Live for yourself (MGTOW)…dont be a PUA

A scene of a mgtow, a pua would never

One thing I want to include off the bat, is it is interesting that a lot of the noveau-pua do not even call themselves pua, and pretend they are something different, I am talking about nearly every pickup blog that are proclaimed MGTOWs, heartitse and his ilk.  Do they have great information that will help you get women?  Without a doubt…but that is all it really is, something to feed an endless sexual addiction.

What is also interesting is that there is a VERY large hatred for MGTOW guys in this blogsphere, and if you think about it this hatred likely stems from subconscious inklings they either know we are right, or feel guilty they are not as discplined.  Consider this as evidence:  for all intents they SHOULD NOT CARE WE ARE ALIVE after all we both agree women are conniving bitches, that ‘confidence’ will get you laid, to not act like a chump, to not grovel, so in this regard we agree.  Further, a lot of MGTOWs either completely pull out of the dating market, or partial pull out (the pull out method!) and for this reason alone the pua type should have no hatred because we are not even in competition with them!

Ahh…but wait…are we in competition?  Think about this carefully, and the hatred for mgtow out of them all starts to make sense.  For ‘not caring about women’ don’t puas – and remember I am talking about both old pua and the new pua that are the same general idea just dont call themselves that- dont these puas spend a LOT OF FUCKING TIME doing things to impress these girls they routinely shit on?  They talk about ‘maximizing dominance’ and ‘raising testosterone’ and developing a ‘social style’ for what?  Just to have some girls to fuck!  They are slaves to the very thing they hate, and they can not see their own hypocrisy, they are as bad as the women they routinely bash.

Here is a way we are in competition, imagine a job setting, you have a real pua and a real mgtow, they each possess at least some level of social competence.  The pua is going to be coming with style, and flirting etc…because he is a slave to his own sexual desire and is not even honest with himself.  He combs his hair for ‘social dominance’ not linking it to just hoping some girl will take his dick.  The mgtow is not, he does not give a shit.  He does not GIVE A FUCK if that dumb whore at his work even notices him.  Why?  Because he lives for himself.

So at the office the girl is going to be getting lines from the pua like ‘you have a good face for bangs’ and the mgtow is not going to say anything. But you know what, there is beyond a 0% chance this girl becomes intrigued, why isn’t this guy like all the rest?  She may even try flirting with him, and he will merely look at her with a ‘wtf are you doing?’ face and go back to whatever.  Now the weekend is coming. pua: ‘I can tell by your athletic breasts you stay busy during the weekend, how about you come with me to john’s bar?’ Now, here I fully grant some girls will say yes.  But some wont, some might go ask the quiet guy who just doesnt seem to care she is alive ‘hey, me and some friends are going out, do you want to come?’ mgtow ‘no (for added style he could just end it here) I am writing/rock climbing/ riding/ etc this weekend, bye.’

Because here is the irony…pua claim and claim ‘dont give a shit about the girl’ so they act like it…but they dont believe it.  They can de-humanize the girl as much as they want into a walking pussy..but they like that pussy, so they need the girl.  They are merely pretending they dont like her, because at its root they like at least one part of her.  The MGTOW truly does not care, he does not have to ‘tell’ her this through negs or anything either.  He doesnt need her for intellectual stimulation, and does not need her pussy, therefore she is useless to him, a true uselessness unlike the pua ‘claimed’ uselessness.

Who is the more ‘real’ person here, the guy claiming he is learning social dominance and hoops through all these hoops JUST TO GET A FUCK, or the guy who does not try to impress anyone and lives the life he wants?  The guy more interested in having a build physique so he can attract girls or the guy who trains so he has strength for his own pursuits?  The guy who reads ‘how to fuck a women in 1 hour’ pretending sex is not really his only measure of success, or the guy reading history or philosophy to see where we have come from?

I have heard the claim (most often leveled at men right activists – MRA) that ‘mgtow are just one girl/one blowjob/one sex away from being a pua’  I think this claim has some validity actually, but only for those guys that are not really mgtow, that they fell into the movement for the wrong reasons.

The few times I used my new found pua skillz to go hook up with girls it was…painfully easy, but you know what?  I literally felt worse.  I remember one girl who I had sex with for 4 hours, and man could she suck a mean one, after I left I was outside looking up at the sky and thinking ‘what the fuck am I doing with my life?’  A lot of people live lives of quiet desperation, and often this never surfaces beyond subtle cues in the brain, mainly because it is drugged into submission through drinking, sex etc.  I am going to say it bluntly, in about 99% of times ‘social drinking’ is merely a fucked up social convention to universally hide everyone’s collective pain of misled lives.

Our lives are transient, so we want to convince ourselves there was some point or something mattered, it is so pitiful that a notch count is what guys go for – all the while claiming ‘its not what I really want’.  Pitiful, but pathetic.

In retrospect it is obvious why puas would hate mgtow so much.  MGTOW represent something the pua can never become – a real man.  Someone that lives for his own purpose, not a purpose ultimately tied to fucking a girl.

14 thoughts on “Live for yourself (MGTOW)…dont be a PUA

  1. I know I’m a woman, and you probably don’t give a rats ass what I have to say, but it’s sad to me when anyone limits the way they live based on something they either love or hate. PUAs seem like slaves to me because as you said, they are driven by their libido even though they have no respect for women. Mgtow, to me, are also slaves in their own way, only they are going in the opposite direction. Even though they would deny this entirely, they are still only “gtow” because of women. They wouldn’t otherwise be limiting their lives if they weren’t trying to avoid being affected by women. They are affected, just not in any way they can see.

    • Hi, dont misunderstand mgtow anger, generally we are a live and let live type, but simply practice avoidance because of how typical interactions go.

      It is not avoiding women, it is doing your life without them being a part of it. They CAN be a part, but only in specific circumstances, namely same interests, a true connection etc.

      Lastly, I think the connection you give is a bit weak, were ’caused by women’? Sure, but its like consider a hot stove, a pua touches it gets burned, but ‘it felt so good’ so continues this cycle of pain and pleasure, whereas the mgtow gets burned once, and moves on. The stove caused him to ‘move on’ so to say, but would you say that person is living their life ONLY because the stove burned them? Not really, they learned their lesson and moved on.

    • Hi Ashley. I have tried the family thing in the past, but I’m a MGTOW now. The way I see it is that I haven’t limited my options. I just have different options as a mgtow. For example, instead of investing in a bigger car and a bigger house etc for the wife and kids, I can travel and experience the world. As a mgtow I got more free time to explore hobbies and interests and less stress in my life. I think my options as a mgtow is pretty good and not at all limited. We are all affected by other people, men and women. I don’t hate women. I just don’t need a women to be happy. I have never met a women that made me happier than I am as a mgtow. If I met a women like that one day I would revaluate my lifestyle. But I’m not holding my breath waiting for that to happen.

      • Exactly man, thanks for the comments, it is not that we are completely opposed to females, its just that she would have to bring a lot to the table, because most women just are not worth it.

      • “I just don’t need a woman to be happy.”

        Hear, hear! This is what true Singlehood is about! I don’t need a man (or woman) to be happy, just like Marty and EK don’t need a woman to be happy. Going your own way doesn’t mean avoiding others; It means taking stock of your life and reaching the conclusion that you’ll choose option A over option B, because your life is better that way. No more, no less.

  2. If everyone lived for themselves, this world would probably be a far better place. Many opponents of the “Happily Single” lifestyle say that it is selfish, that it puts oneself before society in all matters, that it leads to (noticeable) population decrease, and leads to narcissistic behaviors.

    Poppycock, all of it. For one thing, all nuns and monks (of any religion) are happily single. Are they usually thought of as being narcissistic? Yeah, didn’t think so. There are plenty of people who, like myself, take actual pleasure in helping other humans/animals…Guess what? A lot of us are able to do the volunteer work we do *because* we are single and have more flex in our schedules. The mom or dad who has to make dinner, pick up Susie from Scouts and Billy from soccer practice, and help organize the next PTA meeting while working their normal job just doesn’t have the time to think about volunteering 5x a week. It is what it is.

    As for the whole “well, if everyone went their own way, we’d die out”. Yes, except for the fact that there are plentiful men and women who *want* to have a family. If their happiness revolves around having a spouse and children, nothing is going to stop them from doing so…especially since the government encourages it through things like tax breaks for couples. Yup, EK and I are taxed at a higher rate because we’re single. I read on MGTOW forums how they’re afraid of a actual named “Singles Tax” or “Bachelor Fine”…but it’s basically already in effect, and has been for decades. You want to pay less taxes, or get more back at the end of April? Marry and have kids.

    It’s unfair to those of us who understand that our lives are better without marriage and children, but I for one am willing to keep paying more in taxes and being looked down on for being 29 and single in exchange for the happiness I have in my life. Do what makes *you* happy…no one else will live your life for you!

  3. Another REALLY GOOD article of yours on MGTOW that I missed lately. I think you’re really “getting” what MGTOW are all about, and that’s rare from what I’ve seen in the manosphere.

    There will be a place for you in Xeresgate one day, my friend. 😉

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