You can’t ever win when you play a ‘woman’s game’

Something that is hard to understand for many guys, is the utter desperation girl’s will strive to have things like ‘last words’ or final kernels of affection from a guy – but not all guys, only ones that have effected them in some way.

What is important to understand first, is that to a typical girl 99% of guys are trash, just meaningless ego boosts that they can easily manipulate for their general desires of drama or ego stroking.

Now…if you are that guy that ‘made a difference’ and I don’t mean in some beta way like helped her out – no because those are the fastest forgotten – but you were mean to her, pump and dump, had sex with her friend or sister or whatever, something ‘mean’ that’s what it takes to get into her mind.

Now…lets say you have met these criteria, and something happens that you two fall out, something very mysterious happens: she is still hanging around seemingly wanting to make amends.  This can be in different ways, still saying hi, sending texts, constantly giving you attention…hmm what the hell is happening here?  Your will and dedication to be done with this bitch holds strong, but months later a few texts, a few messages still come in.

Here is where most guys get confused, they think ‘maybe everything is ok, I can give this girl another chance’ and you say hi back, you text, you call, you respond…and she drops the hammer, goes silent, explodes in a rage.  Anything beyond a normal form of conversation.  ‘What the hell?  Why is she mad, hasn’t she been trying to get my attention the last month/year etc?’

This is where a deprave part of women’s minds lurk.  I could call it the fallacy it is ‘Moving the goal posts’ and it might give some idea, but it is insufficient.  See when you have activated a girls ‘revenge circuit’ she enters a very frightening Machiavellian mindset that will not stop until her ‘goal’ is reached, no matter how much the goal posts have to be moved.

Typically, the girl will be thinking ‘I know he still likes me, I am going to get him to text me to prove he still likes me’ or ‘I am going to slam him so hard once he responds’ etc.  So to a girl it does not matter that you guys had a falling out, and suddenly she texts you a month later, not as a ‘friend’ but as a bait for her perverse goals.  Once she enters this mindset you will not win if you do anything in any way, because her ‘victory’ is fleeting, and vaguely defined by any response by you.

Consider how this looks from an outsider: person A texting repeatedly to person B who is not responding (hmm, how strange, sounds kind of stalkerish, maybe has feminism conditioned us to think A is a guy texting B?) B never responds, A continues to text/respond/bait etc months or years later, B finally says ANYTHING and A launches on a tirade or thinks they won and disappears forever.

It is CHILDISH AS FUCK, but you see this pattern soooo often with girls.

Want an example?  Look no further than my own blog here where poster ‘tarnished sophia’ was a common poster, I’d even have called her a ‘friend’ (as loose as that can be online) until she betrayed me over on her blog.  I told her my problems and never talked to her again…but what is this, why is she writing long comments on all my posts?  Could she be fishing for attention?  This went on for like 3 months, when I finally made a passing comment, as could be predicted she dropped some likely-rehearsed line about how she couldn’t stand me anymore and yadda yadda.

There is a girl in RL that does this to me constantly as well and this is years later, this is one I threw out of my truck literally when she was coy with kissing, years later (aborations and bfs as well) continues to text me ranging from silence to a flurries.  Its funny, I delete a lot of numbers, so when I got a ‘hi EK :)’ text, I respond with a ‘hi who is this’ and lo and behold, no response, because to her (I am sure it was this bitch, its a long story) she ‘won’ because ‘I finally got him to respond!  I knew he loved me!!!’

Girls will resort to this stupid desperation. It is really really sad and pathetic to watch. Viewed from the outside is it clear how completely childish, immature and a general sign of mental malaise it is, but when it happens to you, the confusion can be very high ‘I think she wanted to be friends again…’  Nope, she just wanted something, anything to prove to her vacuous ego that she ‘won’.



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