Feminists Modus Operandi

“Will feminism ever die” I found myself thinking tonight.  I went to go read a few feminist blogs to see how they could possibly think the whole world is so fucked up and why being a female is someone like a curse of 3rd class citizenship.  A quick aside, you should ALWAYS read alternative arguments to what you believe, act as an iconclast.  There is no faster way to being wrong than to assume you are right in everything.  You need to get out of whatever echo chamber you are in once in a while.

Anyway, so reading some shit about some fat bitch on a plane complaining the seats are too small…ok next…some girl got unwelcome advances, why are men such pigs…ok next…now some girl complaining about video games heroines are now she is attacked by all those mean nerds, hackers etc.  (I think hackers when the fully mobilize are going to be tearing a lot of shit down, namely the structures that repress young males – feminists watch out, you are on the list) then it hit me like small insights suddenly do:

Females take one specific occurrence – typically emotionally charged – and apply at large to the world.

This is the problem, and why is has been so successful.  Girls are triggered by emotion.  So when they hear a story about some fat women having a hard time on a plane its ‘aww~ that is just SO mean~!’ or ‘that poor gamer girl, she is just trying to have fun and she is being attacked!’ they sympathize, they can FEEL as if they were there.  So then a few Secundum quid (hasty generalization) fallacies later…suddenly that fat girl on the plane is evidence of the PATRIARCHY at large, or that those damn hackers ARE FUCKING EVERYTHING UP FOR GAMER GURLS!

Or how about the ever prevalent false rape charge.  You know some girl that was supposedly raped at some party last week, ‘Guys are such animals!’ is the conclusions, instead of considering ‘well she has been going to the party ever week and claimed she was raped last week too’ or ‘she was dressed like a slut and was drinking a lot’ or ANYTHING about this instead of taking one fucking occurrence and predicting the rest of existence off of this.

Fuck you feminists, your game is up, the irony is you fucked up ‘womens rights’ for a long time into the future because of how laughable this will become to be seen.  The truth will always be revealed, and enemies of the truth will be cast aside like always.  So keep every logical fallacy you always use on everything, enjoy femland for a while longer, like Rome, its collapsing at the edges.




3 thoughts on “Feminists Modus Operandi

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