Femenism even claims females – Gia Allemand dead

I talk a lot about the ill effects feminism has on males, as it tends to not be at all talked about in the mainstream.  But, feminism destroys the very fabric of society, and both male and female pay the price.

Another victim of feminism

There was a women named Gia Allemand who was a pretty good looking swimsuit model who was on the showed ‘The Bachelor’ a few years ago.  I hardly ever watch tv, but it was actually one season I watched, it was VERY good watching with post-pill eyes.

Anyway, she was a good looking and looked like a fun girl who had great energy, but she died, committed suicide.


She was supposedly having relationship difficulties.  It is somewhat sad in this world where girls have everything that a good looking girl would kill herself.  I think feminism has destroyed the mental image of girls to such an extreme level that even someone like this felt she wasn’t living up to whatever false standard feminism has set for women.

Girls literally have the power to go up to any guy and ask for a date, or for sex and would likely get it.  This girl could have had so much, but she inevitably harbored some false standard she did not live up to (thank feminists for that) and the only way out was death.

How tragic that feminism forces men out, and kills its followers along the way for not living up to the insane standards it set forth.


14 thoughts on “Femenism even claims females – Gia Allemand dead

  1. Your premise doesn’t hold true anymore. It was in the 60’s that a woman asking for sex was near 100% guaranteed to get laid. A study done just this year using a similarly beautiful model found that her asking guys only had about a 60% success rate. Now, having a failure rate that is 400 TIMES as high as feminism would have you believe is “average” may destroy self image to the extent of suicide.

    • I think you’re talking about a video where she asked around 7 (or 14) men.
      All this study proved is that men got a lot more suspicious and a lot less trusting since feminism took hold. Of course they would be, with sex laws as hateful as they are. Not to mention, a beautiful woman nowadays doesn’t just come up to you and ask you for sex in broad daylight. It doesn’t happen.

      A woman nowadays can get laid any time she wants. Not with any man she wants, but she can get laid. Does feminism really tell women the rejection rate for them would be 0.1%? At least over here, feminists are busy insisting men and women have the same sexuality.

      • “All this study proved is that men got a lot more suspicious and a lot less trusting since feminism took hold”

        Well yeah I think that’s the point. I think it’s the exact same reason women would typically reject a stranger asking for random sex – they are suspicious of his motivation (does he just want to rape me?). Men today are increasingly suspicious of women’s motives (is she going to cry rape?)

      • Feminism informs women that all men are raging rape monsters. Few men have the self control to not rape women, far fewer than 0.1% would have the self control to not fuck a willing woman. This is the message coming from feminism, not that men and women has the same sexuality.

    • The premise holds true because the ratio is still no where near equal, a guy asking would get <1% of that I am utterly convinced and EVEN if a girl got as low as 10% (which I suspect would be much higher) thats over 10x the 'inequality'.

  2. Indeed. The idea of “having it all” has certainly screwed with people’s heads. It’s taken to mean “Everything on 11 all the time” instead of having “Some of everything.” There are only so many hours in a day and even though this idea’s no excuse for shying away from self-improvement, there will always be someone who has “more.”

  3. People have committed suicide throughout history, in numerous different cultures. I don’t think feminism is the reason for female suicide (though I’d bet there’s a good chance women on artificial hormones commit suicide more frequently, because they’re more likely to be depressed…both depressed and nutty).

    In every country in the world, men are more likely to commit suicide with the exception of China. In China women are 40% more likely to commit suicide. Is feminism more prevalent in China? If so, I’ll reconsider my opinion. But I don’t think so.

    • I must have read something different in Erudite’s post, can you point me to where he said that only feminism causes female suicide or that feminism is the main or even a top cause of female suicide? I thought he was just pointing to the fact that feminism sets a high standard for women to live up to: “having it all” and that puts a lot of stress on otherwise well off people sometime resulting in extreme cases like suicide.

      • The title, ‘feminism even claims females-Gia Allemand dead’ would seem to imply that feminism as the reason behind Gia Allemand’s death.

        The following statement: “I think feminism has destroyed the mental image of girls to such an extreme level that even someone like this felt she wasn’t living up to whatever false standard feminism has set for women. (snip)
        How tragic that feminism forces men out, and kills its followers along the way for not living up to the insane standards it set forth.”
        Would also imply that feminism is the cause of female suicide. Not the ONLY cause, but it implies a pretty substantial connection between the two.

        You’ll notice the title of this blog ends with “In search of the truth, no matter the cost”. That would imply an openness to factual observation. Yes, feminism sets a high standard for having it all and makes a lot of people unhappy (not just models, but families and men, as has been discussed here) and can cause stress. Statistically, however, suicide rates for females are very low her by comparison to….China. In China one out of every three female deaths is death by suicide. You don’t believe that’s pertinent to a discussion about females and suicide? If feminism is a cause of suicide it mustn’t be a very big one. And (with only the little information on her life I am familiar with) if I were in this model’s position at 29 I wouldn’t have been happy either. Because she really had little of true value (family). That isn’t a feminist perspective, it’s a feminine one.

        • Liz, I think you may be taking what I said a bit far, I am not saying that feminism directly caused Gia’s death, merely that it is a factor, its more of a subconscious killer. Certainly she ‘died’ by rope, but I am implicating feminism on the whole for why a woman like this would even consider this option.

          It is feminism that tells women they need to do x,y,z for them to be happy, and deviating from this is somehow a recipe for disaster, so these girls follow it, and when they are unhappy they can’t figure out why. They have been lied to so long. So yes, feminism does claim another victim.

  4. I actually agree about the thrust of this general article:


    She’s presenting WGTOW, however, even Stardusk has admitted that MOST men can’t follow MGTOW. So, I concur that Erudite Knight’s bigger point is that feminism has given many women a path to unhappiness. For me personally, MGTOW isn’t a path to happiness but a path to avoiding the pain I saw growing up in a broken home. It’s a functional survival plan in a disfunctional world. I’d love to have a kid but it would have to be under the right circumstances. Stardusk and others have told me to look into a surrogate mother. I personally wouldn’t go that route as even though this may be the only traditionalist view I hold, I believe a child should have both a mother and father.

    • Yeah, unfortunately, I was led to it myself as a way to avoid pain. I mean how fucked up is it that interacting with females runs the VERY high risk of fucking up your life in ratios far beyond the interaction with said female?

    • I have to ask though, I am pretty convinced the ‘no child’ movement IS a feminist movement, that they are so ‘beyond’ having a kid for some patriarchy. How would you argue with me?

      • I wouldn’t argue with you per se…

        Historically, women’s movements have asked for different things, sometimes even contradicting each other. Feminist’s have rejected marriage as a patriarchical institution, now you see many “man up” articles complaining about the lack of good men. While they may be coming from more traditionalist quarters, the feminists seem okay with all the man bashing.

        “Yet, a married white woman saying “no thanks” to mommy-hood? She’s a selfish narcissist, putting her life of fancy vacations and spotless white carpets ahead of her social and biological duty to reproduce.”

        Jill F. doesn’t seem to be rejecting the idea of marriage, just children. I personally would never consider marriage unless I found a woman I wanted to have children with. That seems to illustrate that institutionally, marriage is a worse deal (at least if things go south) for men than women.

        I wouldn’t say the “no child movement” is feminist per se. I did get into an argument with a feminist over abortion. I don’t side with the pro-choice crowd (I’m not trying to roll back Roe vs. Wade.) She also got really upset when I mentioned that as a never married man with no children, I wouldn’t consider a relationship with a divorcee or single mom. She got really upset at that one. To me it felt hypocritical that she demanded I support women’s rights but got angry when I acknowledged that as a man, I have little in the way of reproductive rights.

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