Some saw it coming

When the inevitable collapse occurs, and historians look back on this time and place with ‘what were they thinking’ attitudes, just know that some of us saw it coming.

Some of us saw that cultural diseases like feminism turned women and men against it other while society crumbled.

Some of us saw that our reckless economic policies were not based on reality, and that our endless wars and military spending were clearly not good ideas.

Some of us saw that the environment is getting absolutely raped in multiple ways, humans killing species at 10,000x the natural rate, poisoning our water for oil, endless air pollution etc.

So yes, our ‘leaders’ lead us off this cliff, they effectively placed protocols and societal structures to prevent any change to the status quo and power dynamics, it that regard they could be ‘commended’ if it was such a good thing.

If its any consolation to our epithet, some of us did see it coming, but we couldn’t do anything about it.




7 thoughts on “Some saw it coming

  1. Are you familiar with the “empire theory”? It’s basically that any large, complex, wealthy society will degrade the larger, more complex and wealthier it becomes, until it either fizzles out or collapses. Happened to the Roman Empire, the Huns, the Chinese empires, the Greek, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Mesopotamia, etc. Sure, every empire is greater, more technologically advanced and richer than the last empire before it, but they all crumble eventually.
    And, technically, the modern world is Westernizing. Westernization is pretty much a code-word for Americanization: the advances of plutocracy, the stranglehold of corporations, the abuse of resources, the petty freedoms, the liberalization and advances of feminism, etc. Americanization is an extension of British Imperialism, where the Imperialist attitude (“We rock. We deserve everything. Everything we do is good. We should rule the world.” Think psychopathy writ-large.) didn’t die-out, as America wasn’t ever an empire-owner, but a colony.
    Now think of the collapse of the Great Age of Empires: where was all the degeneracy following the collapse of the British Empire? Where was the economic collapse following that on the Spanish Empire? Where is the complete alienation resulting from the disintegration of the French Empire? We’re living in it. We’re living in the last throes of the age of European Global Imperialism.
    There’s a reason so many people see at least one connection and so many people see the collapse coming: it’s happened a hundred times before. This time isn’t special. It won’t be any different. Read about the demise of Imperial Rome or Imperial China and you’ll see the same patterns.

    • There is a book called Empire America. Came out before the recession, talked about how housing would collapse then the dollar. Basically hitting on the same lines that you are talking about. It wasn’t talked about much in the news because it did not happen but I believe if the government shut down which lasted 3 weeks extended into the next month food stamps would have been cut. Oh shit baby mommas….who’s your daddy now?

      • It’s my firm belief that benefits/welfare will be one of the horsemen of the decline, not just a symptom. As the number of welfare recipients increases, the number of working people needed to support them will also increase. As a population is finite and the World is infinitely connected, it will take a while for the effect to be seen besides the obvious melting-pot effect. We have many, many eager workers at our disposition and many, many, low-end jobs to fill. Yet, as the low-end jobs are taken-over by machines and the global population reaches a point where a quarter are welfare/benefits or charity dependent, we will see the problems coming to the surface.

        Of course, I could be reading this wrong. Maybe it’s actually like the USSR’s class structure. Perhaps the effort to make half the working-class population redundant is actually a method of population-control. Keep everyone earning just enough to keep them ticking over and when someone expresses dissidence you replace them. We have five classes, basically. Welfare: uneducated, dependent, used to largely be lazy but now that’s not always the case, get enough material goods to keep them quiet and eat poor food that keeps them hungry, fat and lazy. Working: uneducated/trained, pro-active, kept too busy to contemplate the finer details of life or politics, are making ends meet, but living better lives than many of those on welfare, also often fit and healthy. Lower middle classes and service-sector workers: often fulfill non-jobs designed to improve quotas, “educated” enough to think they know everything, consumerist enough to ignore the quality aspects of life and neglect to save money or invest their time into worthwhile things, often barely make ends meet, due to their obsession with consumption. Upper classes: the favoured people, they make enough money to live well and happily, but their jobs also demand a lot of that money, they also work too much and are too “educated” to question anything, although they may have a better idea than the welfare and lower middle classes. Aristocracy: the people who are actually pulling the strings. As in the USSR, this structure is sustained via careful regulation of resources, suppression of dissidence, overt and covert propaganda, ignoring actual issues and encouraging people to work, serve and consume rather than think.
        With a large pool of working-class people barely making ends meet, the lower-middle-class and service-sector workers can easily be replaced. With a large pool of half-starving benefits/welfare/charity recipients, any dissident working-class worker can easily be replaced. The upper-middle-classes and upper-classes are the “favoured” lowbrows, who won’t dissent unless their comfort is destroyed. The aristocracy (now largely mil/billionaires and people with political sway) enjoy the status-quo, as it keeps them in place at the top. With the dumbing-down of education and the decrease in available jobs, the difference between a welfare recipient and an upper-middle-class or service-sector worker isn’t that great any more, so swapping them around shouldn’t be a problem.

        Either way, I view the collapse of the welfare state as either a driver of the collapse or a tool that the government will use to keep itself alive, rather than a symptom.

        And thank you for the book suggestion. I’ll have a look into it. It may take longer, but if Ayn Rand and the Bible’s predictions about the degradation of humanity came true eventually, then the case may be the same for that book.

  2. The Senate just unanimously voted for a bill in favor of eliminating the use of character evidence on the behalf of the defense. Specifically for military members charged with sexual assault. This is evil. It’s pathological.

    If anyone suggested this for civilians the lawyers would be going batsh*t right now. But it’s okay for those entrusted to defend us. Absolutely unconscionable. Yes, we are headed for a collapse. Why would anyone worth a damn want to join up to defend a cast of actors who purposely crucify them for doing so? This creates an environment toxic beyond belief. At the point people are angry enough to willingly subject themselves to harm in the interest of harming the culprits (and this happens when people feel there is no justice available) our society will implode. We’re the snake eating its own tail. Christ I’m seeing red.

    • I can feel you emotion, thanks for that update. You know all this certainly has a conspiratorial bend to it, after all why are we systematically eviscerating the military so much?

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