The endless ‘Alphas’ above you

I have been thinking a lot about a sub-current in manosphere/altright that essentially suggests the government giving women everything has supplemented men as the ‘alpha’ of the group – this leads to a lot of things, the vacuum cads can fill and the lack of women who care about supporters at least until they are post wall. is stated but not really talked about much.  The largest impact of this, is the fact as a man you have a very narrow range of ‘alpha behaviors’ you can engage in before you step out of bounds and are crushed by the feminist ‘alpha’ government/society above you.

To briefly sketch my vision here, essentially anything ‘alpha’ you may have been able to go in ‘rougher’ times (as recent as the wild west, as old as living in tribes etc) like fighting, violence, powers grabs, conquering etc are so totally anathema to modern society that there exist so many power checks and ‘greater alphas’ that will contribute until you are taken down.

If you have ever played Grand Theft Auto, the star system is a perfect metaphor for what I am talking about.  If you have never played the game, you can go do anything, but as soon as you do something ‘wrong’, forces are after you.  These are token forces, like people on the street, or a small time cop or something.  You resist, then more forces, more police are on you.  More and more society piles on, FBI, military etc come in until you are dead.

Now…regardless of the morality of it, say a guy hits a girl in modern society, this single act can spell the end for him.  The guy is ‘out alphaed’ by the guy, in other times she would deal with it.  (Again, I am NOT saying anything to its morality, whether she deserved it, justified etc) So… what happens.  She calls the police.  Domestic disturbance.  The guy would go away to jail at this point if he did not resist.  (DI have to take someone away in the state I live – that means the guy)

What if he resists?  He dies, eventually.  The cops get more cops, helicopters, dogs etc.  You end up like Dorner (the guy who was on the media for a long time where they locked down California for ONE MAN) before ‘burning that motherfucker’.

Think about the fact violence is not allowed anymore.  A fight at a bar, some guy wants to take out someone else, suddenly that guys friends gang up, or the bar tender gets involved, and two people’s disputes suddenly involve police, and again depending on how far you want to resist, you eventually go to jail or die.

Without the true ability to step up or kick it up a notch, all ‘alphas’ in modern society are peacocks.  Does it work?  Of course it does, pretending you are hard works, because in the ‘real’ world you would get tested.  But you can front all day, because they are a bigger monolithic alpha behind that is real, and will take you down.

Can't get out alive

Can’t get out alive


5 thoughts on “The endless ‘Alphas’ above you

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  2. One can only build oneself up link up with other like-minded men into a tribe. And wait for our chance as society in its decadence weakens itself. While we work on our heroism and manliness and avoid foppishness by avoiding the trappings of luxury.

  3. On the plus side, you don’t have to risk getting injured. It becomes about psychological contests. Good for smart guys. Or posturing as you don’t fight because you have superior control of your own self – a higher level of power. And speaking of peacocking, you can still get muscular by strength training. Since 66% of the population is fat, if you acquire the knowledge of how to be lean and muscular, you can come across as more hypermasculine than 95% of the population even in your fifties, and even if you were a pencil necked geek when you were a young man. Paleo diet and exercise along with testosterone replacement therapy works wonders.

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