Plenty of fish feminism pt1

I have been ragging on OkCupid feminism before, but I turned to plenty of fish…and my god its pretty bad over there too, I went through about 2 profiles before I found this gem:


Complete with a hambeast pic holding a low-end Remington shotgun.

“Hey my name is Mary. First off I’d like to say I’m a boss!”

EK- Hey, at least she said hi first, before her demands were placed…

“Im pretty sassy and I am stubborn its fun.”

EK- No, that is never fun.

“I work doing in home care.”

EK- So you do shit.  Nice incomplete sentence btw.

“I am loud and crazy if you don’t like loud people u don’t want to chill with me. I am sarcastic and can be mean.”

EK-So…basically you have no good points listed in this sentence…

“I am a vegetarian been going strong for a while lol no bad grammar please it’s a turn off!”

EK-My god…how can you be so stupid?  You make a claim about grammar bothering you, and the SENTENCE IT IS IN IS FUCKED UP.

“Please don’t message me if you spell like a 6th grader. ummmm want to know more message me 🙂 well unless your old then don’t message me I am only 21!”

EK-Yes, do you realize your own hypocrisy you fat bitch?

“OH HEY!!! So if I don’t respond to your first second third or even fourth message obviously I’m not interested dude. Don’t take it personally and call me a kunt 🙂 and if your shorter then 5″11 your disqualified don’t message me hahah k thanks!”

EK-Kunt hahah never seen it spelled that way, I actually suspect she may think that’s how its spelled.

“I LOVE WHITE BOYS! Soooo if your white then heyyyy! Not being racist it’s just what I’m attracted too!”

EK-At least she is honest about liking white guys, barring her ego rationalization, excluding her fucked up grammar and spelling, I am pretty sure 6th graders are at least supposed to know ‘too’ vs ‘to’.

Here is a good summary, and she writes it herself:

Personality: Princess

31 thoughts on “Plenty of fish feminism pt1

  1. glad she disqualified me as the mixed race mutt I am…

    and funny how she see’s fit to disqualify short men but if anyone critiqued her beer gut they’d be 20 kinds of misogynist…

    POF is a sewer…

      • yeah, I’m superficial, I don’t like boorish womyn who drink crappy beer and pose with toy shotguns…

        one time I worked as a cashier, I was told I was a crappy cashier. Well, it paid minimum wage. Being an excellent cashier wouldn’t even allow me to support myself. So being the womyn’s idea of a catch, nah, better off w/o her.

  2. Wow. I can’t even…
    My mind is blown in such a bad way.

    This *cannot* be a real person. She smokes, thinks that her hair color and Zodiac sign is her ethnicity, drinks over 3 times a week, has men listed as an “interest” after “beer pong” and “beer”, and describes herself as a Princess.

    And is flipping the bird in one of her photos! Not to mention her odd requests/demands, and the complete lack of anything resembling syntax or grammar in her writings. Hypocrisy hits certain people very hard, I guess. This woman is the embodiment of “entitled”, in my opinion.

    By the Gods, EK…are you actively *trying* to kill your readers’ faith in humanity?

  3. The women here in Calgary are a subtler form of shite; they aren’t outright trashy like this lovely princess since they’re all trying to be part of the corporate culture of pretension, instead they’re cold, bringing little to the table, and not but the most wan of smiles. Demands aplenty, though.

  4. POF= plenty of fatties. i started a profile just to write about my experience, and i concluded that online dating isn’t the best chioce for men. female entitlement goes up 1000 times with each inch on her waist.

      • From afar, this stuff is hilarious because it shows how stupid some women are. We can read a profile and see right through it. But then when you realize people actually think and act like that, or see this stuff firsthand, it becomes something altogether different. Via Korea recently wrote this about attending an expat’s birthday party and seeing some average Western women there:

        “Surrounding me were women who had recently left a sexual marketplace where those of their herd were fairly “normal” and entered a vastly more competitive sexual market where they have been effortlessly outcompeted and rendered sexually invisible by the local competition. It would be like me showing up confidently to a footrace in Jamaica because I was always pretty okay at the 100-meter dash back home. You should have seen the “hottest” among them—she was very cocky and shit-testy to the men around her despite being 5’6″ and 165 pounds. Embarrassingly, she probably would have fetched a fair amount of male attention back home.”

        I can corroborate this. Those women are out there. They flew over here and expected everything to be the same when it came to the SMP. They bitch about about Korean guys passing them up or about Western guys picking up Korean women, but do nothing about making themselves more appealing. See and for more

  5. She is a god damn internet meme parody for eff sakes.

    Her new tagline is “Ya I’m not impressed by your shirtless pics.”

    Good gawd, her pics with shirt on are so hideously unimpressive i dare say hers with shirt off will have me reaching for the rubbing alcohol to soak my eyes in.

    I mean for real? A FUCKING MEME!

    The meme:


    Good gawd almighty!!! Kill it with fire!

    • Hahaha, I laughed at that first link. I think it is a sad travesty women are raised to think ‘oh, a REAL MAN will be able to handle my shit’.

      No a real man is not going to look at you other than to laugh.

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