Our search for novelty and accomplishment is co-opted

The human brain is not evolved to handle technology, of that I am completely convinced.

We simply advanced far to fast for our ape brains to even begin to adapt to what we were now presented with.  Simply, a majority of electronics have become misused by ourselves, and in a very negative fashion.

For example video games (I am a gamer, so consider that in my critique) essentially plays to our novelty-seeking we are born and evolved with.  Always a new game, always a new level etc.  Then it also plays to our ‘reward’ circuit of having a new sword, a new costume etc.  It is no wonder people literally live and waste their lives on games like WoW.

Tv is similar in that is it novelty, but lacks the accomplishment.  We can just sit there, our eye blank as ‘new’ images constantly bombard our retinas.

Porn has both the negatives of video games, with a much higher level do to the dopamine dump you body receives from sex, and the ‘reward’ of just impregnating that girl(s) on your screen.  I have spent a lot of time researching affects of both mass-sex and long abstinence, and would you believe there is very very little documentation about such an important thing to us?  Makes me wonder that no one wants to find the truth, lest it say things we dont want to hear.

Even just the internet is generally a waste, endless novelty.  Some dumb cat video, some guy falling down whatever.  It shocks me when I spent time online to look at see hours have passed and I have nothing to show for it.

This world we live in has a lot of wonder, but unless you approach it with absolute discipline, our brains simply are not strong enough to avoid getting caught in one or more traps.


2 thoughts on “Our search for novelty and accomplishment is co-opted

  1. Discipline. Willpower. Moderation.
    These are the traits you need to use the forms of entertainment listed above in a proper fashion. That, and possibly good taste or a desire for knowledge. After all, watching an episode of Buffy is not the same as watching a Carl Sagan or Stephen Hawking documentary. One is entertaining but mindless…the others are entertaining and increase your understanding of the world. So it can go with porn and internet as well.

    In my opinion, it’s not the fact that our technology surpasses our primate brains…it’s that we no longer take the time to teach ourselves or our younger generations that hedonism and narcissism are bad traits, and maintaining awareness of ourselves is a good one. (Note that I don’t believe this means we should have religion in schools, but I do think a generalized ethics course would greatly help upcoming generations.)

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