The ‘Harem Effect’ and a small update about swedish girl

So despite this being the last week at my job, it was actually a damn good one, oh well.  The post today stems on a interesting thing I am going to call the ‘Harem Effect’, and how I found myself at the center of it.

As a reminder, I worked in the forest, running a chainsaw and occasionally leading volunteer groups.  This was a religious group from Missouri, flatlanders to say the least. One of the vans was too scared to drive the dirt roads, so I had to pilot the vehicle.  I hop in (my hair is a bit shaggy right now, and havent shaved so have a beard, and I am dressed in camo)  I get in ‘Hi im Erudite Knight, lets rock’ and slammed it into gear.  Someone called me ‘Its a mountain man!’

The girls were screaming as we were taking the roads.  During the gentler hills a girl in the back (they are like 18ish) asked me ‘Will you be my best friend forever?’ I laughed, when suddenly a different girl asked if I would marry her, and few others asked various things.  I was thinking ‘ok whatever, typical dumb girl games’.

These girls between their screaming start asking me things about what I like, ‘what kind of music you like?’  ‘Metal’  ‘Whoa mountain man likes metal!?’

We get out, and all these girls flock me.  What happened was that a single girl showed some (possibly just curious) interest, but then all the other girls seized upon what I call the Harem Effect.  Which is basically if one girl makes it clear she is interested, suddenly you are not the ‘weird guy’ or ugly guy or creep or whatever. Suddenly every girl wants you.  Undoubtedly it stems back from ancient history of the alpha male every female fawned over, that it did not matter he had multiple women, as a woman you wanted him too.

Throughout the day, any girl that was part of the group that was expanding would say hi, wave, ask me questions etc.  I would hear little whispers of ‘hes so cute!’ or girls coming up and laughing telling me so and so liked me.

At lunch I took my hat and sun glasses off for the first time to the reaction of the girls, they said they wanted a picture with me.  So imagine the scene, that of like 60 people, this group of 10 girls gathers up with me at the center to take pictures.  Some guys tried to get in, and the girls screamed at them ‘its just us and the mountain man!’

It was energizing, and self-reinforcing.  I had ‘hand’ ‘higher value’ or any of the other PUA terms out there, and it was so EASY to keep it flowing.  I did not have to resort to beta moves.  ‘So and so thinks you are cute!’ just a gentle smile, nod and return to work.  Boom!  Critical hit.

I was alpha to these girls, and because they believe I was, it was so much easier to keep it flowing, which only lead to more alpha.  Feedback loops are very real, and in this case I was in a positive one.  Even the moms were trying to flirt with me.

So EK dominated some young girls, big deal right?  If you think that you are missing the point.  Regardless of what society says, biologically, girls aged late teens-26~ are ideal in terms of fertility.  I would have not touched these girls though with the rampart laws basically ready to jail any guy for even looking at a girl these days, but the point remains that absent of so-called laws, biologically what happened here could easily have been transformed into a success.

A lot of it had to do with the fact that I was in a position of power from the start being the ‘leader’.  It is a fit of irony that in a difference situation these girls would not have even talked to me.  But circumstances are huge in life.

As an aside, I can not believe this younger generation, they all have twitters, and instagram (I never even heard of that shit, I guess you upload pics of your face…stupidity).  One girl was like ‘I put up my new instagram and got 50 likes!’

So think about this for a moment…this girl is fucking REARED on her stupid decisions (like putting your face on the internet) gets her REWARDED with dopamine fixes and tells her mind that at least 50 people (probably 48 of them were guys) ‘like’ her for this dumb shit.

Do you start to understand how fucking CRITICAL it is to not be like every other guy, to not be a beta chump for even a moment, to be a badass alpha who does not give a SHIT about her existence!?  How can you possibly compete otherwise when a ‘selfie’ (which is a picture of your face from your cell phone…I despise the word) garners such support?

When the girls found out I was not on facebook…you know what it did?  It made them intrigued.  I wasn’t like other guys.  I didn’t give a shit about being a clone like the rest of the guys they interacted with.

Truly, truly remember this, girls today are spoiled beyond fucking belief.  But if you somehow crack that societal shell, underneath they are still just girls, with biological conditioning wired for ‘alpha’ guys.


An update on swedish girl: I called her yesterday, and we talked a bit, I asked if she wanted to meet and she said she wanted to but had to find her schedule out on monday because she was at a conference.  I asked her if she could get a vehicle, and she said she hasnt met her host family yet. I laughed at kind of the forcefulness of the request what it might be interpreted as: ‘yo bitch, you are in my country, find a car and come see me’

She said she would call monday (when is the last time an american bitch ever volunteers to call?) later I reinforced her calling ‘Ok, well call me up monday and let me know’.  I figure it is a good test, either she calls, and its on, or she doesnt, and it might not be over, but then I know the score anyway.

I was moving to end the conversation and she was like ‘Thank you for calling, I am so happy you called!’.  It made me smile, girls could take a lesson in fucking showing some appreciation.  I dont HAVE to call their used slutty asses.  I said bye, and she was giving a long goodbye when I hit the END button before she had finished.

Those are the facts.  We will see what happens.  The situation is interesting, she is a cool (and hot) girl, but I am under no delusion this can not go anywhere.  She is in town for only 2 more weeks.  Clearly she knows that too, so I am not sure what she might be thinking.  Girls, Sophia and Liz, any help here?

23 thoughts on “The ‘Harem Effect’ and a small update about swedish girl

  1. Sounds like you’re doing great! 🙂

    Just keep it up, and don’t shave. lol! (the scruffy look is seriously hot)
    I haven’t ever been to Sweden…the only thing I know is second hand, guys who have “shacked up” there (briefly, euphemism that) were always surprised by how casual sex is. Typically they’re eating breakfast with mom and dad at the dinner table the next morning, after meeting only the night before.
    (that’s all I got. Good luck! she sounds adorable anyway…)

  2. Get her to come down & hang out a few days with you … logistics done

    Thats how I bang foreign chicks

    Also pre-selection is good, introduce her to a chick you bang regularly & do a 3some

    Most foreign chicks fantasy is to bang guys overseas, key is to always be escalating

    • Oh yea, also tell her you make tons of cash, have yachts & stuff, you do this stuff to keep yourself rugged & hot …

      DHV like crazy, make her feel like a looser compared to your hot rugged lifestyle …

      The main reason she might not want to come down, you dont know what she wants

      Elicit her values, what does she want to come down for, find out what dhv she wants, does she want to check out your chainsawing skills, the mills etc

      Always run numbers on multiple chicks btw, snog & open multiple numbers of chicks, its alot easier, change tactics

  3. Rock on, bud!

    The “harem effect” is indeed very real. I’m living it firsthand here…amazing how good some smiles and “Hey Errant Buckeye! How are you today”s make you walk like a giant, to quote the Neil Young song.

      • Mostly at school. I’ve got the kids and the teachers on my side. I know that their admiration comes from doing a good job, but as you’ve noted, it’s amazing how some smiles and hello Errant Buckeyes can make me walk like a giant.

        I don’t think I felt much of that before I got over here. Sure, I had family, friends, and colleagues and respect, but all of that got amplified by 11 upon getting on that plane to Incheon. Part of the change came down to thinking, “All right, I’m in a new country now. It’s time to rock,” and part of it came down to the culture. The Korean girls and women would actually ask questions and would be interested in the answers. It wasn’t a perfunctory “I’ll say okay so this creepy guy will shut and not talk to me anymore,” was stuff like, “Oh really?” and “Oh wow!” And stuff like that makes you want to keep talking and get to know the other person. Perhaps you know Dale Carnegie’s idea: You’re interesting when you’re genuinely interested in other people. Because I’m enjoying every second of life here (warts and all), they see that and want to know more. In turn, I want to ask them about stuff. It is indeed a feedback loop.

        • Are you a teacher over there or what?
          The more I see in america, the more I am convinced of the utter trash the girls here are.

          Even if I never see this swedish girl again, just the ease a conversation occurred was insane compared to ‘rape factor’ america girls have

          • Yes, I’ve been teaching here for around two years. I should note that I’m in a small town and am thus regarded as more of a celebrity, but even so, I’ve had the same ease of meeting people and conversation in the cities here.

            The “rape factor” in the US in indeed real. I remember wanting to say to half the girls I talked to in the States, “Look, I’m not trying to screw you. I just want to say I like your t-shirt because that band rocks.”

            Or if it’s not the “rape factor”, it’s the “cooler than thou” factor. For example, I remember meeting a former girlfriend’s friends once in college. She’d told me about this one girlfriend who was interested in music, so I said hello and we got to talking. She almost immediately asked about who I liked. I said something like, “Oh, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Motorhead, The Beatles…” and she shot back, “The Beatles? They’re too common.”
            “Excuse me? Too common? Popular, yes. They wrote good music.”
            “Whatever, they don’t count.”
            “I see. What does count then?”
            “Something more original.”
            “Yeah? How about Code of Honor, DRI, Faust, DS-13, Husker Du…?”
            “Don’t get snippy with me.”

            I walked away and avoided her for the rest of the night. In retrospect, I was foolish to play the hipster game of name dropping “cool” but semi-unknown bands, but if I had to go, I’d go down swinging.

          • Yeah man I need to figure out how to get out of the states for a while to meet some foriegn girls. The problem is I doubt you could meet wife-material only a day or two at a place, a one night stand? Certainly.
            So the problem becomes time in one area vs multiple countries for different girls.

          • You’ve raised a key point. Getting out of the States will do wonders for your drive. Few things will test you more than having to adapt to a new language and culture. It’s a steep learning curve, but it’s well worth it. As for meeting a future wife over here, it’s certainly possible. Many people have.

            As an aside, the expat girls over here are almost always a cut above their non-expat counterparts because surviving and thriving over here takes a kind of drive and dedication that doesn’t come up back home.

          • Expat?
            Also, doesnt that ‘drive’ you suggest seem eerily similar to the aims of feminism? Namely career women.

            I want to go to east europe, and also japan mainly.

          • Expat as in Americans who went abroad.

            As for the “drive,” it is similar, but it has more to do with resilience and self-reliance than it does with being a career woman methinks. They’ve overcome the language and cultural barriers and thrived over here because they stopped pretending that the world’s their playground. They’re actively enjoying the culture and are taking heart educating tomorrow’s adults by helping them learn English. That is, the job is important, but it’s not the only important thing in life.

            I’ll be heading to Japan for a few days a while. It’ll be interesting to compare S Korea to Japan. You’ll surely have a blast there. E Europe is a great time from what I’ve heard as well.

  4. It’s real. I’m a creepy-ass cracker, and was in a club with a cute black girl. I was discretely paying very close attention to the looks and reactions from other African American women. One or two other black ladies gave me serious locked gazes. My girl was prettier than them, too. It was the same thing when I was dating the Vietnamese chick and went to a club on Asian night. I’m sure that there are some racial dynamics at work here, but women notice you when you are with women. It is somewhat context dependent, meaning that this is less so in a professional situation such as work, and more true in a social situation such as a bar or club, but the pre-selection effect is real.

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