The narrow age range for women

Something that is standard ‘knowledge’ in the sphere is the narrow range of desirability in women, namely them being hot – a range loosely 16 – 30, with the ideals on the low 20s.

Now, feminists may scream, but biologically girls lose fertility fairly fast, by 30 the chance to have a miscarriage is doubled, then you have chromosome abnormalities that start appearing in the 30s etc (  Women generally do not age well either.

I do not say this gleefully, it would be awesome to have 40 year old women as hot as 20.  Unfortunately it is not reality.  Now…I have said this again and again, exceptions do not prove a rule.  Are there hot 30 year olds?  Yes.  Are there hot 40 year olds?  Yes.  I am sure there are 40 year olds that can fuck better than a hot 20 year old.

What has been interesting to me is watching women I know come to the Wall (about age 30 conventionally).  I am going to give three short anecdotal stories about how narrow the window for pleasure is, and how they rarely come to grips with reality.

One was this very very rich girl I knew in college, she was moderately attractive, and she rode the cock carousel very hard.  She also predictably was into drugs too, hard stuff, like cocaine.  She was a feminist like every girl at my school, but idk maybe it was empowering or whatever to be riding a new rail every weekend.  She constantly bragged about being in 3 ways, gangbangs etc.  She was also like 5 years older than me.  Fast forward to now, she is now slammed hard into the wall, I cut her out of my life a while ago, but a friend who keep in contact tells me about how much she bitches about ‘men are just users’ and ‘only care about looks’ etc.  Evidently this wisdom came after some coke binge, after which only one guy was around, likely she mistook his stupor for wanting to cuddle.  Doesnt have a problem fucking multiple guys when they find her desirable, but now shes a washed up whore suddenly its men’s problem they dont want her.

These next two are not about feminist delusions, because I am not longer in contact, so its simple about their appearance.

#2 was this dancer girl I knew, man, long legs, super flexible, never had a problem doing splits and other visual stimuli right in front of me.  We actually would have been a good date pair, but I was pretty white knight back then and didn’t want to taint her.  She was all about the free love, but had only had sex with 1 guy, so still fairly valuable goods as far as that went.  Tall, lithe, danced and did yoga, she was pretty hot, my friends at the time practically begged me to slam her.

Anyway, I recently saw a pic of her, at like 29-30, she doesnt look much different from any other girl you would see at an office.  Her lithe body now replaced with chubby arms, her coy face now deadened to simpler pleasures.

#3, This was one of the hottest girls I had ever seen, and I have high standards for ‘hottness’, another college girl, imagine your typical… well fuck it, she looked like this:


Girl 3

I talked to her a few times, she was really dumb.  At the time it was deal breaker for me.  I didn’t have advanced flirting or anything, the only thing I had going for me was confidence to walk up to girls and start talking.  Anyway, she was so fucking hot, tall with toned legs, nice rack, pretty eyes and hair, the kind of girl our tribal ancestors would have got down with and just skipped the niceties.

Her sad story concludes only about 5 years later, that would put her at like 26 or something, she decided to do her hippy thing and go help 3rd world countries farm or whatever it is those organizations pretend they do. Her face was cracked out, her hair wild, her face plastered with a ‘I dont care how I look, I am women, hear me roar!’ kind of look.  Really fucking sad, this hotass girl, a mix of abandoning her looks and perhaps time catching up faster on her than others.  Sadly convinced that when she was younger guys liked her for something beyond her looks, and confused now as to why guy attention is waning.

This is both a warning to men and women both.  Women, do not trade families for careers, do not think the paradise of your early 20s is how your whole life will be, and when it changes dont get mad at guys.  Men, esp. younger readers, that hot 19 year old is not going to look so good at 29, dont think it wont happen.  Keep this in mind when you consider things to do.


22 thoughts on “The narrow age range for women

  1. The girl number three photo didn’t show on my screen (it’s a blank box, so to speak).

    Women who live fast and “hard” end up looking like death sucking on a lemon very early in life. I’ve seen lots of women in their 20s like that. Women who take care of themselves can look good for much longer. I know a woman in her mid-forties who can pass for 25 (and I’m not exaggerating at all). Of course, she married young, stayed monogamous and took great care of herself. Her husband has literally been married to a trophy wife for 23 years (he looks a lot older, but he’s the same age). THat’s unusual, but not anomalous. I look pretty damned good too, fwiw.

  2. There is a lot of truth to this but I’m 43 and would like to add that there is a “2nd wall”. The first wall is around 30. Around 30 many women have to settle for guys who are of lesser looks or lesser alpha/ greater betas. However they still have a boyfriend, or a husband or a few older guys with money that chase them. The 2nd wall is 48 years old, I call it “the cliff”. This is when the MILF or cougar dies. There are no GILFs and never will be. NO ONE wants to fuck grandma, not even grandpa. That my friends is when the party officially ends for women. Sure there are some exceptions like Sandra Bullock, but that’s 1 in 100000 if not 1 in a million. Also around 48 the money starts to run out. That alimony that they gave “the best years of their lives” is almost paid off and guess what else, their kids are fucking grown so child support is gone too. I’ve seen plenty of desperation in the eyes of these women, and most tell me “yeah I’m ready to get married again”. Why is that???? Because you never amounted to shit in your life and Big Daddy Government don’t give much for Social Security benefits. The average lifespan for a woman in the US is 76 years or so. Long time to be lonely ladies, us men will always choose younger, tighter, 30 lbs lighter.

    • Hey, GREAT point man, I have never heard this discussed, or given it much thought, but upon hearing it, it certainly seems true.

      The question is, do you think this effects feminism like the traditional wall? (which takes formally hot girls and turns them into men-haters since men no longer want them)

      • Some of the older guys have told me many women just want other women (this came from a guy who was 70 whose wife passed away before him). I have not seen this in the 40-50 range. I personally don’t hit on older women than me but I have talked with several of them with jokingly short limited conversations about second marriages. They are clueless even at 45 that the party is about to come to a crashing halt. At 50 they fucking know it did.

      • [Hey, Knight, I wanted to start a new topic but wasn’t sure how to do it here. If you think this idea has merit, can you move it to the new topic?]

        The red pill is having another effect on me: I can now see the damage to women’s lips caused by sexually transmitted viruses. I never really noticed it before, but the near universality of it is startling.

        The lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the body because it has a rich bed of nerve endings near the surface of the skin. There is a nerve bundle that runs along the edge of the upper lip, and another one along the edge of the lower lip. The herpes virus lives in that nerve permanently and temporarily erupts into visible blister encapsulated infectious mini-craplets when the woman is stressed out or having her period. The damage from this to the lips never really heals, even though the blister disappears.

        If you look carefully enough at the lips of a woman, you’ll sometimes see that spot of damage where the lip doesn’t really exist anymore. You can even see this in photographs/selfies/Facebook pages on the Internet. Worse, you’ll realize that the damage from this means that far more women than you think, from all different walks of life, are letting diseased grease whistles from a LOT of bad boys slide more viral foul smelling ooze on her lips as part of riding the Weasel ride on the Cock Carousel.

        Really creeps me out and helps me not feel like I’m missing out when I recoil away from Ms. Foxy Hot Chick and her tell tale pock-marked lip.

      • Knight, this is Bill the Pill. I just emailed you my article (with photos!) on the ramificationof the visible signs of herpes on a woman’s lips. I sent it to the dragon email address you have on this page.

        You can delete this post and the one from me about “I wanted to start a new topic but wasn’t sure how to do it here…”

      • The first wall is “the biological clock” that you hear them constantly talk about as they get closer to 30.

        The second wall is what I call “the hard deck” (after the Top Gun reference to the altitude of land, which is 100% unforgiving of fancy aerobatic maneuvering) or menopause, which they hit at around 45.

        Women absolutely refuse to talk about this before it happens, and they absolutely flip out if you bring it up and remind them that it affects both men and women because that’s when the breasts deflate, the nipples point down, and the transmission falls out and gets replaced by sandpaper.

    • Another thing that I have realized that many women do not know yet. Women, regardless of what they do for a living, do not have the physique to work like men do. Even if she’s a lawyer cunt, or works in retail, her body starts to break down from the 20-30 years of labor ( prolonged standing in heels, poor posture from computer work and outright hard physical labor). Many end up with “fibromyalgia” or chronic fatique, and many more end up on several prescription medications for pain which leads to depression and thus depression medications. That’s a big bill guys. Even with Obamacare, or decent insurance which is becoming obsolete, the cost to put a woman in a good mood gets expensive.

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