Why the MGTOW movement can not be stopped – Disorganized Resistance

Disorganized resistance

Disorganized Resistance – a phenomenon where independent groups or people come to the same conclusions/actions against others.  This is my own definition. 

This is a military thing, as to their official term of it, I have no idea, but it is basically the idea that if you are conquered or under attack and there is no leader, there is still a resistance because individuals act of the own violation.  The military is a hierarchy, A commands B, who commands C, A dies, and suddenly there are problems.  In a DR model, you can kill or stop whoever, and the resistance goes on.

DR is by its nature nearly impossible to stomp out, as everyone has to be killed, because even individuals will resist.  Notice some similarities here to Iraq/Afghanistan?  We routinely take out ‘leaders’ yet the fight goes on.  It is because the people feel it in their hearts to resist, and will continue to do so.

Now…how does MGTOW fit into all this?  IT IS A DISORGANIZED RESISTANCE MODEL!

It is men (like me) coming to the conclusion that society has utterly fucked them, and that the ‘deal’ we are supposed to take is not worth it, and instead simply do not take the deal. Certain more passionate or angry ‘rebels’ will take to talking to friends, starting blogs etc…see where this is going?  There is no MGTOW leader, there are merely voices out there that others listen to, but you can’t pull a coup d-ete and end the movement.

This is the beauty of it, it is nearly unstoppable.  Consider the Japanese ‘herbivore’ movement (http://wp.me/p2YaVQ-5x) is there a lead male telling guys to stop giving ungrateful girls gifts, and instead use their money on video games and having fun?  No, but it is a HUGE social movement, that the government is trying to stop.

The MGTOW movement is a subset of the whole ‘manosphere’ which basically is a set of various cries against female behavior (in pua case, they simply manipulate it for sex, but still admit the fucked up nature of the world), and even with the rampant censoring happening (did you know facebook routinely blocks/bans anti feminist speech?  So much for a discussion…) the movement continues on.

It presses on because it cannot be stopped.  It is a rationale reaction to what is happening, so even if the average guy never learns ‘mgtow’ or finds it online, he slows understands that the deal he is presented with is pretty raw.  His fwb and part time job is fine for him etc.

The beauty is, even if ‘leaders’ are killed/taken out/banned nothing changes, new leaders pop up.  In the interest of documenting where I came from, so that some day someone might use my own info, the first mgtow-like sites were a http://www.solvemygirlproblems.com which the guy advocated living life on your own terms, but was slightly PUA, the purest and oldest MGTOW is http://theobserverwatches.blogspot.com/ as far as I can tell.  He has been gone about a month, hopefully he isnt gone.  Stoner with a boner is also been around a long time and I consider him an early predecessor. M3 was the first time I heard mgtow referenced, and got in on the scene about a year before me, he has a girl now, and hasn’t been seen since. (MRA!?)  Current blogger Lu Bu is keeping the MGTOW movement alive.

Now, say wordpress bows to eventual pressure taking down these sites…a blow but the battle is not over.  It does not matter how much they try to stop it, BECAUSE IT IS A RESULT THAT IS COME TO RATIONALLY.  Guys will continue to become MGTOW whether they know it or not, and while the girls get fatter and bitchier our disorganized ranks will continue to swell.

We cant be stopped.

36 thoughts on “Why the MGTOW movement can not be stopped – Disorganized Resistance

  1. Actually, M3 just came back yesterday with a new post. It seems he’s been dealing with some emotional crap, and got checked out for a heart problem but he’s back. I think a lot of us missed him, I know I did. 🙂

    Totally agree that DR works, but who…in your opinion…would try to take down a MGTOW leader anyway? Single taxpayers like ourselves are already “charged” more than joint filers/couples, so I’m unsure if big government would force us to marry (and I would hope that a law taxing ONLY unmarried MEN would never pass).

  2. This is one of the exciting things about mgtow. There are a lot of mgtow-voices both every voice is different and have a slightly different message because mgtowing is a very personal journey. In opposite to, for example, feminists who basically repeat each other and quote old crap all the way back to the 1970s.

    • Exactly man, and that ‘diversity’ is a strength, because feminism spouts same lies, so its easy to dismiss, but if each guy has a different story as to why its messed up, its not easy to stop.

  3. MGTOW is a herd of cats. There is not really a common goal or direction. No 2 MGTOW are moving in the same direction. The common thread is not what we are moving to as what we are moving away from. I personally fill my time with Cooking, Tailoring, Toy army men, Video games and wood working. None of these are any more or less MGTOW than any of the actives that you choose. The common thread is that none of these are dating romance or other forms of male servitude. MGTOW is not disorganized resistance as much as it is simply getting out from under oppression and no longer feeding the machine. We don’t really need to fight the system, we just need to not support it.

    • @genderneutrallanguage

      Toy army men? Do you mean you play with/collect the plastic ones, or the metal ones for games like De Bellis Antiquitatis or Flames of War? Or maybe you make 1:16 scale dioramas?

        • That’s pretty sweet. If I had time to play, I’d go with Tyranids and Skaven.

          We carry all of that in my store, but Games Workshop is starting to get replaced with Malifaux (steampunk horror) and Warmachine/Hordes, due to their most recent price increase. I personally just bought a Retribution of Scryah set for Warmachine, and am looking at a Circle Orboros starter for Hordes…though my real love will always just be painting Reaper minis. 🙂

          If you like Warhammer, I’d also suggest taking a look at Mantic Games. They’re a 4 year old company set up by former Games Workshop employees, and their boxes are MUCH cheaper, but of comparable quality. They’re awesome guys too, I see them at Gencon every year.

          • I thought you worked at a Game Stop, and they do console games.

            Reaper minis are cool, I’ve got several.

            New Games workshop stuff is prohibitively expensive. But most of their stuff has been out for decades, you can get great deals on large lots via Ebay.

          • Nope. I work at a small “mom & pop” chain, and am planning on openings store #5 in the next year and a half when I finish paying off my college loan. We carry comics, every console ever made (yes, even commodore 64s and socrates units), miniatures, RPGs, Japanese & Korean snacks, Magic, Yugioh, Pokemon, board/card games…I could go on.

            Yeah, I am in love with that new plasticized “resin” that Reaper has come out with. I got one of the giant boxes of 100 minis by doing a Kickstarter with them. Traded most of them to the store, but kept my favorites like the sculpt of the swordmaiden + beheaded dragon that is based on an Elmore sketch.

            Dear Gods, what the hell was GW thinking? Their new stuff is so frickin’ expensive, despite being cheaper to ship now. A High Elf Army used to cost $98…now it’s $125. No wonder they’re supposedly looking to sell the company.

          • Dear lord WTF. I’ve not looked at new prices in many years now. Last time I looked at the new prices the army boxes where 75$, and I considered that high. No wonder the company is looking to sell.
            I’ll keep my shopping on E-bay with used minis.

            Wish there was a store like that close to me, the closest is almost 60 miles away.

          • Sorry for that. It can be tough to not have a gaming store near you when one of your hobbies is…well, gaming. Maybe there’s a gaming club in your area that could meet at a library or someone’s home?

  4. I think the military term is asymetrical warfare. It’s a pretty broad term. Dates back to Sun Tzu. Psychological warfare is asymetrical. The internet itself can be considered an asymetrical weapon, knowledge (and potentially the control of information) being power.

    But I wouldn’t say it can’t be stopped….because the internet CAN be stopped, and the free-flow of information can be stopped. There are numerous ways to do so both directly (controlled access, or eliminating access for example) and indirectly (eliminating anonymity, for example), and I hope we don’t ever see that, but it’s far from impossible. The government giveth the internet, computers (and GPS, et al) and the government might (potentially) taketh away.

    • That’s just it though. MGTOW is not “internet”. You don’t need to know the words Men Going Their Own Way to know that marriage, divorce, relationships are a shit deal for men. Shy of rounding up all men and putting us in forced labor camps or something, it can’t be stopped.

      • It’s not “the internet” but the manosphere in general would be at a huge disadvantage without the free flow of information or access to information. Even if they took away the anonymity aspect, the free flow of information would largely collapse. Anyone with anything to lose would cease to participate. Currently, a feminist can be as loud and proud and inflammatory/misandric as she wants, it’s still PC and her career is unlikely to be effected. Not so with the manosphere at large. Anonymity has empowered people to speak their mind.

        • I agree with everything you said here Liz, completely true, the only difference is ok no more anonymity, and no more blogging, am I going to decide to start supporting sluts? Am I NOT going to tell my friends in real life what a shitty deal we currently have? No.

          It will slow down the movement, but the wheels are already rolling.

    • genderneutrallanguage is correct

      I was (and my brother way before me) were MGTOW before either of us discovered the word on the internet. We were already behaving that way, now we had a name to associate to the action. A rose would still be a rose if you called it a Violet.

      To paraphrase Rama Kandra from Matrix 3:
      No, it is a word. What matters is the connection the word implies.

      Many of us are coming to discover MGTOW only after already having been externally pushed to adopt it.

  5. Even if they somehow convinced WordPress to censor.. another medium would rise up to take the traffic.

    Just like Napster became Kazzaa became Morpheus became Limewire became eDonkey became BitTorrent became uTorrent.

    And then there’s useNet for the ultra hardcore pirate who knows how to navigate.

    Everytime they take one down, another service comes back bigger, badder, stronger.. almost like cancer.

    In other words

    • And by doing this, it only serves to increase the passion at which people revolt against it. The more feminists deny male disposability, deny false rape claims etc more men realize the score.

    • Yeah, double standards exist. Either way, a drunk off their ass person shouldn’t be sexually assaulting random strangers. Doesn’t matter what sex anyone is…Liz is right, it’s gross.

      • There isn’t enough information from that clip to come to any conclusions (outside the fact that this woman is truly disgusting). She might has been arrested for all we know (most likely due to public drunkenness). Or the kid’s mom might have beat her as*. I would have. Hell, if I’d have been there I’d have kicked her as*, or at least kicked her off of him. She’s repulsive.

        • So true, Liz. I’d have done the same…it’s quite obvious the poor guy doesn’t know what to do, but also doesn’t like what’s happening. Someone should have stepped in and helped him before the clip was halfway over.

  6. I agree, EK. They can’t stop us all… and we’ve got constitutions BUILT for war (We’re MEN, after all.), so they don’t want to do something silly like shutting down the internet to MAKE us take to the streets. Then they’d REALLY have some problems on their hands.

    Trust us, internet bitches, you WANT a MGHOW to be content ranting from behind his computer. If porn weren’t free, I’d bet most of our younger ranks would ALREADY be up in arms. It’s a fine line for the bitches – they want us to be distracted, but NOT informed. When we begin telling each other how to get out from under the oppressive collective thumb of the feminine imperative, they get worried. And rightly so.

    I picked up on something from GNL’s post about his hobbies – I think most MGTOW actually DO have similar hobbies. They generally have to do with pioneering, creation, or survival. For example, his hobbies: Cooking, Tailoring, Toy Army Men, Video Games, and Woodworking. I cook as well – because A) I’m BETTER at it than any woman I’ve ever been with, and B) it’s a survival skill. (When you start researching how to grow your own herbs, GNL, you’ll have advanced a level.) Tailoring – also a survival skill (assuming you actually MAKE clothes and don’t just ALTER them), and I do this as well. (When you also begin leatherworking, you’ll be at my level – and I’ll race you to actual blacksmithing.) Toy Army Men and Video Games have just been how boys prepared for war (as men) for DECADES now… it keeps our hand-eye coordination superior, and our logistical and tactical minds strong. (To have a safe home, you MUST know how to DEFEND it!) And woodworking (which my father also did) is just another creative outlet. (If you get to the point where you’re felling trees/building log cabins/walls, then you’ll have advanced to the next level.)

    The point I’m making, fellow MGTOW, is NEVER STOP LEARNING. There may be a day when a giant EMP wipes out all computers for good (I hope.), and there may not. The important thing is to learn as much as you fucking CAN before Google is just something we fondly remember.

  7. Wow!! This is amazing, I used to contemplate to myself and my boys, why do we put up with so much crap and unnecessary stress from women?, I mean c’mon the best sex in the world isn’t worth their bs and disrespect, but then someone would step in and tell me “that’s just how it is bro”, i tried to speak my mind but ended up feeling like an a-hole because I was def in the minority. Well I’m rooting and cheering for the herbivores all the way man, good for them!! They’re showing courage by saying the hell with societal norms and telling women hey!“deal with your own shitty attitude alone and single I’m off the market bitch!! You’ll just have to find someone else to use and manipulate. Proud new member of the brotherhood MGTOW.

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