Wow Jezebel feminist hypocrisy

I was linked to a typical trashy article by jezebel, and while it was forgettable, check this BLATANT hypocrisy.


Incase you cant read the text, they have two links, first story : ‘Delusional man-child has incredible list of dating requirement’ and further down they have a story ‘Roots cover of sesame street will thrill your inner child’

(Here is a link, I can’t promise the story links will be the same:

I wish I was making this shit up.

A pretty big ongoing trend among feminists is ‘man up’ or lambasting the male populace as ‘peterpan syndrome’ or ‘man-childs’ because they dont want shit to do with females.  It is typically the older feminist (read near-wall or post-wall) that suddenly are like ‘why the hell is this guy preferring xbox over ME!?‘  They decide its because he really is a kid who never grew up.

I did not read the links, and to be honest I dont have to, just look at the utter shit they spew here.  Some man-child has ‘incrdible’ requirements for dating…let me guess a ‘real man’ should just accept your fat bitchy ass as it is?

But…how the hell do they not see their hypocrisy where on the SAME FUCKING PAGE a sesame street cover is linked, promising to ‘thrill your inner child’?

I guess its okay for women to be children…but watch out if you are a guy.  Now…I wonder what would happen if one of the man-childs dating requirements was to watch the sesame street cover…


So in the effort of truth, I actually read these.  What is funny is the rage fest the article is because the guy wont date a black girl or fat girl.  Like what the fuck is wrong with girls these days that a guy CAN NOT HAVE A SIMPLE CHOICE?  They lambast him as having ‘major personality defects’ for these choices.


22 thoughts on “Wow Jezebel feminist hypocrisy

  1. LOL for a second I thought I was going to be in a position to be defending Jezebel. Yesterday I thought I heard the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse coming, I found a good post on Jezebel. That is a sign of the apocalypse isn’t it? Lion and sheep lying together or some such? Well, that wasn’t the post I linked, and like most everything else on Jezebel it’s not worth reading. Though the hypocarcy of that site really doesn’t merit pointing out at this point. Why bother posting the story of “well it’s Thursday”

  2. What are your opinions, if any, on the content of the actual article that you linked?

    I am ambivalent.
    I think a woman who submits to her husband because she wants to please him is great.
    I think a woman who submits to her husband because he’ll abuse her if she doesn’t, is terrible.

    Of course I’d rather have my toenails pulled out with pincers than watch “The Real Housewives”, so it’s all kind of academic.

      • My husband and I have a very traditional relationship, but I wouldn’t say I ‘submit’. It’s a partnership, and we both have veto privileges, but I usually ultimately defer to his judgement (if there’s a serious disagreement, we hash it out and talk it over).
        I’ve been a military wife most of our marriage, and he has been away a large part of the time…so if I were helpless to make important decisions without his judgment I’d be pretty lost and useless as a spouse.

      • Infowarrior: “You still have a long way to go.”

        I’m not sure if this was directed at me, but I’ll assume it was. We all have a “long way to go”. Life is a learning experience. But if success is a measure for…well, success (positive outcome through many years and trials of experience, overall relationship quality, et al) I have much less to learn than anyone I have ever met in either the real world or the internet one.

      • Okay, I posted this on Emma’s site also…

        I just had a conversation with my husband and now I’m feeling a bit hypocritical about what I stated before. He was going to take our sons out tubing on the boat, and I was trying to round them up so they can change and get the boat ready, but they weren’t listening to me.

        I went outside and asked him to tell them to get ready. My words: “They aren’t registering my voice, they need to hear the alpha male voice to respond, not the alpha female.” He looked at me curiously, and responded, “alpha female? There’s nothing alpha about you.” Then he roared for them to get ready and they scrambled, and I asked him, “how so?” and he said I like to be told what to do, and I’m very girlie and submissive and this permiates everything about my personality and our relationship. And then I said, “but I can do things just fine on my own and make big decisions, you’re not always here”. And he said, “Yes, but you’re not happy then, it seems unnatural to you.” I had to admit he was right.

      • EK, I hope to hear more of your thoughts on this when I do my “What Does it Mean to be Submissive” post. Haven’t had as many readers doing my poll as I thought there’d be…right now, the “Submissive” post is tied with the “Virgin Shaming” post!

    • @Sasha

      “I think a woman who submits to her husband because he’ll abuse her if she doesn’t, is terrible.”

      That is why you have a father to vet for you. Having your father evaluate potential mates will ensure a greater degree of protection.

      • @infowarrior

        Unless you don’t have a father/stepfather who gives a damn about you…Which is why women in general need to be taught responsibility for their decisions, as well as how to use sound reasoning to make good ones they can live with.

    • @Sasha

      Exactly. In one case, they have a happy relationship, probably similar to what Liz and her husband have.
      In the other case, the man is using the threat of violence or temper tantrums to force others (in this instance, his wife) to do what HE wants. Two totally different situations!

      Oh, and agreed with your “blah” response to Real Housewives…even if I had TV, I wouldn’t watch that crap.

    • @Sasha

      Exactly. In one case, they have a happy relationship, probably similar to what Liz and her husband have. In the other case, the man is using the threat of violence or temper tantrums to force others (in this instance, his wife) to do what HE wants. Two totally different situations!

      Oh, and agreed with your “blah” response to Real Housewives… even if I had TV, I wouldn’t watch that crap.

  3. @EK

    The scary thing is, you don’t just hear this from Fems anymore…it’s from the Uber Traditionals now too. The media is awash with articles talking about Peter Pan Syndrome: men who just won’t grow up (the way society wants them too). “Man up and get married” seems to be the phrase of the day. It’s truly sickening, in my opinion.

    My parents are getting into it, too. I’ve had my mother, father, and stepmother all ask me this month when I’m finally going to settle down and “give them” grandchildren.
    Um, never? I don’t want that for my life…and as I’m the one who has to deal with the consequences of my actions, I choose to remain “a child”.

  4. Well Liz, I think you just unwittingly proved everything I have been saying about sex dynamics. I would like to see what Sophia would say, probably something like ‘Good for her but doesnt work for me’. Just think, all this happiness could be yours Sophia.

    • @EK

      Lol. I’ll see your “Just think, all this happiness could be yours” and raise you a “But I’m already happy as I am”. 😀

      Though I *will* congratulate Liz for finding a spouse who compliments her personality so well! 🙂

        • Umm, sorry but the whole pot of what? I’m making a pot of corn chowder as we speak, but I don’t think that’s what you mean…

          Joking a little, of course, but I’m still needing more clarification. 😦

          • I was referring to the poer metaphor you were going with. You could win the whole pot of ‘happiness’ by getting some male leadership in your life.

            Damn, nice old reference, that was one of my first posts ever.

          • Alright, I’ll take the bait. 😀

            Given that I tend to reject my own femininity since it feels so wrong, how would I benefit from having “another” male give me “leadership”? Besides, I have an extremely awesome FwB relationship that lets me stay single and financially independent while still having safe sex and a friend to spoil with gifts and dinners.

            Or let’s flip it: What if I said that YOU could “win the whole pot of happiness by getting some female companionship in your life.” Wouldn’t that make you a little miffed, given that you have a perfectly spectacular life being on your own as it is?

            I don’t know…telling someone they’d be happier if only they had X in their life just seems like a socially acceptable way of using peer pressure to get someone to “keep up with the Jonses”. 😛

            And yeah,

    • Lol! I wouldn’t say “unwittingly”…I was upfront enough to at least admit it.

      Strange how differently one can view oneself compared to how others (who know you better than you know yourself) view you.

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