Grassroots success: Morse and Giron recalled

In Colorado we had this HUGE media blitz to get rid of guns because of our frontier status, (that we are rapidly losing as this perverse liberalism takes hold) included major guilini and joe biden cavorting our state to put strict gun control in place.  Two democrats lead the charge of getting a lot of gun control passed.

Now, any reader of this blog knows I think the democrat vs Republican line is a total sham only to fool people into thinking they have a choice, and they both serve the same masters, but that being said, I am happy to see a grass roots campaign (and funded by NRA partly too, I am not blind to that) to throw these two out has succeeded.

It was eerie on tv, like an election season with tons of commercials.  I am a bit surprised the establishment didnt win, but there you go, still some hope out there.


8 thoughts on “Grassroots success: Morse and Giron recalled

  1. you asked me about the military at one point…

    do you really want to kill some little kids in the middle east just so some pieces of shit can pretend they are important as they spy on their own people and take their freedoms away???

    Fuck that, man…

    • Yeah I know man, the problem is a think the last bastion of nobel people can still be somewhat found in the military, a lot of faggots for sure, but compared to the typical trash I would like to think they are better. IDK man, when is the collapse going to occur already?

  2. EK… “faggots”? Really?

    I had no idea you were bigoted against homosexuals. O_O

    I’m not homosexual myself, but I AM a GLBT Ally. Perhaps you should consider this – which would you RATHER have in a foxhole with you? Some bitch that’s losing her shit, can’t fire straightly, and doesn’t give a shit about you ANYWAY… or a gay MAN, who loves the explosion colors, fires like a man (translation: BOSS), and might genuinely care that you survive at all costs because he thinks you’re handsome?

    It’s men versus women out there, EK. Never forget that. There’s no room for NAWALT thinking in our societal trenches. And the more men (totally gay, totally straight, or [like most] somewhere in-between) we have with us in our cause, the better the chance MGTOW have of making a difference.

    Think about it, EK.

    • I hope you realize I dont mean that in a gay way, ‘faggot’ is just a term I grew up using as a insult. That being said while I have no problem with gays, I hope you realize ‘gay acceptance’ is VERY tied into the feminist movement.

      • Having spent more than an average amount of time in the company of 9 to15-year-olds (playing Minecraft online), I can say with little reservation that “faggot” and “nigger” are STILL some of their most used (and still utterly CHILDISH) insults. They both make me cringe.

        And I realize only that when one is building nations, that homosexual men do little to establish empire dominance, as they do not naturally procreate. That is the only way in which they would not be useful to a MGTOW society. Still, until my kingdom is established (which could conceivably – even begun NOW – take the rest of my lifetime), there will be PLENTY of work for men willing to do it… REGARDLESS of their sexual proclivities.

        As long as they subscribe to a MGHOW creed, I’d have no problem with anything else. (And I’m well aware that MOST gay men are uber-White Knights when it comes to supporting women – so the ones building Xeresgate would REALLY have to be the exception to the rule.)

        I don’t want to just have it set in my mind that I will reject them for something as superficial as who they choose to fuck – IF they are true MGTOW, which IS an anti-feminist lifestyle.

        I prefer to think about it the way Greg Giraldo put it…

        …and there’s one joke of his I couldn’t find from the Insomniac Tour where he compares gay marriage to straight marriage (because he was married then) where he says there are times he’d get so fed up with his wife that he’d say: “I would take a giant cock in the ass right now if you would just SHUT THE FUCK UP for a second!”

        Meh… it would’ve been funnier coming from him.

        But you get my point, right?

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