Book on female/male sex dynamics

I was actual looking up boot care when I came across the random book and was intrigued by what it was talking about, ‘heres more feminist bullshit’ I thought, perusing the material, but I was surprised by the candid and true reality it presented about condoms and female sexual control.

( (this was taken from a pdf, i tried cleaning it up, but some words may be missing, bolds are mine)

“When we discussed family planning in Scenes 16 and 17, we
concluded that modern contraceptives may have little impact on the
total number of children a woman has in her lifetime. Nevertheless,
they do supplement her natural methods of family planning, thereby
giving her even more control over when and with whom she
conceives. For a woman today, modern contraceptives are an
important aid in her pursuit of reproductive success.
Not least, they are a useful weapon in her manipulation of sperm warfare.

Of course, when asked why they don’t like using condoms, men say that they simply

don’t enjoy sex so much with them on — the ‘Wellington boot’
syndrome. Women, on the other hand, tend to be much more
favourably disposed towards them. This difference between the sexes
in attitude towards condoms reflects a very important consequence of
their use — by preventing sperm from entering the vagina, condoms
negate a man’s reproductive benefit from intercourse much more than

they negate a woman’s.

To understand why this difference in attitude is even more marked
during ‘casual’ sex, let us first consider the pressures on a woman
during casual sex and how these are
affected by the use of a condom.
As we have already discussed (Scene 28), a woman is normally more
cautious and selective over casual sex than a man. All the same,
having decided on a suitable time
, place and partner, she can still
gain a number of advantages from casual intercourse — as long as
she doesn’t conceive (see Scenes 18,
20, 27 and 28). For example, if
she is without a long-term partner, intercourse can help her gain a
man’s attention in her search for one. In addition, she can use the
intercourse to gauge a man’s sexual competence, potency, and to
some extent health and fertility. Casual intercourse can thus be an
avenue to protection and financial or other help from a man who she
judges might be a suitable long-term partner. If she
already has a
long-term partner, casual sex with somebody else can provide a
‘reserve’ — a man to move on to if her current relationship breaks up
(Scenes 16 and 19). None of these benefits from casual sex require
her to conceive. In fact, she
retains more options if she does not
conceive. Only when she
is specifically after a particular man’s genes
(Scenes 6 and 26),
or when she is trying to maneuver him into a long-
term partnership by becoming pregnant (Scene 18), does she benefit
from conceiving as a result of casual intercourse. Except on these
occasions, therefore, a woman gain
s from the use of a condom during
casual sex. Condoms even help to reduce one of the potential costs of

casual sex, the risk of infection”

That was pretty mindblowing, not in the fact it was novel, but the fact a published book was laying out these ‘dark truths’ that feminism conveniently wants to ignore.  Condoms/pill has completely unleashed womens hypergamy, she can pretend she is ‘loyal’ to one guy while fucking other backups, after all the only real proof of cheating is if she gets pregnant, which only happens when SHE wants it.  I have seen so many guys ruined by an ‘accidental’ kid to some girl he was just sexing when suddenly she ‘accidentally got pregnant’ because she did not take her pill.

This shit I say its just some kook, this is the real deal, real people seen and speak about the things we face, and to think ‘its all good’ is a very cavalier attitude that will get your life regulated to serfdom for some fat bitch faster than she can say ‘I thought i was safe’.


8 thoughts on “Book on female/male sex dynamics

  1. The author neglected to mention one of the other benefits to casual sex, namely the pleasure of intercourse without giving up ones freedom.

    As for men getting trapped by a woman when the “casual sex” is actually a manipulative means of obtaining his resources…well, the advent of male birth control pill/injection will certainly make the playing field a lot more even. Until that day comes, I’d recommend that men seeking casual sex consistently use condoms and be more discerning in their partners (aka women who have no interest in getting pregnant).

  2. @Sophia: Yes indeed, but consider the women who have no interest in getting pregnant AT FIRST, yet desire to keep the kid anyway once they do get pregnant. What then? Protection is paramount, but it really comes down to being more discerning with partners. Don’t fool around with a woman unless you’d think she’d make a good mother.

  3. The benefits of condom use seem to me to favour men though – they’re a visible, provable form of contraception, which the man can carry himself. Without condoms, men would have to trust the word of a woman that she’s on the pill. All forms of contraception favour women in their quest for fertility control, but condoms are the least easy to fake, so should be relatively favourable for men.
    Also, sex with condoms feels crap for women too, once they’ve had condom free sex to compare it with.

  4. I had thought you had retired from blogging altogether, and now I see that you’ve actually written several posts this month.

    I read Robin Baker’s Sperm Wars some years ago. I thought it was very interesting, and sometimes persuasive, but sometimes overly speculative.

    On the issue of whether men enjoy using condoms – I suspect many men feel the risk of contamination from a diseased woman is considerable, and while a condom doesn’t provide much protection, it might be the only available means of protection.

  5. E.K- which is a pity in fact as a child brought to life out of manipulation of the dad by various reasons is most likely to encounter a loveless relationship with his parents, lots of fights between adults who don’t share much together or else then material benefits..Unless it is a love act, getting pregnant should be wisely controlled by both females and males.Even as a love act,a woman could not get pregnant each time she copulates with a male.

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