How a typical pre-pill forum post would go (Humor)

The internet is an interesting place, the anonymity (well from most people, not the nsa) gives people ‘electric courage’ to say stuff they normally wouldnt, so what is interesting in the ardent defense you still encounter to ‘anti-woman’ like topics.

Forums are a really good place to troll, it is unbelievable fun to bait people and watch predictable responses watching everyone from whit knighters to femnazis come rolling out…and unfortunately the logical fallacies are many and it seems society has decreed the anti-woman side to be the ones that need the burden off proof.

Lets take a typical forum post ( slashes indict alternative topics or responses, notice that regardless of the post-pill guys response or topic the fem-birgade always uses same tactics)

Topic: I hate women / A woman ruined my life / I don’t need women

Post-pill guy: At work some girl who does shit but flirts with the boss got promoted before I did / My exwife took everything I ever owned in a divorce settlement / I am living for myself, I dont need a woman

(Now notice the very typical rapid response white knight crew to defeat the trouble)

WhiteKnight1 (1 min later) : You must not be very sucessful with women

WK2: (also 1 min later): Aww, ok come out of the basement now

WK3: No wonder they dont like you

Androgenousfemale1: And guys wonder why we hate them

WK2: Lol!

FatFamale1: AWW! little boy got beat by a girl and has to cry to mommy!


WK1: I really hate people like this, they generalize all women, dont they know NOT ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT!

FatFemale2: Dont idiots like this know about the wage gap, where we work harder than males and make less than them?

WK3: I guess not, afterall the wagegap simply isnt fair.

Androgenousfemale1: OP such a loser!  Get out of the basement creep!

WK2: LMAO!!!

WK2: hey Androgenousfemale1 if this guy knew how hard it was being a girl he’d never post this trash, at least I sympathize with your hardship.

Post-pill guy: I dont hate all women just western women / the courts laws are rigged against males / I can be happy by myself

WK1: People have such hate

WK3: You DO know women make less for the same work right?

FatFemale2: This one time at work, I was working my ass off and this male who does nothing except joke all day got to leave early!  I am stuck here writing papers and he is laughing while he walks his fat ass out the door.  Tell me that isnt institutional misogyny!

WK2: That just show how far we still have to go for equal rights.

Androgenousfemale1: Next thing we know OP will be telling us women have to look ‘cute’

WK3: Males have no idea how hard it is being a girl

FatFemale1: It really pisses me off when guys judge me on appearance instead of my inner beauty, I hate arrogant assholes like that.  I mainly want to shove a stick down their fucking throat.

FatFemale2: Or what about the males that are against us going to school and want us to start a family…what is this the 1950s?


WK1: Most guys like this arent really developed, just little children

WK3: Likely stuck in the basement still

GuyWhoSlightlyAgreesWithOP: Well, I have seen some unfair things out of women before

WK1 (Instant response): What is this, the holocaust, everyone just spewing their hate?

FatFemale1: Oh just more of that institutional misogyny and female hatred our whole society is composed of

Androgenousfemale1: Let me guess, your mom beat you as a kid right?

WK2: LOL!  No wonder he hates women!

WK3: Guys like this must not be very well liked in their life

FatFemale2: I fell bad for guys with this much hate, this must be small pathetic men with small penises and despise the fact they are even alive, I really do feel bad for these men although they will likely turn into child molesters later

Post-pill guy: As a matter of fact I have a asian girlfriend, she is very nice and she cooks / I’ve turned gay, its much better now / Exercise is better than you fat bitches!

WK1: Oh, have fun with your mail order bride!

FatFemale1:Oh is this what ‘feminine’ is these days?  Some women you can order around and just keep in shape and make her do all the cooking you are too lazy to?

Androgenousfemale1: Once his ‘girlfriend’ see the light she will leave his creepy ass too!

FatFemale2: It pisses me off that guys think a thin waist somehow matters, or them and their big boobs, what shallow pigs

WK3: Next thing you know they’ll be talking about how female fertility decreases after age 30, never mind all the science we have these days.

FatFemale1: OP is just a sad sad lonely man.  I bet his wished he could suck his own dick, then he wouldnt even have to bother with us ‘females’ right you hateful little man!?

WK2: LMAO!!!


18 thoughts on “How a typical pre-pill forum post would go (Humor)

  1. The wage gap. I can’t believe people are still falling for that nonsense.

    If I ever start a business, I’m going to staff it entirely with women so I can get away with paying them 75% of what I’d pay a man. /sarc

  2. Every single one of the people that responded to you, EK, are examples of the WORST type of cross-breed: People That Are Too Stupid to KNOW They’re Stupid **AND** Hypocrites.

    And as a result, they have no idea what Hypocritical ASSHOLES they look like to people that AREN’T utterly BLIND. XP

    They sicken me. >_<

      • I almost figured as much.

        But one has to take into account – in order to HAVE such complete hypotheses as the ones you’ve constructed here, one must (of necessity) have ENCOUNTERED such a plethora of online idiots as to make such interchanges commonplace.


        “Society.” >_<

  3. It’s too bad people don’t allow themselves to see things from other angles. Women tend to see things one way and hold grudges. I remember in junior high guys would get into fist fights and then become best friends 2 hours later. Haha.. I happen to work with a lot of women and it’s true. Once they decide to hate you, they do for life (with a few exceptions).

  4. “Post-pill guy: As a matter of fact I have a asian girlfriend, she is very nice and she cooks / I’ve turned gay, its much better now / Exercise is better than you fat bitches!”

    Out of curiosity, have you seen any men say that they’ve turned gay so that they can have a pleasant relationship with a human being?

      • Wow, I’m flabbergasted. I thought that turning gay ‘because of a bitchy woman’ is something that only existed in internet forums, occasionally as a shaming stick by White Knights and similar minded people who would say “you’re only gay ’cause you can’t handle a Strong Woman.”

        If other men follow that guys example then I reckon that feminist women will stop looking at gays as political allies, and start seeing them as potential enemies in the sexual marketplace.

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