Operation American Spring

I recently came across this: a march on Washington that is supposed to be at least 1 million strong to stop the utter madness that has taken our country to shit.


May 16 2014 is the day this is supposed to go down.  I fully think they could easily get that many people, especially given how few have jobs etc.  I support this movement, so I am helping get the word.

However..I also fully expect this will never happen, as some crash, or ‘accident’ or ‘terrorism’ happens and this gets blotted out.

Well, time will tell!

Let freedom ring

14 thoughts on “Operation American Spring

    • In moct cases i would agree with you however, and this is only my opinion. The people of these united states are finally starting to open their eyes.

      The movement transends the dem/rep lines that usually divide our country. From what i have been reading this is more of an american issue.

      I just pray that it works because if it does not, well, our country will be lost forever. Our kids, grandkids , great grandkids will never know anything close to the freedom we enjoyed as we were growing up. They wont even know what freedom is and that saddens me to a great extent. I hope that your not one of those people that you describe. Please, if you can attend, be there. The future of our country depends on it.

      I dont know your religious back ground nor does it matter but, we were ment to be a free people. Even people that dont claim to be religious, most generally, believe that there is a power higher then themselves.

      With that being said. I hope that somewhere between our love of country, belief in our higher power and natural instinct to survive that we will prevail.

      I trully hope to see you there and pray that you encourage others to join you.


      • Well written. I consider myself a true American and a Patriot. I served and fought for my country and will do so if needed again.
        I do believe that we were meant to be free people, religious or not. I believe that the founding fathers created this nation so that men like us can celebrate that freedom daily and with our loved ones.
        I can also see America slowly bouncing back. The question is how far do we bounce? Do we nee someone to ignite us, or do we need something other, good or bad to bring us back together and fight on.

  1. This in no way is like OWS. It will not be status quo in any way either. It will be known that without actual change there will be replays of the same action.

  2. Also, I would like to make a small correction to the original post. The number is not at least 1 million, it is at least 10 million. It is not a march, it is a call to action. It is going to continue until results are achieved and repeated as needed. Operation American Spring is being planned to return this country to a constitutional republic as was intended. Thank you for your support in this effort, we can use the help in our efforts to get the message out.

      • I live halfway across the country, but plan on driving if I must. Consider enlisting friends, relatives… and perhaps carpool. The more people who make a commitment, the faster we can effect change for the better! Consider the importance of stopping our nation’s death spiral. It is a sacrifice, but the restoration of our Constitution and the Rule of Law would make it worthwhile – for ourselves and our posterity. Try to find a way to make it. If you cannot, then please do try to convince as many people as you can to make it.

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