Random musings

I was trolling Plenty of fish, and came across a few hits, and also I want to list some incoming search terms.


First we have a either lesbian women, or the typical feminist who is far better than guys, here summary is short and fitting: “Just assume I’m super kickass and we can go from there I guess.”

Ahh yes, you ARE the prize after all… moving on


This girl looks pretty damn cute, possibly fake, but she is 24 but seems to instinctually understand the concept of the Wall: “I’m sweet as pecan pie I’m looking for something long term I’m getting older I’m tired of jumping around”

Woah, tired of the cock carousel already?


I saw a story somewhere about some bullshit about the top searches through google.  It was a bunch of shit like harlem shake at that stuff.  Just looking right now ‘downtown abbey’ is #1 I dont know what that stupid shit is, maybe a show.  But it is VERY clear to me how rigged those results are. Really, just ask yourself, would google post ‘big breasted girl gets slammed by huge dick’ as their #1 search?

Now some search terms that have led to my blog:

sex graph (of what? I have no idea)

hot girl (My #1 search term!)

Erudite Knight (Damn straight!)

image of women with big (they got so excited they couldnt finish the search)

mgtow movement (yes I do actually get legit traffic)

mega boobs (Not just regular….MEGA!)

women are shit (haha, I am not making this up)

how to be the best woman (woah!  If you are hot let me know!)

sexy anime girls with black hair (well, specific tastes)

hot girls bubies(bubies!!!)

intermittent reinforcement relationships (hey, intellectual traffic!)

how to be the best woman i can be (A: hot and sexually available)

women give me the shits (well…)

women dont give a fuck (amen)

nude blonde chicks getting fucked (hey the real #1 google search)

i sucked my boyfriend pennis without any sex but he feel pain and etchey how it woud happen? (hahahah, oh man, this is worthy of a yahoo answers)

i want to see sexy girls pictures on bed (hey at least he is honest)

Here you go brother:

Hot anime girl

Hot anime girl

Giving the people what they want.


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