What the fuck does it mean to be a man…our soceity sure doesnt know

I actually had considered stopping blogging about a month ago, it showed with a decrease in my writings etc, I even wrote a post saved in my draft I might put up just to share, but lately I have been reinvigorated with a new passion about discovering my masculinity.  Something that is demonized, and utterly eviscerated out of us males in America.

I want to talk today about the ways men are constantly ruined, the utter propaganda we face in America, all designed to stop us being men.

First, consider this pic:

US on left

This is a few years old, but certainly illustrates the point, as things certainly havent gotten better.  Everyone else is treated to a revolutionary with his first raised in victory, choas of some regime in ruins behind him.  Us?  We are treated to some fat, plump little man and the title ‘why ANXIETY is good for you’.  Hahahah, this alone should really prove my point of what we face as men.  In our own society there are no posistive messages for victory, striving, success.  Instead some plump, drugged little man plugged into the machine, dont worry that work stress is GOOD for you!  We loved Big Brother.

I really like this next one:

US cover in bottom right

Bigger of other cover:

Now, whatever you want to think of Afghanistan and our war over there, (I will say wrong, false pretenses, false mission…but thats for another time) You can not help but admit in your heart that this male on the cover is a MAN.  Not in the sense of biologically male, but that in the true sense.  A warrior who fights for what he believes in.  His weapon held high, his eyes held proudly, THIS is our adversary (for better or worse).  Square jaw, firm unwavering eyes, stoic focus on the mission.  (Oh wait, I thought I was describing a feminist in America for a moment there…)

Its really no wonder we werent allowed to see what a man is.  We are weak.  WEAK!  We are scrwany, indesicive, we give into fat fucking bitches with loud mouths, our county is dying before our eyes, men in this country are total shit.  It is sad as hell there has to be a revolution online of lost men trying to find what a man is.  I know, I am in the same situation.

I thought being a man was holding the door, oh wait, why is she bitching at me that she can do it?  Ok, maybe its being in touch with my feelings…wait why are the assholes guys getting girls and I’m just an emo tampon?  Ok, I will be pro-feiminist, after all girls have it so hard…wait what the fuck, I am getting taken advantage of…and girls actually have it better!?

Honor is practically dead, instead manipulation is alive and well, getting by on tricky words or outright lies.  Girls dominate at this, this is how they survived in evolution, guys survived by strength, trust, honor.  Men won or died together, as traitorous males would die alone or killed by a more victorious tribe, women would generally seamlessly merge into new tribes through guile and big boobs or thin waists.

Our sense of tribes is destroyed, our sense of value is destroyed, NOTHING men normally do is valued, our strength is viewed ‘meat heads’ or ‘dumb’; our honor is viewed as antiquated and will only get you in trouble; stoicism is taken advantage of with girls emo-tamponing you; trying t figure this shit out with other guys is preemptively labeled ‘gay’ because a ‘real man’ wouldnt do that (never mind history); yelling raging or aggressiveness is viewed as uncouth or barbaric; ANYTHING men do is viewed as wrong.

Instead we are taught to have womanly ‘virtues’ – as if they have anything close to virtue – such as ‘expressing emotions’ so instead of brave spartans silently enduring their fate, we are supposed to say shit like ‘I feel like you arent very considering my feelings, maybe this is just my interpretation, but I feel like you are purposely sabotaging my chances’.  Do you think that afghan fighter with his RPG is crying to some girl in his life about his feelings?  Fuck no.

Or how about other virtues of selfishness, conveniently wrapped up into capitalism, where screwing everyone you can (a slight pun I suppose…) has become a virtue.  That those who get rocked in the process ‘had it coming’ and a ‘strong women’ should be able to climb that corporate ladder – and some guy will marry her fat ass later.

Look, you were fucked by a girl, by society, by your female HR bitch, I got it, a lot of us have been there.  I fucking get it!  I was there too.  But we are men, cry if you have to, but get your emotions under control.  The only emotion anyone should really see out of you other than stone cold stoicism is anger or rage, anything else is unbecoming. It is time to MAN THE FUCK UP.  I mean this in a true fashion, not ‘man up’ and support some broken home single mom bullshit, or some ‘man up’ and put your fancy suit on and show how metrosexual you are.  Get out there, lift weights, create shit, have fun for YOURSELF. Start writing, start building, start doing something.  You career does not define you, your girl does not define you.  YOU DEFINE YOURSELF.

Things like the Mens right movement (even if their heart was in the right spot, which I doubt) are useless, they are emotional appeals, rooted in womanly ‘virtues’.  We are fucking men, we DO shit.  Meet other like minded men, start doing competitions, start lifting weights.  Become a fucking man.  Drop the coffee and pick up a weight.  I highly doubt a real man should ever step into a coffee house of any kind.  And for god’s sake, dont EVER talk to a girl in your life about emotions.


The more girls a guy has, the better it is in all ways.


15 thoughts on “What the fuck does it mean to be a man…our soceity sure doesnt know

  1. >Get out there, lift weights, create shit, have fun for YOURSELF.<

    Spot on. Anything that is good is good for oneself And good for other people. The present culture of 'doing the right thing' is only good for other people. And as it's only men who are compelled to 'do the right thing' then it ends up being men that suffer from it. When men start doing what they want for the simple reason that they have Willed it then life shall improve for them and other people also.

  2. I agree with almost everything you said, with one exception. “Real” men definitely do go to coffee houses. Men of value have strength of character, and honor, and adhere to those values while also doing what they want.
    Sometimes, they want a cup of coffee at the coffee house, and if so that’s what they f*ing do. 😉

  3. Btw, the current paradigm isn’t good for women either. They’re unhappy and confused about why they are unhappy, attempting to take on male roles (exception outliers). That’s why so many women are on anti-depressants, and the ones who ostensibly “have it all” (career climbing moms, especially single moms) are more likely to be on anti-depressants than anyone.

  4. Just read something on a blog I had to relay here. A poster said there’s no evidence that men are more competitive or aggressive. Seriously. How does anyone work with that? It’s like inventing the wheel. People really believe this. That, and the internet impowers retards as never before. Digital forums are a gift to dullards.

  5. American society overvalues women and leaves men so clueless, to where they assume that some powerless Men’s Right Movement will prevail, when the truth is, most Men’s Rights Activism is full of whiners, making coos like babies and women orgasming and guys who just love the sound of their own voices – yet these guys have no economic ability to follow along with their movement. This is why I do not get involved in stupid gender wars. I have two choices: I can either

    a) Get off my ass, hit the gym and get some high quality p*ssy (even if it requires payment) [or]
    b) Sit on my ass and listen to doom and gloom.

    I chose A!

    • I think the largest failing of MRA is they think talking about things is sufficient for things to change. Blogs by their nature are ‘just talking’ but the difference is the talk on MGTOW blogs like mine is to get out there and make things better, not bleating to women about how much of a pussy you are like MRA.

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