I think even I have been infected by feminist ‘victim mentality’

I woke up this morning and seeing things a bit more clearly I came to a conclusion that it is hard to deny.  I am no friend of feminism, and I talk about the damage it does to women, and also to a majority of guys with its ‘victim mentality’ while simultaneous actually getting MORE than men.

HOWEVER…. this is all through the guise that somehow the world has screwed them, and therefore they ‘need’ this or that.  That the odds are against them, that they stand less than equal chance.  A bunch of shit basically…

But what I realized is I have let myself be a lot lazier than I really should be under the guise of ‘a bad economy’.  Now, let me delineate my point, I am NOT arguing the economy is total shit (it totally is, further I believe an economic collapse is in the near future) but because an excuse exists, like a woman I have seized upon it to make my life easier.

I have justified long bouts of unemployment, justified how fucked up it is when there is 300 people for 2 slots, justified working for years at jobs paying me 10$ an hour because ‘thats better than a lot’.  Very very womanly.

Women in general accept their circumstances, and honestly most men these days also do.  But a real man has WILL.  Considering how often I steppe myself in ‘self-dominating/ power’  writings like nietzsche, samurai writing etc I am surprised I did not see it earlier.  A man does not simply accept his bad circumstances, HE REBELS THE FUCK AGAINST THEM!

I can not simply just will myself money, but what I can is not accept excuses and let myself off easy because ‘the odds are against me’ or that poor me I was born in such a fucked up economic time.  A real man accepts the facts, and decides how the hell to beat the stacked deck.  He doesnt cry and hope for pity.  He does what he can to survive.  To win.


30 thoughts on “I think even I have been infected by feminist ‘victim mentality’

  1. I wrote this mantra a few years ago and hung it on my wall:

    If you want something, fight for it.
    If you lost something, find it.
    If you hurt someone, fix it.
    If you need something, work for it.
    If you love someone, show it.

    It’s fine to acknowledge that odds are stacked against you. It’s another thing entirely to accept that you’ll never win due to those odds. Civilization is built and nutured by those men and women who performed despite whatever was working against them…not for lack of it. Most of us will never make it into the history books, but that is no excuse to be lazy. Being in control of one’s destiny is the true measure of a successful life!

    • “Being in control of one’s destiny is the true measure of a successful life!”

      no one is fully in control of anything.

      that is one of the flaws of the man-0-sphere. “Pull yourself up by the bootstraps.” Many successful people had advantages that others did not. Those lower on the totem pole often aren’t there because of a moral failure…

      As I’ve learned more about the music industry, I’ve found that many Rock Stars came from wealthy backgrounds. Lars Ulrich learned about the music business by following a band called Diamond Head around for a summer. He was able to afford a plane ticket to England and had some connections in the music business. A poor kid who had more ability on the drums didn’t have that opportunity.

      • This is very true, you can’t control what advantages you have (unless we’re talking about deliberately NOT using them). But there are many things you can control, rather than lying down and letting life toss you around.

        I’m not talking about some feel good crap like people like to spout nowadays. I mean just taking control of your life as much as you can.

        If you want to work, find a job…even if it means being a janitor at a college, a cashier at Burger King, or a cattle driver at a local farm. Get some kind of work experience, don’t just automatically file for welfare. And if you end up liking your janitorial job, that’s cool too. At least you’ve added something to your formerly blank resume.

        If you know (or think) that you need mental/physical help with a disorder, don’t just give in to depression. Go to a free Health Fair, get information, find yourself someone who will listen and aid you in getting the medication you need.

        So on, so forth…

        EK woke up to the fact that he has to actively work for what he wants, that more money or a better job won’t simply fall from the sky onto his lap. No one is fully in control of anything, that is true…but you’re in control of more than you think, simply by accepting that you may indeed have to work harder than others to get it.

  2. I have to disagree. It is this “Man Up” philosophy that got us into the current situation of a horrible economy. The people at the very top have taken advantage of our ability and willingness to work much harder than the rewards support. They have for more than a generation exploited workers for their own enrichment. The solution is not to work even harder to make them even richer. The solution is for men in mass to become lazy fucks that don’t care. The solution is to stop being part of the problem. Get a “Tiny House”, decide you really do like beans and rice, and don’t need a cell phone. Minimize your life and you really can live happily with 500/month. Stop being a good little disposable utility object, and let the system collapse.

    • Where do you live that you can care for yourself adequately on only $500 a month? In my area, the absolute cheapest/smallest economy studio apartment still goes for $400 a month…I totally agree that American/Canadian culture urges us to spend money on unnecessary materialistic things, but your hypothetical budget would mean that someone can afford;

      A balanced diet
      Hygiene supplies
      Any necessary medications

      On a budget of only about $115 a week, or $6000 a year. The 2013 poverty level for a single person in the 48 contiguous states is about $11,000 a year…

      • You need to change the definition of “adequately”. A used Pop-up Camper can be found for about $1,000. Park in the Walmart parking lot, and shelter is taken care of. This costs 1,000 upfront and $0/month. Have a laptop and a McD’s near by and you even have internet access. Drive a broken down POS and you can keep driving for about 75/month. Buy REAL food from local farmers markets and actual farmers, you can get great food for abut 100/month. A gym membership (for shower access) can be as little as 25/month. Hygiene sypplies are a trivial expence unless you want the name brand well scented cosmetics. A tooth brush and tooth paste cost $10/year. I’ve covered your “What about” list and am still only spending 200/month. (and yes this is possible I did it for a year)

        • Ah, ok. So you’re talking about pseudo-roughing it, not living as most people do. I thought afterwards that perhaps you were making references to a backpacking lifestyle. It makes more sense now, but I don’t think you’ll find many people willing to do this…

          Unfortunately, the Walmart by me doesn’t allow anything to be parked in their lot for over 48 hours, so you might have to move around more nowadays.

          I do buy food from my local farmers…usually milk and eggs, but sometimes I’ll spring for their membership of $200 a month to get the fruits and vegetables, also.

          As for hygiene supplies, I already don’t use brand name (well scented?)ones, and I don’t own any cosmetics. I was talking about toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, mouthwash, soap/shampoo, hairbrush, maybe a razor. If you don’t have a decent income, the last thing I’d want to worry about would be my teeth.

          Why did you live this way for a year? Necessity, or to see if you could?

      • I was running a small business as a merchant at Renaissance festivals. Having a “real” house wasn’t an option since I was in a different location every 3 months. So I lived in a popup camper. I would still be doing that if the economy hadn’t crashed and my sales dropped by more than 80%. I was doing fine living off of about 10k/year, but 2k/year just wasn’t going to happen.

        And yea, psudo ruffing it. Heat, AC, indoor plumbing, internet access….so very ruff. It’s just not having 2000sf of space that you don’t really use but pay to heat anyways.

        • Hey, that’s cool. One of my Magic customers used to do that with his family also. I absolutely love the Ren Faire around here.

          Hmm, so a popup camper has all that? Lol, I guess that’s not really roughing it then. Sorry, I’ve never been in a camper before (or even an RV). Whenever I went hiking/camping as a teen, my friends and I used tents, sleeping bags, cooked on a fire, no plumbing, no internet, barely any cell service, etc.

          Guess I was thinking that a popup camper was a modern/glorified lean-to, rather than a small home. That actually sounds pretty nice!

          • LOL some people would still consider it “roughing it” since there isn’t a separate space for sleeping and a separate space for watching tv and a separate space for computer and a sperate space for cooking etc.

          • Ha, those same people probably think you need a TV in every room, and think that a home without cable/internet isn’t worth living in. Or they’re women who can’t figure out how to piss standing up without help/urination aids. I’m guessing “roughing it” to them is not having a microwave… :/

    • ” The people at the very top have taken advantage of our ability and willingness to work much harder than the rewards support. They have for more than a generation exploited workers for their own enrichment.”

      on an infrastructural level this is true…

      wages have stagnated if not declined while productivity goes up…

      I’m told to do more at my job while the bonuses have gotten smaller…

      I’m less motivated but most my co-workers tolerate it, in fact one happily took a demotion…

    • ” Stop being a good little disposable utility object, and let the system collapse.”

      MGTOW’s can do the most damage by opting out of dangerous jobs like military service and law enforcement.

      They can also milk UI for as long as possible if the opportunity presents itself…

      They can also adopt the same attitude towards debt that governments and businesses have. It’s not personal failure, it’s strategic default…

    • $900/month is what I need and when I say ‘need’ I mean what I need to live my preferred life style. I have long pondered how people with high salaries can even find themselves in poverty. I laugh that I live a better life style on that $900 a month than my parents do on >$700 per work day.
      I think the most of the boomers never got taught or for the most part had need for fiscal responsibility until the economy slowed and you have a jump in debt for a couple decades until the recession happened and now we’re back to building that debt even higher.

  3. A man going his own way makes his own choices and scrutinizes every aspect of cost/benefit in how it will affect his life.

    If you are not happy doing what you are doing, do something else. Even if it makes you a ‘utility’ as it were.. just do enough of whatever it takes to make you happy. Find the balance. MGTOW. We aren’t a movement with a leader or rules. We simply do as we see fit for ourselves.

    Sometimes it includes women. Sometimes it doesn’t. Depends on your threshold and the quality you surround yourself with.

    I have a 1 bedroom apartment. No plans to go anywhere anytime soon. But i may have to move into something bigger if things take off with my girl. At that point i will decide if things are working well enough for me to invest further but it will be my choice to see if a mortgage is a worthwhile headache over renting. And on and on…

    But most of all, do whatever it takes for you to feel like a man. Not as a stereotype.. but feeling it in your bones and let it exude from you. If making lots of money is what it takes, make it happen. If making just enough to explore the finer points of life is what it takes, make it happen.

    Just don’t sit there and let it all pass by, go out there and live.. on *YOUR* terms. The essence of MGTOW.

    • I believe what you are saying is, each word of MGTOW should be taken literally.

      their OWN WAY

      as opposed to “humans born with xy chromosomes, following what society has said they ought to do”.


  4. I think that was well said, EK. First thing is a plan.
    You know the old adage: “The harder I work, the luckier I get”. Times are definitely hard, but a real Meritocracy is about the rarest thing on earth. One @sshole or another will always be able to screw you, the measure of a person is how they deal with it and overcome adversity. (I know that sounds like a platitude, but it’s true)

    We were pretty poor the first few years of marriage. My husband was a pizza delivery guy and we lived with his parents (and they have always hated me, it was a horrible existence). When we had our first two sons, I shopped at garage sales for maternity outfits and baby and toddler stuff. Every stroller I ever owned was either a hand-me down freebee or a garage sale item. The only new items were carseats, a safety concern. We lived in an apartment that was so awful I couldn’t leave at night, and during the day I’d have to walk my oldest around the bushes because he liked to pick up everything and there were always used condoms and sometimes needles in them (at the kids’ park, too). Anyway, life is much much much better now, needless to say.

    • Just to add, I think humor is about the only sane way to approach most unfortunate life experiences. It really does make everything better and places it into perspective.
      Obviously not everything is a bag of laughs (not talking direct tragedies, more like inconveniences), but looking back we sure have some good material from those times, and we appreciate everything we have a thousand times more than we would if it came easily and quickly. And we’ve really never made closer friends. And you know that whoever likes you doesn’t like you for what you can do for them, they really like you for who you are.

    • I know your family is related to the Air Force now, I had considered that option for a while, but god this Syria shit really makes me think its about one of the worst decisions I could now make.

      • I agree and don’t blame you.
        They’ll probably have to start stop lossing people if they go into this thing.
        I’m still hopeful sanity will prevail. But I’ve been wrong before.

        I think you mentioned being interested in flying before. The airforce is a good avenue if you want to be a pilot (that training is very expensive, as you probably know), but even as a pilot it’s looking pretty grim. And these days you could finish training and they’ll put you in a drone and you’ll get nothing out of it.

      • I’d take reports about our military purposely targeting innocents with the same level of scrutiny one take reports about sexual harassment and assault.

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