What is MGTOW?

MGTOW- Men Going Their Own Way

I get a lot of traffic for MGTOW and am one of the few hard MGTOW proponents, so I offer a short primer to any new readers about what this is.  A few short points before I go into details.

MGTOW is a counter movement that is in response to the completely unfair and one-sided society we find ourselves in, it is a response to the entitlement of modern women, and it is a personal empowerment movement.

It is related, but different from two similar things: PUAs (pick up artists) and MRA (Men Rights Activist).

What is MGTOW not?  It is not guys who are gay (though they certainly can be), it is not guys who have never had sex/losers and rationalize their plight (many are actually quite successful), and it is certainly NOT pro-feminist.


MGTOW is typically a guy that decide either through personal experiance or that of others, that the system is stacked pretty damn hard against him, and that the ‘rewards’ soceity confers upon those that follow the protocols are rather hollow, and not worth the sacrafice needed.

It is here there is some overlap with PUA/MRA.  PUAs treat girls like shit, that is the long and short of it, and girls by and large like this ‘social mastery’, PUAs do this for one goal only: sex.  Thats fine if thats your thing, but here is where it is similar to MGTOW, most MGTOW dont really give a shit about girls either, most are self-entitled, in positions they should not have been in other than that they are female, etc.  Typically a MGTOW is not going to insult a girl in a flirting way (to have sex with her) he might just for fun, or more likely not even care she is alive.  MGTOW is not necessarily an asexual movement, the MGTOW just realizes the chase is not worth the reward.  (A few minutes of sex).  MGTOW actually can be damn successful in regard to girls: because they dont care – and thats a huge key to social competence.

On a society perspective, MGTOW is similar to MRA, MRAs are HUGE into the real inequality males face, not this bullshit about ‘wage gap’ which is utterly false.  MRA talk about things like child custody going to the women in all but the most extreme cases, they talk about things like marriage and how in a divorce (most are started by women) the man loses so much more.  The system itself is set up as a proxy alpha-male, they provide the women resources, they provide protection, and thus take away two major roles the male provides – leaving women to do what they would do in such a situation: slut around without commitment.

MRA have some pretty legitimate points, and the PUA have some good social moves, but MGTOW goes beyond both.  They realize the game is rigged against us, and we also realize the things it takes to completely dominate a girl, but we go beyond that, we live for ourselves. We decide ‘I really want to write a book’ or ‘I really want to go climb 50 mountains’ or ‘I want to see the world’.  And they go do it.  They are not enslaved (or attempt to minimize their enslavement) and do things like realize that working for 12$/hr and most of that going to daddy-government is a bad idea so rather live for themselves.

It is self-empowerment, typically they well be more well-read, more athletic, and eventually more life experience- they are not enslaved to sex like the PUA.  To ‘betas’ still plugged in, it may seem like some sort of escapist movement or something, why would ANYONE not want to go get married to their highschool sweetheart they meet 10 years later, and work themselves to death for her ungrateful ass, and what, she is cheating on you with some PUA guy she meet on a vacation?  Well, its just cause you weren’t nice enough to her, I’m sure.

MGTOW is about living life on your own terms.  It is about minimizing contact with a completely broken and corrupt system, and choosing this contact on your own terms.  If you do not want to deal with fat bitches who think they are goddesses, then you dont.  If you see a nice girl who is cute (a rarity!) you can go talk to her.  It is YOUR life.  Live for yourself, not chasing pussy, or tilting at windmills.  The irony of ‘pulling out’ of society in general, is if you do have interest in girls you actually will be more attractive, as you come off as the wanderer badass who doesnt have time for her shit.

Men ‘pull out’ of a girl during sex to avoid being trapped by her with a kid, MGTOW ‘pull out’ of society to avoid being trapped by it with the multitude of traps laid to ruin your life into a wage serf for women.

Billions of stars out there, dont bother getting caught up on petty life details

29 thoughts on “What is MGTOW?

  1. Interesting post…

    check out this shit:


    seems to me anything but rational…

    anyways, according to real man ™ Matt Forney, MGTOW’s are basement dwelling virgins. Haha. I wish I had a basement, basement’s are great places to make music.

    I’d say that when “alpha” tough guy Paul Elam crapped all over Stardusk, to me that was the split where MGTOW is incompatible with MRA.

    also cracks me up when people compare MGTOW to lesbian separatism… I ain’t looking to hang out with man-0-sperians like Chuck Crudd, Jack Don-0-van or Rooshiepoops. I guess that makes me a homophobe.

    and when are people gonna wake up and realizes that Futrelle, Schwyzer and Marcotte are bigots and bullies who only get away with their schtick by associating with a hate movement that pretends to be a “social justice movement.”

        • Hey man, so I got a good one for you, we are a lot alike so how do you deal with this:

          I think a LOT about our fucked up society, and whether to pull out (and be rationale) or to try to fix it (and thereby not be cowardly)

          • I don’t think it’s an either/or situation. But you should know this by now about me.

            I seriously think we need to 1) pull out of society, and then 2) collectively change our LOCAL societies. My personal plan is to build my own high-walled medieval castle community at some point (for which I will need millions of dollars in book sales from a book series that I’ve not yet completed).

            Either that, or I might convince the UK to sell me “Inaccessible Island” (Seriously – look that shit up.) in the Tristan da Cunha archipelago. Either way, I’m building a CASTLE, damn it.

  2. “I guess the feeling I get, is there are out there waving their flag, and they see us not really giving a fuck, and so its ‘YOU ARE EITHER WITH US OR AGAINST US LOSER MGTOWS!!!’

    I think Stardusk is preaching “biological determinism” saying that men are hrdwired a certain way. Just like the nature/nuture debate, I don’t think it’s either/or but Elam is threatened by it because it is a backhanded way of saying “activism” is useless. I don’t think activism is useless but I’m not a fan of the AVfM variety. I do think that opting out is more effective. Men and women are viewed differently in society. (oversimplified) MRA, treat men the SAME as women, stop oppressing men. MGTOW, society values me for my utility but is giving me a raw deal, I will withold my utility/guard my utility the way a women would’ve guarded her chastity in years past. Ultimately an individual man will decide for himself the best way to navigate a fucked up landscape.

  3. “I’ll be curious for his answer, but for my own: I would ‘trust’ a MRA more than a PUA (law vs pussy) but MRA also strike me as a very…not in for the long haul kind of guy. ‘one fuck from being a pua’ I think is a label that bears some accuracy. Again, I would like to be allied with MRA, but I never see any of them beyond Ryeko who comments here sometimes, and most of them feel like they are in it for themselves, despite their ‘society’ claims.”

    a PUA is probably more honest that he’s in it for the pussy…

    Look how Typhone Blue and Girl Writes What are lauded as “deep thinkers.” There are several men who are sharper thinkers and more original. Their blogs get far less hits. GWW even admitted that this was the case. Isn’t that pedastalization (sic)?

    There’s some old phrase, I’d rather trust a thief than a liar. At least I can keep my eyes on a thief.

  4. “Also, Tarnished, go check out SWAB’s link to ‘rationale’ wiki, THAT kind of biased, bigotted bullshit is what we have to deal with, in a world that decides it is impossible men suffer in any capacity, and any mans movement is a joke.”

    Feminist’s-men might have problems but they have soooooooo much privilege so they cahn’t really be hurt to bad. Yes patriarchy hurts men to but they are sooooo privileged so they should shut the fuck up.

    Traditionalist’s-WTF is male disposability. Oil rigs need to be built, wars need to be faught. Man up you pussies. My stocks are going down, quick O’Bama, bail me out and make the young guys pay for it.

    MRA’s-let’s demand government treat us exactly like womyn. Let’s all hug each other around the campfire. And if you don’t think Dean Esmay and Paul Elam are smarter than you, get the fuck out, we don’t want any independent thinking rabble rousers….

  5. Hope you have found truth and true happiness being faithful to yourself and no one else or religion (I guess just the MGTOW philosophy). One suggestion. Check all spelling before posting and think about what creates a truly happy and fulfilling existence; living for only ones self?

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