OkCupid pt3

I was trolling through okc to see if there were any hot girls on here (occasionally there are, but posing as a hot girl myself I know its nearly a impossible prey to slay, and that they are just ego whores to the max.)

So I’m wondering which of these girls is deserving…and I come across this gem:



Main pic is girl on girl action to titillate male attention?  Check

Not so subtle grrlll-power? Check

Pretending you are actually doing shit with your life? Check

Subconscious desire to have NSA sex with someone that makes her feel good? Check

I particularly like the ‘good vibes/good times’ line to me, that is so utterly blatant that it is her fall back excuse for why she did or did not have sex with the guy on the first date.  “He just didn’t make me feel good, he had weird vibes” or “we just totally connected, he had great vibes!” as his dick still sticks in her memory.

Oh, a part lower on her profile:

The first thing people notice about me:

The “big eyes” on my chest

Now, I am not sure if this is some weird reference to some anatomical feature, but it is really beside the point, basically anytime someone has to TELL you what their most obvious feature is, and it isnt something humorous it shows deep seated insecurity (but what girl doesnt have that?)  Its like a guy answering ‘my six pack’.

Btw, this girl does not have a particularly nice chest, very typical, she is lacking but still wants to believe she somehow is not.


What is next in this series? 1, 4, 10, 19, 31, _

her- 36


I dont expect you to be a math genius, but to get a question like this so obviously wrong is not good for long term prospective.  OK, you dont get that its +3 more every time, fine, but to think the increase is LESS than the prior step shows an inability to grasp simple patterns around you.

I always like looking at the ‘sex’ tab of questions, idk if girls are just stupid, but the stuff they put on here is insane, its typical to find a girl admitting bisexual hookups, 3 ways, into bdsm, etc while in her profile says she is a ‘private’ person.

Tattoos on a woman’s lower back are…



Remember, my profile was meant to be pretty whorish, that being said, girls with back tattooes are whores, plain and simple.  It is not you being creative or individual etc.  Your fellow girls may be deceived, most guys are not.

Divide your age by 2. Have you had sex with at least that many people?

her Yes

me Yes

See the stuff people admit?  Sure they could lie, but most would lie in the opposite direction.  This girl is 23 by the way.


Could you have respect for someone after having sex with them on the first meeting/date?

her Maybe, depending upon the circumstances.

Maybe, if the vibes were good

Say you’ve started seeing someone you really like. As far as you’re concerned, how long will it take before you have sex?

her 3-5 dates

This one is interesting, clearly we know she is down with ONS, but this answer suggests she is starting to subconsciously see the writing on the wall about her own Wall future.  She has to slow down to find a ‘nice guy’, and nice guys get sex after multiple dates, never anytime soon.  This answer inadvertedly shows a lot of what manosphere has been saying about alpha/beta dynamics, and how women will ride cock late teens and early 20s and start slowing down to find a provider.

You’re in a new relationship and your partner admits that they have had 14 sexual partners. Does that sound like a lot to you?

her I guess, but It doesn’t change how I feel.

Ahh, hypocrisy in action, she has at least 12 herself (unless she does not know how to divide 23 by 2. and came out with the answer of ‘1’) A show on the other foot…and this feminist seems to not like it when the guy did what she has done.

Btw, I am literally seeing these for the first time, going through her profile and seeing this.

Do you enjoy meaningless sex?

her- No I used to but it’s exactly how it sounds. Meaningless sooner or later and I get bored.

nearing-the-Wall…how brutal

Would you consider sleeping with someone on the first date?

her No

It is inconsistencies like this that make me think the average girl is completely incapable of logic. (yes we know they are driven by emotion, but do they not possess ANY logic?)  How can she say on one hand if the vibes are right, or that she might still respect someone if had sex on the first date (she lost control undoubtedly!) to then later say ‘no’ to first date sex?

What this is, is pretty easy emotional psychology going on here.  Its like asking someone ‘are you a slut?’ slut has such bad feelings about it, so ‘no!’ they arent a slut. ‘Will you have sex the first date?’ well, that would be slutty, and I am not a slut so ‘no!’.    But then rephrase the question ‘you had a great nice with a fun guy last night, and it ended intimately, would you still respect the guy?’ Notice what I did there, the same fact still happened: sex on first date, but suddenly that is not the focus, the focus in on the great time and the OTHER GUY, certainly we know this girl (and most) would say yes to this situation.  Because ‘its different’.  Right.

This is the same kind of emotional-‘logic’ that leads to false rapes, it was great if they like the guy, it was rape if they have regret in the morning.  Pay attention males, female hypocrisy is everywhere if you merely look, and this hypocrisy can fuck up your life if you misstep.

10 thoughts on “OkCupid pt3

  1. Nice. The mustache in particular is side-splittingly humorous. And the math would indicate she is retarded.

    I’d be extremely depressed if I were a straight, young male in the year 2013.

  2. Agree with Liz that the whole “unable to find basic mathematical patterns” does not bode well. Also, how can someone have THAT many inconsistencies in a single place? Does not compute! It’s as though 2 or 3 people filled out her profile…and did it as a joke to boot.

    That said, I’ve never even been on an online dating site. I’m now kinda tempted to make a fake profile, just to see what the questions are. 🙂

  3. Actually the middle pic is telling you the level of social dominance required to get in her pants

    Ask her what she does, & neg all the activities on her job, not her

    Or find out what she did on holiday & neg all the activities on the holiday

    This is the key, dont neg her, neg her environment, do this for about 30 minutes neg her job activities, or her holiday activities, or her friends & you display massive social dominance

    Negging a chick is tricky, negging her environment is hundreds of times more effective, ask her what she does, or what she did for her holidays, birthdays etc., & neg all the activities you can think of

    Women exist in social networks, & use social displays of extended dominance as social cues to get turned on

    Do this continously & women get intensely turned on, as they’re not used to men displaying social dominance for extended periods of time

    You should also use what I call billionaire game, tell them you continously fly helicopters & go on yachts & live in penthouses, the point is to trigger her hypergamy & generate huge amounts of social dominance

    Triggering a womans hypergamy is key to getting a chick fall for you hard …

    If you trigger a womans hypergamy correctly, you can turn a mediocre chick into a hot piece of ass, as she’ll dress & groom herself hundred times better, as you’ve triggered her hypergamy

    • How would negging everything about her environment or activities “display social dominance”? I’d think that at the end of a date where Joe just spent the entire time talking badly about Sally’s vacation and job, Sally would just walk away with the knowledge that they are obviously not compatible due to the whole *no shared interests whatsoever*. If your conversation with a woman is based mostly on negging the job she is good at, the cooking class she’s taking at night, and the vacation where she had a lot of fun…how exactly is that going to make her feel like you’d be fun/pleasant to be around?

      And what happens when she finds out you’re not a billionaire with a helicopter…you’re actually a busboy, or a Walmart cashier, or a limo driver, or a regular pencil pusher at a big corporation? Do you really think she’ll be happy to know that you spent your initial dates spewing bald face lies? I’d rather go out with a garbage truck driver who is honest about his job…not some guy who needs a money based fantasy to give himself confidence.

      • This is the illogic women live with. You should see how much girls are like ‘this as the one asshole, he said my butt was big!’ but you know what? She is STILL thinking about that guy days later, not the nice guy who bought her a drink.

        • Interesting. I wonder if this has a different motivation, or if it can be extrapolated to the mentality people have about reviews in general?

          Aka: How you always see 1 good review for every 10 bad ones on Yelp.com. People always seem to remember when they’re NOT happy, and forget the times that they ARE.

  4. Basically women today are hypersexual

    By displaying massive amounts of social dominance, you’re training her how to get turned on in a normative state

    Instead of being turned on by hot guys, you’re retraining her to feel sexual in a normal conversation, this is a totally alien experience for a chick & usually activates a chick to want to fuck pretty quickly

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