More OKCupid Feminism pt2

Ok this next girl up really shows the disconnect some women appear to have in their brain.  First let me

If you have a fake okcupid profile (which I suggest you make) here is the link:

If you dont, here are relevant quotes (spelling errors are hers):

My self-summary

I’m a pretty and chill girl and I love to be treated like a princess that I am! ^.^
What I’m doing with my life

Tryin to make a living through my art. Hopefully one day my price will come and we can live happily ever after! lol
The six things I could never do without

Art 😀
Money $$
Chocolate :3
Victorias Secret ;o
Peace ^.^
Love ❤
{Hers is top, I am not sure if pic will actually post, my girl is the bottom…such a slut I know – EK}

Say you’ve started seeing someone you really like. As far as you’re concerned, how long will it take before you have sex?

An image of xColonelIceFire Only after the wedding

An image of DogLoverSara 1-2 dates

Do you carry condoms?

An image of xColonelIceFire Always

An image of DogLoverSara Always

Do you want your partner to be kinkier than you?

An image of xColonelIceFire Not possible

An image of DogLoverSara Yes

Ok…that is enough to begin evisceration.  Oh, and btw her pic is some photoshopped nightmare of all these layer and lens effects to hide the fact that despite only showing her face it looks like her nose is too fat.
So we have a girl that is willingly embracing the ‘princess’ trash every girl seems to be raised with these days.  She wants her ‘price’ to come save her, I guess he is such a prince he can overlook her simple spelling error right?
I like the fact she admits she is a poor art student, but that money is the second most important thing.  Beta provisioners please form a line!
Then we get straight to the typical hypocritical thought patterns of modern girl:  she is NOT a slut because she wants to wait until after the marriage before she ever has sex (with her beta provisions).  Oh, but btw she always carries condoms in case some playa alpha guy decides to slip a dick in.  Evidently she is kinkier than other people…but you will have to marry her first to find out!
Unfortunately…this is a very typical girl.  Hypocritical thought patterns, vastly overinflated sense of value…and the irony is I bet this bitch gets 20 messages a day and she turns them all down.
What a sad state of affairs…when a girl this ugly and stupid should be BEGGING for attention ‘I know I am ugly, but I will try to cook and try to please you sexually, just give me a chance!’ instead can live off some guy while waiting for her ‘price’ to come save her.

20 thoughts on “More OKCupid Feminism pt2

  1. I doubt it’s legit.
    On the link she talked about being bi. You’re not bi if you haven’t eaten pussy, and there aren’t a lot of virgins who do that. And then there’s the name XColonelIceFire? The bowels of the internet have sure opened a whole lotta strange into the world….

    • Oh, I dont think this girl is a virgin at all, despite the ‘waiting till marriage’ that was part of the hypocrisy, is if a provider guy comes along, its ‘waiting till marriage’ whereas she will she fuck some random guy.

      I think its real, the photo took too much work to hide her ugliness that a guy wouldnt bother doing.

      • “the photo took too much work to hide her ugliness that a guy wouldnt bother doing”

        That’s a really good point. I stand corrected. And let me add…OMFG.

      • And…Heh, just thinking I hope no one thinks I’m ugly because my last avatar photo was photoshopped with all the lighting effects. I just don’t want to be recognized! I swear! (on the off chance someone I know sees it they might say, huh, that looks like Liz…but they wouldn’t be sure, and I’m not exactly PC in these forums)

      • And….please don’t respond to that last post.
        At BEST, I’m fishing for compliments, at worst someone will say something untoward about my appearance and then I’ll be sad. So shut up everyone…Wait…Do I look fat in these pants? LOL!

  2. Hey EK, I have a question for you.

    A woman, who may have in the past treated men dreadfully, and may have contributed to his consumption of the red pill who has now seen the error of her ways and sincerely regrets her former self.

    What can she do to make amends? Anything?

  3. You assumed it was me. 😉

    … but are you trying to make amends to some specific man, or men in general?

    Men in general.

    Also tell me a bit about some of this dreadful behavior.
    Treating him like a walking wallet, denying sex as punishment for slights real and imagined, lying about other men (there were others).

    Come on. Be honest. It depends almost entirely on what she looks like.

    At the time of the incidents in question, like this. (Be kind, please.)

    • I didn’t know you were referring to yourself Sasha.
      In that case you should really know the answer yourself, based on the way people generally treat you. Be objective and honest with yourself. Next, unless you are married or have agreed to have sex with someone for a good or service you are in no way obligated to have sex with anyone. In marriage sex is an integral part of the relationship and withholding sex frequently and/or routinely can harmful. If you’ve agreed to have sex for reciprocity and then the man has given you money or provided the service promised and you don’t then you have stolen from him. Otherwise denying sex is your prerogative. Furthermore, if he has actually slighted you having sex with him would indicate a lack of self respect.

      • I know. I was definitely one of those people who was poisoned by the whole grrrl power attitude of feminism, but I didn’t know it was poison until much later, when I started reading some MRA/MGTOW sites and to my horror, recognized myself in some of the stories. Not AS bad (truly!) but I definitely had an attitude of entitlement that was not earned.

        I am married now to a great guy and we have a good intimate life. We’ve been together for 10 years and married for 4….I moved hemispheres to be with him. 🙂 I am faithful and so is he. I behave honestly and forthrightly and apply the Golden Rule in pretty much all my activities. I am just hoping to give something cosmically back to the male gender by way of apology for my past.

        Does that make sense?

    • Likely excuse…

      Anyway it depends on if the male ‘gets it’ or not, because any guy who kind of gets it is not going to be very forgiving, or will be suspicious.

      That being said, guys are NOT manipulative like girls are, so simply be direct, honest and forthright. If it is something you can apologize for, do it. Otherwise simply change your attitude, start being nicer, stop denying sex etc. Guys are direct, and actions speak louder than words.

      • Hey it worked. Sasha, looks are kind of secondary when it comes to apologies. Guys are direct, ANY honest ‘hey I screwed up, this is why, and this is how I will make it better’ is going to work.

        That being said a guy who was burned harder, or more postpill is going to be much more leery of said apology. But at heart guys always will likely give another chance.

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