Victim mentalities and methodoligies

Despite all rational thought to the contrary, victim mentalities have taken over our world.  Groups of people use various victim tactics to gain support, weakening the lead race (typically white european-ancestry males) and thereby eventually become hidden centers of power.  Most insidiously, anyone who questions the dominate paradigm is labeled with various epithets that the group-think horde judges and marginalizes.

The difference between ‘mentality’ and ‘methodology’ is that the first is a learned response, an individual response, and a result of cultural learning.  Methodology is a purposeful group-think story that is foisted onto the culture at large.

Women and to a lesser extent blacks are easy groups to point to that use victim methodologies, but there are other groups out there, you know who they are.  These groups out there convince culture – and white males by proxy- a narrative that goes something like this: “oh, poor us, we never had a fair shot, we have always been victimized, we just want things to be equal’.  What is notably is this narrative fits for all victim-groups out there, their complaints (unfounded I might add) are all similar and fit the same standard operation procedure.

What is notably about victim methodologies is twofold, one is that is prevents criticism of the group, and second is alleviates them of personal responsibility thrusting it elsewhere.  It is someone else’s fault (read: white males).  It is white males fault my ancestors were enslaved and I am still a victim.  It is white males fault the patriarchy is keeping me down etc etc.

Another comment is that if your race/culture is one engaging in methodologies, that does not mean that individuals will have the personal victim mentality.  For example blacks have a very coherent racial methodology of victimhood, but this does not extend to the individual level nearly the same intensity it does for women.  So remember that even if individuals of a group do not throw victim-hood in your face, it does not mean the entire group engages in radical victimization to achieve their ends.

Want to know an example?  How about the jewish people and the ‘holocaust’ which is endlessly paraded in front of us as some sort of atrocity to end all atrocities.  How come regardless of the number that supposedly died, THAT ALONE is the major humanitarian disaster everyone knows from the war?  Maybe because history is written by the victors, and our atrocities like the russian bolshivik revolution (with easily over 10 million+ dead), the bombing of dresden (over 100,000 dead in one bombing) the Katyn Massacre where the Russian MURDERED polish soldiers (they were ‘allies’ in case you didnt know) and blamed it on the nazis, or US bombing japan civilian centers for over 200,000 deaths in one fell swoop?  Do any of these matter?  Or because the victim methodology has successfully reprogrammed our minds, where only what the enemy did mattered?

This rise of victim-hood is in direct synchronicity of the rise of Slave Mentality, which is based on Nietzche’s idea.  I will talk at length of the Master vs Slave mentality at length soon, but know they are related.

As a society and a people, we have accepted this as a standard way people act, and the worst part, is we condone and placate to them.  Do not do this, it only encourages the decline of our civilization.



Is the military an enabler, or the last bastion?

I do not have all the answers, and this is a question that constantly plagues me as I see our society falling apart around us as relativism (of which my oft-written topic of feminism is a part of) destroys any semblance of truth.

The question is simple does the US military act as an enabler of our culture suicide, because we are defended so we are free to act our more fucked up proclivities to the natural conclusion of societal unraveling, or is the military the last bastion of better values, and an institution that will outlast the collapse of the US?

I am not in, I dont know, I can only speculate, I hope people with experience will comment.  I wrote about the increasing feminism in the military here ( ) which is undeniable, and it gives credence more to the enabler part of the question.  At its root, all the gays, the trans, the fat bitchy feminists – all of them are defended by the military that they never had to join. (Mandatory military service is something I think we should have )

Further, the military increasingly acts as a corporate imperial conquering force.

It is rough, because at its root, the organization is something I would really behind (and I still occasionally think about joining, pending the resolution to this question) but as of now it is really tough to justify joining to defend the faggotry I see around me.

The narrow age range for women

Something that is standard ‘knowledge’ in the sphere is the narrow range of desirability in women, namely them being hot – a range loosely 16 – 30, with the ideals on the low 20s.

Now, feminists may scream, but biologically girls lose fertility fairly fast, by 30 the chance to have a miscarriage is doubled, then you have chromosome abnormalities that start appearing in the 30s etc (  Women generally do not age well either.

I do not say this gleefully, it would be awesome to have 40 year old women as hot as 20.  Unfortunately it is not reality.  Now…I have said this again and again, exceptions do not prove a rule.  Are there hot 30 year olds?  Yes.  Are there hot 40 year olds?  Yes.  I am sure there are 40 year olds that can fuck better than a hot 20 year old.

What has been interesting to me is watching women I know come to the Wall (about age 30 conventionally).  I am going to give three short anecdotal stories about how narrow the window for pleasure is, and how they rarely come to grips with reality.

One was this very very rich girl I knew in college, she was moderately attractive, and she rode the cock carousel very hard.  She also predictably was into drugs too, hard stuff, like cocaine.  She was a feminist like every girl at my school, but idk maybe it was empowering or whatever to be riding a new rail every weekend.  She constantly bragged about being in 3 ways, gangbangs etc.  She was also like 5 years older than me.  Fast forward to now, she is now slammed hard into the wall, I cut her out of my life a while ago, but a friend who keep in contact tells me about how much she bitches about ‘men are just users’ and ‘only care about looks’ etc.  Evidently this wisdom came after some coke binge, after which only one guy was around, likely she mistook his stupor for wanting to cuddle.  Doesnt have a problem fucking multiple guys when they find her desirable, but now shes a washed up whore suddenly its men’s problem they dont want her.

These next two are not about feminist delusions, because I am not longer in contact, so its simple about their appearance.

#2 was this dancer girl I knew, man, long legs, super flexible, never had a problem doing splits and other visual stimuli right in front of me.  We actually would have been a good date pair, but I was pretty white knight back then and didn’t want to taint her.  She was all about the free love, but had only had sex with 1 guy, so still fairly valuable goods as far as that went.  Tall, lithe, danced and did yoga, she was pretty hot, my friends at the time practically begged me to slam her.

Anyway, I recently saw a pic of her, at like 29-30, she doesnt look much different from any other girl you would see at an office.  Her lithe body now replaced with chubby arms, her coy face now deadened to simpler pleasures.

#3, This was one of the hottest girls I had ever seen, and I have high standards for ‘hottness’, another college girl, imagine your typical… well fuck it, she looked like this:


Girl 3

I talked to her a few times, she was really dumb.  At the time it was deal breaker for me.  I didn’t have advanced flirting or anything, the only thing I had going for me was confidence to walk up to girls and start talking.  Anyway, she was so fucking hot, tall with toned legs, nice rack, pretty eyes and hair, the kind of girl our tribal ancestors would have got down with and just skipped the niceties.

Her sad story concludes only about 5 years later, that would put her at like 26 or something, she decided to do her hippy thing and go help 3rd world countries farm or whatever it is those organizations pretend they do. Her face was cracked out, her hair wild, her face plastered with a ‘I dont care how I look, I am women, hear me roar!’ kind of look.  Really fucking sad, this hotass girl, a mix of abandoning her looks and perhaps time catching up faster on her than others.  Sadly convinced that when she was younger guys liked her for something beyond her looks, and confused now as to why guy attention is waning.

This is both a warning to men and women both.  Women, do not trade families for careers, do not think the paradise of your early 20s is how your whole life will be, and when it changes dont get mad at guys.  Men, esp. younger readers, that hot 19 year old is not going to look so good at 29, dont think it wont happen.  Keep this in mind when you consider things to do.


2014 Olympians girls: normal and the west’s ‘patricarchy’

The Olympics provide an interesting venue to look at girls that take two very different paths of fitness/looks etc, you have the huge he-man ‘women’ like swimmers, weight lifters etc, then you have the rare but still feminine ‘rhythm gymnastic’ types.  The winter Olympics are a bit easier on the eyes simply because skiing does not require the huge muscle load a female swimmer needs.


Now…that brings up a very typical point, to people still plugged in, it is endlessly about how backward russia/east europe is with their ‘patriarchy’ and suppressing women.  It is not that surprising how I find articles about how russia female olympians are posing in skimpy clothes, ( and that there is an outcry over the ‘blatant sexulization’ or actual quote from article ‘Is it because they feel pressure to do so, that they’ve been pushed into ‘selling’ Russia in the only way they know how, that they’ve succumb to Russia’s traditional patriarchal ways’.

Having taken the ‘red pill’ about 2 years ago, I still am sometimes amazed at the endless rhetoric we are fed, including how bad men are, how ‘progressive’ and ‘right’ the west is with its feminism, and that a ‘real man’ wouldn’t sexualize or ‘degrade’ a women like that.  A quote from a female russian in that article “Russian women are notoriously sexual. In Russian culture, women constantly strive to look sexy, hot, want-able. Skirts and heels are standard. Mini skirts at that. Jeans and trainers, casual ‘unisex’ outfits on women are frowned upon. Women take great pride in their clothes, and always dress to the T’s,

What is eye opening here, is this directly refutes everything feminism tells us in the west, that women ‘dont really want to be sexualized’ or that girls looking good is something unnatural, a mans desire only, that the girls really only want to be seen for their inner beauty etc.  We have been so UTTERLY lied to with feminism, told these lies that it is wrong for a girl to be in shape, for a girl to be hot, for a girl to WANT to look good.

Honestly, it is a welcome breath of fresh air knowing somewhere beyond this mass-media sphere of lies, that there are hot girls out there, and they want to be females, they want to love men.


You can’t ever win when you play a ‘woman’s game’

Something that is hard to understand for many guys, is the utter desperation girl’s will strive to have things like ‘last words’ or final kernels of affection from a guy – but not all guys, only ones that have effected them in some way.

What is important to understand first, is that to a typical girl 99% of guys are trash, just meaningless ego boosts that they can easily manipulate for their general desires of drama or ego stroking.

Now…if you are that guy that ‘made a difference’ and I don’t mean in some beta way like helped her out – no because those are the fastest forgotten – but you were mean to her, pump and dump, had sex with her friend or sister or whatever, something ‘mean’ that’s what it takes to get into her mind.

Now…lets say you have met these criteria, and something happens that you two fall out, something very mysterious happens: she is still hanging around seemingly wanting to make amends.  This can be in different ways, still saying hi, sending texts, constantly giving you attention…hmm what the hell is happening here?  Your will and dedication to be done with this bitch holds strong, but months later a few texts, a few messages still come in.

Here is where most guys get confused, they think ‘maybe everything is ok, I can give this girl another chance’ and you say hi back, you text, you call, you respond…and she drops the hammer, goes silent, explodes in a rage.  Anything beyond a normal form of conversation.  ‘What the hell?  Why is she mad, hasn’t she been trying to get my attention the last month/year etc?’

This is where a deprave part of women’s minds lurk.  I could call it the fallacy it is ‘Moving the goal posts’ and it might give some idea, but it is insufficient.  See when you have activated a girls ‘revenge circuit’ she enters a very frightening Machiavellian mindset that will not stop until her ‘goal’ is reached, no matter how much the goal posts have to be moved.

Typically, the girl will be thinking ‘I know he still likes me, I am going to get him to text me to prove he still likes me’ or ‘I am going to slam him so hard once he responds’ etc.  So to a girl it does not matter that you guys had a falling out, and suddenly she texts you a month later, not as a ‘friend’ but as a bait for her perverse goals.  Once she enters this mindset you will not win if you do anything in any way, because her ‘victory’ is fleeting, and vaguely defined by any response by you.

Consider how this looks from an outsider: person A texting repeatedly to person B who is not responding (hmm, how strange, sounds kind of stalkerish, maybe has feminism conditioned us to think A is a guy texting B?) B never responds, A continues to text/respond/bait etc months or years later, B finally says ANYTHING and A launches on a tirade or thinks they won and disappears forever.

It is CHILDISH AS FUCK, but you see this pattern soooo often with girls.

Want an example?  Look no further than my own blog here where poster ‘tarnished sophia’ was a common poster, I’d even have called her a ‘friend’ (as loose as that can be online) until she betrayed me over on her blog.  I told her my problems and never talked to her again…but what is this, why is she writing long comments on all my posts?  Could she be fishing for attention?  This went on for like 3 months, when I finally made a passing comment, as could be predicted she dropped some likely-rehearsed line about how she couldn’t stand me anymore and yadda yadda.

There is a girl in RL that does this to me constantly as well and this is years later, this is one I threw out of my truck literally when she was coy with kissing, years later (aborations and bfs as well) continues to text me ranging from silence to a flurries.  Its funny, I delete a lot of numbers, so when I got a ‘hi EK :)’ text, I respond with a ‘hi who is this’ and lo and behold, no response, because to her (I am sure it was this bitch, its a long story) she ‘won’ because ‘I finally got him to respond!  I knew he loved me!!!’

Girls will resort to this stupid desperation. It is really really sad and pathetic to watch. Viewed from the outside is it clear how completely childish, immature and a general sign of mental malaise it is, but when it happens to you, the confusion can be very high ‘I think she wanted to be friends again…’  Nope, she just wanted something, anything to prove to her vacuous ego that she ‘won’.


Why the endless fear mongering we are exposed to is bad

I was always given to conspiracies growing up, a product of a questioning and doubtful mind I suppose, so I am a type that falls into the ‘alt media’ of endless fear mongering.  Now, to briefly state my purpose, I think the so called alternative media serves a purpose in waking people up to that life may not be what they thought, but it is also my conclusion that is ultimately is a controlled misdirection to not get you to truth, happiness or anything good.

First, I am talking about fully funded alt media – namely like Alex Jones, David Icke etc who have substantial (and when you get down to it, pretty shadowy ties to questionable organizations.)  I loved alex jones for a long time, here was this man who was angry with the blatant truth we were kept from, he yelled and yelled about the ‘obvious’ things we were being lied to.  ‘Fuck yeah!’ I thought, I agree, why arent they telling us about how bad fluoride is, why arent they talking about economic collapses, why arent they talking about gun grabs…

They are not wrong, a lot of what they say is true, but what better way to lie the in an illusion of TRUTH?

Here is where the irony is, I listened to this kind of shit from his ilk, and tons of others for years.  I routinely trolled econ collapse blogs etc…year after year, where the hell was the collapse destined for right around the corner?  For the record, I truly believe a ‘collapse’ is going to occur, our society is built on unsustainable precepts, notably that ‘infinite growth’ is somehow possible, or that technology will save us.

Monied and connected interests are completely in the interest in keeping you as a sheep.  I was fortunate I came across some ‘alt media’ that was not funded, and listened to some of their stuff.  Things like how feminism is bad, how the government purposely keeps us stupid, how the military and industry are tied so fucking tight together.  Now, here is the beauty, there is NOT one agreed upon narrative, some people blame capitalism, some blame not enough free markets, some blame the jews some blame the bankers, some say they are both, but this is what is so great about it, you wonder ‘hmm, could this really be the case?’ and you go look for that shit!  Of course with so much media controlled, you have to dig deep, but you start to find out some pretty crazy shit if you are ready to ‘swallow the pill’ and accept any truths that come, no matter how painful they might be.

That’s why it has come to my recent attention that the controlled ‘alt media’ personified by alex jones, are nothing more than control outlets for the more deviant of the population.  The type of person that is not going to accept the official narrative, so how perfect a wandering soul comes to somehow shouting ‘the official narrative is shit! let me show you the way!’ and you accept it.  Its brilliant really, as much as its opposed to what I believe, by capturing the deviants, and funneling them to what you want them to think, you can control them.  Very 1984esque, but true.  By telling these people ‘econ collapse! obama is a muslim! etc etc’ you get caught up on these sideline stories, all to distract you and make you ADDICTED TO FEAR.

The insidiousness of hiding truths in delusions and misdirections is hard to state.  A lot of people think they ‘get it’ when its just a different lie they are being fed.  I dont claim to know the answers, beware anyone who does, I am just telling you to question everything.  Even question what I am telling you.

But just think about this, if our world really was fucked up in one way or another, alien control, jewish control, communist control etc, would there be REAL criticism of that point?  Hell no, it would be people spouting random shit on the internet, some friend of a friend who saw something, certainly not ‘undeniable’ but sure as hell it wouldn’t be huge news programs proclaiming anything.  On the contrary, perhaps it is the things we CANT question that might be where the powers really hide.

The real way we ‘lose’ though is to be endlessly concerned, that is where they want you.  When you are scared you can be controlled.  When you are happy (different than delusional) when you can look at reality and process the messages it is attempting to tell you, then you are in a good spot.  When you are confident, you may not know everything, but you know enough, you are going to be happy because the alternative is fear which you will not abide….that is a tough person to beat regardless of whatever enemy we might be facing.