Women Peacock

As an aside, wordpress has been fucked up lately and I could not log on for a while, also I got an update that wordpress was starting to advertise on my posts, I have no idea what you might be seeing, and it it out of my control.

I recently posed a question as to why in most animals it is the male who ‘peacocks’ and not the female, but in our race both do. (http://wp.me/p2YaVQ-eo)

A very brief biological primer is that since males are disposable and should be ‘lucky’ to get a female pregnant they have to do everything to stand out, and there is no pressure for the girl to really do anything but the bare minimum of staying alive.

First, consider the last sentence there, is this not what we are seeing in very large numbers in America, namely girls doing the MINIMUM of staying ‘fit’, meaning being fat fucks that wobble between one computer and hamburger shack to another?  Because by and far selective pressure on a majority of women has DISAPPEARED in modern society, you do not have to be strong, fast, smart, healthy,even hot.  I blame feminism for a lot of the social reasons (obvious there are things like high fructose corn syrup messing up diets, but that is beyond this post).

So we have feminism telling girls that ‘beauty is on the inside’ and guys to ‘man up’ and take those used goods and ugly fat women.  That a ‘real man’ would pick a girl by her personality, not her scale-tipping weight.

Now here is what is interesting, I think the human genome must have a very rapid ability to adapt to changing social pressures.  Because throughout history, even recently what we would call ‘ugly’ was common.  Consider the wild west, most of the women calling them homely would be a compliment.  But, this was because men had to take what they could get out there, thus no pressure on girls.

I have been talking about ugly girls, but the point of this post is why are there hot girls at all?  The reason is because at times there have been very large selective pressures on females.  Don’t cry them a river, its because it is due to mass male die offs -ie war.

Generally where are the hottest girls thought to reside?  Most people will say Europe, dont give me that ‘cultural relativism’ shit either.  The hottest girls generally come from east europe.  Period.  Now…what has recently happened in the last 100-150 years?  Well…a lot of men killing each other.  When I say east europe, I am talking most of the balkan states, poland, ukraine etc.  In the east europe zone we got things kicking with wars such as the crimean war, WW1, WW2 being major contributors.

MILLIONS of males died.  Yes women died too, but by and large it was males.  How many?  Well how about the USSR’s ‘impressive’ number of 20-24 MILLION dead?

Now what happens if we assume an even 50/50 spilt of the populace before a war, but then 80%+ of millions dead are males?  It shifts that dynamic huge.  So after a war…suddenly the girls who decided they had no pressure on them and stayed fat…were forgotten.  Those girls that had bigger breasts, nicer hips ratios…well it was now the guys who commanded the premium.  So what is any typical guy going to do?  I’ll take the best one I can!  So we see very high evidence of this female selection pressure produce some tremendously hot girls.  I think we need to keep pressure on girls more often… Anyway here is an interesting document fact of what I am talking about, namely the east europe gets married earlier while they are more fertile – meaning the girls were likely picked on looks and not much else.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hajnal_line

Today, we face an interesting bifurcation.  We have 90%+ of girls who dont give a fuck, and biologically are ‘correct’ as a lot of guys will take their bloated carcass, yet we have this emerging ‘alpha’ guys that are throwbacks to how men are supposed to be (or at least peacock like gangsters which also works), and there is a selective pressure on moderate to attractive girls for the few guys.  Nearly the same thing as post wars, more girls than guys (because most beta guys will only get used)

It will be interesting, as time goes on we will see a division of very hot girls who have been after alphas, and a majority of trash everyone else has devolved into.