYED.

The Phd (piled high and deep is right…) volunteers to design the shelter, because…well she’s smart and if she can do whatever with nukes she should able to do something this simple right?  The shelter, predictably is a disaster, can’t hold weight, breaks etc.  Oh well.  I am sure she is collecting 150k+ from some government coffer even if she is utterly inept and would get wiped in a true ‘survival’ situation.

Ms. Femcunt lawyer is another who deviates little from what you would expect from the type.  This is your typical barely-post-wall type who was never hot but rode enough cock simply because some guys will hit anything and is now looking at the wasteland of sexual opportunity that awaits her and concludes it was men’s fault.  She carries that arrogance these type always possess, that because she is a lawyer peons should bow before her.  The type of woman that thinks she really understands the score, and that thinking she can manipulate is the same as actually being able to manipulate.  She makes frequent comments about the men being ‘nice to look at’ but that they are just toys.  NEXT!

Next the ‘Beauty’ tribe, ah this is pure gold over here.


This girl is actually the most notably, so I’ll slam (heh) the other two out real fast.  The first is a girl I posted a pic of at the top, some ex-cheerleader with big boobs.  Dumb, and unremarkable, totally missed a huge tactical advantage (finding an idol).  Got through life simply on looks and nothing else.  The 2nd is some ugly ass skinny girl with wide shell-shocked eyes.  She possesses the type of look seen on herbivore animals, unsure and incapable of processing events around her in any meaningful fashion.

Last is this girl, Jefra. She is pretty damn hot, especially given her country charm, simply based on that, this is the type of girl you’d want mothering your kids – not to say her totally lacking personality and intellect.  If it was not for her large boobs for her small frame, her white/even teeth, you actually wouldn’t notice her at all for her general forgettable personality.  So this naturally leads into the whole problem.

I will tear this girl ‘story’ apart in my next post.

One of the fairly cognizant guys on her team said this, while the guys were working on building a shelter, the girls were sitting there useless, huddled, and waiting for someone else to save them.

I guess the stereotype of beauty is coming true.  This girls do nothing.  They are on some other world.”

Unfortunately, this is about as clear of a understanding as can be stated about beautiful women.  Yes nearly every guy would want to dump a hot load into her.  Yes, you could probably even put up with her stupidity and have her crank out some kids and you be the better for it.  The problem is society at large, that on the whole hot girls get free passes.  I am actually surprised feminists dont bitch about this more, because their fellow hotter sisters leave slack they (occasionally) pick up.

The ‘beauty’ girls have done shit their whole life, they lack basic understandings of anything beyond that ‘looks = guys giving me shit’.  Survivor is but a game, and it shows their complete inability to stand a chance at surviving for real, when they curl up and wait to die unless their fellow males save them.

How the hell can you rationalize this to yourself as somehow being ‘ok’?  Does it not even register that you are incapable of basic skills, and you are utterly relying on someone else?  Has it become so normal that your perky breasts give you everything in life you have never developed the cognition to think you may have to do something on your own?

Of course, the answer to this last question is ‘yes’.



4 thoughts on “Survivor: Brains, Beauty, Brawn – Archetypes played straight

  1. “It actually started the whole reality show trend, so for that its notably.”

    I’m not sure where you got this impression, but the show that started the reality show trend was ‘Real World’ on MTV. I’ve never watched survivor, and couldn’t care less. When Real World came out I thought it was the dumbest idea imaginable (why would anyone want to watch the day-to-day (obviously dramatized and fabricated) interactions of regular people? I truly underestimated the stupidity of the public. And here we are.

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