The scale of life

There are a lot of problems we are facing, and we proceed to sedate ourselves, denying our problems until the inevitable day of reckoning will be even worse than if we realized the truth and started living different.  We face so many problems, all with a growing scale and inevitability.

First, lets consider in your own little scope of life.  You are a male, and you want a girl.  Unfortunately you face quite the ordeal just finding a girl who is not fat.  Lets be real, fat makes girls ugly, anyone who tries to paint over this with ‘inner beauty’ or that ‘everyone is beautiful’ is delusional and feeding you total shit.  So, you try to find a non-fat girl, then you have to hope she isnt a bitch, and that perhaps you really luck out and she is nice and perhaps somehow has retained her femininity.  Studying so called ‘game’ actually helps, when you realize how animalistic girls are (just like guys) but in a different way, and to not treat them like princesses.

You face an endless, faceless, angry enemy called ‘feminism’ who corrupts everything it touches, turning lithe, nice females into angry fat bitches who demand ‘respect’.

So, we face much worse things.  Now pay attention, and try to avoid self-sedation.  Our environment is collapsing around us.  Our economy is in its final stages.  Radiation from fukushima will likely destroy the pacific, and in turn change our world to a nightmare.

Climate change is real. If you deny this, get the fuck out, seriously, this is such a documented phenomenon, check out ice cores if you actually want to learn a bit.  Regardless, our environment is dire, we are running out of clean water, our temperature is rising, weather is more extreme and erratic.

Tied to this, is the economy and oil.  Oil shale is a large sham, if you look into the data it will likely collapse within 10 years, (barring other things).  Our economy is a utterly debased currency, and the ‘quantitative easing’ only continues, this is not a US problem.  With this bad idea of a ‘global economy’ when ‘this sucka could go down’ everyone goes down.  Even if we avoid a complete catastrophic collapse, we are never going to improve, it is an endless slide into serfdom.  I feel bad for people who went to college.  I went, and it was a waste.  I should have either joined the military and served the bankers or went into trades and actually had money.  College is a utter waste.  We are doomed to the ‘average’ wage of ~14$/hr.  So for every guy making 50$, thats 10 guys making 10$ to average it out.

Fukushima is a catastrophe of our time.  No one in the media talks about it.  It is killing the pacific, you can look into animal death records, kelp records, salmon spawns with radiation poisoning etc.  It is only going to get worse, we simply can not stop it.  The pacific will die, people will die, the dying kelp etc will release methane, it will change albedo, weather will change in higher intensity.

Look into any of this for yourself.  I cant feed you the truth, I can only tell you things to look into.  We are in the final stage of civilization.  We dont see it because of normalcy bias.

Regardless, I dont want this to end as a downer.  This is ‘good game’ for us, it really is, but…and this is a big but, use it to live better.  If you are in your 20-30s, hell even 40s there is no ‘retirement’ for you.  It is over within 10 years.  Live the shit out of your life while it is still good.  Travel, ask girls out, go do risky things, LIVE LIFE.  We are on a very short time frame here for hellish conditions.  Enjoy your family, enjoy your friends.

This really should be a wake up call for a second lease on life.  Kind of like what I imagine finding out you have a few years to live from cancer.  Get out there and live baby.  Live that shit up, have fun, be happy.  Time is counting, you do not want to regret things you should have done.  Good luck out there, lets live together in the best damn way we can.


Thus Spoke Zarathustra

In case you have never read this book, go do it.  It has been one of the most influence books in my life, (among others are the Hagakure, Inherit the Stars, 2001, Armor) this is a major work of Nietzche, who I was actually under the wrong impression was a nihilist for a long time before reading it myself.  Our society leaves so many false impressions of books, like I mentioned once ( about ‘The Republic’ being anything other than a fascist, genetically engineered doctrine not unlike Nazi Germany while also espouses MGTOW mentalities.

Anyway the purpose of this post is to have some of the best quotes of the book, which in general is about a superior man taking his place in the world apologetically.


Weariness, which seeketh to get to the ultimate with one leap, with

a death-leap; a poor ignorant weariness, unwilling even to will any

longer: that created all Gods and backworlds.

Believe me, my brethren! It was the body which despaired of the body–it

groped with the fingers of the infatuated spirit at the ultimate walls.


Of all that is written, I love only what a person hath written with his

blood. Write with blood, and thou wilt find that blood is spirit.


But by my love and hope I conjure thee: cast not away the hero in thy

soul! Maintain holy thy highest hope!


A state, is called the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly lieth

it also; and this lie creepeth from its mouth: “I, the state, am the

people.”  …The state, where the slow suicide of all is called ‘life’.


Concerning woman, one should only talk unto men.


Man shall be trained for war, and woman for the recreation of the

warrior: all else is folly.


The happiness of man is, “I will.” The happiness of woman is, “He will.”


One should hold fast one’s heart; for when one letteth it go, how

quickly doth one’s head run away!


For men are NOT equal: so speaketh justice. And what I will, THEY may

not will!


And I saw a great sadness come over mankind.  The best turned weary of their works.


Companions did the creating one once seek, and children of HIS hope: and

lo, it turned out that he could not find them, except he himself should

first create them.


Of man there is little here: therefore do their women masculinise

themselves. For only he who is man enough, will–SAVE THE WOMAN in



Life is a well of delight, but to him in whom the ruined stomach

speaketh, the father of affliction, all fountains are poisoned.

To discern: that is DELIGHT to the lion-willed! But he who hath become

weary, is himself merely “willed”; with him play all the waves.

And such is always the nature of weak men: they lose themselves on their

way. And at last asketh their weariness: “Why did we ever go on the way?

All is indifferent!”


Lastly, the very best quote in the entire book: Companions the creator seeketh, not corpses, not herds or believers either. Fellow creators the creator seeketh, those who grave new values on new tables


The will to power

Halloween insights

I generally dont head out much, I do not like typical people, and hemoraging money is not a habit of mine; but I did want to go out for the night, and man I saw a lot of small lessons/insights.

First, was stopping at my old college, a hyper liberal institution, and watch what unrolls here.  First I stop at a dorm with my friend, we are hanging in a lobby when a fat women comes by ‘are you waiting for someone?’ ‘yeah’ and she walks away.  I look around and see a lot of security cameras that were NEVER there when I was there.  Me and friend go to leave, and outside this semi-cute girls strolls up to us, and what are her first words?  A friendly hi?  Asking where a party might be?  Nope, we are treated to a big brother acolyte “are you two supposed to be here?”


“I am a RA here, and I have never seen you here before.” (Mind you when I was at college, I lived there and I did not ‘see everyone’)

“Oh we live over in the apartments”

She frowned, not amused, but left.  I was already feeling the bubble constraining around me.  So think about how utterly fucked up just this little encounter, a grl-power girl coming up to two older guys (in the dark) and instead of being anything but placating she DEMANDS to know if we should be there (it is a public area so we indeed COULD be there).  My college always pushed female>male, and it was so frustrating seeing the stuff I talk about on my blog so completely in effect here. Some small little girl with this over-inflated sense of power or control that any guy DARE infringe on her little world.

The last encounter at the school was a girl selling coffee ‘oh you guys must be here for parties, I dont recognize you’.  I saw a sign in a window “We are watching you” right below a camera.

I mean what the fuck, seriously, when i went to school there I would never presume to have known everyone there.  And that all three GIRLS who said anything to us all revolved around us not being there in their little girl world.  I realized that we likely stuck out easily because of a driving gait, holding head high, perhaps a ‘hunting’ look in our eyes compared to the belly-leading, reverse-palm-walk-style of the emaciated males around us.

What was scary, is how fast everything can take you down in the name of girl ‘safety’.  All it would take is a rent-a-cop to come up ‘do you have id?’ to suddenly police and video tape reviews about the ‘stalker’ or ‘predator’ who was after girls.  Oh my apologizes for making your life even a little uncomfortable in your fem-world.  We got out of there, and I doubt I will ever go back.

Downtown, I was reminded of my misanthropic tendency, nearly EVERY male falls into one of two catagories: 98% of passive/beta guys who hold their eyes low, following girls around etc, then the other 2% are the fake–alpha types that hold their eyes wide open and stare you down even as you turn your head to look at each other walking past and the obvivously-walking-towards-you trying to shoulder ram you to prove how ‘bad’ they are.  (Which as an aside, I have not decided the correct response on this, I mean I will lean slightly to avoid contact because the streets are crowded but maybe I should just not do it, but perhaps that would be stupid buying into their bait.)  Notice what is missing?  Any real alpha.

I was a bit shocked at how utterly slutty every single girl was, I guess we should thank the feminist movement?  Girls wrapped in only a few ribbons, every girl with her breasts propped up, one girl who was completely naked and simply painted a flesh color, tons of demons/vampires.  I was a bit reminded of ‘Blade Runner’/Androids dream of electronic sheep of this dystopia of a fucked up world where no one cares and depravity continues to mount.

I left, only hoping that a collapse was coming sooner rather than later.  There is a lot of fucking trash out there.