Its all connected to male decline: feminism, videogames/porn, globalism/economic depression

This is going to be epic and important so buckle up.

The patterns in life and the connections to the things in this title are becoming obvious to me, what is insane is people get locked in on a single aspect, and forget that it has connections to everything.  People seize upon one aspect, convinced it is the sole problem and crusade endlessly for that, the problem is the scope of view in not big enough, and the entire system that put it into play stabilizes these aspects giving them a strength individually they would not possess.

Let me introduce to you the major aspects I am going to attempt to weave together in this grand beautifully consistent tapestry – beautiful in its structure but opposed to me on nearly every level.  (The connections I see are kind of like this: The things I am going to tie together is globalism, the decline of males, feminism, videogames/porn (and sex that isnt for reproduction).

Let us start off with that males are in decline and have it far worse than females.  To people not poisoned by feminism this is easily seen as truth, or at least capable of substantiation.  I am not going to go into proving this assumption, read some of the side posts ‘key to read’ if you need evidence supporting this.

So men have it rough, the pay gap does not exist, more women are graduating college, more ‘jobs’ are designed for girl strength like getting along and forming feel good groups, we are disposable, we have no direction, society hates us and one misstep and we are taken down.

Here is where the connections start to form.  A majority of these problems are ’caused’ by feminism right?  Yes.  I have written extensively about the damage feminism does, but to blame it solely on feminism is wrong.  Feminism is a result of GLOBALISM and the endless drive toward economic destruction that has started around the late 1800’s.  (Quickly, a LOT of authors will talk about the economic depression males face, the insolvency of our debt etc, but again, you must look at this with a larger lens)  Men before this were primarily hard laborers, the leaders of their farm – the inputs were visible.  If they worked hard, they lived and prospered, women relied on men’s exploration, strength, courage and endurance.

As industry erased the farm, and men flocked enmasse to the factory, what it meant to be a men was coopted.  Being a ‘man’ now meant working hard for some fat ceo hours and hours a week to provide for a family he rarely saw.  Now here is where this is important to grasp, come about the 50-60s industry was getting SO efficient that less men were needed, and simply economics predicts that the demand for labor decreased thus the supply went up meaning the money a man made started declining.  Around here was when women were allowed into the work force en masse, this was NOT some social victory, it was simple economic reality, a man would less effectively provide for a family and there had to be a second wage earner.

We still good?  At this point the work force nearly doubled, and the problem of course was magnified, wage dropped even further.  So see in the economic realm how feminism 50+ years ago paved the way for the economic turmoil we find ourselves in now?  Industry did not need this many workers, it did not even need the males before it was suddenly doubled. So then new ‘industries’ were created to make use of the insane flood of labor.  So then we get things like finance and retail which in modern day DOMINATE the percentage of people employed.

These new things were not suited to male predispositions, these new jobs required smiles, back stabbing, group consensus, no strength, creating lies – all of things women do.  Men normally are not predisposed to standing there smiling all day listening to someone irate and apologizing ‘Oh I am sooo sorry~’.  It was NOT in men’s nature.  The economic system was happy with this strange equilibrium it found: vast employment pools so wages could be depressed while profits maximized, an endless string of replacements allowing trouble makers to be booted and calm sheeple to find their way in, workers not vital to the system so little investment was required and no incentive to keep them around, and like we see today, hundreds of people applying for 10$/hr jobs because there is NOTHING else out there.

This is where globalism is tied in, that in the search for profits workers become replaceable and this race to the bottom cause all to suffer.  Mechanization/robots etc make workers more and more obsolete and the swelling labor pool depresses wages further and further, this true ‘race to the bottom’ leads us to where we are now.  Where even American companies outsource because 10$/hr is just to much into their profit margins.  A LOT of alt/right, manosphere are conservative and I get that, but economically they are very very misguided, people seem to not make the connection that a ‘free market’ LEADS TO THIS SITUATION.  It is not ‘socialism’ or ‘communism’ or whatever demon they conjure up, free market economics unleash unfettered selfishness, thus we get gigaintic coproations that ‘rationally’ decide ‘well china has no environmental regulations, and their workers work for 1$ a day, so fuck america’ and hello endless ‘great recession’.  All of this slavery is anathema to men’s dispositions.

So…what do we do?  We change and redirect men’s nature.  Starting with school, school becomes increasingly more feminized, teaching ‘soft’ things like English (the ‘art’ of convincing someone you are right – compared to the use of force) and eventually gender studies and hiding real facts that men are stronger, asians generally preform best academically, blacks preform inferior intellectually but dominate running etc.  After all those are ‘racist’ or sexist, and in this brave new world we were rapidly becoming Truth was best covered lest the status quo was questioned.  After all, questions may arise like ‘why does everyone say there is a patriarchy when the facts clearly disprove that?’ or ‘why do women have power when men built this world?’  Dangerous.  Best to confine thoughts to ‘Men are doubleplus ungood’.

Classes like gym and recess constantly decreased while sitting still in a class continued to be ramped up.  10 years ago in high school, I only had 3 gym classes over 4 years, and I REQUESTED two of those.  I understand gym has been eliminated in some schools.  The chaining of masculine energy was already in earnest force as I came through and the staggering obesity rates show this is not improving.  Over 20% of boys are put on ADD/ADHD medicene because they are ‘problematic’.  Boys are NOT problematic, it is our fucked up system that chains energetic boys to desks and tells them how ‘ungood’ they are.  Masculine outlets are systematically torn asunder, viewed as archaic/barbaric and males are square pegged through the round hole of ‘feminized’ society.  Even the military is feminized, emasculated.  A story about a navy captain who made ‘unwanted glances’ at a female crewmember and was fired is burned into my mind – not because it was unusual, this happens a fair amount, but the fact we are at such a stage where girl-world makes girl-rules for everyone.

I have thus painted a overview of globalism and feminism (and feminism ‘accepting’ the shit you are dealt in life instead of being a man and trying to change your future) now we get to that problem of 50%~ of the populace that isnt happy, and are the only ones that could change anything.  What do we do with them?  We channel their energies into useless and addictive things that play to their primal desires: video games and porn and non-reproductive sex.  (I am going to only type porn, but I am also referring to non-reproductive sex which I will touch on)

Now, let me be very clear, I do NOT think VGs and Porn is THE problem, it is the SYMPTOM of the problem.  Again, tons of people rail on these two, and I am going to presently, but it is very very important to understand that distinction, that cause vs the symptom.  What do men want to do, what is programmed into their genes?  To Win, to Explore, to Fight, to Fuck, to experience Novelty, to Prevail, to Master.

What do VGs/Porn do?  They utilize, circumvent, and eventually deaden those drives.  I do not want to come off as holier than thou, I have suffered some very bad video game addictions in my life where I’d play all day and falling asleep I see the game playing itself on my closed eyelids.  I GET IT.  I really do.  That is why it is so important to understand it is not harmless.  The world we have been born into and inherited is fucked up beyond imagination once you start to realize things.  Our fathers (if we even have them) have been emasculated no matter how manly they are, unless they were truly self sufficient and not working for someone else, the feminine sisterhood ‘raised’ every boy after all.

We have ZERO real outlets, we can not go explore because of ‘property’ laws, we cant go form a tribe, we cant find some girl in the woods and slam her out for a child, we cant fight because the ‘big alpha government/police’ will come stomp us out.  We have one path (someone else mind you) decreed we face in life: go to feminizing school, then either go get a slave job or go to college (increasing your feminization) and then get a slave job anyway.  Your virile exploring and fighting and fucking existence will now be a scheduled PREDICTABLE (women are primary drivers of predictability, all stemming from you cannot have a child in an unpredictable environment) event of working 20-80 hours a week, doing the same shit OVER AND OVER AND OVER.  It does not matter how bad you fucking hate it, how close you are to fucking snapping, society has done everything to constrain you.

But wait, we still have this inner fire and rage right?  Well…thats where the videogames and porn come in.  Without these two I am so completely convinced society would be revolting and burning right now.  Tv is a placater as well, but it is more passive, and I will not argue about if its less damaging, I am making the assumption that people who become addicted to tv were pretty ‘sheeply’ already, and they were not the ones going anywhere in life to begin with.  Tv is passive, you just sit there and something happens in front of you.  Video games and porn are ACTIVE.  You look up that hot blonde, you load up that call of duty.  You engage your mind – and hurt yourself in the process.

Videogames and nearly perfect addictors, subtle enough there are not huge highs and lows, but the intermittent reinforcement slowly grinds your neurons into this addictive mess.  But regardless of that, what does it do to us?  We fool ourselves into thinking we ‘won’ that will ‘killed’ that we ‘prevailed’.  Now perhaps you may be rolling your eyes ‘its only a game right?’.  No.  MRI’s show repeatedly that games activate the same centers as if you were actually doing the activity.  So despite media claiming games make people violent, its actually nearly the reverse, its an outlet that channels your rage.  Your brain just thinks it killed someone, why would you need to go do it in real life?

Personally, I can attest to this, I used to play a LOT of DOTA (defense of the ancients) which branched off to DOTA 2, League of Legends, and Heroes of Neweath, tremendously popular games right now will millions of players, dota 2 supposedly has over 5 million players.  5 MILLION!  That means over 2% of the American populace plays this game.  That is one game, now include other games like LoL, HoN, WoW, CoD, etc.  You can log onto CoD mw3 (and older game) and there are a million people on.

Now games like CoD and DoTA demand your absolute focus and skills to win if you ‘get serious’ about the game.  Complete with the subtle intermittent reinforcement through the whole game of highs and lows from your little victories and losses ‘yes i killed him’ ‘fuck that I shot him in the head!’ ‘yeah FUCKING right!’ it becomes a conflict you are personally involved in.  This especially gets bad if you are chatting/flaming the other side, its PERSONAL.  There is a hostile male over there, and you two are fighting to the death on this game, and in real life you are doing everything you fucking can to bring that bastard down.  Maybe at the end of a game you have a moment of post-orgasmic awareness of ‘what the fuck am I doing with my life?’ before firing another one up.

You put your heart into that game, and you win or lose.  If you win, you are drained, but you are ‘victorious’, you ‘killed’ the enemy.  But where are your spoils?  Where are your new lands, his daughters that you impregnate, new resources?  No where.  It was a fake conflict, you fought so hard…for nothing.  Now, what if you lose?  You fought your damnedest and you still lost, normally you would be killed, or enslaved, or watch your female members raped and taken from you.  YOU LOST IN LIFE.  Oh, wait this was just a game?  Wrong, your primitive mind and body dont know that.

How about porn?  Same deal, but different pathways. It is even the more potent reproduction/fucking pathway.  Consider this video: not porn and it IS safe for work, after all its ‘only’ a girl stretching right? but it is  erotic, and I am sure it is supposed to be, just look at the side bar videos, and the comments, but what does this do to our male brain?  It stimulates it, our brain does not know we are ‘just’ looking at a screen, we see a girl in front of us that wants our dick deep inside her.  THIS IS JUST A GIRL STRETCHING, sure it is deeply provocative, but that is kind of the point.  To our brain, it is like ‘why the fuck aren’t we doing this girl right now?  She is even willing look at how she is’.  Or how about we whack one off, either to a video like that or true porn, we tell our brain we just ‘fucked’ that hot girl.  ‘Success’ screams our mind!  We inject powerful dopamine straight though our brain, ‘rewarding’ us for what we just did.  What we just did was type in a search, and get to it.

Now, it was just that pretty girl masturbating silently that got you off, but your male brain demands NOVELTY and ADVENTURE so now what?  How about a girl using a dildo, ahh that’s new, that will work.  This is where fetishes develop, see my earlier post about programmable sex ( to show how moldable our mind is.  Suddenly its facials, or baseball bats or fisting.  Wow, you are SUCH  a dominate man, your harem placates to your every littlest whim.  That girl with huge tits is sticking that huge plug inside her ass while sucking you off before letting you cum ‘deep’ inside.  God damn, you are a RULER of men and women.  Wait, this was all an illusion?  You are not actually some dominate ruler enforcing your will on those hot sluts begging for you to slam them out?  No.  Not in real life.  And that is the problem, your body and mind are addicting you to this ‘dominate’ behavior that got you that harem of girls…only the behavior was working the fucking fryer at burger king and waiting till you got home to look up the intensifying fetish of your fancy.

Your male brain is content.  You are ‘winning’  At least that’s what your body and chemical baths in your mind are telling you.  Hell, you gunned down 50 people in call of duty, then fucked some brazil girl in the ass, then fucked her again blew it straight into her, pregnancy for sure.  All in a day’s work.

Now, about non-reproductive sex.  Let’s dispense with an anti-puritan knee-jerk reactions about this, and approach it from some intellectually honesty.  If you are not getting a girl pregnant, or trying to get her pregnant, you essentially are just masturbating with someone else’s body.  If you find yourself disagreeing with this you really need to be more honest with yourself.  Does your body or mind ‘know’ you have a condom on, or that she is on the pill?  No.  So it is the EXACT same as porn because you mistakenly ‘won’ by successfully ejaculating inside a girl.  Pills, condoms, dams, these things did not exist in the world we evolved from, when you were having sex with a girl and orgasmed there was a VERY good chance she got pregnant assuming her cycle obviously.  But again if she is ‘willing’ she must be on her cycle where she is ready for fertilization.  So we self-sabotage ourselves here as well.  Maybe you really are putting it in some hot girl’s ass (as so many PUA’s treat as a holy grail) you might get a few high fives from your friends, but you are NOT being a reproductive success, you are training your mind for the wrong things, and addicting yourself to the failure.

Essentially, if you ever have the thought post-activity/post-high (drinking, non-reproductive sex, drugs, videogames) of ‘what the fuck am I doing?’ that is a pretty good sign that isn’t something you would have done in ‘real life’ thousands of years ago.

So we started large, about economics, globalism and how that led to feminism.  Then that in terms further contributes to the overall failure of men, education and society ruin us.  But we still retain a virile element, it needs to be released lest we bring society down in anger and frustration.  Along comes porn, video games, NSA/no kid sex etc.  Things ‘close’ to vital elements as a man we need, close enough to trick us, to pacify us, to ultimately make us lose.

I want you~

I want you~

26 thoughts on “Its all connected to male decline: feminism, videogames/porn, globalism/economic depression

  1. Wow. EK, I don’t mean this in any passive aggressive or underhanded way, but…this post was horrible. The fact that you are okay with believing racist myths about Asians and black people is bad enough. But equating the love and intimacy shown to a sexual partner during sex as simply “using” his or her body as a masturbation tool? That is truly gut wrenching in its inaccuracy and sadness.

    I hope you have a good life, EK, but I can’t stay subscribed to someone who thinks this way. You’re entitled to your own ideas and opinions, but your last few posts have shown me that we don’t share very many…not anymore. Fare thee well, Knight.

    • Sophia, I wrote you off the moment you decided to not post my reply to a pro-male-hate comment directed at me – despite your ardent claims of trying to quell hate. You act(ed) in the spirit of maintaining an illusion, not in any higher virtue like ‘Love’ or ‘Truth’.

      I could go into a list of your logical fallacies or your traitorous behavior towards me, but at this stage its pointless so in the words of a friend of mine: ‘buhbye!’

      • EK, I didn’t post your reply to my commenter for many reasons;
        1. She’s not a feminist, but you labeled her as one. You also claimed that she probably just commented randomly to get more views for her own blog, which is completely untrue…she had been one of my first commenters since April.

        2. Your reply outed you as being the unnamed guy I spoke about in my topic. I was trying to protect you from having others follow your name-link back to your blog. As I’m sure you noticed, I sometimes get feminists commenting on my blog…I sought to prevent them from calling you names and labelling you as a misogynist, since I used to consider you an online friend.

        3. Your reply went against my comments policy due to its vitriol. If you recall, I *did* offer to allow through a response from you, if you penned one that attacked her COMMENT, not HER. You declined. I don’t know why…

        4. Her comment *wasn’t* one of male hate. She jokingly said that if the person in question finds the vast majority of women unattractive, perhaps it’s better that said person not have children. It said nothing against all men, and she has said similar things in other instances about women who find men unattractive. I agree, in a way. What is the point of trying to have a loving, intimate, caring relationship with someone you find that unattractive?
        The manosphere is *constantly* talking about how you cannot force women to find a certain trait sexy…why would any man *want* to be with a woman they have to force themselves to procreate with? I know I wouldn’t, and don’t understand why you took offense to this. If I personally found 85% of men unattractive, and you said “Then it’s better that you don’t marry one, Sophia”…I’d agree!

        I don’t know what illusion you think I’m perpetuating…my comments policy is very clear, and I don’t allow hate, bigoted remarks, or personal attacks. In was just unfortunate that the comment you tried to post WAS a personal attack. If I break the rule for you, then I have to break it for everyone…and at that point, why even have a comments policy?

        Listen, I’m sorry that your feelings were hurt. I did used to agree with a lot of what you wrote, and enjoyed our conversations. But your last few posts have been very different, almost like they’re not even from you. They read like something a bitter, jaded person would write…not someone who is supposedly on a quest for truth. I don’t know what happened, but the EK *I* used to talk to wouldn’t say racist things or describe sex as you do here. I can’t understand where you’re coming from anymore, and for that I’m sorry. But if this is who you are now, perhaps it’s better that we part ways. I don’t want to change you. You are who you choose to be.

        I hope you find the truth you’re looking for, EK. My door is always open if you truly need it. Godspeed in your future endeavors.

  2. Wait a second. Does this Sophia not believe that black people can run really fast, faster than whites and asians? Damn, now that’s racist. You did the right thing EK. Kick her to the curb with all that racist nonsense. Next thing you know she’ll be saying that white males can’t start and run businesses better than non-whites and females.

    • Thanks for coming by. I am in the quest to find truth, and if that truth is ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ or whatever term is used to suppress truth then so be it. Some people prefer happy delusions.

      • I’m with you bro. Those labels come out when you strike close to the truth. Nothing pisses off an “educated” person these days like the truth. Political Correctness is not like a religion, it is a religion. You just have to BELIEVE (and if you don’t you better pretend to believe or face the witch hunters).

  3. I like Sophia, but I can’t say I really disagree with what you’ve said.

    Everything IS connected. On the global scale, consider our dependency on China. Last summer, the “five eyes” (including Britain, the US, Canada, Australia and one more country I don’t remember) FINALLY removed PCs built in Beijing (along with software) from their highest security clearance level computers. Of course, nearly our entire DOD still uses them. I’m not sure what the rest are using now…perhaps slate tablets. Really, there’s little choice now, we’ve “free traded” and “free marketed” ourselves into dependency…even the JSF requires Chinese parts. It’s not unlike a global death by a trillion cuts.

    I should add the caveat that I do not believe that there is actually any organised conspiracy or conscious Illuminatiesque-type effort to get things underway in the direction they’ve gone. It’s the result of theory usurping reality. A lot of things are really nice in theory. Communism is beautiful in theory. In theory, women can do combat! Look at the female lions…they hunt (in the wild, this is the equivalent of grocery shopping).

    Per education, I think the problem is more unconscious bias from ignorance. Most female teachers just naturally understand girls better than they understand boys, ergo out with that male-centric schooling and any tolerance for competitiveness (I’ve mentioned on a few other forums about the issue of recess in elementary and middle schools my sons attend…balls have been eliminated, as has all the playground equipment). And in with….well, what we have. Litigation over anything and everything hasn’t helped.

  4. “. . . gigaintic coproations . . .”

    . . . are not a feature of a free market. A corporation is a legal entity formed by a government giving it special privilege in the market.

  5. I would rather be killed over and over in a video game and gain no spoils of war, than be sent to die in a real war or fight a real battle for the possibility of stealing someone else’s money.

  6. So hey EK, explain this to me.
    What can we do, what can I do?
    I am 21 and searching for my way.
    What job can I pick that does not zombify me? What better adventure than my video game?
    Why not use porn when even sex is porn like you said?

    • Hey, its hard out there man. The reality is there is not a ‘good’ career that will still be around, if you are open to anything, check out wildland fire fighting, there is always a huge need for that, hard as shit though.

      As for girls, I would make sure you have actually had sex at least once, but other than that, if girls are bitches, just use porn.

  7. Que bueno, asi los hombres nos extinguiremos y el mundo sera suyo chicas, mire sin derramar una sola gota de sangre, tan solo dejennos autoeliminarnos de la carrera por la supervivencia diviertiendonos en el camino.
    Mas no podia pedir.

  8. Pingback: Regarding porn and nofap | Erudite Knight – On the search for truth

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