Programmable gender and sexual preference

This post is going to be a bit more crude than typical, but if crudeness ever bothered you, I doubt you are still reading my blog, that being said I am going to cut to the heart of the matter as there is much to discuss: sex and sexual preference (‘gender’ as feminists like to sling around) is predisposed innately, but it IS programmable leading to the ability to rewrite your natural inclinations. I am going to be bold here: gay men can become straight, straight men can go gay, women can pretend they are men, guys can decide dresses suit them better etc by self and societal programming such as telling you it ‘okay to be yourself’ etc.

The doublespeak that passes for feminist thought and facts seems to change every year, but last I knew the term ‘gender’ (yes I am going to put that in quotes, because I think that concept is total bullshit) vs sex was essentially that sex was what you are born, and ‘gender’ is what you are.  They say thing like ‘gender is a social construct’ if you hear a girl say that, run as fast as you can.  They are arguing things like masculinity is (actual fem blog quote:) “The traits and behaviors that are thought to be “masculine” and “feminine” differ dramatically from one culture and time period to another. Appropriate ways of behaving, the labor that’s assigned to gender groups, beliefs about natural abilities and propensities, etc. change significantly.”  Never mind the fact there is a UNBROKEN CHAIN of what it means to be a man in western society from Aristole/Plato through the dark ages/Knights all the way to about the 1970s, when it became convenient that ‘there never was a consistent gender idea’.  Weren’t we always at war with Eastasia…?

Now, we are after truth around here, so let’s dispense with any politically correct pretenses.  If you are a GUY (which for some of you fucked up ideologues out there, that means you have a penis) you are a man in this life.  If you really wanted to be a women, too bad, life isnt fair.  You do NOT get to pick what bathroom you prefer because you are ‘more comfortable being a women’ like I talked about here ( YOU ARE A MAN.  If you are a GIRL (which for you fucked up feminists out there, means you were born with a vagina) you are a woman in this life.  If you really wanted to be a guy, think you are a guy, wish you had a dick, TOO FUCKING BAD you ARE A WOMAN.

It is really fucking pathetic such blatant truths even have to be stated.  But the grim reality is we live in this super ‘soft’ society where survival in very rarely at stake, and you can tiptoe through the tulips with a dress on as a guy and you will not die, be exiled etc for it.  Girls are routinely taught to adopt masculine traits, and all to often you see girls with toned arms and shaved heads (in case it needs stating they are gross as shit, but hey, they are now ‘lesbian’ so they dont even need my judgement!)

Growing up I did not know a single gay person, I am sure there were a few, but they kept it hidden, my first encounter was with a girl in college who I liked, and after a date told me she was gay.  Quite frankly it was pretty blatant manipulation on her part, looking back, but I was pretty beta/white knight back then, and I was going to ‘prove’ that I liked her for her, even I could never date or have sex with her, because ‘its the right thing to do’.

I had no experiance with gay/trans what the fuck ever growing up, and going to college, it was claimed ‘science’ had proved you were born gay. (Quick aside, the feminist movement has been successful in destroying so many words ‘trans’ being one, trans means to go beyond so a transgender is someone who has gone beyond gender…right)  .  Well, science does not lie I thought at the time, so I accepted this ‘truth’ because science proved it – supposedly.

The reality is there is VERY VERY little research in any direction about being ‘born’ gay.  So first of all that argument liberals/feminists sling around is null, but has that EVER stopped them considered the wage gap lie (  But in truth, it does not even matter, because as my entire point is, your sexual inclination CAN BE CHANGED.  Do I believe that people are born with slightly different inclinations?  Certainly.  Some guys like big breasts more than others, some guys like big butts more than others.  I am being trite of course, but regardless, I do believe there is a natural variability, but that can so easily be changed.

Changing preference is a result of your circumstances, if you had an attractive, sexually available member of the opposite sex growing up, and NO FUCKING SOCIETAL CONDITIONING of ‘here put on the pink dress, and pee sitting down’ 99% of guys would do that willing girl, of that I am completely convinced.  It is in our hormones which have guided up for thousands and thousands of years.  No guy when he hits adolescence wants to fuck an animal over a girl.  But there are people into bestiality.  They got into it because they had no options, not because they were animal fuckers from the crib.  Guys go gay in prison, they have no options.  Maybe when they come out they stay gay idk.  But the fact is straight people turn gay.

I shit you not, I knew guys apparently straight as an arrow in college that slammed girls out left and right who decided to ‘experiment’ with guys and turned gay later.  That is not that they were born gay and just waiting to be unleashed or whatever they say.

In college is was ACCEPTED WISDOM that all girls were bisexual.  Kissing girls is fun, was something I heard from multiple girls, or the ‘they are a girl, so they know what turns us on’.  It was a kind strange thing.  Gay guys were ‘accepted’ after all, we were all so accepting, but there was still a distance because that guy was ‘gay’ maybe you’d get infected.  But bi girls?  Fuck yeah, she is sooo hot!  Not only will she suck your dick, she will suck her friend’s pussy!  Bi girls were celebrated as victors over their sexuality.  Maybe they were the ‘transgender’…

Porn is another interesting laboratory, which there is some research but again, painfully little.  Did you know despite how important it is, there is no CONCLUSIVE answer to whether sex is good or bad for a male?  Just hearsay and a few badly designed studies.  Trust me, I spent hours and hours looking.  I think men dont want to know the answer.  Anyway, it is an established fact that porn will rewrite a brain.  It is called ‘intensification’ or something like that, but basically you start to seek out more and more extreme forms of whatever fetish to still get off.  Here are some facts about porn

It is not really that surprising, given the massive dopamine load the brain gets, it is equivalent to the addiction levels of opiates.  Dont believe me?  Try ‘quitting’ any form of sex if you currently do for a month.  Come back to me after.  Oh wait, you failed after 3 days…

I recall a stand up comic once where he was talking about how guys watching porn is kind of gay because ‘they want to see that huge dick slamming into that girl!’ Maybe there is some kind of transference where we imagine ourselves as that huge guy putting it in that hot ass, but there is some questionable shit going on subconsciously.  Is it really that good we are getting the ultimate reward of an orgasm while this huge dick is on our screen?  To me, its quite easy to see how this can led to gay tendencies.

Now, let me quickly state, I am not against porn in any fashion.  I think it decreases female power over men, and for that reason I am a proponent of it.  I have ZERO moral compunctions about porn.  This argument is simply that from the individuals perspective it is likely very dangerous, and just one part of a repertoire that can change people’s inclinations.

I have never done a girl in this butt, it seems hot, but I am not sure it actually is.  Anal sex is hot in porn, but seems a lot grosser in real life, close to gay.  After all is there TRULY much difference in slamming a girl compared to a guy?  I know PUA types think anal sex with hot girls is basically the holy grail of masculinity.  However, sex is so fluid do enough girls in the butt and suddenly a guy might not be so different.  I remember some dumb movie from when I was younger, scary movie 1 or something, two guys, one got his dick sucked by other ‘I thought you were gay!’ ‘no i’m straight, you were the one sucking my dick!’.

In this society where you can be anything you want to be, its so much easier to decide that since you like sewing, maybe you are actually gay, I guess i will ‘try it’ and see if I can ‘find myself.  Or a girl, your like ‘manly’ things so you decide you are actually a guy despite not having a penis.  Oh well, we live in this fucked up bubble that no one stops stupidity.  Our primitive brains are easily overloaded and when that guy is suddenly taking a dick, or the girl is putting a strap on to fuck her roommate, well its because they were born gay.


12 thoughts on “Programmable gender and sexual preference

  1. It’s true that human beings usually experience their sexuality on a spectrum. If I remember correctly, Kinsey’s research found that many more men and women fall somewhere in the middle, rather than being exclusively homo or hetero. Makes sense in my opinion…our tastes change constantly in regards to other aspects of life. Why not sex? The issues only come around when idiots try to call homosexuality “sinful” or “degrading”.
    My ass…

    Porn is frickin awesome. I watch some about once or twice a week, and read erotica a couple times a month. Been trying to ween myself off of *requiring* outside simulation when masturbating. I think it dulls the imagination, and I don’t want that. 😉

    As for being trans, it may surprise you to learni agree with you. I have gender dysphoria, and have a female body which doesn’t equate with my masculine brain. But getting surgery is costly, not covered by insurance, can lead to accidental disfigurement or death, and many trans men report feeling less than impressed with their new penises anyway. Ergo, I will most likely dress as a man when I’m older and don’t look *so* damn womanly…but with my body as it is now, there’s no hiding it.

  2. I think you need to change the graphic from “are are” to either “are indeed” or “are not” or something. “Are are” is just confusing. I like the graphic, though.

  3. I’m certain sexual proclivities are programmable to a great extent. Just look at the history of homosexuality in cultures that embraced it (such as ancient Greece and Rome)…it was far more prevalent, basically ubiquitous.
    This is true of even the strangest sorts of sexual proclivities. Germans aren’t born with a more natural affinity for shyte porn, it’s learned. One wouldn’t think that an affliction like Apotemnophilia could possibly be catchy, but it is. Such disorders (even that one, weird as it is) do skyrocket and become self-fulfilling prophecies once popularized.

    • Pertinent portion of the article starts at Contagious Desire:
      “I am simplifying a very complex and subtle argument, but the basic idea should be clear. By regarding a phenomenon as a psychiatric diagnosis—treating it, reifying it in psychiatric diagnostic manuals, developing instruments to measure it, inventing scales to rate its severity, establishing ways to reimburse the costs of its treatment, encouraging pharmaceutical companies to search for effective drugs, directing patients to support groups, writing about possible causes in journals—psychiatrists may be unwittingly colluding with broader cultural forces to contribute to the spread of a mental disorder.

      Suppose doctors started amputating the limbs of apotemnophiles. Would that contribute to the spread of the desire? Could we be faced with an epidemic of people wanting their limbs cut off? Most people would say, Clearly not. Most people do not want their limbs cut off. It is a horrible thought. The fact that others are getting their limbs cut off is no more likely to make these people want to lose their own than state executions are to make people want to be executed. And if by some strange chance more people did ask to have their limbs amputated, that would be simply because more people with the desire were encouraged to “come out” rather than suffer in silence.

      I’m not so sure. Clinicians and patients alike often suggest that apotemnophilia is like gender-identity disorder, and that amputation is like sex-reassignment surgery. Let us suppose they are right. Fifty years ago the suggestion that tens of thousands of people would someday want their genitals surgically altered so that they could change their sex would have been ludicrous. But it has happened. The question is why. One answer would have it that this is an ancient condition, that there have always been people who fall outside the traditional sex classifications, but that only during the past forty years or so have we developed the surgical and endocrinological tools to fix the problem.

      But it is possible to imagine another story: that our cultural and historical conditions have not just revealed transsexuals but created them. That is, once “transsexual” and “gender-identity disorder” and “sex-reassignment surgery” became common linguistic currency, more people began conceptualizing and interpreting their experience in these terms. They began to make sense of their lives in a way that hadn’t been available to them before, and to some degree they actually became the kinds of people described by these terms.”

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