Typical feminist logic

I was actually looking up collapse stuff, when I found an article by amanda marcotte, infamous in the manosphere for her trite, oh-so-typical feminist rants, this one about how it was the ‘religious right’ who were the only ones concerned with the collapse of the country.  For the record, I do not subscribe to either ‘the right’ or ‘religious’ yet it is still obvious the economic policies are doomed to failure..however.. In the search of truth, I would read what she had to say, very little had to do with anything and was just a typical strawman argument.  Unimpressive to say the least.  I click some other article she wrote, about the mystery of the female orgasm, oh great some stupid shit about how mysterious girls are, and how special they are…ok lets see it.

“The entire discussion is also poisoned from the get-go by widespread misogynist narratives that assume that men can barely stand women and only put up with them in order to have sex, but that women adore and worship men and will do anything—even things that are dangerous or uncomfortable—to get men to approve of us.”

I could go through her whole shit, but it really it pointless, an excerpt like this serves my point.  First, I would say the first half of her statement is actually fairly true, most men only do endure girls for sex, they cant stand their shopping, their bitching, their using the guys money etc. and in typical feminist ‘logic’ the commit the old bait and switch fallacy where they state one thing fairly true (most guys only put up with girls for sex) and then state a fairly false statement (most girls adore guys) and by the ‘obviousness’ of the second point being wrong the whole thing must be wrong.

Of course, the problem is, if you dont agree with her obvious conclusion.  Her ENTIRE argument falls apart if you simply agree and say ‘yeah, most guys cant stand your ass, they just want to have sex.’  this is the type of lies feminism seeks to cover up, because if that truth were widely known all of feminism victories would be seen Pyrrhic like they are.

“The evidence for this is that men really can’t be bothered most of the time to have sex they won’t enjoy, but women do it all the time.  But no one asks if that would remain true if we suddenly woke up in a matriarchy where men depend on women for resources and social status.”

Ahh yes, the poor plight of the female, locked up in the basement as the sex slave for that evil misoginst who brings her out to pump a load into her every now and then.  God forbid we ever lived in a ‘matriarchy’ where the girls control the flow of sex, where it was a women in human resources who determined your access to resources, if it was females who determined how much of a ‘creep’ you are….Uh oh wait….


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