How to become physically strong – no bullshit

Want to add 100 pounds to your squat within 2 months!?  No…this isn’t a infomercial, I am going to share with you something so obvious but that I never did despite working out for so long, and the simple change that was huge.

The ‘secret’?  Add weight the next time you work out.

Period.  That is all it is.

It is unbelievable how simple this is, and how blind I was for a long time.  I read some article about 9 months ago about some guy that went from like 70 lbs on a GOOD squat to like 130 in 3 weeks, and I was like ‘no way that happens’.  Because, my mind was caught up on my own patterns of being stuck.  He essentially said he did 70, then the next time add 10, and did it, then next add 10.

I was of course skeptical, 10 pounds?  20 two times later?  No way.

They referenced this book ‘starting strength’ which I read a bit, its skippable if you have any idea on how to actually lift weight, and if you make sure your form is good (eg go down to parallel on squats).

The idea was this, find a weight you can do 5 times, 3 sets that is at your limit, and your form is good.  Do it for major lifts like bench press, squats, deadlift.  Wait 2 days, then do it again.  Add 10 to squat and deads, and 5 to bench.  Repeat for at least a month.  Oh, drink and eat a lot too.

It’s that fucking simple, next time you are there and your muscles are hypertrophying, slap some more weight on that bitch!

Obviously, it cant be sustained forever, and the rate is rapid so injury is possible, but to get 50-100 in 2 months if you are dedicated is completely possible.  I was stuck at about 135 n squats for like years, I never did it because it never went anywhere, then I just started trying.  I got injured a few times, but I started in September, and I am at 235 on squats, full, deep, 5×3 sets.  That’s pretty damn good.  I added 10-15 lbs to my frame, and my legs added about 2 inches to circumference.

It works, try it.  After all, the manospehre/mgtow movement is about personal improvement, and this is an important part.


God damn politicians

So I have been productive lately trying to make money online. All is well and good, I was stomping out a website that would be successful functioning in a micro niche then I come to the part where I sign up for some affiliate programs…and what do I find but my state’s politicians (Colorado) in its infinite wisdom attempted to leverage internet sales tax to any and everyone (namely amazon) a few years ago and are trying to run the same scheme again.

The claim was it was to protect actual stores revenue, it was easy to see they simply wanted to get their hands in the vast e-commerce pot.  The irony that a lot of e-commerce is already these so-called ‘brick and mortar’ stores.

Amazon, says screw you, we will just pull out and have no ‘presence’ in your state, therefore we dont have to pay taxes.  The missing key to all this is that there were about 10,000 people who made money advertising amazon products, including hopefully me.  Amazon pulling out ‘screwed’ them (me) I guess, but I entirely blame the politicians, what the fuck did they think was going to happen?

Now, they do not get the internet tax (they never were anyway) but they put 10,000+ people out of income, and decreased their own income tax revenue.

Greedy motherfuckers.

Now its time to go back to the drawing board and figure out how the hell to get out of this tax black hole my state has become for making money independently.

Even good (?) intentions can be bad

I’d be out of action the last week or so, but coming back I had a slew of comments to go through (and readers who dont comment, I make it a habit to respond to every new commenter, and often respond to any comments in general other than between people) and this one caught my attention enough to write a post about.

In my last post Eurdite Dark Knight (sic) wrote a long comment, I think it was supposed to be inspiring, or maybe advice, but it comes across as someone still plugged-in / pre-pill where they want to help you, but their advice is given by someone who hasn’t been there, and doesnt really know.  It would be easy to attack the person, but I think there is a legitimate chance they were attempting to be ‘helpful’ so I will simply talk about their argument.

Eurdite Dark Knight: ‘You seem to think that the entire female sex is less than you in almost every way. When in reality there are some women out there that are, dare i say it, smarter and stronger than you. They might even be in love with men who are “better” than you, in EVERY way. What happens when the hero of your story loses? When he realizes he is not the most superior being in his world.’

This has a few problems, first of all it is a heavy strawman argument that makes it easier to start the bashing, second, this is a very heavy ‘NAWALT!!!’ argument (not all women are like that).  I talk a bit about NAWALT-ism here ( but this is a low level argument you encounter frequently once you start to wake up to the reality around us.  At its most base, it posits that because literally NOT ALL women can be that bitchy/slutty/stupid/etc the claim is therefore false.

This fallacy is a mix of Anecdotal and Texas sharpshooter, where because this person ‘knows a girl’ who is not part of the claim, it therefore disproves it, because they cherry pick their exception (often female Olympians to prove males arent stronger) the fallacy concludes that this is a valid argument.  Of course, it isnt, a exception does not an argument make.  Or, depending on how its phrased, it could be a ‘Special pleading’ fallacy that where a claim is shown to be wrong, attempts to ‘plead’ for an exception, thus ‘not all women are like that’.

There is a saying ‘the exception proves the rule’ I dont really like that because if it was a rule, it wouldn’t have an exception, what I like better is my own creation ‘the exception proves the generality’.  I have long railed against modern women, but my claims are backed up, often by actual facts such as wage gap lies.  Further, EDK’s argument essentially suggests that because there is some girl out there smarter or stronger than me, that I am therefore not stronger than other girls, because I was beat by a girl, its a very circular style of reasoning.

Here is another one about NAWALT you may want to read, Eurdite Dark Knight,

Just because you have never loved a woman, or a woman has never loved you, does not mean you should place all your hate towards their sex.’  

If I was a feminist I might shriek ‘You dont know me!!!’ The reality though, is this arugment is entirely emotionally based, with a does of ad hominem thrown in.  Arguing against people that arent capable of detecting fallacies, these type are extremely effective and also in front of a crowd, they work damn well, you can paint the opponent as a loser, and they dont gain the ground back by pointing out its fallacious nature.  What doesnt change is that how does me loving or not being loved at all affect the validity of a claim?  Stated another way, say I make the claim ‘2 +2 =4’ to which someone says ‘just because you arent loved doesnt mean you should place all your faith in your math claim’.  Its completely unrelated.  As anecdotal evidence, I have loved as a matter of fact, I have a lot of love in my life, and I ‘loved’ a girl that fucked me over. (

Women ARE smart.’

Said like a white knight.  If it was so self-evident why would it need constant repetition?  I’m strong, I really am! I can bench 400, I really can!!!

If you actually believe half of what you say, this grudge and prejudice you hold against them will show right through when interacting. As a result, they will immediately turn their head.

Unfortunately, EDK, this is patently false.  The entire PUA/red pill/ mgtow movements are founded on the truth that treating women as your equal is how you lose, and treating them as inferior is how you win.  I do not condone this reality, but it is a reality none the less. Girls are pedestal-ized their whole life, so when you are nice, you do not register in her mind, you are disposable.  When you are mean, cocky, aggressive you are different to her, you stand out.  On an evolutionary point, the aggressive men are the ones women are selected for to like.  Thats why peacocking works, it acts as if you are a badass, without being called out on it in our pussy society. (

‘Underneath all this emotion I sense a hopeless romantic that just wants a woman who can love him as much as he is capable of giving. A good way to find this woman is to start looking for the positive things in people rather than the negative.’

You are right, I actual am a closet romantic, but it is something nearly dead and gone in this world.  Women are not in the right mindset to understand things like gifts, and devotion, their hypergamy is completely unrestrained, so in a previous life a man giving her resources was something she needed and latched onto.  But now with so many suitors, it is ‘deserved’ and expected, and with so many coming in, you are meaningless.  When you are that ‘fake badass’ it confuses them, ‘why doesnt this guy need me?’.  Implicit in this reversal is the ‘guy needing the girl’ which is totally false from a survival perspective, but regardless, it circumvents the misled reality girls subscribe to.  After all, all guys ‘need her’ she is led to believe, so when the guy doesnt need her, it activates the correct ancient pathways of that he must have a glut of resources and can be picky.  Thus…girls are attracted to it.

Girls are currently misled, thats what makes them dangerous now, not that they were always that way

Girls are currently misled, thats what makes them dangerous now, not that they were always that way



Why I am going my own way.

I am not sure what to call this, this is going to be a personal post, and a steam of consciousness.  I am going to explain why I have essentially given up on women, and while that fact is true, I am not a faggot, not gay, in fact I am living a far more content life that I generally have before.

If you are a girl, understand this, (if you will excuse my moment of vanity to help express my point):  I am nearly a perfect, badass guy, the type of guy you wish you had, and you know what?  I have completely given up on your kind.  I am more badass in every way than you will ever be, and your boyfriend or current guy you are ruining is.  I will outrun him, I will outshoot him, I will out fight him, and my intellect will run circles around whatever passes for acceptable intelligence these days.  I am 100% loyal until betrayed or abandoned, kind, and courteous.  And you know what, if those last qualities sound like bitch qualities blame feminism for destroying what civility remained in our fucked up world.

I cry when my dogs died, and I will cry when my current dogs die.  If you think this ‘thug’ guy you are so wet over, or any male is attempting to emulate because he is some ‘hard badass’ let me tell you he is a sham.  One punch to his throat and he will be on the ground in tears begging to stop.  This guy who was oh so cool because he didnt have emotion is now nothing but a joke rolling around on the ground because he had no depth to his front.  This guy who will cry when he sees a wounded deer crawling away from being hit by a car is the same man that will utterly stomp that faggot boyfriend you are putting out to.  And if we brawled, after he is down, and you come running up to me the victor, I would slap you for your traitorous nature.  I don’t need your shit in my life.  You give me nothing.

No, I am not a faggot, and I do not have trouble with women.  After my heart was originally stomped out and I was forced to reconcile my experiences, I tried the whole ‘game’ thing, and within 2 short months I had been with 5 different girls.  Not insane, but a good indication to me that it worked considering I had been a complete virgin only 6 months prior.  At that rate if I bothered I could put down 30 a year, over 100 in four.  But you know what?  It was shallow.  Pointless.  I felt empty.

What was the point?  If I wanted sexual release that bad, I could do it myself far faster, less chance of disease and not deal with this fake pretense.  I had been shown the pointlessness of women’s existence in my life.  The sole thing they could give me that I was not getting from dogs or my friends was sex.  An orgasm was an orgasm, and I did not have to deal with their shit before or after.

Males are far more loyal.  If you are a girl, I actually pity you for in this regard you can never understand loyalty as males can.  Most males are fuck ups, I grant that freely.  But a real bond between males is far deeper than any sacred slut pact between two women.

Women have made war with males.  Well feminism has, and because how widespread it is, de facto most women.  How is a male NOT to feel hate when women are getting jobs they are less qualified for simply by merit of their sex?  Somehow they are less equal than us that they need an advantage, but that we are punished for mentioning the very idea that sexes might not be equal.  How are we NOT to feel angry at the hypocrisy that the hot girl at work shakes her tits around and gets promoted but then tells us its wrong to look at girls for their appearance?  That we shouldnt judge them based on their looks, yet have no problem leveraging looks into whatever goal their shortsighted egos have landed on.

I dont hate women, I really dont.  If you read this and laugh, it shows how deeply ingrained feminism is in your mind.  I find actual women very attractive like my biology has evolved me to.  A women who is gentle, kind, soft spoken, can cook or sew, gives a fuck about me instead of how she can further herself is awesome.  But nearly legendary in this world.

So congrats women, you have successful made a male no longer interested in dating (what a joke that word represents now).  A male who knows everything from fixing a car, to a computer, I can field strip a gun, can sharpen a knife, I can argue Shakespeare or Nietzsche, discuss the merits of history or modern politics, very well educated in all the main branches of science, can offer theories on esoteric physics concepts, utterly stomp out faggot thugs, and perhaps lastly…love.

Congratulations women, this Renaissance man who is more than capable of gaming your slutty ass to put out for me, does not want you.  A male who epitomized both everything stated and subconscious in women to be the ideal hypergamous mate is no longer interested in you.  That does not mean I am giving up, it does not mean I am turning gay, it means the lie I was fed that I have to have a woman has been exposed to me for being the farce it is.

If real women come back I will be the first one there cheering them, and if there ever is a girl out there worth anything more than a pounding I am not even bothering to give her I will still be on the search for her; but I do not need ‘someone to complete me’.  I am content, focused, and driven.

Simply, that as I go through life, I do not need a woman by my side.


Obama: a disinfo and un-unifying agent (pay gap)

About the exact time obama 6 years ago was on his campaign to get ‘re-elected’ (I have very strong doubts as to whether voting is real) that he was saying the same shit he was the first time about improving the economy, getting out of wars etc, I realized ‘this guy is a complete sham, all politicians are complete shams’.

You see because if you take off the society-controlled blinders you have grown up with your whole life (Look I get it I grew up as a democrat, I can admit my past addiction) a harsh truth is revealed: democrats and replubicians serve the same masters.  Namely global bankers and isreal.  We are endlessly fed this false dichotomy of ‘democrat’ vs ‘republican’, if on the demo side things like the environment, workers pay, female rights are vital to you – all of which are denied or corrupted, obama has been horrendous on the environment despite what fox news may decry.  If you are a repub, gun rights, and christanity are major themes to you.  Gun rights are constantly eroded by the very people you ‘elected.

It should be no surprise that obama is talking about the pay gap and other working issues facing women. (

It makes me mad, for a bit.  Even as much as a year ago I would be raging about the stupidity, the shear obviousness of it being a lie.  These days I accept more as just the status quo of a collapsing system, content to lie to its people until the spectacular crash.

I will present two facts: one is the 77% (if that is true, its nearly impossible to tell) if based on end of year earnings, meaning because men WORK MORE and in TOUGHER JOBS men have a higher percapita earning.  Is it fair a oil worker working 60+ a week makes more than a preschool teacher?  Damn right it is.  Even if this number of 77% were true, it would be foolish as a business owner to NOT staff with nothing but females, after all, presumably they work as hard as a male, for a fraction of the cost.  Here comes big Christmas bonus!

Of course this second argument is clearly illogical, because the stated logic do not reach the conclusion:

A: Women make less than men

B: Women work as hard as men

C: Therefore women should compose very high % of the employees

Obviously C is not demonstrated in reality, so either A is wrong, or B is (or despite women being the ‘better economic choice’ the evil patriarchy still hires inferior males to suppress women)

Of course both could be wrong, which of course they are.  Women make as much or more for similar positions, and they work far far less hours (even if you grant the hours are equivalent quality, which I would not)

So in this Brave New World of 1984 truthspeak Obama continues to be the white knight of females everywhere, espousing lies HE KNOWS TO BE FALSE as our sexes rip each other apart, while our isreal and banker masters smile.




Borderline Personality Disorder girls

Borderline Personality Disorder in a girl is by far one of the most often problems a man will run into that will ruin his mental state, and if he recovers leads a large amount of them to ‘take the pill’ and realize the harsh truth of sexual dynamics.  I am going to make a claim that will make a lot of feminists angry, but the simply reality is BPD is nothing more than an exaggeration of modern female traits.

Now I do NOT mean to make light of a girl in your life with this, she will fuck you up emotionally SO bad, I went through this myself.  I consider myself emotionally strong, but I was fucked up for about 6 months straight because of this dumb whore.  Let’s get to it.

In case you don’t know what BPD is, it is a mental ‘disorder’ (I am highly skeptical of mental disorders in general, but thats for another time) characterized by the following:


Lack of affect

problems with interpersonal relationships

problems with self image

fears of abandonment

intense anger or irritability

idealization and devaluation of others

self harm/suicidal ideas are common

Fittingly, a lot of feminists argue AGAINST the definition of BPD…hmm, maybe the qualifications hit a little too close to home?

Of these, the biggest ones are the lack of affect, and the idealization/devaluation.  Evey BPD is slightly different, but they follow a pretty typical pattern.  BPD girls tend to be hotter than your average girl (which I freely grant may be selection bias, because the uglier bpd girls are not going to affect a guy as much as he wont get attached).  BPD relationships move very erratically, the girl may be secretive for a while, only to be telling you about how she was ‘raped’ when she was younger etc.  (Much like sluts, BPD girls have a very high incidence of ‘rape’ in their youth)  The BPD tends to be very ‘on’ at first, meaning this girl that seemingly loves you and everything you do.  She wants to have sex all the time, or at least is much faster to sex than other girls etc.

Now here is the problem, at first BPD relationships are insanely awesome, there is this hot girl that IDEALIZES everything you do, and compared to most girls this is a breath of fresh air.  ‘Finally, someone gets me!’ you think when you are not drugged into pleasant stupor by the constant sex they engage in.  There are always a few red flags, like the strange childhood drama, or things like that.  From my own experience and others, they tell you things at really weird times.  Like you will be having sex when she tells you ‘I used to cut myself’.  The one I was involved with, we were slamming it out when she stops ‘does it bother you that I like girls as much as guys?’

Intermittent reinforcement relationships is the key to what these girls do.  IR is something on how humans become addicted, think of a slot machine, SOMETIMES you win.  If you always lost you would move on.  BPD girls are natural masters of IR, because it will be awesome ‘oh my god, you are the greatest person ever, I dont deserve you’ about how special you are etc.  Wow, this is great man, this hot ass girl thinks I am so good.  Especially once it gets sexual, the untrained human mind is not ready for the multitude of assaults it is under.  How can you possibly think rationally when your ego is being stroked, and you dick is being stroked and sucked by a trained master?

Then…the darkness slowly starts.  It will be a cold day.  She won’t be friendly, something will be ‘wrong’.  Maybe a mild lash out at first depending on how ‘deep’ her hooks are in you.  ‘Fuck this bitch, she is out of here’ you might think in moments of clarity, but then she is all lovey-dovey and sorry and sexual and you forget.

They are MASTER manipulators.  Do not underestimate this.  When this girl is crying to you ‘I’m so bad to you, you deserve someone better, I am so glad you are helping me’ followed by undressing your pants with practiced speeds.

Writing this dregs up some memories I had locked away.  The pain and manipulation they are capable of can mess you up so bad.  I was strong, but I can admit I was rocked, and was continued to be rocked and was saved simply by circumstance.  I was ready to sacrifice myself for this slut, that realization chills me to this day – thats how strong their manipulation is.

There is a message board called bpdfamily which I used to go to for a while, the stories there will chill your spine.  There are bpd women out there that routinely cuckold guys, leave marriages of many years, live secret lives, endlessly abuse then sex the males in their life.  The sad thing is, it took me about 6-9 months of serious emotional pain, but I would go back to that board every few months for about a year to drop encouragement about guys to leave their BPD girls, and the same guys were still on there bemoaning ‘should I leave? does she love me?’ etc.

Being on the other side I wanted to shake and slap these guys ‘wake the fuck up!  I was there, I know your pain!  Run away from that girl as fast as you fucking can!’ but…when you are addicted to intermittent reinforcement relationships there is little you can do barring huge willpower.

In case you are here ‘looking for answers’ because man, thats all you do when you are under their spell, you ‘look for answers’ ‘does she love me?’ ‘why did she do that?’ etc.  There is not going to be a line you suddenly read that its like ‘well fuck I guess I better leave!’ just know there were men that went through this before you, and EVERY SINGLE ONE says it is better on the other side once you finally get away from this girl.  Get the fuck out of their soldier!

The irony, is when you have battled such a ‘high level’ girl like this, the tactics regular girls use are so obvious, the general score is so much easier to see.  After all, those traits are only exaggerated forms of what modern girl has come to represent.