Halloween insights

I generally dont head out much, I do not like typical people, and hemoraging money is not a habit of mine; but I did want to go out for the night, and man I saw a lot of small lessons/insights.

First, was stopping at my old college, a hyper liberal institution, and watch what unrolls here.  First I stop at a dorm with my friend, we are hanging in a lobby when a fat women comes by ‘are you waiting for someone?’ ‘yeah’ and she walks away.  I look around and see a lot of security cameras that were NEVER there when I was there.  Me and friend go to leave, and outside this semi-cute girls strolls up to us, and what are her first words?  A friendly hi?  Asking where a party might be?  Nope, we are treated to a big brother acolyte “are you two supposed to be here?”


“I am a RA here, and I have never seen you here before.” (Mind you when I was at college, I lived there and I did not ‘see everyone’)

“Oh we live over in the apartments”

She frowned, not amused, but left.  I was already feeling the bubble constraining around me.  So think about how utterly fucked up just this little encounter, a grl-power girl coming up to two older guys (in the dark) and instead of being anything but placating she DEMANDS to know if we should be there (it is a public area so we indeed COULD be there).  My college always pushed female>male, and it was so frustrating seeing the stuff I talk about on my blog so completely in effect here. Some small little girl with this over-inflated sense of power or control that any guy DARE infringe on her little world.

The last encounter at the school was a girl selling coffee ‘oh you guys must be here for parties, I dont recognize you’.  I saw a sign in a window “We are watching you” right below a camera.

I mean what the fuck, seriously, when i went to school there I would never presume to have known everyone there.  And that all three GIRLS who said anything to us all revolved around us not being there in their little girl world.  I realized that we likely stuck out easily because of a driving gait, holding head high, perhaps a ‘hunting’ look in our eyes compared to the belly-leading, reverse-palm-walk-style of the emaciated males around us.

What was scary, is how fast everything can take you down in the name of girl ‘safety’.  All it would take is a rent-a-cop to come up ‘do you have id?’ to suddenly police and video tape reviews about the ‘stalker’ or ‘predator’ who was after girls.  Oh my apologizes for making your life even a little uncomfortable in your fem-world.  We got out of there, and I doubt I will ever go back.

Downtown, I was reminded of my misanthropic tendency, nearly EVERY male falls into one of two catagories: 98% of passive/beta guys who hold their eyes low, following girls around etc, then the other 2% are the fake–alpha types that hold their eyes wide open and stare you down even as you turn your head to look at each other walking past and the obvivously-walking-towards-you trying to shoulder ram you to prove how ‘bad’ they are.  (Which as an aside, I have not decided the correct response on this, I mean I will lean slightly to avoid contact because the streets are crowded but maybe I should just not do it, but perhaps that would be stupid buying into their bait.)  Notice what is missing?  Any real alpha.

I was a bit shocked at how utterly slutty every single girl was, I guess we should thank the feminist movement?  Girls wrapped in only a few ribbons, every girl with her breasts propped up, one girl who was completely naked and simply painted a flesh color, tons of demons/vampires.  I was a bit reminded of ‘Blade Runner’/Androids dream of electronic sheep of this dystopia of a fucked up world where no one cares and depravity continues to mount.

I left, only hoping that a collapse was coming sooner rather than later.  There is a lot of fucking trash out there.





9 thoughts on “Halloween insights

  1. So men have come to either being a girl’s puppy dog…or a fake tough guy who hates any other men.

    Sounds about right…no wonder these lasses get away with everything.

    I often feel my best course of action is to speak as little as possible with women…I do have the right to remain silent while I go about my actions. Anything you say or do is incriminating to the Special Snowflake™.

  2. When I was living in NYC, I’d get that “I’m gonna ram you!”-look in Manhattan (never Brooklyn, of course) from time-to-time… and always from some young punk white frat boy. These little fuckers LOVE to try to bat WAAAY out of their league (I am a MASSIVE, 6’4″ white dude, if you’ll recall.), as I was generally on my way to work Security in some Upper East Side frat-bar.

    I developed the next level in response: the Stare-Through.

    If I caught the eye of someone on the street who looked like he wanted to do the douche-y shoulder ram, I’d stare DEATH directly into his eyes, while continuing my gait (which is generally pretty quick to begin with, and may be read as “aggressive”). The main difference would be that as his head would bob and weave through the oncoming crowd, my gaze would not follow him. The death glare passed into eternity, as if no human could EVER get in its way – as if he had managed to briefly pass into the path of an already fiery-red laser beam by random chance.

    If after all that, the jackass still had the balls to try that dumb shoulder shit (They never did – they’d bounce OFF me if they tried!), he’d then see the full, focused force of the glare – directly in his eyes – that would elicit an IMMEDIATE apology from him for having been so careless.

    Needless to say, my patented King Daddy’s Evil Eye has some non-child-raising, real-world applications as well. 😉

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