The cycle of female over-valuation while males are ruined

Why is it that society has no problem with girls who are often years more socially developed than males utterly rock them out of anything the girl wants, but are UTTERLY opposed to age gap relationships when the guy is older?  Why can a mid 20s or later guy not be with an 18 year old girl?

One simple answer: the co-opting of males and their ‘precious’ daughter leads to this cycle.

One of the most important lessons a male can learn in the process of understanding women, is to first get past his ego and accept this general truth:  women near your age are superior to you in social understanding and manipulation and you are likely unaware of it.

Reread that again if you dont believe or accept it.  Girls literally grow up constantly talking and gossiping, guys laugh at it but this is how girls get what the want.  I was partially woken up to this truth by the book ‘anatomy of female power’ ( which I talked about there.  Guys at their own peril dismiss girls vanity, when it is their ‘battle kit’ so to say in their quest to take men down.

So…when a guy is older simply by virtue he in the end often is more equal to the social conditioning, which of course feminists do not want as they do not want equality but ‘more equal’ treatment. Thus in even relationship where the guy and girl are same age, the girl is raping the guy – quite fine with feminists.

Think about this for a moment, our own ‘innate’ conditioning that we are ‘repulsed’ by the thought of a 30 year old guy and a 18 year old girl.  But that is simply our current society, it was very very typical for a majority of history that families gave their young daughter to the local lord.  Even barring this, it was simply understood that the dynamic was older guy / younger girl.

The problem is these days is you have these husbands and fathers who were systematically raped by their wife, and likely conditioned by their moms to subconsciously value women higher.  So he lives this emaciated life, and when he has a joyous daughter…well she is just way to valuable to let her slut around with those damn guys in her high school class.  She is different, she is unique, she is SPECIAL.  She just can’t settle with that kid who did good in math, or can’t settle with that tough skater guy…no she is HIS DAUGHTER and the only guy who ‘deserves’ her is a prince, some millionaire or some captain of industry who leads his men ruthlessly, but has a soft heart for her alone  Oh…and he better be her same age, otherwise that is just ‘creepy’.

Do you see some of the innate hypocrisy forming here?  Only the best guy is suitable for her, but he must be her age which makes it nearly impossible. Of course the age requirement ultimately wins in most cases, going back to my earlier point which than makes this guy just the next in line for feminized males who secretly advance feminism while killing their own sex.

It is a vicious cycle, as the father is emasculated from his wife, placates to the daughter, society at large disagrees with age gap relationships, and the precious daughter grows up thinking she is the Goddess and systematically beats down whatever poor chump she decides to become her wage-slave and the process is then repeated.

The irony of this?  That the precious daughter is given a free pass to slut around, because her youth and virginity are no longer valued and she is so ‘valuable’ she can find a guy at any time, often at late 20s+ when her looks and fertility are tanking.

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9 thoughts on “The cycle of female over-valuation while males are ruined

  1. Eh, many age limitations don’t really make sense…you can’t buy cigarettes til you’re 18, can’t buy alcohol or rent a timeshare til you’re 21, and you can’t rent a car til you’re 25. But Ashley is correct; There has to be a limit drawn at some point.

    Honestly, I see no problem with a 25 yr old dating a 18 yr old, or a 40 yr old with a 30 yr old. Man/woman or woman/man…I don’t really care, so long as the relationship is consensual on both sides and the people involved are adults. Gays and lesbians are fine too, and held to the same standards. I mean, my FwB is 15 yrs older than myself. We get along swimmingly.

    I think it gets a little weird at the “more than double age” point though. If a 40 yr old woman/man is actively seeking relationships with 18 yr old boys/girls, I’d kinda wonder why. At 18, you are fresh out of high school, probably haven’t left home yet, don’t have any real money or job experience, and in 95% of cases have no real idea what you’re going to accomplish in the next 10 years. If a 18 yr old and someone drastically older just happen to somehow meet and totally hit it off? Yeah, ok.

    But if the drastically older person is *only* going after young partners with less life experience, no career, no higher education, and hasn’t had a chance to figure out who they want to be? That’s sketchy, and could point to a potential issue of a need to be domineering or controlling of someone who doesn’t know better yet.

  2. Age of consent laws used to refer to marriage, not sex.

    Sex outside of marriage used to be illegal – and more importantly, grounds for immediate, extralegal “honor killing” – in Western, Christian countries, regardless of age.

    Once the laws restricting sex got disconnected from marriage and child-rearing, the West went to hell in a condom basket.

    See also Jim’s analysis of how marriage failed:

      • Extramarital sex in the old days used to be treated like contraband. People got killed for just *trying* to have extramarital sex.

        Thus marriage used to be much more important for a big chunk of the population.

        Thus age-of-consent used to be about “How old do you have to be to get married to someone, even if your parents don’t approve.” A girl who waited to reach the age of consent was waiting to get married and have one lifelong sex partner.

        Nowadays, the whole dynamic has changed.

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