Wow Jezebel feminist hypocrisy

I was linked to a typical trashy article by jezebel, and while it was forgettable, check this BLATANT hypocrisy.


Incase you cant read the text, they have two links, first story : ‘Delusional man-child has incredible list of dating requirement’ and further down they have a story ‘Roots cover of sesame street will thrill your inner child’

(Here is a link, I can’t promise the story links will be the same:

I wish I was making this shit up.

A pretty big ongoing trend among feminists is ‘man up’ or lambasting the male populace as ‘peterpan syndrome’ or ‘man-childs’ because they dont want shit to do with females.  It is typically the older feminist (read near-wall or post-wall) that suddenly are like ‘why the hell is this guy preferring xbox over ME!?‘  They decide its because he really is a kid who never grew up.

I did not read the links, and to be honest I dont have to, just look at the utter shit they spew here.  Some man-child has ‘incrdible’ requirements for dating…let me guess a ‘real man’ should just accept your fat bitchy ass as it is?

But…how the hell do they not see their hypocrisy where on the SAME FUCKING PAGE a sesame street cover is linked, promising to ‘thrill your inner child’?

I guess its okay for women to be children…but watch out if you are a guy.  Now…I wonder what would happen if one of the man-childs dating requirements was to watch the sesame street cover…


So in the effort of truth, I actually read these.  What is funny is the rage fest the article is because the guy wont date a black girl or fat girl.  Like what the fuck is wrong with girls these days that a guy CAN NOT HAVE A SIMPLE CHOICE?  They lambast him as having ‘major personality defects’ for these choices.

Why are women forced to ‘peacock’ esp breasts/ butt

I have been thinking about this recently, I want to get some thoughts out there and see any ideas.  i will give my own next post.

Here is the question: why is it that in so many animals the male is the one forced to peacock (literally in terms of the animal ‘peacock’, as well as being the colorful one etc) yet in female humans there is a very strong peacock effect for both sexes.  Normally in most animals the female, to be blunt, does shit in terms of getting a mate.  The males compete sometimes to the death to be able to impreganate a girl.

So…why is there a pressure on girls these days genetically to have bigger breasts, bigger ass, thinner waist etc?

‘Because guys want it!’ may be the simple answer, but biologically there is no where else the case in the animal kingdom, as males simple take what they can get.

Brain structure and political leanings + r vs k selection

Ahh, thats better

Something I have been recently on my mind is thoughts regarding conservative vs liberal and r vs k selection.  What follows is by no means anywhere politically correct, but hey have I ever been that way?  There are those that use political correctness to block the truth, the truth must be arrived at by any cost.

As a confession, I was a dyed in the wool liberal growing up, even thought these days a lot of my beliefs could probably be called hyper-conservative I do not sympathize with the republicans (I find them typically less intelligent and far too given to religion), but likewise I find the democrats equally bad joke (their self-righteousness and pro-feminism make them enemies of me) .  I went to a conservative school and my friend and I were likely among the smartest in our grade and took pride in dismantling republican’s everywhere we went, even stomping out teachers.  Liberalism seemed so ‘obvious’ at the time.

Fast forward to college, suddenly I was at a ultra liberal school…and I guess it was my rebellious nature, I found myself arguing the other side against these fools simply for the fun of it.  Certainly even at this time things like ‘social justice for inner city blacks’ never held any sway with me, but I was still pro-feminism in that I thought it was ‘the right thing to do’.  It never made sense to me why this hot 20 year old white girl from a rich family would give a shit about poor blacks in a ghetto.

Well, I came across some research a while ago, here is a link that basically depending on the size of areas of your brain, it influences your behavior and could accurately predict likely political leanings.  Essentially it is an area in your brain related to trust/views on outside groups/ danger.  Liberals tend to have this area substantially smaller, meaning the trust more easily, the do not look at outside groups as dangerous, and generally do not see ‘danger’ in the world.  Reverse this and you get conservatives source for beliefs.

Conservatives are paranoid and liberals are so loving right?  That is how a feminist would turn it around.

What is particularly interesting about this is the second thing, the view on outside groups.  This can be smaller, but in general is basically related to race.  HERE is the reason why all those white girls who have never stepped foot in a ghetto want to give all these resources to them.  To ‘save’ them.  Their minds are literally incapable of seeing them as ‘separate’ as ‘other’ or as anything possibly dangerous.

We see this play out on the national scene so painfully obvious, we have democrat bend over to minority whims, such as selling out to the blacks and mexicans.  Dont anyone dare give me the shit about ‘they care for the blacks’.  NO ONE cares for the blacks, that is a political fact.  Given the immigration policies, and the birth rate demographics, the conservatives are numbered…caput…game over.

Now, this is going to get into even more un-pc territory, if anyone has any links definitely share.  But essentially it also comes down to r vs k selection of species.  In case you didnt take biology, K selection is where you have fewer children but give them more resources, therefore having a fitter individual.  R selection is cranking as many as you can.  Quality vs quantity.  Imagine rabbits vs elephants.  Now…’traditionally’ humans are viewed as K selected, and compared to a rabbit we are.  But look at racial and group break downs of this.  We have africans that crank easily 10 kids or more, and only a few survive into adulthood, whereas asian family often only have 1 kid, who gets everything the parents ever had.  In america we have groups like blacks and mexicans outproduce whites by such substantial margins it is utterly insane from a demographic point of view.

Somewhere I read that liberalism ultimately has a ‘traitor’ gene encoding, meaning that that as an individual they know they are not as fit, and it is their genetic prerogative to see the structure they find themselves in destroyed so that the ‘fitter’ ones are killed by new conquers and the traitors can ingratiate themselves in.  This is a biologic event that does indeed occur in other animals, I see no reason it would not happen in humans.  Thus this leads to the other often thing we see of conservatives ‘pro use’ (because it is their home and do not want it ‘taken over’) where as liberals generally dont care, or in the case of feminists actively want it taken down by foreign invaders…in this case black and mexican ‘barbarians’.

Feminism is a self destructive belief, I have said that before, and here is further proof from a genetic point of view.

Ever present desire to protect the girl

Protect me~

I have actually been thinking a lot about a seemingly random exchange between (initally) two people…two on my blog.  So over here ( check the comments.  What essentially happened here was a argument between two people Sophia, a woman, and Lu Bu, a man.

It is important to at least read some of their comments so you get a general feel of the argument they were having.  Essentially it was over another female named MK who she said she liked being submissive, and that real females should not mind being submissive.  Lu Bu congratulated her on ‘getting it’, Sophia was surprised and somewhat appalled that a girl would want to submit to a guy.  It devolved into at times some pretty humorous attacks on each other, however notice what was happening here: a girl and guy fighting…then watch what happened as the argument went on.  Watch how when others got involved whose side was taken.

Was Lu Bu ‘meaner’ than Sophia, yes, probably, but the others jumped to her defense BECAUSE SHE WAS A GIRL.  She was not defended because her points were somehow more valid, or in need of defending, it was because a big scary man attacking a poor girl and the white knight brigade (composed of females in this case!) had to ride to save the girl.

Truly think about this, because it is likely if you were involved in this your personal egos may be in the way right now, but reverse the roles.  Lets have them make the exact same argument, but now its Empress Lu Bu and Tarnished Steve, Lu BU is now a girl and Sophia a guy, making same arguments (because the defense was never about the points, it was about a guy attacking a girl) no one attacks Empress in this position, after all who would attack a ‘girl’?

Back to the argument at hand, lets take a different look, what if Sophia was the meaner one here, calling him a ‘disingenuous bastard’ and telling him he must have a small dick and cant get any etc, would ANYONE have been like ‘Sophia you are being mean to him’?

Fuck no!  I would wager, because I KNOW, that they would still attack him merely because they were antagonist to each other.  That is the way the world works, in everything from small arguments to domestic violence, the girl is always right, the guy is always wrong.  You can debate this until the end of the earth, the fact is, in domestic violence the women’s word > then the mans, and the man is going to jail.  Why is it ok or somehow empowering for a girl to slap a guy ‘to put him in his place’ but to even touch a girl = bye bye see you in jail for the guy.  In any smaller argument the guy will be labeled ‘argumentative’ or ‘mean to the poor girl’ or anything similar that excuses the girl and lambastes the guy.

Society (meaning guys and girls) do NOT defend the guy in a guy vs girl fight.  EVER.  A girl can be beating a guy INTO THE FUCKING GROUND and ‘oh he must have deserved it’, but a guy even has an argument with a girl and the whole world turns against him.

My girl readers here ‘get it’ more than the typical female, thats why what happened here was ironic (in that it still didnt matter) and instructive of how ingrained it was.  Even our allies in the fight against feminism still have these default programs in their brain.

Think about what happened here, because you have just proved everything I have been saying since this blog started – that society in general will default to the female.

The female mind’s physical and mental disconnect

Where dreams and reality dont match up

A very disturbing pattern exists among women, guys are generally unaware of it, and girls are likely unaware of it or if they loosely grasp it they rationalize it away.  The behavior I am talking about is something not easily labeled, but essentially it is this: the inability to realize fantasy vs reality and one guy vs another in her mind.

I have made the mistake a few times in my life, and talking to some of my friends realize they have done it themselves.  The general pattern is as follows: there is some girl that is not in close proximity to you (think Long distance relationship, but doesnt even have to be that far)and you are fufilling her emotional need, not ‘friendzone’ but something even a little beyond or much further beyond.  It has to deal with sexual tension, this is a girl who you have either had sex with, or it is quite clear it could go down.

What happens can be as simple as sexting, or subtle sexual flirts, anything that gets both you and her going, but for this post the fact is her.  She does not need to ‘get off’ or really get anywhere close as long as she is at least a little excited, or legitmately is at all into the conversation.

What happens next my friends will chill the most hardened of souls:  you have put all this work into talking about sexual things, sexting, telling her what you are going to do when you meet etc…and she has sex with some random guy.

“Oh EK!!!” “But I’m Steve…” “Whoops…~”


Yes my friends, what you have just inadvertedly done was get her ready to have sex, and because you weren’t there to lock it down, she had to get it out with someone else.

Essentially you did the emotional foreplay for her, and being weak-willed like she is she had to take care of things.  Now, do not get confused I am not saying you sext her, she fucks a guy that night, this is a slow burn thing.  Weeks or more typically.

Guys see and think about their goal, it is consistent.  “Susie turns me on, therefore I want to have sex with Susie.”

Girls are similar but notice the important difference: “Bill turns me on, therefore I want to have sex”  NOT sex with Bill.

Sure if he is there he is preferred, but she already has part ‘done’ with so now all that is necessary is to have a physical release.  I am sure my girl readers may deny this shit out of this, but if you do its really your own delusion.

I used to think LDR could actually work, I find them utterly and completely ridiculous and directly counter to any goal a man would have.  Unless this is a ‘ride or die bitch’ (I recently learned that term, pretty badass actually – basically a girl who is there for you no matter how desperate your situation. aka like .1% of girls) and you have a long history together.  Because ANYTHING else, and any sweet talk you do to her is only going to get her on some other guy.

It is pretty basic psychological transference that is going on here.  It nothing that complicated really, but it is something very few think about.  Often all this ’emotional work’ you put in once the girl does some other guy, she transfers all YOUR work onto him, you likely wont see her again, or in a diminished capacity, and lo and behold suddenly she has a new boyfriend she is surprisingly serious with.


“I am going to bend you over the table and fuck you so hard.” -EK to hot girl

Some time later: “I have a weird request for you Billy, I know we just met, but will you fuck me over a table?” hot girl to random guy


Not as unlikely as you may think.  In fact… it is reality.

Martial Arts, Girls, and violence

They cant kick ass that’s for sure

Most marital arts are total shit.  Most girls are not badass.  Now that that is stated, lets get to explaining.

I saw some video on youtube of a girl supposedly doing Aikido, and all these guys were lauding her for how badass and also how hot she was.  The hotness was debatable, but what was not is the ‘badassness’.  People were lining up for staged takedowns, and her holding a sword was so blatantly wrong I could not watch the whole thing, but you know what this was, was just standard fantasy most people, and women specifically live in.

They don’t want to hear the world is violent, they dont want to hear that survival often comes down to luck, they dont want to hear that their black belt means shit.

What is interesting, is I think the delusion is different for both sexes.  Girls almost universally believe that if they only knew a ‘secret technique’ or took a few classes they could stand against legions of rapists.  They could kick ass like these false heroines on tv.  Males are a lot more prone to thinking they at least need to do ‘something’ before ass-kicking powers become theirs, like get a black belt, but few realize this too is an illusion.

What no one wants to hear, feminists and delusional guys (and lets be honest here, that is like 90% of guys and 99% of girls) that violence is gritty, bloody, and not at all ‘fun’.  Things like high kicks, hands by your hips (like most traditional martial arts) judo throws, arm bars, joint locks…all of it is completely useless and the more you know of this, the higher chance you pay dearly for your ‘knowledge’.

I think traditional martial arts for ‘defense’ are about the worst possible thing you can do for yourself.  Practicing for about 5 minutes on how to activate your pepper spray would be more useful.  Now…that being said all these MMA styles that have popped up the last 10 years they are MARGINALLY better, if only because you actually hit hard and have some inkling of a fight.

But those guys are equally delusional.  They fight with RULES!  Sure it is ‘no holds barred’ but that is not really true, and there are a multitude of things ‘barred’.  First, you are in a clean, well-lit ring, and you KNOW you are about to get into a fight…all of which are not true on the street.  How is the standard MMA guy going to react when he gets attacked randomly from behind, when someone bends down and throws sand in his eyes blinding him, when MMA guy tackles someone and gets a knife in his side while he is going for a submission?

Now…let me say some things, Traditional MA are really good for discipline, for spirituality etc.  I first took Tae Kwon Do when I was in 5th grade.  I will tell you with, that gave me some surprising discipline, I was cutting my nails short, my hair was an even length, I opened the door for my parents, for being 10 thats pretty damn good.  Getting my orange belt was a big accomplishment, but a few months later my instructor was in jail for child abuse…he was not in it for a higher truth, and apparently he wasnt even in it for the money, he was in it for little kids.  When I was older and came to find out the rash case of ‘McDojos’ who’s instructors were only in it for money etc. lets say I was not surprised.

When I was older, late high school and beyond I was really lucky to find a random guy who was trying to start a martial art club.  To explain it succinctly, it was very much like a typical MMA place, punches, kicks, grappling, but there was always a bit extra that was ‘you cant do this in a ring but…’  Biting, crotch attacks, eye gouges etc.

I got my ass kicked a lot.  I am convinced that is about the only way to really learn.  Practice was hard, first thing we did was jump rope 10 minutes straight.  We would often have 2 or 3 on 1s.  You learn how to really fight in these situations, you dont stand toe to toe, I will tell you that much.  More like hit and run when you can.  I remember the single biggest hit I took was when I got shoved hard into a wall, and my teacher dashed at me, ramming me and hitting me in my stomach, as I bent forward, he grabbed my head and kneed me to hard it nearly knocked me out, my nose erupted in blood and he let me drop to the floor where I moaned in pain, and could have been dead in a real fight.

Anyway, thats about a START of what it takes to understand violence and that reality and fantasy are no where close.  Does getting kneed in the face sound fun?  I think another thing is people think you become fearless, I actually am near paranoid when I am out in a city at night, because I know how fast it can all be over no matter how ‘good’ you are.  I say this as a warning to any of my readers lest feminist and grandiose delusions get them killed.


Here is a good picture, oh this girl is so badass right!?  She could kick my head off!

I find this way more hot than serious

I have always wanted to do a girl while she was doing the splits, that it incredibly hot.  Both standing, and cowboy style.  Slipping it to her in a pose like this = hot

Something I really like (actually I despise the ‘logic’) is when feminists are like ‘I am sure there is a girl somewhere in this world can beat you at X’, where X is the topic at hand ‘can beat you at fighting, can out run you, out think you etc.’  Or the ‘well Olympian so and so can run way faster than you, so that proves girls are just as good or better as guys!”.

Well yes, but can the BEST girl beat the BEST guy?  No.  End of discussion.

Are there girls out there that can kick my ass?  Certainly, there are probably a 1,000.  But you know what, fights have a very high level of randomness in it, a lot of people do not realize this unless you are fight or have fought in any capacity.  One of my favorite quotes goes something like ‘You may be able to beat my 9 out of 10 times, but we will fight only once.’ (If you know exact quote please tell me)

Bullshit martial arts piss me off, it is in the same vein as feminists of this delusion that they are better than reality.  Martial artists think they are invincible, feminists think their value approaches infinity the more pounds they put on.  Feminism has currently infected our society enough that a lot of these delusions are allowed to continue for now, but just because they are continuing does NOT make them a fact.

Men are inherent givers, women are inherrent consumers


Start with the most basic of the continuation of life: sex… and how the very act of sex is the man giving vital fluids to the women who takes them into her body.  Even at this most basic level of life men are the givers, and women are the consumers, expanded at large we can see the how this effects society.

Before the rise of feminism this was more or less inherenntly understand and accepted, the males for the most part worked their ass for the women staying at home, he gave her resources, and she readily consumed them.  Maybe if he was lucky he got a kid of out it without losing his mind.

Now are things much different?  A bit, only worse.  As I have stated in the past about the only good thing modern girls could potentially be worth is to give you genetic heritage, but to them that is ‘slavery’ so they are not even giving you that.  So in a lot of regards girls give you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Companionship?  Please.  Tell that to the legion of guys whose wife, girl friend, ‘best friend’ left him for some other guy.  Tell that to them every time they fill out support checks to their once ‘beloved’ companions.

Most guys do not have A CLUE as to how utterly manipulative, deceitful and totally selfish women are unless they have been personally burned.  They can not fathom that this like smiling girl next to him will stab a knife through his heart, or push him off a cliff ( GUYS JUST DONT FUCKING GET IT!  They give and give, how could this girl not like him, or esp. how could she ever turn on him?  They do all the time.  Consider yourself warned.

Modern ‘liberated’ feminists are generally most easily described as sluts. I know some of the biggest sluts I knew tried to fill the hole in their heart by filling the hole in their body.  Let me be further blunt, I think girls that have a lot of sex are inherently deranged or at the very least missing something very substantial from their lives and are trying to cover up this shortcoming through sex.

I would like to end with a point very few people consider: that after sex men are literally drained, I mean that in both a physical and a energy-level way.  Women on the other hand are not, they are energized.  Perhaps you have never thought it of it this, but it does not take too many dots to connect why this may be the case, men are giving up energy and women are taking it.  It is a overused joke about men wanting to go to sleep after sex, but it is really any wonder after you just donated some life energy to a girl, likely some ungrateful slut who will likely leave you soon or once she finds a better ‘giver’?

Here is the ulitmate irony, girls are the receivers, that want that cock endlessly and the resources ever flowing in, but as a testament to their inherent illogical emotions, the LESS you give them the more they want you.  The guys who buy her tons of shit, they guys flooding with attention…she doesnt want them.  Oh she will take the chocolates all day, but she doesnt want your generous ass.  No, she wants that guy that ‘Im not buying you shit’ or perhaps you have advanced far enough where she is trying to have sex with you ‘I am not interested tonight’ man, this is like crack cocanine to these girls.  They are WIRED for consumption and resources coming in, so when a guy DENIES giving?  That my friends, is the way to a girls ‘hole’ if you are so inclinded.


As an aside, there was a commercial for some car buying site, it was a black women, and it said ‘dont be unprepared at a car dealership again’ to which the black women proclaimed ‘I dont need a dude!’ now that she has this site.  One more ‘use’ males have that are now gone…