Conflict/survival seems to make men out of us

I had saw a story about that men during war had more attractive/aware/alpha faces while at war, and I read the story, and it seems so completely unlikely I put it out of my mind, until I saw a completely unrelated thing come to the same conclusion.

Here are my two sources, but I will cover it during the post:

So here is a war pic


and that first link has way more, but first time I saw this, I was like ‘no way in hell, they just photoshopped this or whatever’ and put it out of my mind.

Until…I happened to see the discovery channels show ‘naked and afraid’ which is surprisingly legit about people surviving with nothing.

At the end they had a before and after, and lo and behold, the after pictures ARE THE SAME, bright, wide eyed, with a ready look on their face.




I find this pretty interesting.  I suspect modern culture and society deadens up mentally and physically.


5 thoughts on “Conflict/survival seems to make men out of us

  1. That’s pretty cool. There’s definitely a lot of photoshopping going into play, but yeah it’s certainly not all photoshop. I love the before/after shots in every instance. But most time, I think I prefer men looking scruffy anyway so all the after shots would look better to me even if the only difference was an added beard ;).

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