Men are inherent givers, women are inherrent consumers


Start with the most basic of the continuation of life: sex… and how the very act of sex is the man giving vital fluids to the women who takes them into her body.  Even at this most basic level of life men are the givers, and women are the consumers, expanded at large we can see the how this effects society.

Before the rise of feminism this was more or less inherenntly understand and accepted, the males for the most part worked their ass for the women staying at home, he gave her resources, and she readily consumed them.  Maybe if he was lucky he got a kid of out it without losing his mind.

Now are things much different?  A bit, only worse.  As I have stated in the past about the only good thing modern girls could potentially be worth is to give you genetic heritage, but to them that is ‘slavery’ so they are not even giving you that.  So in a lot of regards girls give you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Companionship?  Please.  Tell that to the legion of guys whose wife, girl friend, ‘best friend’ left him for some other guy.  Tell that to them every time they fill out support checks to their once ‘beloved’ companions.

Most guys do not have A CLUE as to how utterly manipulative, deceitful and totally selfish women are unless they have been personally burned.  They can not fathom that this like smiling girl next to him will stab a knife through his heart, or push him off a cliff ( GUYS JUST DONT FUCKING GET IT!  They give and give, how could this girl not like him, or esp. how could she ever turn on him?  They do all the time.  Consider yourself warned.

Modern ‘liberated’ feminists are generally most easily described as sluts. I know some of the biggest sluts I knew tried to fill the hole in their heart by filling the hole in their body.  Let me be further blunt, I think girls that have a lot of sex are inherently deranged or at the very least missing something very substantial from their lives and are trying to cover up this shortcoming through sex.

I would like to end with a point very few people consider: that after sex men are literally drained, I mean that in both a physical and a energy-level way.  Women on the other hand are not, they are energized.  Perhaps you have never thought it of it this, but it does not take too many dots to connect why this may be the case, men are giving up energy and women are taking it.  It is a overused joke about men wanting to go to sleep after sex, but it is really any wonder after you just donated some life energy to a girl, likely some ungrateful slut who will likely leave you soon or once she finds a better ‘giver’?

Here is the ulitmate irony, girls are the receivers, that want that cock endlessly and the resources ever flowing in, but as a testament to their inherent illogical emotions, the LESS you give them the more they want you.  The guys who buy her tons of shit, they guys flooding with attention…she doesnt want them.  Oh she will take the chocolates all day, but she doesnt want your generous ass.  No, she wants that guy that ‘Im not buying you shit’ or perhaps you have advanced far enough where she is trying to have sex with you ‘I am not interested tonight’ man, this is like crack cocanine to these girls.  They are WIRED for consumption and resources coming in, so when a guy DENIES giving?  That my friends, is the way to a girls ‘hole’ if you are so inclinded.


As an aside, there was a commercial for some car buying site, it was a black women, and it said ‘dont be unprepared at a car dealership again’ to which the black women proclaimed ‘I dont need a dude!’ now that she has this site.  One more ‘use’ males have that are now gone…

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  1. ” Even at this most basic level of life men are the givers, and women are the consumers,”

    No, a man gives a few minutes of his time and a tiny fraction of his sperm, woman gives 9 months of her finite life and more to care for his child (and her reputation. All biologically speaking ). Woman is sexual giver. Always 😀 Men who tell you otherwise are projecting

    ” I think girls that have a lot of sex are inherently deranged or at the very least missing something very substantial from their lives and are trying to cover up this shortcoming through sex.”

    You mean lots of dicks, right?

  2. First, let me just get the car thing out of the way and say that it’s not such a bad thing for women (or non mechanically inclined men) to not get taken advantage of at the dealership. I always thought the idea of “needing a man” to simply get a better deal/true information about a purchase *that they are putting no money into themselves* was strange. It would be like asking a waiter about what’s in the Soup of the Day only to have him immediately turn around and give your answer to the next table over. Sites that allow everyone an even footing on an expensive purchase with prior history is a very good thing!

    Ok, now that *that* is out of the way…

    My FwB doesn’t usually get tired after sex. In fact, the only times it does is when we share each others bodies after a long/tiring day…but then, I also just want to roll over too. We both agree that after either sex or personal masturbation ones body feels more active, more alive, and you’re ready to take on the world. It’s like; Rawr! Yeah! Go sexy funtimes for the win! I’m gonna go learn to hang glide now, then build a tree fort! (Also, studies show that both men AND women produce more testosterone after having sex, and to a lesser degree after “double clicking” themselves. So you don’t have to worry about losing any liquid masculinity…your body is just going to be motivated to make even more.) 🙂

    • Actually Sophia I am going to have to correct you. Maybe your guy is one of the rare ones, I would argue he liekly doesnt realize he is physically tired and is running on a mental high; but across the board it is scientifically proven that while there is a very short term testosterone spike, it actually drops over the next few days.

      Further, there is some complex chemistry involved, but essentially sex does two major things: it raises prolactin levels huge, and releases DHT. DHT causes hair loss among other things. Prolactin directly lowers testosterone levels.

      Meaning…the more sex a guy has, the lower his testorone levels, and the likelihood of hair loss increases. Remember, historically, men very rarely had sex across the tundra or jungles, this strange time period of easy sex is not biologically normal.

      • My professor of human sexuality in college said that the theory was that male and female testosterone runs high right before and right after sex to increase their libido…then it’ll drop off after a few days because other hormones activate that make the man/woman more “parental”. After all, once you’ve secured a mate you don’t need to have quite so much drive to find another one. This makes sense, given that we most likely lived in small, close knit groups in our distant past…much like our closest relatives, the bonobos.

        And no, my FwB says he is not physically tired the majority of time. *I’m* going to have to correct *you* on this, as he is 41 years old and should, by all rights, know his own body by now. I would like to postulate that because I take a more…active…role in our sex, that he isn’t made tired as much as other men (who have less enthusiastic partners) may be. Often, I am the one who needs more time to recuperate! Being on top is certainly better exercise than being on the bottom. 😉

        I’ll look up the thing about DHT…haven’t heard about that before. Even if it affects women the same way, isn’t frequent sex, pleasure, and intimacy worth a little hair loss? I’d say so! 🙂

      • Finesteride (aka Propecia) works because it is anti-androgenic, it’s used to combat both hair loss, and enlarged prostate. So I’d say the jury is out on the low testosterone causing hair loss, increased testosterone increases hair loss in older men predisposed to male pattern baldness.
        You’ll notice sex can have some adverse effects on women’s looks, too. Stretch marks being the least of their problems…side effects like urinary incontinence, collapsed uteruses, ect are so common they are almost guaranteed after a few pregnancies.

        • @Liz

          True, there are side effects for women who get pregnant, but I can’t think of many just from having sex. There are cases of women being allergic to their partner’s semen…or getting vaginal tears due to overly large size/insufficient lubrication, but they are not the norm. Do you know of anything that would be a “downer” for being a sexual woman?

      • I’m not of the school of thought that the sex act itself is bad for anyone. I think it’s generally good for everyone (exception STDs, cancer, ect).

      • I will say anecdotally, when my husband isn’t having regular sex, it has a profound effect on his psyche. He’s more susceptible to stress, more angry in general, far more combative with everyone…it takes a toll on his health and his face even looks older. I’ve had many opportunities to witness the effects during the birth of our children, times when I’ve worked long and stressful hours, ect. He’s a far better, happier person when he’s regularly laid, and he’d be the first to tell you that.
        And he is not losing his hair. His father, on the other hand, is about as bald as a queue ball and hasn’t been laid in thirty years.

      • Liz personal anecdote number 900…
        Our oldest son is a teenager now. Last year, he was combative and destructive. The slightest thing would set him off. He didn’t care about his grades, or anything else. He spent every day in a morose state of mind, and I thought we might have to have family therapy but knew it wouldn’t help anyway. He simply refused to communicate, with frequent outbursts peppered with destructive volatile behavior. Then, one day he seemed to be in a good mood. His moods improved…his grades improved, he started talking to the family again and communicating. I could trust him around his brothers again. Then I noticed the astro-glide was missing from our bathroom cabinet. He has been a model son ever since (about a year now). We replace the lube and he thieves it periodically. It’s a lot cheaper and more effective than therapy, I can tell you.

  3. Of course, this is just me talking as someone who recently tallied their receipts for the last 3 months and found that my friends get about $150 out of me each month for food, snacks, and movie tickets. Since my friends are all men, and my FwB is a man, it seems my resources are all going the “wrong” way. 😉

    I kid, obviously. I’d step in front of a bullet for these guys…I’m not gonna complain about them using me for dinners and “free” entertainment. It makes sense anyway, since I have no spouse/dependents.

    No wife/children = Disposable income I can use on my friends & myself. Life is good when you’re single! 😀

  4. It’s the saddest reality ever; those females are stupid and brainwashed by radfems. GK Chesterton said the truth when he mentioned “…a muddled idea that women are free when they serve their employers but slaves when they help their husbands”.

      • Indeed I do. Women would be much better off learning how to properly submit to and respect men instead of making them feel inferior all the time. Nice blog by the way.

        • @mahina

          I disagree.
          Everybody is deserving of kindness, polite manners and respect, of course…and if a husband and wife agree to the Captain/First Officer model, that’s up to them.

          But just because I happen to have been born female doesn’t mean I should “submit” to anyone who happens to have been born male. I’m never getting married, and would never submit to or act inferior to a random man.

      • Congratulations, mahina. With that humble attitude, you are far more likely to attract a REAL man, and not just one of these sappy Betas that would settle for the kind of shit they’d get from tarnishedsophia there.

        Women with that sour, shitty, “I ain’t havin’ no man rule over ME! I ain’t submittin’ to NOBODY!”-type attitude are the ones that end up old, fat, and alone with ten cats, wondering why no quality man ever realized what a unique “catch” they were.

        Forget it, bitches – Western men are NO LONGER BUYING your shit sandwiches! The new generation of LADIES (with attitudes like mahina’s here) are going to make your shitty attitudes OBSOLETE. Enjoy the Beta market while it lasts, bitches; the Alphas are taking over again.

        • Emperor Lu Bu: Thank you 🙂 I’d take an alpha male over those weaklings ANYTIME! Females like that are completely revolting and will never get anywhere without immediately humbling themselves and respecting men. We’re DEFINITELY going to take over! Western men will be given the great homemade kind.

        • @Emperor Lu Bu

          Interesting reaction. Do you often dislike people who treat everyone as equals, regardless of sex?

          If I thought you knew anything about me, or if I was not already committed to staying single and going my own way, I might be upset by your unsubstantiated claim that I’d be giving shit to anyone. As it is, you gave me a good chuckle before bed, so thank you for that. I’ll be sure to remind my FwB that I’m “giving him shit” when I take him out to dinner after treating him to a movie and then inviting him over for a roll in the hay.
          I’m sure he’ll be surprised…

          • Yes, actually. Because the sexes are NOT equal.

            Men are superior in every way except childbirth and nursing, and that’s merely because nature has made it impossible for us to do those things.

            People (mostly women) who want to push the agenda of “equality” are merely doing so to bring MEN down to a WOMAN’S level, which is arrogant and asinine. Not to mention, it flies in the face of nature and actual Truth.

            But don’t worry if you can’t “get” that. I don’t expect you to.

          • If that’s actually how you look at the world, I’m sorry for you. Truly. If you’d like, we can continue to talk about this, though I don’t know if it would do anything.
            I visited your blog…it is very angry and hurt. I pray to the Gods that one day you can move past it, and use it to become stronger rather than letting it cloud your mind and harm you. If you ever need to talk to someone, feel free to contact me. I’ll listen.
            If not, then may your road get easier, Emperor.

          • Save your pity.

            Though the Truth and reality are harsh, it doesn’t necessitate that they should be unbearable. There is no progress in life without a modicum of pain – anyone who says differently has never lifted weights or run over a mile.

            And the more you know, the more sorrow you are responsible for – I believe Solomon said it first (Ecclesiastes 1:18 – Yes, I hate Christians, but their book has a few notable quotes.).

            I am angry at a world that refuses to see Truth in an age no longer ruled by logic, but by the lesser… feminine FEELINGS.

            Wisdom and logic advance the cause of Truth, but in no way put me in a less than enviable situation – and I am happy every day that I know what I know, even given the consequences of such knowledge.

            Whether you admit that you know the Truth or not is of little concern – most women (that are not utterly blind) already know it; they just don’t admit it.

            And I cannot and will not abide disingenuous people.

          • As you wish.

            As someone who still runs and lifts, I agree about needing pain sometimes…it is necessary for growth in various situations. But there’s a difference between using pain and letting it consume you.

            I don’t hate Christians…I don’t understand the faith, but I certainly don’t hate them. Their book does have some good quotes though, yes. Ignorance is, in fact, bliss.

            At the risk of incurring your wrath, Lu Bu, I’m going to point out that hate and anger are *also* emotions. Other than diagnosed sociopaths, I don’t know anyone who lives in a purely logical manner…We’re not Vulcans, after all.

            I’ll agree with you that relying too heavily on feelings is a poor choice, and leads to equally poor decision making. But it is also feelings of kindness, empathy, and the like that cause us to care for others who are less fortunate. Thus, I believe that there is a balance between the two that must be sought out.

            The problem with wisdom is that it’s usually gained by experience…something that many people don’t want, as it would require some sacrifice and the ability to leave what they are content with. Not many wish do take the more difficult path, though it often leads to more knowledge. I too am happy with my pursuit of such, though often wish there was a better forum to share what I know, as well as hear from others.

            The reason I don’t accept that men are inherently better than women is because I have yet to see this truth for myself. I can see generalizations just as well as anyone…but they break down into nothingness when I analyze my own life experiences. Besides, it is a bit of a slippery slope: if one group is inherently better because of something no one has control over (like one’s sex), then what about other things like skin color…genotypes…native culture…or parentage? The Truth is that everyone has worth in equal amounts, despite our required differences. This is what I’ve found, so this is how I treat people: By their words and deeds, not what their shell looks like.

            And I agree wholeheartedly about disingenuous people. Honesty is a virtue I hold dear, and strive to uphold it every day of my life. In this, we are the same.

          • See, that’s a shame. “Pure logic is for sociopaths” is the kind of misandrist reasoning you hear from dyed-in-the-wool feminists, who automatically demonize anything masculine. Sorry, but that’s just not true.

            Now, the only psychopaths (who were, by nature, also manic sociopaths) I’ve ever known were ruled ENTIRELY by emotion. And yes, they were women.

            And don’t get me wrongly – just because men are superior (strongest on record, smartest on record, most scientific advancements, most inventions, most followed philosophies, best and most prolific art and literature), that doesn’t mean that I think women are some vestigial sex from the Stone Age. They are useful in their own way, but the Feminist Imperative would have us believe that that way is socially EQUAL to men, and that’s just ridiculous.

            The only equality between men and women is one of a truly opposite nature, and I do think that (in a perfect world – FREE of the Feminist Imperative) men and women would balance each other out in a way that is beneficial for both sexes.

            Do I think that union is worth the risk for a Man in a Western society? Absolutely not. It’s ludicrous and naive in the extreme to think that a Western hypergamous, histrionic woman would make a decent match for a Real Man.

            There are still decent women out there (not yet corrupted by the plague of feminism and a misandristic social zeitgeist), but a Western man must travel far to the East to find them. My only fear is that this plague may also have infected those Eastern women by the time my son is of marrying age.

            But a life free of feminine shackles is a pittance to pay in the grand scheme of things. Tesla kept himself from women and accomplished great strides of genius in his lifetime. It’s too bad that he ALSO lived in a society that wasn’t ready to accept it.

          • I did not demonize logic, nor do I believe it is a purely masculine trait…just as I’d never demonize emotions which are not a purely feminine trait. I agree that feminists do this at times, which is why I do not subscribe to their ideology. I myself enjoy the pursuit of reason and knowledge, and pride myself on not giving in to irrational emotions. However, humans are social primates, and to deny our emotional states completely is folly. It is part of who we are…there is no denying it or changing it, only exercising control over it.

            Once again, I do not believe men are superior at all, but neither do I believe women are superior at all. Generalizations can be made, as is quite clear, but one should be cautious to not let this cloud individual advancements and abilities. Also, please note that I’m not arguing for equality based on a bias for my own sex: I do not consider myself a woman, regardless of the shell I was born into. A mistake on the part of the Universe perhaps, and one I’d correct if such means existed…but it does not lead me to my conclusions automatically. I think that we’ll never agree on this point though, which I’m fine with. You are as entitled to your opinion as anyone else.

            As for unions, they are good for some, not for others. I’ve said before that I’m committed to staying single and it is the truth. I would never wish to give up my freedom, just as I’m in no hurry to relieve anyone else of theirs. Each adult needs to live for themselves first and foremost.

            Now, I’m to work, so do try to have a pleasant day.

          • Exercising control over emotion is too weak a metaphor… that would be akin to plugging a leaky dam with your finger. OVERCOMING emotions that would otherwise control your LIFE is what I’m talking about here.

            It doesn’t mean that you are an emotion-LESS person as a man, but it does give you the strength of never submitting any control whatsoever to your own emotions. That’s how people become depressed enough to kill themselves, manic enough to go on a coke and hookers bender, angry enough to climb a clock tower and start shooting at people, or deluded enough to think that feminists make sense.

            To not believe that men are superior at ALL takes such a MASSIVE amount of denial, that you should be the fucking queen of Egypt. It’s not even a truth you have to SEARCH for, unless you’re used to hanging out with nothing but pussy-whipped Betas that never tell you “NO.” In such a cloistered environment, I could kind of see how you’d come away with such an incredibly deluded belief.

            The following is a belief of mine, vice a conviction, but: I don’t think the Universe (what I call God) makes mistakes. At least for HIM. I think he likes watching us, so he throws in as much crazy shit as possible to the world because it adds to the DRAMA. Because that seems to be fun to watch for him. I’m not saying whether it’s right or wrong for US, but it makes a better show to watch for HIM.

            It would be like if you enjoyed watching cop dramas and no one ever got murdered. (“What are we gonna solve NOW, Castle?”)

            I think we might see eye-to-eye on a few things, if it weren’t for the fact that your opinion is so obviously skewed by your unrelenting belief in an equality that trumps actual Nature. It’s just not true.

          • @Lu Bu

            I dislike repeating myself unnecessarily, and it is quite clear that we’ll never reach an agreement on this point. You think 52% of the world’s population is inherently inferior…I believe 100% of the world’s population is inherently worthy of respect.

            So, I’ll not waste anymore of my time with this exercise. I will never regard men as anything more than my equals, and will treat them accordingly…with all the respect and care that they show me as a fellow human being. I’m not sorry if this is insufficient for you, but perhaps you can take solace in the fact we will most likely never meet in person.

            Good day.

          • We also disagree on that point.

            Respect is EARNED, not given out to every Joe Schmoe and Jane Doe on the street like a flyer for a strip club in Vegas.

            If everyone had your idea of “respect”, it would lose its meaning, yet the same morons that deny that men are superior in order to bring men down to a woman’s level will have no problem saying that EVERYONE is worthy of your respect.


            That’s just another false flag waved by people who don’t DESERVE respect, yet WANT it in return for NOTHING given out on their part. The people that want to force OTHERS to respect them always reciprocate the LEAST respect in return. Which is typical for a disingenuous bitch, but I’ve known what you were since your very first word.

          • As you wish. I’m not taking your bait, Lu Bu, and I’ve no time for those who profess to know me based on no experience or actual conversation. I know what kind of person I am…it makes little difference to me if you accept that.

            Just know this: Despite how you are speaking to me here, I’d still respect you as a fellow human being if we ever met in real life. Should you continue to act childish, that respect would quickly diminish…but it would be there initially, at least. MK is much like me in this regard, pleasant and respectful to everyone.

            As for being a “disingenuous bitch”?

            Sticks and stones
            May break my bones
            But I’ll never allow
            Names to hurt me.

            I’ll pray for you tonight, that your anger may leave you long enough to get a good night’s sleep.

          • Save your condescending prayers and your self-righteous piety.

            I need none of your pity, understanding, or respect.

            I live happily, sleep well every night, and have neither sought nor required someone else’s direction or permission to do so. Least of all a woman’s with no common sense who likes to wrest others’ words to suit her needs.

            What you told EK elsewhere is true – yes, you might find a strong woman that is stronger than a weak man. That is the exception. It does not NEGATE the rule – it PROVES the rule. The fact that you do not know this reveals how unschooled you are in logic.

            Perhaps you will learn something from all this. I rather doubt it.

            But continue your assault on reason if you think it will serve your absurdity… the Truth has been tried and proven long before you or I even soiled this earth with our steps. And it will stand fast long after.

            You are but a grain of dust blowing over Truth’s surface, imagining yourself to be an earthquake.

          • I did not think that prayers could *be* condescending, nor that my faith came off as self-righteous. Why would wishing the best for someone be bad?

            You have my pity and understanding anyway, though you have lost my respect due to your use of rude and callous language. I don’t expect you to care, but there you have it.

            For what it’s worth I’m glad you live and sleep happily, though your own blog seems to speak far differently. I’m also glad that you are like me, in not requiring or feeling the need for anyone’s direction in your life but your own. I take pride in going my own way, and perhaps if our discussion had progressed more civilly we could speak of such things. I’ll overlook your assertion that I lack common sense or that I attempt to change people’s words, since it’s untrue.

            If one says “All crows everywhere are black” but then is presented with a white crow…then the previous statement is necessarily false. Thus, when you say “All women everywhere are inferior to men and have contributed nothing to society”, but there are numerous examples that prove otherwise…then yes, your statement is false. I’m sorry, but very little in life is such a ridged, unchanging dichotomy. As I had to take Logic 102 and 103 for one of my two Bachelors degrees, I’d say that I am actually moderately schooled in this topic.

            Oh, I’ve learned much of human nature from this, don’t worry about that. I would like to point out that for someone who states that they are in control of their emotions, you do enjoy using insults and name-calling more than I’d expect. I’ve not said anything to you that would be considered “mean”, yet you’ve taken many opportunities to do the exact opposite. Interesting, to say the least.

            Me, an earthquake? Hardly. My 29 years thusfar are not even the grain of dust you gave in your analogy…perhaps more of a whisper, if anything.

            Once again, good night.

          • There you go wresting my words again.

            I never said either ALL men or that women have contributed nothing. You’ve conjured that up in your own little brain.

            I said (over and over) MEN (as in, the majority – you know, what you need to make up THE RULE). There are exceptions to men being the best just like there are exceptions to women being the worst. The exceptions PROVE the rule.

            And I realize that there have been women of note in history that have accomplished things. There have been EXPONENTIALLY MORE MEN that have done so. Men in general are superior to women, and history, fact, Truth, and nature agree.

            The fact that YOU don’t is of little consequence.

            And you can stop saying “Good day” and “Good night” as it’s OBVIOUS that you never sleep just like me. XD

          • @Lu Bu

            The very fact that you still believe men in general are “the best” and women in general are “the worst”…your own words, completely unchanged…tells me all I need to know.

            I am done talking to you, this roundabout “discussion” has accomplished naught. You have continuously used derogatory language against me, making you a very unskilled debate opponent indeed. Perhaps we can talk on some other, future thread but I am done here. I’ll not respond to anymore of your assertions.

            Good day.

          • Again with the “Good day”s – as if you were some upper class British fop shooing away a street urchin. Your derogatory language is in your TONE – which you have NOT earned the right to use.

            And I address you with the same amount of respect that I would address ANY fool that denies the very face of Truth and fact… NONE. You deserve none, and you shall get none.

            You are a bitch. You deny facts so that you may feel better about being OBVIOUSLY inferior.

            And yes, YOU are the kind of woman I talk about when I refer to BITCHES on my blog. You know who isn’t? The humble lady from before – who has the good sense to acknowledge common nature, instead of praying that the Universe might twist itself enough that YOUR fetid worldview might have merit.

            You can be “done talking” all you want, but I know how it EATS at bitches not to have the last word. So, fester in it. >;)

          • I think the Universe introduces controlled drama – the kind of trials that make you a stronger individual as a result, but are fun to watch (from an eternity-type perspective).

            If it was “female” drama, it would be like female “comedy” – long, drawn-out, mind-numbing, and with no real point. 😉

            My favorite clip on that was the Family Guy one where Brian is watching TV and it says, “We now return you to Great Moments in Women’s Stand-Up Comedy!” and then Lois walks in and looks at the TV before saying, “Sorry to interrupt…. nothing.” XD

          • I didn’t say “equal in gossiping and throwing tea parties”-skills, EK. Sure, women do that better than men.

            When I say SOCIALLY, I mean as in what they ACTUALLY CONTRIBUTE to society. Women, by and large, are NOT the thinkers, the writers, the philosophers, the builders, the sages, the leaders, the revolutionaries, or the defenders of freedom. MEN ARE.

            THAT is what makes a society, nay – a CIVILIZATION… and men are infinitely superior to women in that regard.

          • Sophia, you say it breaks down in your own life experiances…but I ask you is it simply that you are one of the rarer females who are better than guys? I touch on this in my most recent post, but it seems like you might be equating a personal fact (I – Sophia- am better that most guys…therefore there is no difference between sexes) for a false reality.

          • First, I’d just like to point out that I absolutely DO NOT think I’m better than most guys, though I do seem stronger and faster than many girls. For example, even in 12th grade I ran a mile faster than everyone except the one guy who was on the track team. I can also easily carry 65 lbs for quite some distance, and I throughly enjoyed the weight room in college. Even today, I am able to carry the same amount or more of 6′ tables as my male coworkers when setting up for events. I’m not necessarily “better”, I just enjoy physical work and have never felt that I should limit myself in my abilities.

            I fully recognize that the majority of technological advancements, patents, philosophies, etc were completed by men. I would be a fool of the highest order to argue against that, since the numbers support it. The issue I take with Lu Bu’s assertions is that he believes all female-bodied people everywhere to be inferior to all male-bodied people everywhere.

            Obviously, were this the truth, we would have NO women Nobel Prize winners…no women scientists…no female philosophers…no female doctors or patent holders. Yet, of course, we do. Thus, there are exceptions to the rule: Something that Lu Bu seemed to have complete disregard for.

            My whole point was that I truly believe that men and women are of equal worth…neither is superior or inferior in my mind. Even if only 10% of the arts and sciences have had significant female accomplishments, that still proves that not all women (nor men) are the same.

            There *is* difference between the sexes, and it may even account for 95% of men and 95% of women. However, that does not mean that one’s life is created for submission to another due purely to the randomness of genetics.

          • To sum my views up:

            Men are not to be judged as inherently good or bad.
            Women are not to be judged as inherently good or bad.
            Each sex has it’s good and bad, moral and immoral, weak and strong, smart and dumb. Generalizations may help when talking about the “Big Picture”, but individuals should be judged for their own personal abilities/personality when dealing with others in daily life.

            No superior.
            No inferior.
            Just equal in worth, and equal in abilities til proven otherwise.

  5. Hm. I know a guy who has spent about 800K on cars. Another who has spent almost that much on Harley Davidson motorcycles. I know a lot of guys who own planes. My father in law owns a hangar and has owned about ten planes in the last 20 years (about 300K each). I’ve never seen a woman spend that much on Prada stuff.

  6. @tarnishedsophia I completely agree with you, all people deserve that. But I do feel EK’s frustration, so many women are manipulative and disrespectful toward men then act shocked when they finally give up. Any random man, no, though you should still be kind/friendly and respectful toward them. But I believe, in a relationship, the woman should submit to the man’s leadership.

    • Oh, no doubt. All my friends are men, and I consider myself male more than female…the way the majority of women talk about/treat menfolk is incredibly sad and even revolting. Hence, I’m kind/respectful/polite towards *everybody* until they give me a reason not to be. (This goes for men AND women alike.)

      “But I believe, in a relationship, the woman should submit to the man’s leadership.”
      Yet another good reason to never get hitched, eh? 😉

      • Sophia, you might be perhaps in the best position if we take your comments as truth, if you truly possess a seemingly male mind, and a female body you have the absolute best of both worlds…try to have some sympathy on us ‘male bodied’ in this society.

        • Dear Knight, you know I have nothing but sympathy for men in current society. Doesn’t change that I’d do nearly anything to have my body and mind match up…too bad magic isn’t real. I truly hate being treated differently, even when it seemingly “helps” me.

          That’s why I’m egalitarian: Get rid of foolish, sexist notions of chivalry towards women and have everyone be judged on their deeds, not their genitals.

    • @Mk/mahina

      I’m confused by your stance, and would appreciate it if you’d take the time to explain it to me.
      You say that you feel everybody is deserving of kindness and respect, but in the next breath state that you believe you should submit to male-bodied people, simply because you are not one.

      This sounds an awful lot like “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”. So, in your view, women are worthy of respect…but men are worthy of MORE respect? That seems like an odd way to approach dealing with others in real life, since it doesn’t take into account how they treat you or others.

      • tarnishedsophia: Of course I will! To be honest I typically treat all people nicely no matter how unpleasant they are, that’s just me. I believe that men and woman are equal but have different roles, the former being the leader and the latter being the submitter. Both should respect each other and the above mentioned gender roles. I hope that makes sense; if not I will do my best to explain further. I don’t hold that certain female bodied/male feeling etc. theory you do but I still see where you’re coming from.

        • @mk

          Thank you. I do have some more questions, but need to consider how to word them. I also treat all people nicely…too nicely, if I use the amount of times I get asked out as any indication.

          I do actually agree that some (maybe even most) people can benefit from gender roles. It would certainly seem that men are happier when they have a purpose driven life/family to come home to…and many women seem to wish they didn’t *have* to work/be able to just have a family. Like I’ve pointed out before, I’m happy for people who embrace life on their terms. Should this mean a household reminiscent of the 1950s, so be it!

          At the same time, I’m incredibly happy to live in a country where I am not forced into that life. Gender roles do not suit me, and I’d absolutely hate to be a housewife/have children/be submissive. I would also like to state that I’m fine with the fact you don’t understand Gender Dysphoria…I wouldn’t expect you to, especially since you’re obviously happy in your body’s sex. It is enough that we can talk of such things politely and calmly. Exchange of views and ideas is a wondrous thing when done with tolerance and kindness. 🙂

      • I haven’t read her response, but Sophia, while I use that quote a lot, I find it interesting you are essentially using against a stance. I think you are hung up on that ‘submissive’ means she is going to be a bondage slave locked in a basement. ‘Submission’ can be something as simple as the guy says ‘we are going out for pizza’ and the girl does not argue her fucking ass off because she is ’empowered’ she only simple, and nicely says ‘ok~!’

        • @EK

          Lol, no I don’t think that’s what submissive means (in reference to your extreme example). To me, being submissive reminds me of the many Christian wives I used to know growing up…not very comfortable memories.

          I recall times when adult women were told to shut up, interrupted in the middle of their sentences, told that the food they’d spent 5 hours making wasn’t good enough, being reprimanded for talking longer than 10 minutes on the phone.

          Women who had children in high school…but were forbidden from getting a part time job, or joining a local book club. Husbands who *always* had to be right, whether it was in the best interest of the family or not. One man even went so far as to order a meal for his wife that he knew she hated…because he thought that she should eat it anyway, like a naughty child who refuses a certain vegetable.

          So, no. Submissive to me brings to mind not a necessarily abusive life, but one where a woman’s opinions will be constantly shunned, her individual tastes will be forgotten, and she won’t be respected at all. I could never live like that.

          Your pizza example? Not what I’d consider “submission”. That’s just two people agreeing to a particular activity, and my FwB and I do that all the time…sometimes with me suggesting, sometimes with him, always with consideration of each other’s likes and dislikes. Isn’t that how adults are supposed to act when they care for each other?

    • Mk, I’d like to hear what *your* definition of submissiveness is, when you have time. I don’t know if you have seen my latest response to Knight about what I’ve encountered as submission, but I’m wondering if your ideas on it are very different?

      • tarnishedsophia: I’m glad to explain further. I have seen your response and my ideas are definitely very different. How those men treated their wives was completely malicious and uncalled for. NOBODY should ever be treated like that. My idea of submissiveness is the woman respecting the man’s leadership/protection role and basically being a homemaker. But I totally feel where you’re coming from.

        • @Mk

          Ah, that’s good. It didn’t seem like you’d approve of people like that, but it’s the only experience with submissive wives that I have. I’m glad that yours is so different!

          I wouldn’t want to stay home and be a mother/homemaker, but feel it is a worthy pursuit for those who enjoy that lifestyle. Perhaps if more parents were housewives or househusbands, the US would be doing better. I will say I don’t approve of both parents working full-time unless it’s absolutely necessary, but I don’t care *which* parent is home more.

          I guess my issue with submissive behavior is more of a “why should I be the one who’s submissive”? I pay for my own home, I bought my own car, I’m paying off my college loans and credit cards perfectly fine, and I work 50+ hours every week. I’m not in a serious relationship (my guy is a Friend with Benefits), but even there I pay for everything we do or eat. I am better at paying bills, saving money, and planning trips than my lover, too.

          From my perspective, there’s no real secular reason why I should be submissive to my FwB, just because he was born with a penis instead of me. Maybe if our roles/abilities were reversed it would make more sense, or if we were not in a casual relationship…What do you think?

  7. I’d just like to point out to Emperor Lu Bu’s that ironically enough your pronouncements of male superiority are being proven wrong by your very own comments.

    Sophia has been as polite as she can be, and you, Emperor, have been as rude and nasty as you can be.

    If Mahina CHOOSES to live her life in a submissive manner, that’s her right. You can’t force her, or me, or anyone to be that way. I actually have no problem with her point of view, and I think Mahina, if she chooses to marry, will end up with a hot hunk of alpha male. Sophia has chosen not to marry. I have married, after thinking for the longest time that I never would. We are all different, so your brash generalizations about “superior” and “inferior” are a bunch of sound and fury signifying bupkes.

    To use your own words,
    Respect is EARNED, not given out to every Joe Schmoe and Jane Doe on the street like a flyer for a strip club in Vegas.

    Just so. You haven’t earned my respect with your caveman morality, but you are still a human being (barely, just). So I wiil take this opportunity to tell you to cram it. Respectfully.

    • @Sasha

      Thank you, friend.
      I am in complete agreement at this point, and am now of the opinion that this Lu bu character was never interested in true discussion. A sad state, to be sure, but I’m glad that you, Knight, Liz and others are such awesome conversationalists! It’s always good to hear different points of view…so long as they’re not being sold as the *only* way to look at life. 😉

      • One more thought about this then I’m dropping the subject.

        This is a MGHOW blog. The women who comment here are by their own self-selection, sympathetic to men’s difficulties in the modern world and EK’s particular point of view.

        I actually would be amused to see His Imperial Majesty let loose with all his venom in the comments of Jezebel or some radfem blog. That would be seriously entertaining. 😀

        Here, it’s needlessly rude to females (myself, Liz, Sophia) who are on board with the program but don’t care for being treated like disease-carrying vermin.

        We are friends to your cause. Don’t treat us like enemies.

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  9. it is yin yang, girl is reciever man is giver, girl absorber, men is radiator, men is light(positive/yang/bright) and woman is(dark/yin/negative)

    socket(vagina) + penis(plug) = electricity = sex = sexual energy exchange

    we live in a universe built on duality/polarity, man/woman, soft/hard, give/take, love/hate, summer/winter, light/dark, reap/sow, build/destroy

    we cannot change this fact…

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