2014 Olympians girls: normal and the west’s ‘patricarchy’

The Olympics provide an interesting venue to look at girls that take two very different paths of fitness/looks etc, you have the huge he-man ‘women’ like swimmers, weight lifters etc, then you have the rare but still feminine ‘rhythm gymnastic’ types.  The winter Olympics are a bit easier on the eyes simply because skiing does not require the huge muscle load a female swimmer needs.


Now…that brings up a very typical point, to people still plugged in, it is endlessly about how backward russia/east europe is with their ‘patriarchy’ and suppressing women.  It is not that surprising how I find articles about how russia female olympians are posing in skimpy clothes, (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-life/10622670/Winter-Olympics-Sochi-2014-Russian-women-are-notoriously-sexual.-Stop-judging-us.html) and that there is an outcry over the ‘blatant sexulization’ or actual quote from article ‘Is it because they feel pressure to do so, that they’ve been pushed into ‘selling’ Russia in the only way they know how, that they’ve succumb to Russia’s traditional patriarchal ways’.

Having taken the ‘red pill’ about 2 years ago, I still am sometimes amazed at the endless rhetoric we are fed, including how bad men are, how ‘progressive’ and ‘right’ the west is with its feminism, and that a ‘real man’ wouldn’t sexualize or ‘degrade’ a women like that.  A quote from a female russian in that article “Russian women are notoriously sexual. In Russian culture, women constantly strive to look sexy, hot, want-able. Skirts and heels are standard. Mini skirts at that. Jeans and trainers, casual ‘unisex’ outfits on women are frowned upon. Women take great pride in their clothes, and always dress to the T’s,

What is eye opening here, is this directly refutes everything feminism tells us in the west, that women ‘dont really want to be sexualized’ or that girls looking good is something unnatural, a mans desire only, that the girls really only want to be seen for their inner beauty etc.  We have been so UTTERLY lied to with feminism, told these lies that it is wrong for a girl to be in shape, for a girl to be hot, for a girl to WANT to look good.

Honestly, it is a welcome breath of fresh air knowing somewhere beyond this mass-media sphere of lies, that there are hot girls out there, and they want to be females, they want to love men.



15 thoughts on “2014 Olympians girls: normal and the west’s ‘patricarchy’

  1. Oh how the media in the West loves to demonise all things Russian! Putin is too patriarchal, Russian people are too homophobic, the Russians are too imperialistic. The list never ends! I once saw a report on Sky News that was complaining about the safety record of the Russian airline Aeroflot; it was just a typical hack/propaganda piece. It’s just part of the mindset of the establishment in the West: turn the world into a dialectical ‘us versus them’ board game and then keep attacking until the enemy is destroyed. Just like during the Cold War, except the enemy this time is Russia and it’s allies, instead of the Soviet Union.

    • I know a couple of pilots who participated in a short ‘pilot exchange’ type program shortly after the cold war ended. They flew with the Russian pilots in the cockpits of airliners and said the stews were serving the pilots vodka at 0830 in the morning. This was confirmed by more than one exchange pilot, so I’m pretty sure it’s accurate.

      • That might well be the case, but Sky and Western media are only concerned with slandering Russia rather than reporting on genuine airline safety records. It’s like saying that Fox News or the BBC is ‘fair and balanced’, they’re fair and balanced so long as you’re a fan of Fox News or the BBC and their political views. If you’re not then you can see that they are partisan hacks who are only interested in towing the party line, which at present means slandering Russia. Five years ago it was Iran, and ten years ago it was Saddam Hussein, and in five years time it’ll probably be China. The tactics are always the same: attack this years opponent, and damn the truth

        It’s partisan hackery, tribalism, call it what you will, rather than honest journalism/reporting as they clai.

  2. ‘Is it because they feel pressure to do so, that they’ve been pushed into ‘selling’ Russia in the only way they know how, that they’ve succumb to Russia’s traditional patriarchal ways’.

    The depths of clueless idiocy in that single sentence are astounding.

  3. EK, chck this out .. lol

    Men can stop rape, if they wear bells around their necks, accompanied by armed guards at all times …

    In my own experience, fat bitch feminists stop rape all on their own, just by waddling down the street crying hagen daaz tears into their jelly rolled stretch pants …

    Fat chicks = naturally occurring rape repellants … lmao

    Instead of cs gas or mase, all women should holster a fat chick in their handbags … guaranteed to cause rapist to loose boner & lunch, two for one special …

    Anyway if you wanted proof feminists suck, here you go … lol


      • “There’s a difference between a feminazi and a feminist.

        A feminist is someone who supports womens’ rights. Simple as that. Thinks girls in poorer countries should go to school, is opposed to those music videos that consist of like, three minutes of boob shots, etc. Equality is cool, guys. Feminism is cool.

        A feminazi is not a feminist. Feminists believe in equal rights for us, feminazis just make us look stupid. Feminazis believe that all men are idiots, wearing a bra is a symbol of oppression (personally I find bras comfortable), shaving our legs is apparently showing that we GIVE INTO MALE PRESSURE TO BE ATTRACTIVE HOLY SHIT, snowmen must be called “snowpeople”, and that any song that mentions a girl is supporting rape or whatever. Is apparently against sexism, making them a hugefuckinghypocrite.

        A feminazi is a sexist. A feminist is a supporter of womens’ rights.
        Feminist: So, did you hear they have a sale on bras this weekend at Victoria’s Secret? I think I’ll go buy some, I’ve only got a few.
        Feminist: wat
        by A girl who supports equality December 07, 2009″
        I did not type any of that. I simply copy and pasted from Urban Dictionary. From what I can see maybe I am a feminist and not even know it. But I’m not a feminazi and I suggest you don’t say that word because it’s nerve racking that this is being compared to a genocide. And I think those women are very beautiful. Especially the one to the right and I’m a westerner!!!!

        • Im unclear what exactly you believe, but the evil of feminism is that it sells women the lie that it is about ‘equality’ and that women NEED equality because they are not there. When in reality women have more than men, it is really that simple of a deception.

    • Rape is not about sex, it is about control. Rapists don’t care if a woman is heavy or thin, they just want to humiliate and violate her. A rapist has such low self worth that the only way that rapist can feel good about himself is by tearing someone else down. They don’t care as much about how attractive the woman is, it is more about how they can over power them. Tell your friend that not only am I a rape survivor, but I am also a bigger woman, and he is full of it.
      -copy and pasted. Bottom line is, fat people get raped to and I’m sure you know that. I actually thought rape was about the sex but what do I know? I never said you were full of it. Copy and pasted.

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