The female mind’s physical and mental disconnect

Where dreams and reality dont match up

A very disturbing pattern exists among women, guys are generally unaware of it, and girls are likely unaware of it or if they loosely grasp it they rationalize it away.  The behavior I am talking about is something not easily labeled, but essentially it is this: the inability to realize fantasy vs reality and one guy vs another in her mind.

I have made the mistake a few times in my life, and talking to some of my friends realize they have done it themselves.  The general pattern is as follows: there is some girl that is not in close proximity to you (think Long distance relationship, but doesnt even have to be that far)and you are fufilling her emotional need, not ‘friendzone’ but something even a little beyond or much further beyond.  It has to deal with sexual tension, this is a girl who you have either had sex with, or it is quite clear it could go down.

What happens can be as simple as sexting, or subtle sexual flirts, anything that gets both you and her going, but for this post the fact is her.  She does not need to ‘get off’ or really get anywhere close as long as she is at least a little excited, or legitmately is at all into the conversation.

What happens next my friends will chill the most hardened of souls:  you have put all this work into talking about sexual things, sexting, telling her what you are going to do when you meet etc…and she has sex with some random guy.

“Oh EK!!!” “But I’m Steve…” “Whoops…~”


Yes my friends, what you have just inadvertedly done was get her ready to have sex, and because you weren’t there to lock it down, she had to get it out with someone else.

Essentially you did the emotional foreplay for her, and being weak-willed like she is she had to take care of things.  Now, do not get confused I am not saying you sext her, she fucks a guy that night, this is a slow burn thing.  Weeks or more typically.

Guys see and think about their goal, it is consistent.  “Susie turns me on, therefore I want to have sex with Susie.”

Girls are similar but notice the important difference: “Bill turns me on, therefore I want to have sex”  NOT sex with Bill.

Sure if he is there he is preferred, but she already has part ‘done’ with so now all that is necessary is to have a physical release.  I am sure my girl readers may deny this shit out of this, but if you do its really your own delusion.

I used to think LDR could actually work, I find them utterly and completely ridiculous and directly counter to any goal a man would have.  Unless this is a ‘ride or die bitch’ (I recently learned that term, pretty badass actually – basically a girl who is there for you no matter how desperate your situation. aka like .1% of girls) and you have a long history together.  Because ANYTHING else, and any sweet talk you do to her is only going to get her on some other guy.

It is pretty basic psychological transference that is going on here.  It nothing that complicated really, but it is something very few think about.  Often all this ’emotional work’ you put in once the girl does some other guy, she transfers all YOUR work onto him, you likely wont see her again, or in a diminished capacity, and lo and behold suddenly she has a new boyfriend she is surprisingly serious with.


“I am going to bend you over the table and fuck you so hard.” -EK to hot girl

Some time later: “I have a weird request for you Billy, I know we just met, but will you fuck me over a table?” hot girl to random guy


Not as unlikely as you may think.  In fact… it is reality.

7 thoughts on “The female mind’s physical and mental disconnect

  1. Very interesting, and a bit scary. Transference of emotions is a dangerous thing, and should not be taken lightly. Episodes like this are how people end up being racist/sexist/etc…they see ONE person act badly, and transfer their justifiable anger to someone completely unrelated to the initial perpetrator.

    Transference of something like love/desire is equally irrational. If it’s Person A who gives you good feelings, and who you wish to give good feelings back to in return…why on earth would you say “screw it” and give them to Person B instead? It must truly be a strange mental feat to do such a thing! I was unaware it was even really possible.

    If I see someone/watch something that turns me on and my FwB isn’t available, I just take care of myself. It’s not worth it, to give such a sacred part of myself away to someone I don’t know, not to mention the danger of getting pregnant or risking an STD!

  2. it looks like you are talking about the fungability of penis…

    ironically, many of the feminasties ideas of “objectification” revolve around the idea of the fungability of vagina. IE porn is objectifying because a guy is wanking to attractive women and not focused on an individual woman, it’s like he could swap out images of women the way someone swaps out parts on the computer and just cares about the whole system working and not the individual parts. (He cares about his selfish orgasm.) He is objectifying and dehumanizing these women by not seeing them as autonomous individuals with hopes and dreams.

  3. Are you tracking this? If a man over time sexts 25 women and only one did this, that would be an outlier. Even if it happened to all your friends one time out of their 25 times, still outlier. You say the shit I have been screaming how feminists such as myself are destroying men and manhood (we are, or were in my case) so I cheer, then you post about some crap that happened one time at band camp and plaster that behavior to all womankind. Like those women who whine and cry that “all men are assholes” without recognizing they are responsible for CHOOSING said assholes and that all men are not assholes. Stop sexting random bitches expecting quality results. A quality woman responds to quality behavior.

    But thanks to feminism, the quality of both sexes has suffered greatly.

    It has nothing to do with fantasy -v- reality, I has everything to do with attracting a woman who values immediate gratification over respect and the possibility of a relationship and your beta behavior. Sexting without taking it to the FUCK ME level is beta behavior. God I *hate* Beta men. I used to train them to be that way. UGH.

    Maybe she would have fucked you if you quit hiding behind a goddamn phone. You say long distance situation. Might the distance be the problem?

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