Programmable gender and sexual preference

This post is going to be a bit more crude than typical, but if crudeness ever bothered you, I doubt you are still reading my blog, that being said I am going to cut to the heart of the matter as there is much to discuss: sex and sexual preference (‘gender’ as feminists like to sling around) is predisposed innately, but it IS programmable leading to the ability to rewrite your natural inclinations. I am going to be bold here: gay men can become straight, straight men can go gay, women can pretend they are men, guys can decide dresses suit them better etc by self and societal programming such as telling you it ‘okay to be yourself’ etc.

The doublespeak that passes for feminist thought and facts seems to change every year, but last I knew the term ‘gender’ (yes I am going to put that in quotes, because I think that concept is total bullshit) vs sex was essentially that sex was what you are born, and ‘gender’ is what you are.  They say thing like ‘gender is a social construct’ if you hear a girl say that, run as fast as you can.  They are arguing things like masculinity is (actual fem blog quote:) “The traits and behaviors that are thought to be “masculine” and “feminine” differ dramatically from one culture and time period to another. Appropriate ways of behaving, the labor that’s assigned to gender groups, beliefs about natural abilities and propensities, etc. change significantly.”  Never mind the fact there is a UNBROKEN CHAIN of what it means to be a man in western society from Aristole/Plato through the dark ages/Knights all the way to about the 1970s, when it became convenient that ‘there never was a consistent gender idea’.  Weren’t we always at war with Eastasia…?

Now, we are after truth around here, so let’s dispense with any politically correct pretenses.  If you are a GUY (which for some of you fucked up ideologues out there, that means you have a penis) you are a man in this life.  If you really wanted to be a women, too bad, life isnt fair.  You do NOT get to pick what bathroom you prefer because you are ‘more comfortable being a women’ like I talked about here ( YOU ARE A MAN.  If you are a GIRL (which for you fucked up feminists out there, means you were born with a vagina) you are a woman in this life.  If you really wanted to be a guy, think you are a guy, wish you had a dick, TOO FUCKING BAD you ARE A WOMAN.

It is really fucking pathetic such blatant truths even have to be stated.  But the grim reality is we live in this super ‘soft’ society where survival in very rarely at stake, and you can tiptoe through the tulips with a dress on as a guy and you will not die, be exiled etc for it.  Girls are routinely taught to adopt masculine traits, and all to often you see girls with toned arms and shaved heads (in case it needs stating they are gross as shit, but hey, they are now ‘lesbian’ so they dont even need my judgement!)

Growing up I did not know a single gay person, I am sure there were a few, but they kept it hidden, my first encounter was with a girl in college who I liked, and after a date told me she was gay.  Quite frankly it was pretty blatant manipulation on her part, looking back, but I was pretty beta/white knight back then, and I was going to ‘prove’ that I liked her for her, even I could never date or have sex with her, because ‘its the right thing to do’.

I had no experiance with gay/trans what the fuck ever growing up, and going to college, it was claimed ‘science’ had proved you were born gay. (Quick aside, the feminist movement has been successful in destroying so many words ‘trans’ being one, trans means to go beyond so a transgender is someone who has gone beyond gender…right)  .  Well, science does not lie I thought at the time, so I accepted this ‘truth’ because science proved it – supposedly.

The reality is there is VERY VERY little research in any direction about being ‘born’ gay.  So first of all that argument liberals/feminists sling around is null, but has that EVER stopped them considered the wage gap lie (  But in truth, it does not even matter, because as my entire point is, your sexual inclination CAN BE CHANGED.  Do I believe that people are born with slightly different inclinations?  Certainly.  Some guys like big breasts more than others, some guys like big butts more than others.  I am being trite of course, but regardless, I do believe there is a natural variability, but that can so easily be changed.

Changing preference is a result of your circumstances, if you had an attractive, sexually available member of the opposite sex growing up, and NO FUCKING SOCIETAL CONDITIONING of ‘here put on the pink dress, and pee sitting down’ 99% of guys would do that willing girl, of that I am completely convinced.  It is in our hormones which have guided up for thousands and thousands of years.  No guy when he hits adolescence wants to fuck an animal over a girl.  But there are people into bestiality.  They got into it because they had no options, not because they were animal fuckers from the crib.  Guys go gay in prison, they have no options.  Maybe when they come out they stay gay idk.  But the fact is straight people turn gay.

I shit you not, I knew guys apparently straight as an arrow in college that slammed girls out left and right who decided to ‘experiment’ with guys and turned gay later.  That is not that they were born gay and just waiting to be unleashed or whatever they say.

In college is was ACCEPTED WISDOM that all girls were bisexual.  Kissing girls is fun, was something I heard from multiple girls, or the ‘they are a girl, so they know what turns us on’.  It was a kind strange thing.  Gay guys were ‘accepted’ after all, we were all so accepting, but there was still a distance because that guy was ‘gay’ maybe you’d get infected.  But bi girls?  Fuck yeah, she is sooo hot!  Not only will she suck your dick, she will suck her friend’s pussy!  Bi girls were celebrated as victors over their sexuality.  Maybe they were the ‘transgender’…

Porn is another interesting laboratory, which there is some research but again, painfully little.  Did you know despite how important it is, there is no CONCLUSIVE answer to whether sex is good or bad for a male?  Just hearsay and a few badly designed studies.  Trust me, I spent hours and hours looking.  I think men dont want to know the answer.  Anyway, it is an established fact that porn will rewrite a brain.  It is called ‘intensification’ or something like that, but basically you start to seek out more and more extreme forms of whatever fetish to still get off.  Here are some facts about porn

It is not really that surprising, given the massive dopamine load the brain gets, it is equivalent to the addiction levels of opiates.  Dont believe me?  Try ‘quitting’ any form of sex if you currently do for a month.  Come back to me after.  Oh wait, you failed after 3 days…

I recall a stand up comic once where he was talking about how guys watching porn is kind of gay because ‘they want to see that huge dick slamming into that girl!’ Maybe there is some kind of transference where we imagine ourselves as that huge guy putting it in that hot ass, but there is some questionable shit going on subconsciously.  Is it really that good we are getting the ultimate reward of an orgasm while this huge dick is on our screen?  To me, its quite easy to see how this can led to gay tendencies.

Now, let me quickly state, I am not against porn in any fashion.  I think it decreases female power over men, and for that reason I am a proponent of it.  I have ZERO moral compunctions about porn.  This argument is simply that from the individuals perspective it is likely very dangerous, and just one part of a repertoire that can change people’s inclinations.

I have never done a girl in this butt, it seems hot, but I am not sure it actually is.  Anal sex is hot in porn, but seems a lot grosser in real life, close to gay.  After all is there TRULY much difference in slamming a girl compared to a guy?  I know PUA types think anal sex with hot girls is basically the holy grail of masculinity.  However, sex is so fluid do enough girls in the butt and suddenly a guy might not be so different.  I remember some dumb movie from when I was younger, scary movie 1 or something, two guys, one got his dick sucked by other ‘I thought you were gay!’ ‘no i’m straight, you were the one sucking my dick!’.

In this society where you can be anything you want to be, its so much easier to decide that since you like sewing, maybe you are actually gay, I guess i will ‘try it’ and see if I can ‘find myself.  Or a girl, your like ‘manly’ things so you decide you are actually a guy despite not having a penis.  Oh well, we live in this fucked up bubble that no one stops stupidity.  Our primitive brains are easily overloaded and when that guy is suddenly taking a dick, or the girl is putting a strap on to fuck her roommate, well its because they were born gay.


What the fuck does it mean to be a man…our soceity sure doesnt know

I actually had considered stopping blogging about a month ago, it showed with a decrease in my writings etc, I even wrote a post saved in my draft I might put up just to share, but lately I have been reinvigorated with a new passion about discovering my masculinity.  Something that is demonized, and utterly eviscerated out of us males in America.

I want to talk today about the ways men are constantly ruined, the utter propaganda we face in America, all designed to stop us being men.

First, consider this pic:

US on left

This is a few years old, but certainly illustrates the point, as things certainly havent gotten better.  Everyone else is treated to a revolutionary with his first raised in victory, choas of some regime in ruins behind him.  Us?  We are treated to some fat, plump little man and the title ‘why ANXIETY is good for you’.  Hahahah, this alone should really prove my point of what we face as men.  In our own society there are no posistive messages for victory, striving, success.  Instead some plump, drugged little man plugged into the machine, dont worry that work stress is GOOD for you!  We loved Big Brother.

I really like this next one:

US cover in bottom right

Bigger of other cover:

Now, whatever you want to think of Afghanistan and our war over there, (I will say wrong, false pretenses, false mission…but thats for another time) You can not help but admit in your heart that this male on the cover is a MAN.  Not in the sense of biologically male, but that in the true sense.  A warrior who fights for what he believes in.  His weapon held high, his eyes held proudly, THIS is our adversary (for better or worse).  Square jaw, firm unwavering eyes, stoic focus on the mission.  (Oh wait, I thought I was describing a feminist in America for a moment there…)

Its really no wonder we werent allowed to see what a man is.  We are weak.  WEAK!  We are scrwany, indesicive, we give into fat fucking bitches with loud mouths, our county is dying before our eyes, men in this country are total shit.  It is sad as hell there has to be a revolution online of lost men trying to find what a man is.  I know, I am in the same situation.

I thought being a man was holding the door, oh wait, why is she bitching at me that she can do it?  Ok, maybe its being in touch with my feelings…wait why are the assholes guys getting girls and I’m just an emo tampon?  Ok, I will be pro-feiminist, after all girls have it so hard…wait what the fuck, I am getting taken advantage of…and girls actually have it better!?

Honor is practically dead, instead manipulation is alive and well, getting by on tricky words or outright lies.  Girls dominate at this, this is how they survived in evolution, guys survived by strength, trust, honor.  Men won or died together, as traitorous males would die alone or killed by a more victorious tribe, women would generally seamlessly merge into new tribes through guile and big boobs or thin waists.

Our sense of tribes is destroyed, our sense of value is destroyed, NOTHING men normally do is valued, our strength is viewed ‘meat heads’ or ‘dumb’; our honor is viewed as antiquated and will only get you in trouble; stoicism is taken advantage of with girls emo-tamponing you; trying t figure this shit out with other guys is preemptively labeled ‘gay’ because a ‘real man’ wouldnt do that (never mind history); yelling raging or aggressiveness is viewed as uncouth or barbaric; ANYTHING men do is viewed as wrong.

Instead we are taught to have womanly ‘virtues’ – as if they have anything close to virtue – such as ‘expressing emotions’ so instead of brave spartans silently enduring their fate, we are supposed to say shit like ‘I feel like you arent very considering my feelings, maybe this is just my interpretation, but I feel like you are purposely sabotaging my chances’.  Do you think that afghan fighter with his RPG is crying to some girl in his life about his feelings?  Fuck no.

Or how about other virtues of selfishness, conveniently wrapped up into capitalism, where screwing everyone you can (a slight pun I suppose…) has become a virtue.  That those who get rocked in the process ‘had it coming’ and a ‘strong women’ should be able to climb that corporate ladder – and some guy will marry her fat ass later.

Look, you were fucked by a girl, by society, by your female HR bitch, I got it, a lot of us have been there.  I fucking get it!  I was there too.  But we are men, cry if you have to, but get your emotions under control.  The only emotion anyone should really see out of you other than stone cold stoicism is anger or rage, anything else is unbecoming. It is time to MAN THE FUCK UP.  I mean this in a true fashion, not ‘man up’ and support some broken home single mom bullshit, or some ‘man up’ and put your fancy suit on and show how metrosexual you are.  Get out there, lift weights, create shit, have fun for YOURSELF. Start writing, start building, start doing something.  You career does not define you, your girl does not define you.  YOU DEFINE YOURSELF.

Things like the Mens right movement (even if their heart was in the right spot, which I doubt) are useless, they are emotional appeals, rooted in womanly ‘virtues’.  We are fucking men, we DO shit.  Meet other like minded men, start doing competitions, start lifting weights.  Become a fucking man.  Drop the coffee and pick up a weight.  I highly doubt a real man should ever step into a coffee house of any kind.  And for god’s sake, dont EVER talk to a girl in your life about emotions.


The more girls a guy has, the better it is in all ways.

Why the Men’s right Movement / Activist is hopeless

I have this blog in an effort to organize my thoughts, speak my mind and at all costs find the truth, whatever it may be; to the end I strive to maintain intellectually honesty, and any hypocrisy or logically inconsistencies I want pointed out – to that end allow me to demonstrate some intellectual honesty by showing the men equivalent of feminism ‘MRM’ is just as broken.  The term MRM or MRA (Men’s right movement or men’s right activist) is slowly gaining traction, but it ultimately is flawed and will not succeed.

If you have followed this blog for any length you know a bit about MRM/MRA ( )  but ultimately MRM is doomed, I loosely sympathize with their plight by virtue of being a man, but the problem is they are going about it as though they were female.  The adopt victim mentalities, show us the injustices we suffer, and in general complain about how bad things are.  Look I get it, I agree things are fucked up, but just crying about it does SHIT.  Women do that.

Because men are programmed to help women, they manipulate us into helping by their words.  ‘Oh its so hard as a women, I might get raped, I dont make as much money for the same work, i control the life of the baby, we live in a patriarchy etc.’ so the typical white knight is like ‘My weak female I must protect you, I will flagellate my self to prove how much of a man I am, and how much I get the female plight’  Look, I get this too, I was there, by proving ‘how much I get your pain!’ we think we will be repaid in kind.  That is because that is how guy to guy interactions are, I help you, you help me.  That is NOT how girl interactions are, you help the girl…and you help her some more.  You ask her for help and suddenly she is really busy, maybe later.

Consider a typical interaction of a guy and guy and same guy and girl.

Guy1: Hey can you help me with x?

Guy2: Sure, I can help you soon here.

A week passes, Guy1: Hey man I thought you were going to help me.

Guy2: Damn, sorry man, I’ve been busy with work, I can come over Saturday if that works.

Now compare:

Guy1: Hey can you help me with x?

Girl1: Sure! (or swap it to ‘…I guess’ if thats more fitting for a girl in your life)

A week passes, Guy1: Hey man I thought you were going to help me.

Girl1:  I never said when!~

It’s this tricky bullshit girls have used to succeed, and for the most part guys accept it.  Guys are NOT good at manipulation, we are good at honest dealings, owning up to our mistakes, and ‘real men’ DO more than they SPEAK.  Girls manipulate, deceive, talk a lot about what they will do and generally avoid DOING ANYTHING.

This is why in general activism, and to connect it to this, the MRM is useless.  It is a bunch of fucking talking.  Where is the inspiration?  Where is the ‘here is how fucked up things are, now get out there and live!’ ?  No where.  Because it is womanly.

Now consider the site ‘A voice for men’ the beacon for MRM/MRA activities – The problem is, they try to go the typical route I laid out in my differences of mra/mgotw/pua ( the mra attempts to use logic and so called ‘rationale thought’ to convince us of the plight and by the simple act of words that change will occur.

A quick qualifier, I put ‘rational thought’ in quotes because very little rationality is occurring these days, consider rationale wiki, a ragey, butthurt site that ironically tries to impress us with their intellect.  Its the same kind of shit this nouveau liberalism engages in, where they attempt to argue from this ‘better than thou’ position of automatically discounting you if you dont accept the ‘clear’ conclusions they start with.  I could tear the ‘mgtow’ article apart, but here is the first and last line: ‘The Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) movement is an offshoot of the men’s rights movement consisting of a weird type of straight male separatism’ ‘At least lesbian separatists have real pariarchal traumas to justify their extremism…’

It is this exact snarky, I am so much better than you, can’t you see HOW FUCKING SMART I AM!? attitude that is not only off-putting but really calls into question any sense of ‘rationality’ and the site AVFM engages in.

My blog has always been off the cuff, a bit ‘ragey’ and spoken from the heart, and thats what it WAS supposed to be, I was never aiming to be a respectable beacon that others could be like ‘thats what MRA is!’  so to see this article at ‘a voice for men’ come off like it was perhaps off my blog speaks really badly about the ‘official’ site for MRA/MRM.

The problem is consider that link from AVFM, i was looking up reviews of a book ‘the way of men’ and I found that site, I read it, and it was him just bitching about how the author should just admit he was gay.  Wtf!? Actual quote: ‘Lighten up, Jack. You’re gay. Just accept it.’ Wow, now I am not indignant about slinging gay around, I can give a shit, but considering you are supposed to be the preeminent ‘voice for men’ and that is the best argument you can come up with?

Among the worst parts, consider the FIRST comment left: ‘Although I havent any idea who Jack Donovan is, I can say with certainty that your sizing up of his behavior and the likely reasons regarding it, are, as usual, right on the money. Well done. Love it!’  Ok…wth you know NOTHING about this guy, but because this FEMININE FUCKING MALE MASQUERADING AS PRO-MALE said it, you automatically agree and suck his dick with a smile on your face?  It is disgusting as fuck.  Come up with your own thoughts, god damn!

It is EXACTLY like the worst of the feminist sites, like jizzbel, arguing from a presumed position of superiority and correctness.  I never read that shit anymore because it is so painful, whether it is some article about how men need to stop viewing women as prizes because they have it hard enough just trying to be viewed as people or 30 is the new 20 for girls or whatever delusion they are spinning.  How the hell can a man’s group hope to outcompete girls at word games, manipulation and emotional arguments, including basted in a tone of utter snark?  They cant.

That is not what men do.  Men DO things.  Share you words, then get the fuck out there and make shit happen.  Write a book, run, convert your friends to why things are fucked up.  Sitting behind your computer whacking off to your ‘rationale’ arguments why MRM is the way to go, is no different then those man-hating feminists rubbing one out while they complain about how ‘hard’ work is and how they make less despite it being false.

Well, my stream of consciousness has ended.  Guess its time to end with a hot anime girl.

hot anime girl

Typical feminist logic

I was actually looking up collapse stuff, when I found an article by amanda marcotte, infamous in the manosphere for her trite, oh-so-typical feminist rants, this one about how it was the ‘religious right’ who were the only ones concerned with the collapse of the country.  For the record, I do not subscribe to either ‘the right’ or ‘religious’ yet it is still obvious the economic policies are doomed to failure..however.. In the search of truth, I would read what she had to say, very little had to do with anything and was just a typical strawman argument.  Unimpressive to say the least.  I click some other article she wrote, about the mystery of the female orgasm, oh great some stupid shit about how mysterious girls are, and how special they are…ok lets see it.

“The entire discussion is also poisoned from the get-go by widespread misogynist narratives that assume that men can barely stand women and only put up with them in order to have sex, but that women adore and worship men and will do anything—even things that are dangerous or uncomfortable—to get men to approve of us.”

I could go through her whole shit, but it really it pointless, an excerpt like this serves my point.  First, I would say the first half of her statement is actually fairly true, most men only do endure girls for sex, they cant stand their shopping, their bitching, their using the guys money etc. and in typical feminist ‘logic’ the commit the old bait and switch fallacy where they state one thing fairly true (most guys only put up with girls for sex) and then state a fairly false statement (most girls adore guys) and by the ‘obviousness’ of the second point being wrong the whole thing must be wrong.

Of course, the problem is, if you dont agree with her obvious conclusion.  Her ENTIRE argument falls apart if you simply agree and say ‘yeah, most guys cant stand your ass, they just want to have sex.’  this is the type of lies feminism seeks to cover up, because if that truth were widely known all of feminism victories would be seen Pyrrhic like they are.

“The evidence for this is that men really can’t be bothered most of the time to have sex they won’t enjoy, but women do it all the time.  But no one asks if that would remain true if we suddenly woke up in a matriarchy where men depend on women for resources and social status.”

Ahh yes, the poor plight of the female, locked up in the basement as the sex slave for that evil misoginst who brings her out to pump a load into her every now and then.  God forbid we ever lived in a ‘matriarchy’ where the girls control the flow of sex, where it was a women in human resources who determined your access to resources, if it was females who determined how much of a ‘creep’ you are….Uh oh wait….

Book on female/male sex dynamics

I was actual looking up boot care when I came across the random book and was intrigued by what it was talking about, ‘heres more feminist bullshit’ I thought, perusing the material, but I was surprised by the candid and true reality it presented about condoms and female sexual control.

( (this was taken from a pdf, i tried cleaning it up, but some words may be missing, bolds are mine)

“When we discussed family planning in Scenes 16 and 17, we
concluded that modern contraceptives may have little impact on the
total number of children a woman has in her lifetime. Nevertheless,
they do supplement her natural methods of family planning, thereby
giving her even more control over when and with whom she
conceives. For a woman today, modern contraceptives are an
important aid in her pursuit of reproductive success.
Not least, they are a useful weapon in her manipulation of sperm warfare.

Of course, when asked why they don’t like using condoms, men say that they simply

don’t enjoy sex so much with them on — the ‘Wellington boot’
syndrome. Women, on the other hand, tend to be much more
favourably disposed towards them. This difference between the sexes
in attitude towards condoms reflects a very important consequence of
their use — by preventing sperm from entering the vagina, condoms
negate a man’s reproductive benefit from intercourse much more than

they negate a woman’s.

To understand why this difference in attitude is even more marked
during ‘casual’ sex, let us first consider the pressures on a woman
during casual sex and how these are
affected by the use of a condom.
As we have already discussed (Scene 28), a woman is normally more
cautious and selective over casual sex than a man. All the same,
having decided on a suitable time
, place and partner, she can still
gain a number of advantages from casual intercourse — as long as
she doesn’t conceive (see Scenes 18,
20, 27 and 28). For example, if
she is without a long-term partner, intercourse can help her gain a
man’s attention in her search for one. In addition, she can use the
intercourse to gauge a man’s sexual competence, potency, and to
some extent health and fertility. Casual intercourse can thus be an
avenue to protection and financial or other help from a man who she
judges might be a suitable long-term partner. If she
already has a
long-term partner, casual sex with somebody else can provide a
‘reserve’ — a man to move on to if her current relationship breaks up
(Scenes 16 and 19). None of these benefits from casual sex require
her to conceive. In fact, she
retains more options if she does not
conceive. Only when she
is specifically after a particular man’s genes
(Scenes 6 and 26),
or when she is trying to maneuver him into a long-
term partnership by becoming pregnant (Scene 18), does she benefit
from conceiving as a result of casual intercourse. Except on these
occasions, therefore, a woman gain
s from the use of a condom during
casual sex. Condoms even help to reduce one of the potential costs of

casual sex, the risk of infection”

That was pretty mindblowing, not in the fact it was novel, but the fact a published book was laying out these ‘dark truths’ that feminism conveniently wants to ignore.  Condoms/pill has completely unleashed womens hypergamy, she can pretend she is ‘loyal’ to one guy while fucking other backups, after all the only real proof of cheating is if she gets pregnant, which only happens when SHE wants it.  I have seen so many guys ruined by an ‘accidental’ kid to some girl he was just sexing when suddenly she ‘accidentally got pregnant’ because she did not take her pill.

This shit I say its just some kook, this is the real deal, real people seen and speak about the things we face, and to think ‘its all good’ is a very cavalier attitude that will get your life regulated to serfdom for some fat bitch faster than she can say ‘I thought i was safe’.

The evolution of female over-valuation

The post is going to take you way back, to when we were wandering hunter/gathers.  I believe a lot of the sexual problems we face in this day and age is because realities from our history are not allowed to exist.

Let us start with the most basic: men are stronger than women.  It is unbelievable how many women deny this, or try to make some sort of illogical fallacy of ‘well suzy is stronger than frank, therefore men are not stronger than women’.  This is a biological reality that men are stronger, we have larger frames, more muscle tone, larger lung capacity, we have typically 30% or more blood volume etc, we are designed to fight and take a beating and keep living.

Men are therefore more physical, when a dangerous job like hunting is needed, you will use your better assets to prevail, thus men will be called for this task.

Women were valuable in that they had the kids, you do not sack this resource casually, so for this reason women had value to tribes.  However, and this is a big point, do you think back then women had choice as to who they liked or wanted to be with?  I am not saying this was fair or anything, simply the way it was, the male leader would impregnate the hottest/most desirable girls.  (Which led to female hypergamy, but thats a different topic).

Therefore, there was a balance of sorts, women were valuable for this child capacity, but the  ‘choice’ lay with the males.  Also consider wandering lone wolfs, a male alone stands a much better chance than an alone female.  Thus to be exiled as a female is much more deleterious to one’s genes than a male would be.  Going along with this, men had a cusion of sorts, because they could demand things of a women, and she had to capitulate otherwise she would be left and likely die.  So there was a balance that women did not have choice, but were protected members of the tribe.

Now, because all roles the male once filled (provider, food, shelter, protection, fighter etc) are now filled by society women now do not fear using their ‘choice’ which they historically rarely had.  Women have always retained reproduction value, but it was the survival value the male had that kept it even, perhaps skewed towards the male.  Now, there is nothing on the male side, and females value naturally outweighs the men now.

Think about rejection.  We are told to just ‘suck it up’ but from a evolutionary perspective, rejection was potentially death, as it is potentially equivalent to be exiled and forced to live on your own.  My own hypothesis is that typically girls did not ever have choice and were either consenting, or just raped.  So for modern day girls to have ‘choice’ is an evolutionary abnormality.  I have talked about this before, but even the practice of giving daughters away in marriage is similar.  Do not automatically discount this as is it a sign of ethnocentrism, (and like we are really the most enlightened fucking time period of human history…)

It is no wonder guys are fucked up and girls are running the show, guys have very little marginal utility to girls, (quick aside, I once had a feminist try to deride me for using the term ‘girls’ instead of women…wtf?) whereas girls for the most part have retained their utility.

So…this leads to the prediction that holds in reality that things that would decrease female utility would be looked down upon (as sex is their primary value) : porn, prostitution, sexbots etc.

Remember, a lot of our modern day problems are because we are so fucked up and far away from our evolutionary heritage, and by looking at that you can predict where we are at today.  No male role needed = chump guys.  Females value unrivaled = females ruling guys lives.

I have said it before, I will say it again, in the event of a major crisis/collapse (which is only a matter of time with this house of cards) so called ‘feminist’ ideals will evaporate, and females will once again desire and placate to ‘strong’ men.

Badass tribal girl, yeah I'd hit that for sure

Badass tribal girl, yeah I’d hit that for sure

The cycle of female over-valuation while males are ruined

Why is it that society has no problem with girls who are often years more socially developed than males utterly rock them out of anything the girl wants, but are UTTERLY opposed to age gap relationships when the guy is older?  Why can a mid 20s or later guy not be with an 18 year old girl?

One simple answer: the co-opting of males and their ‘precious’ daughter leads to this cycle.

One of the most important lessons a male can learn in the process of understanding women, is to first get past his ego and accept this general truth:  women near your age are superior to you in social understanding and manipulation and you are likely unaware of it.

Reread that again if you dont believe or accept it.  Girls literally grow up constantly talking and gossiping, guys laugh at it but this is how girls get what the want.  I was partially woken up to this truth by the book ‘anatomy of female power’ ( which I talked about there.  Guys at their own peril dismiss girls vanity, when it is their ‘battle kit’ so to say in their quest to take men down.

So…when a guy is older simply by virtue he in the end often is more equal to the social conditioning, which of course feminists do not want as they do not want equality but ‘more equal’ treatment. Thus in even relationship where the guy and girl are same age, the girl is raping the guy – quite fine with feminists.

Think about this for a moment, our own ‘innate’ conditioning that we are ‘repulsed’ by the thought of a 30 year old guy and a 18 year old girl.  But that is simply our current society, it was very very typical for a majority of history that families gave their young daughter to the local lord.  Even barring this, it was simply understood that the dynamic was older guy / younger girl.

The problem is these days is you have these husbands and fathers who were systematically raped by their wife, and likely conditioned by their moms to subconsciously value women higher.  So he lives this emaciated life, and when he has a joyous daughter…well she is just way to valuable to let her slut around with those damn guys in her high school class.  She is different, she is unique, she is SPECIAL.  She just can’t settle with that kid who did good in math, or can’t settle with that tough skater guy…no she is HIS DAUGHTER and the only guy who ‘deserves’ her is a prince, some millionaire or some captain of industry who leads his men ruthlessly, but has a soft heart for her alone  Oh…and he better be her same age, otherwise that is just ‘creepy’.

Do you see some of the innate hypocrisy forming here?  Only the best guy is suitable for her, but he must be her age which makes it nearly impossible. Of course the age requirement ultimately wins in most cases, going back to my earlier point which than makes this guy just the next in line for feminized males who secretly advance feminism while killing their own sex.

It is a vicious cycle, as the father is emasculated from his wife, placates to the daughter, society at large disagrees with age gap relationships, and the precious daughter grows up thinking she is the Goddess and systematically beats down whatever poor chump she decides to become her wage-slave and the process is then repeated.

The irony of this?  That the precious daughter is given a free pass to slut around, because her youth and virginity are no longer valued and she is so ‘valuable’ she can find a guy at any time, often at late 20s+ when her looks and fertility are tanking.

Sakuya - touhou