The ‘war’ in Syria – an exercise in doublespeak

In case you have been under a rock, there has been a insane media blitz the last week to get us into a fight with Syria.  Before we progress: ask yourself the following two questions:

‘Did Syria undoubtedly use chemical weapons on its own people?’

‘Did Iraq have WMDs?’

The answer to both of these is “No”.  Now if you were to watch the main stream media you would be confused and be thinking I am wrong.  I am not.  UN inspectors themselves admit there is doubt as to who exactly or if there even was a chemical attack.

In fact not only is there doubt, they said evidence suggests it was the ‘rebels’ who used it.


Our society is deeply fucked, our economic system is primed for a cataclysmic collapse, our culture is gutter garbage, no one gives a shit, there are no jobs, but to distract us from these problems we have things like miley cyrus’s softcore porn performance. (As a disclaimer I had no idea who she was until the endless news of ‘how vile’ her performance was as the economy marches to hell)  Also as long as there are ‘enemies’ out there people are distracted away from their own problems.  We have always been at war with Eastasia.

So back to Syria, a chemical attack MAY have happened against someone, but what do we do?  We take this narrative and decide it was Syria’s president Assad and he was gassing his own people. ‘Syria must pay…for the women and children!’ becomes a rallying cry of sorts.  After all, we have to save the women and children right?  Wait a minute…how do we even know who did what?  You are basing a military intervention on hearsay that is unsubstaintated?  Eerie echoes of Iraq thunder in the distance.


Now, with that being said…lets see what our government has to say with anyone questioning the narrative.

“Suggestions that there’s any doubt about who’s responsible for this are as preposterous as a suggestion that the attack did not occur” – Jay Caney, Obama spokesman

I really hope most of my readers have read the book 1984, it seems like that book ended up being a playbook for the world.  We have our government officials telling us that to doubt their assertions are ‘preposterous’ when THEY WERE NEVER SUBSTANTIATED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

UN inspectors say they need 4 more days to conclude…my prediction?  We will move in before that.  ‘Something’ will happen, or the ‘women and children have to be saved’ and in we go.  When it might come out later about the truth of gas attacks, oh well, we made a mistake.  We will laugh it off just like the Iraq war.  Oh it was just that silly texan.  This time it will just be that silly black man and we wait for the next big distraction, no one realizing there are forces beyond the president in control here.  This conflict has a very real likelihood of spilling into a HUGE regional conflict, dragging us into potentially a WW3 depending on how bad things get.

Real people are going to die in Syria, Obama will probably kill more ‘women and children’ than any gas and no one gives a shit, and false pretenses will be enough to let the killing begin.

I think even I have been infected by feminist ‘victim mentality’

I woke up this morning and seeing things a bit more clearly I came to a conclusion that it is hard to deny.  I am no friend of feminism, and I talk about the damage it does to women, and also to a majority of guys with its ‘victim mentality’ while simultaneous actually getting MORE than men.

HOWEVER…. this is all through the guise that somehow the world has screwed them, and therefore they ‘need’ this or that.  That the odds are against them, that they stand less than equal chance.  A bunch of shit basically…

But what I realized is I have let myself be a lot lazier than I really should be under the guise of ‘a bad economy’.  Now, let me delineate my point, I am NOT arguing the economy is total shit (it totally is, further I believe an economic collapse is in the near future) but because an excuse exists, like a woman I have seized upon it to make my life easier.

I have justified long bouts of unemployment, justified how fucked up it is when there is 300 people for 2 slots, justified working for years at jobs paying me 10$ an hour because ‘thats better than a lot’.  Very very womanly.

Women in general accept their circumstances, and honestly most men these days also do.  But a real man has WILL.  Considering how often I steppe myself in ‘self-dominating/ power’  writings like nietzsche, samurai writing etc I am surprised I did not see it earlier.  A man does not simply accept his bad circumstances, HE REBELS THE FUCK AGAINST THEM!

I can not simply just will myself money, but what I can is not accept excuses and let myself off easy because ‘the odds are against me’ or that poor me I was born in such a fucked up economic time.  A real man accepts the facts, and decides how the hell to beat the stacked deck.  He doesnt cry and hope for pity.  He does what he can to survive.  To win.

Plenty of fish feminism pt1

I have been ragging on OkCupid feminism before, but I turned to plenty of fish…and my god its pretty bad over there too, I went through about 2 profiles before I found this gem:


Complete with a hambeast pic holding a low-end Remington shotgun.

“Hey my name is Mary. First off I’d like to say I’m a boss!”

EK- Hey, at least she said hi first, before her demands were placed…

“Im pretty sassy and I am stubborn its fun.”

EK- No, that is never fun.

“I work doing in home care.”

EK- So you do shit.  Nice incomplete sentence btw.

“I am loud and crazy if you don’t like loud people u don’t want to chill with me. I am sarcastic and can be mean.”

EK-So…basically you have no good points listed in this sentence…

“I am a vegetarian been going strong for a while lol no bad grammar please it’s a turn off!”

EK-My god…how can you be so stupid?  You make a claim about grammar bothering you, and the SENTENCE IT IS IN IS FUCKED UP.

“Please don’t message me if you spell like a 6th grader. ummmm want to know more message me 🙂 well unless your old then don’t message me I am only 21!”

EK-Yes, do you realize your own hypocrisy you fat bitch?

“OH HEY!!! So if I don’t respond to your first second third or even fourth message obviously I’m not interested dude. Don’t take it personally and call me a kunt 🙂 and if your shorter then 5″11 your disqualified don’t message me hahah k thanks!”

EK-Kunt hahah never seen it spelled that way, I actually suspect she may think that’s how its spelled.

“I LOVE WHITE BOYS! Soooo if your white then heyyyy! Not being racist it’s just what I’m attracted too!”

EK-At least she is honest about liking white guys, barring her ego rationalization, excluding her fucked up grammar and spelling, I am pretty sure 6th graders are at least supposed to know ‘too’ vs ‘to’.

Here is a good summary, and she writes it herself:

Personality: Princess

How a typical pre-pill forum post would go (Humor)

The internet is an interesting place, the anonymity (well from most people, not the nsa) gives people ‘electric courage’ to say stuff they normally wouldnt, so what is interesting in the ardent defense you still encounter to ‘anti-woman’ like topics.

Forums are a really good place to troll, it is unbelievable fun to bait people and watch predictable responses watching everyone from whit knighters to femnazis come rolling out…and unfortunately the logical fallacies are many and it seems society has decreed the anti-woman side to be the ones that need the burden off proof.

Lets take a typical forum post ( slashes indict alternative topics or responses, notice that regardless of the post-pill guys response or topic the fem-birgade always uses same tactics)

Topic: I hate women / A woman ruined my life / I don’t need women

Post-pill guy: At work some girl who does shit but flirts with the boss got promoted before I did / My exwife took everything I ever owned in a divorce settlement / I am living for myself, I dont need a woman

(Now notice the very typical rapid response white knight crew to defeat the trouble)

WhiteKnight1 (1 min later) : You must not be very sucessful with women

WK2: (also 1 min later): Aww, ok come out of the basement now

WK3: No wonder they dont like you

Androgenousfemale1: And guys wonder why we hate them

WK2: Lol!

FatFamale1: AWW! little boy got beat by a girl and has to cry to mommy!


WK1: I really hate people like this, they generalize all women, dont they know NOT ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT!

FatFemale2: Dont idiots like this know about the wage gap, where we work harder than males and make less than them?

WK3: I guess not, afterall the wagegap simply isnt fair.

Androgenousfemale1: OP such a loser!  Get out of the basement creep!

WK2: LMAO!!!

WK2: hey Androgenousfemale1 if this guy knew how hard it was being a girl he’d never post this trash, at least I sympathize with your hardship.

Post-pill guy: I dont hate all women just western women / the courts laws are rigged against males / I can be happy by myself

WK1: People have such hate

WK3: You DO know women make less for the same work right?

FatFemale2: This one time at work, I was working my ass off and this male who does nothing except joke all day got to leave early!  I am stuck here writing papers and he is laughing while he walks his fat ass out the door.  Tell me that isnt institutional misogyny!

WK2: That just show how far we still have to go for equal rights.

Androgenousfemale1: Next thing we know OP will be telling us women have to look ‘cute’

WK3: Males have no idea how hard it is being a girl

FatFemale1: It really pisses me off when guys judge me on appearance instead of my inner beauty, I hate arrogant assholes like that.  I mainly want to shove a stick down their fucking throat.

FatFemale2: Or what about the males that are against us going to school and want us to start a family…what is this the 1950s?


WK1: Most guys like this arent really developed, just little children

WK3: Likely stuck in the basement still

GuyWhoSlightlyAgreesWithOP: Well, I have seen some unfair things out of women before

WK1 (Instant response): What is this, the holocaust, everyone just spewing their hate?

FatFemale1: Oh just more of that institutional misogyny and female hatred our whole society is composed of

Androgenousfemale1: Let me guess, your mom beat you as a kid right?

WK2: LOL!  No wonder he hates women!

WK3: Guys like this must not be very well liked in their life

FatFemale2: I fell bad for guys with this much hate, this must be small pathetic men with small penises and despise the fact they are even alive, I really do feel bad for these men although they will likely turn into child molesters later

Post-pill guy: As a matter of fact I have a asian girlfriend, she is very nice and she cooks / I’ve turned gay, its much better now / Exercise is better than you fat bitches!

WK1: Oh, have fun with your mail order bride!

FatFemale1:Oh is this what ‘feminine’ is these days?  Some women you can order around and just keep in shape and make her do all the cooking you are too lazy to?

Androgenousfemale1: Once his ‘girlfriend’ see the light she will leave his creepy ass too!

FatFemale2: It pisses me off that guys think a thin waist somehow matters, or them and their big boobs, what shallow pigs

WK3: Next thing you know they’ll be talking about how female fertility decreases after age 30, never mind all the science we have these days.

FatFemale1: OP is just a sad sad lonely man.  I bet his wished he could suck his own dick, then he wouldnt even have to bother with us ‘females’ right you hateful little man!?

WK2: LMAO!!!

Femenism even claims females – Gia Allemand dead

I talk a lot about the ill effects feminism has on males, as it tends to not be at all talked about in the mainstream.  But, feminism destroys the very fabric of society, and both male and female pay the price.

Another victim of feminism

There was a women named Gia Allemand who was a pretty good looking swimsuit model who was on the showed ‘The Bachelor’ a few years ago.  I hardly ever watch tv, but it was actually one season I watched, it was VERY good watching with post-pill eyes.

Anyway, she was a good looking and looked like a fun girl who had great energy, but she died, committed suicide.|htmlws-main-bb|dl2|sec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D358249

She was supposedly having relationship difficulties.  It is somewhat sad in this world where girls have everything that a good looking girl would kill herself.  I think feminism has destroyed the mental image of girls to such an extreme level that even someone like this felt she wasn’t living up to whatever false standard feminism has set for women.

Girls literally have the power to go up to any guy and ask for a date, or for sex and would likely get it.  This girl could have had so much, but she inevitably harbored some false standard she did not live up to (thank feminists for that) and the only way out was death.

How tragic that feminism forces men out, and kills its followers along the way for not living up to the insane standards it set forth.

Old school/video game ‘Strong women’ vs feminist ‘strong’ women

A ‘Strong’ women no doubt

What I find funny as a gamer is feminists claiming that ‘guys cant handle strong women’ or ‘real’ women or whatever other bullshit they want to try to claim.  It is especially funny as I covered in this post about video game revisionist history ( its the latest flavor de jure of young feminists to target video games as some sort of anti-feminist paradise that ‘attacks’ strong women.

There is actually youtube channels of stupid girls attacking videogames for being misogynist that get hundreds of thousands of dollars, because….A GUY SAVES A GIRL!!!  Holy shit the horror.

I got news for anyone that may not have a clue about video games:  THEY PRIMARILY ARE MADE BY GUYS FOR OTHER GUYS.  So what is a typical guy wanting to see?  A male (a proxy for himself) being a badass and saving some hot female.  I am sure that statement is somehow ‘anti feminist’ because why would a girl EVER want to be saved?  Can’t she save herself?  To see the idoicy of the argument, consider if there were guys out there complaining there were not dresses designed with the male in mind.  Isnt it discrimination that dress designers aren’t considering my needs as a PERSON and that I WANT a dress?

Some of my favorite characters are women, STRONG women, but not in this stupid feminist bullshit way.  Perhaps my all time favorite is this woman right here: Rydia from Final Fantasy 4

In all her glory

There she is, isnt she great?  You know what, I had to use IMAGINATION and read her story to create the character I liked in my mind.  Was Rydia a ‘strong female’ like is eponymous STRONG FEMALE we hear feminists want in ‘their’ games and movies?  As a matter of fact she was in ways they dont want, but she was NOT designed this way.  She was an actual women who was not in your face, she took her burdens without demanding some sort of equality, and through it all actually was kind and protective of the main character.

Let us look at a typical strong female as protrayed by feminists.

How true

Feminists will: Toot their own horns about their accomplishments, talk about them prevailing over the ‘patriarchy’, bash some males along the way, likely be substantially uglier than a typical girl, complain at the first slight, and despite her pride and resting on her laurels will really have done shit when its all said and done.

Rydia’s story is much more tragic, and notice how different she reacts.  Your character is basically sent to bomb her village by your kind, and you kill everyone in there including her mom, you find a young (she is like 10ish when you first meet) Rydia crying over her mom’s body.  You approach her and she attacks you. (This game is a fantasy game) she summons some monsters in a rage to fight you, and it destroys what is left of the town.  You wake up, your group is missing, it is only you and the girl, you dont want to leave her to die so you gather her up and take her to the nearest town.

At this point she predictable hates you, she doesnt talk, is dismissive etc.  (Hey sounds like modern girl, and look at what you had to do to Rydia to get her like that!)  You leave her at inn when you see soldiers from your kingdom come to finish off the last of the magic users from the town.  You try to reason with them, but they insist on killing her.  You fight and kill them.  Now you a traitor to your kingdom.  The girl begins to trust you a bit.

You can’t leave her so you take her with you.  Rydia is super weak in combat, having forsaken magic after she finished off her village.  (Would feminists excuse this, or is it part of the patriarchy, that a adult badass knight should be the same strength as a 10 year old girl?)  There is a part where someone else in your party loses their girlfriend and is broken down, and Rydia has to tell them to get ahold of themselves.  Later she decides to use magic again as its the only way they can proceed, overcoming a childhood trauma.  Eventually you are on a ship that is attacked by a giant god sea creature, it kills everyone on the boat, including swallowing Rydia up, you are the lone survivor.  Bye bye Rydia.

Just kidding, that DOES happen, and you do think she is gone, but you don’t see her for a while.  You continue around and later in the game you are fighting a big boss when your party gets paralyzed and about to be killed when suddenly monsters are summoned and…lo and behold who is this hot green haired girl saving my ass?  Holy shit!  Its adult Rydia!  The sea creature god had taken Rydia to the last land of magic users where she trained for the years in some sort of time dilation until she came back to help and save you.  You proceed in the game with her in your party from now on.

Here are some things that make Rydia STRONG and not in this bullshit feminist way.

She is stoic about what happened.  She is predictably emotional initially, but slowly gets over it, and it not forever weighted by ‘that one time…’

She does not toot her own horn about ‘accomplishments’, she justs saves the day as appropriate, no thanks necessary.

Never mentions anything to boost herself up by her past.  She never talks about ‘My family was killed in front of me.  I overcame so much to get where I am.  Why, if you had to go through what I did, you would have never made it.  Did I ever tell you my whole family died?”

Rydia was awesome, considering I was like 12 at the time, young Rydia was my age.  Then she grows up into this hot badass, it was so cool.  Now that I am older she will always have a place in my heart, and when I hear feminists bitching about video games I want to slap the shit out of them.  Could they possibly understand ‘strength’?  All they want is an ugly, demanding femcunt taking up most of the screen time as some sort of proof a ‘patriarchy’ is not holding them down.

It is tragic, Rydia is a damn fine example of a ideal ‘strong’ women, and feminists will either just twist her story, or more likely just ignore any proof to the contrary of this fallacious world view of their endless victim-hood.  Grow the hell up, you havent done shit, and you havent earned shit.

More OKCupid Feminism pt2

Ok this next girl up really shows the disconnect some women appear to have in their brain.  First let me

If you have a fake okcupid profile (which I suggest you make) here is the link:

If you dont, here are relevant quotes (spelling errors are hers):

My self-summary

I’m a pretty and chill girl and I love to be treated like a princess that I am! ^.^
What I’m doing with my life

Tryin to make a living through my art. Hopefully one day my price will come and we can live happily ever after! lol
The six things I could never do without

Art 😀
Money $$
Chocolate :3
Victorias Secret ;o
Peace ^.^
Love ❤
{Hers is top, I am not sure if pic will actually post, my girl is the bottom…such a slut I know – EK}

Say you’ve started seeing someone you really like. As far as you’re concerned, how long will it take before you have sex?

An image of xColonelIceFire Only after the wedding

An image of DogLoverSara 1-2 dates

Do you carry condoms?

An image of xColonelIceFire Always

An image of DogLoverSara Always

Do you want your partner to be kinkier than you?

An image of xColonelIceFire Not possible

An image of DogLoverSara Yes

Ok…that is enough to begin evisceration.  Oh, and btw her pic is some photoshopped nightmare of all these layer and lens effects to hide the fact that despite only showing her face it looks like her nose is too fat.
So we have a girl that is willingly embracing the ‘princess’ trash every girl seems to be raised with these days.  She wants her ‘price’ to come save her, I guess he is such a prince he can overlook her simple spelling error right?
I like the fact she admits she is a poor art student, but that money is the second most important thing.  Beta provisioners please form a line!
Then we get straight to the typical hypocritical thought patterns of modern girl:  she is NOT a slut because she wants to wait until after the marriage before she ever has sex (with her beta provisions).  Oh, but btw she always carries condoms in case some playa alpha guy decides to slip a dick in.  Evidently she is kinkier than other people…but you will have to marry her first to find out!
Unfortunately…this is a very typical girl.  Hypocritical thought patterns, vastly overinflated sense of value…and the irony is I bet this bitch gets 20 messages a day and she turns them all down.
What a sad state of affairs…when a girl this ugly and stupid should be BEGGING for attention ‘I know I am ugly, but I will try to cook and try to please you sexually, just give me a chance!’ instead can live off some guy while waiting for her ‘price’ to come save her.