Why the Men’s right Movement / Activist is hopeless

I have this blog in an effort to organize my thoughts, speak my mind and at all costs find the truth, whatever it may be; to the end I strive to maintain intellectually honesty, and any hypocrisy or logically inconsistencies I want pointed out – to that end allow me to demonstrate some intellectual honesty by showing the men equivalent of feminism ‘MRM’ is just as broken.  The term MRM or MRA (Men’s right movement or men’s right activist) is slowly gaining traction, but it ultimately is flawed and will not succeed.

If you have followed this blog for any length you know a bit about MRM/MRA (http://wp.me/p2YaVQ-9p )  but ultimately MRM is doomed, I loosely sympathize with their plight by virtue of being a man, but the problem is they are going about it as though they were female.  The adopt victim mentalities, show us the injustices we suffer, and in general complain about how bad things are.  Look I get it, I agree things are fucked up, but just crying about it does SHIT.  Women do that.

Because men are programmed to help women, they manipulate us into helping by their words.  ‘Oh its so hard as a women, I might get raped, I dont make as much money for the same work, i control the life of the baby, we live in a patriarchy etc.’ so the typical white knight is like ‘My weak female I must protect you, I will flagellate my self to prove how much of a man I am, and how much I get the female plight’  Look, I get this too, I was there, by proving ‘how much I get your pain!’ we think we will be repaid in kind.  That is because that is how guy to guy interactions are, I help you, you help me.  That is NOT how girl interactions are, you help the girl…and you help her some more.  You ask her for help and suddenly she is really busy, maybe later.

Consider a typical interaction of a guy and guy and same guy and girl.

Guy1: Hey can you help me with x?

Guy2: Sure, I can help you soon here.

A week passes, Guy1: Hey man I thought you were going to help me.

Guy2: Damn, sorry man, I’ve been busy with work, I can come over Saturday if that works.

Now compare:

Guy1: Hey can you help me with x?

Girl1: Sure! (or swap it to ‘…I guess’ if thats more fitting for a girl in your life)

A week passes, Guy1: Hey man I thought you were going to help me.

Girl1:  I never said when!~

It’s this tricky bullshit girls have used to succeed, and for the most part guys accept it.  Guys are NOT good at manipulation, we are good at honest dealings, owning up to our mistakes, and ‘real men’ DO more than they SPEAK.  Girls manipulate, deceive, talk a lot about what they will do and generally avoid DOING ANYTHING.

This is why in general activism, and to connect it to this, the MRM is useless.  It is a bunch of fucking talking.  Where is the inspiration?  Where is the ‘here is how fucked up things are, now get out there and live!’ ?  No where.  Because it is womanly.

Now consider the site ‘A voice for men’ the beacon for MRM/MRA activities – http://www.avoiceformen.com/miscellaneous/what-the-fuck-is-wrong-with-jack-donovan/ The problem is, they try to go the typical route I laid out in my differences of mra/mgotw/pua (http://wp.me/p2YaVQ-9p) the mra attempts to use logic and so called ‘rationale thought’ to convince us of the plight and by the simple act of words that change will occur.

A quick qualifier, I put ‘rational thought’ in quotes because very little rationality is occurring these days, consider rationale wiki, a ragey, butthurt site that ironically tries to impress us with their intellect.  Its the same kind of shit this nouveau liberalism engages in, where they attempt to argue from this ‘better than thou’ position of automatically discounting you if you dont accept the ‘clear’ conclusions they start with.  I could tear the ‘mgtow’ article apart, but here is the first and last line: ‘The Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) movement is an offshoot of the men’s rights movement consisting of a weird type of straight male separatism’ ‘At least lesbian separatists have real pariarchal traumas to justify their extremism…’

It is this exact snarky, I am so much better than you, can’t you see HOW FUCKING SMART I AM!? attitude that is not only off-putting but really calls into question any sense of ‘rationality’ and the site AVFM engages in.

My blog has always been off the cuff, a bit ‘ragey’ and spoken from the heart, and thats what it WAS supposed to be, I was never aiming to be a respectable beacon that others could be like ‘thats what MRA is!’  so to see this article at ‘a voice for men’ come off like it was perhaps off my blog speaks really badly about the ‘official’ site for MRA/MRM.

The problem is consider that link from AVFM, i was looking up reviews of a book ‘the way of men’ and I found that site, I read it, and it was him just bitching about how the author should just admit he was gay.  Wtf!? Actual quote: ‘Lighten up, Jack. You’re gay. Just accept it.’ Wow, now I am not indignant about slinging gay around, I can give a shit, but considering you are supposed to be the preeminent ‘voice for men’ and that is the best argument you can come up with?

Among the worst parts, consider the FIRST comment left: ‘Although I havent any idea who Jack Donovan is, I can say with certainty that your sizing up of his behavior and the likely reasons regarding it, are, as usual, right on the money. Well done. Love it!’  Ok…wth you know NOTHING about this guy, but because this FEMININE FUCKING MALE MASQUERADING AS PRO-MALE said it, you automatically agree and suck his dick with a smile on your face?  It is disgusting as fuck.  Come up with your own thoughts, god damn!

It is EXACTLY like the worst of the feminist sites, like jizzbel, arguing from a presumed position of superiority and correctness.  I never read that shit anymore because it is so painful, whether it is some article about how men need to stop viewing women as prizes because they have it hard enough just trying to be viewed as people or 30 is the new 20 for girls or whatever delusion they are spinning.  How the hell can a man’s group hope to outcompete girls at word games, manipulation and emotional arguments, including basted in a tone of utter snark?  They cant.

That is not what men do.  Men DO things.  Share you words, then get the fuck out there and make shit happen.  Write a book, run, convert your friends to why things are fucked up.  Sitting behind your computer whacking off to your ‘rationale’ arguments why MRM is the way to go, is no different then those man-hating feminists rubbing one out while they complain about how ‘hard’ work is and how they make less despite it being false.

Well, my stream of consciousness has ended.  Guess its time to end with a hot anime girl.

hot anime girl


24 thoughts on “Why the Men’s right Movement / Activist is hopeless

  1. I think that those of us who truly care about men *can* make a difference…but not by being keyboard warriors. Is the internet a great way to spread information, get thoughts and experiences out there, and bring people together to a common goal? Hell yes. But once you have that group, they actually have to DO SOMETHING.

    This is where the MRM fails. No one, or at least very few, are actually willing to do shit besides complaining on their blogs or in the comments sections of various websites. When is the last time a manosphere site talked about the Wounded Warrior Project, Just Detention International, gave out information on lawyers who were sympathetic to men in divorce cases, or attempted a fundraiser to start a DV shelter specifically for male survivors? Yeah, that’s what I thought…

    Dear Gods, I already donate to the Wounded Warrior, but if someone within 3 hours of me said “hey, I’m going to do some real activism/petitions/building…heck, I’d *be* there. But does that happen, or are people just wanting to talk about how bad things are and not get up off their collective asses? I’m tempted to go to the AVfM thing in Chicago, if it really kicks off, but I know better than to hold my breath. We will see…

  2. I think there is a slight but VERY significant difference between feminism and MRM. Feminism seeks to air grevences of women so that women can play the victim and men will fix everything for them. MRM seeks to air grevences of men so that men get pissed off and fix things for themselves (or finish breaking it as with MGTOW)

      • Weak is playing the victim so the world will change around you. Strong is identifying the hazards so that you as an individual can make informed rational choices as to what is best for you.

        The MRM is identifying and talking about the hazards of being male in the western world so that men can be strong, so that men can make informed choices, so that men can do what’s right for them. The MRM is not identifying the hazards and talking about men’s issues so that every one will change around us to make our feewings better.

    • @GNL

      Precisely. Everyone, men and women, need to stop being such sheeple and learn to do what is right for them. It’s no one’s life but your own…take care of yourself first, so that you’re sane, rational, and able to help others.

      If this entails staying single, or keeping away from the opposite sex in committed/contractual long term relationships, so be it.

      • Yo!

        Blogspot and wordpress incompatibilities drive me crazy. I always try to post comments at ex-army and the blogspot CAPTCHA always trashes them.

        My attitude is that it’s easier to post something on my own blog and link to the relevant conversation, rather than trying to get “OpenID” to recognize my login info.

        I was going to post more but I actually have to get stuff done. Merry Christmas.

  3. Many of these sites lean right-wing in the political ideologies they promote — e.g., the feminazis are attempting to steal men’s hard-earned money through socialist policies. Of course, the irony meter is through the roof here. Their ramblings tend to read like the communist tracts they also rail against

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