Foreign girls are better than american girls

Alright america girls, listen the fuck up, there is a thing called receptivity, and I had the most amazing awe-fuckinging-inspiring encounter with a foreign girl today because of one simple: RECEPTIVITY

9 women for every guy over there

I have read a lot on blogs about the supposed superiority of foreign girls, and the trashiness of american, and while I saw the later, I had nothing to base the former off of.  Supposedly they were nice, they were feminine, they cared, they weren’t complete sophists…

Today I worked with a group of internationals who go around volunteering around the world, and they were with my group today.  To start this off, first was an american girl who worked on the ranch, I had met her before, and went to go talk to her.  Merely opening my mouth, she looked appalled I was talking to her.  Recalling a detail from last time (that we both worked out, doing HIIT) she was cold, turning her body away from me, and looking like ‘why the hell is this guy talking to me?’ I got the message and left that bitch alone.  Typical american trash, I was trying to be nice and she gave a shit…because she was raised to be a little princess who everyone dotes on.  No wonder ‘fake alpha’ game is so effective, I should have said ‘get the fuck outta my way bitch’ and she would have liked me more.

Fast forward, all the foreigners spilling out of the bus are smiling, joyous, and happy.  And…what the hell, like 50% of these girls are cute?!  Where is the diamond in the rough 1/50 or 2% america put up for cuteness?

We get about work for the day, and I am talking to the girls from various countries.  They are nice, communicative, interesting, engaging.  I start to hear rumors that Sweden is some sort of holy land where the hottest of people evidently originate from.

There is one tall, blonde hair blue eyed girl who is turned away, I go up ‘what country are you from?’.  Oh yeah, and she is fucking hot.

She turns around, smiling a gentle smile, happy someone is talking to her “I am from Sweden!”  Then get this…it is revolutionary because american girls never do this: she continued talking.

It wasn’t something like ‘where are you from?’ ‘New york.’ *sneer*/turn away

It was her answering my question, then fucking continuing to talk, and to ask about me.  She had insanely open body language (if you dont understand body language, do yourself a favor and read a book on it, it will blow your mind) like her legs were facing, her arms were turned palms open, she was smiling and laughing.

Here I thought it would be a simple answer to a question and I would move on, turned to it me and this girl facing each other talking.  She didn’t pull out a phone, didn’t look around behind her, didn’t give one word answers till the guy tired, she was discussing things with me like a human being…and it was sadly revolutionary.

I can not tell you how novel a girl with receptivity was, a girl I had just met.  All the foreigners were like this, and this girl even more so.  She was asking about stories of mine, if I had ever been out of the country, when I told her I swam the rio grande, and that is how I got to a foreign country she was saying how brave and adventurous I was. (As an aside, I haven’t shaved in about 40 days, so I got a legit mountain man beard going)

What I realized, was a critical difference here, say this was an american girl asking what I did, ‘Oh I hiked, once I swam the rio grande to get into mexico’ and the girl would be thinking ‘this guy is such a poser, look at him trying to impress me’.  Conversation here has devolved to this weird one-upmanship, and saying simple shit like ‘I go hike mountains’ is inundated with subtle meanings, typical betaish because the girl thinks you are trying to impress her.  It doesnt matter if she actually likes hiking, 99% of girls will not be like ‘wow, I love hiking too, tell me about x…”  She asked about hiking and being a nomad, and I asked her about skiing.

She told me I should come to Sweden and she we show me around, or her friends would  (in my mind I was like ‘yeah right, more fakes lies like most girls…’) and was saying stuff about contact info.  Some guy swooped in, and I was like (here is where she disengages) but she cordially introduced herself, and rapidly turned back to talk to me.  The guy whispered ‘I was going to tell you to go back to work, but she is hot, so keep it up’.

We walked around working a bit, and simple suggestions ‘here lets go this way’ were not met by bitchy ‘No, I think I will go this way’ defiance american girls instinctively have.  We talked about a hour or more, and she was constantly laughing, smiling, and being energetic, it was not a slave energy-draining conversation like american girls are.

I asked her who was better out of swedish or american girls ‘its not close.  american girls are fat and selfish.  Swedish girls are beautiful, nice, fun, and easy going’  Well, I’m sold.

The end was coming, and there was a leader talking, and normally a girl would break off ‘just to listen’ but she was looking at me, and was like ‘here let me give you my facebook name’ me- ‘I dont have facebook’ her-‘oh! you are one of those~’ *smile* ‘here take my number and contact info’

and she wrote that shit down.

I asked if she wanted mine ‘Oh Yes!’ and I gave her my email, and looked at her whack number, ‘can I call this?’ her-‘here take my american number too!’ and then gave me a real fucking hug.  Full body embrace, full of someone who actually gives a fuck.  We said bye, and she gave me one more hug.

I was fucking ELATED.  Now do not misconstrue this post, it is not EK’s new love…As I laid out in a personal diatribe of not giving a shit about women: what was so UTTERLY refreshing and energizing today was that somewhere in this world there are cute girls who can talk to you without thinking you are a rapist, thinking you are just an NPC in their sophist reality, that you are just another step onto their feminist paradise.  That there are girls out there who still can talk, can still be fun to converse with, girls that understand what it means to be feminine, and damn, a hot girl that gives out her number to that alpha american mountain man guy?  Fuck yeah.

Swedish girls are taking the road less traveled, and it made all the difference.  I think I might be taking the road less traveled…and it IS going to make all the difference.



55 thoughts on “Foreign girls are better than american girls

  1. I’m glad you met a nice woman to talk to, even just for a few hours. But have you truly never had a normal, friendly conversation with someone of the opposite sex before? A nice walk, polite discussion, laughter and the like? Surely you have with people other than family members…

  2. What a joyful experience that must have been. Two people talking together like, you know, HUMAN FUCKING BEINGS instead of calculating and strategizing over every syllable.

    Congratulations EK, I’m thrilled.

  3. One of the things that drives me absolutely crazy about going out with my single friends, who are trying to meet someone, is watching their body language and the attitude they cop when a man comes up to talk to them. They have no idea how far a smile, politeness and openness will get them. I’m glad you got to experience some class 🙂

  4. That’s awesome, EK!
    Yeah…when I lived in Northern Italy I started to avoid Americans. I always thought I wouldn’t be like that, but the contrast between Europeans and Americans is very striking when you’re emersed in the culture.
    Everyone assumed I was Italian until I spoke. Then I’d see a family getting off the plane who looked like they belonged in Walmart and think, “yep, those are Americans…hope they don’t need help because I’d hate to out myself here…”

  5. LOL Sweden is one of the most Feminist Counties out there. She was probably very impressed that you spent so much time showing interest by staring at her breasts, and not your own feet. She was also probably impressed that you didn’t just automatically and unconsciously defer to her on every topic every time. A man capable of holding a real adult conversation with her was probably just as refreshing to her as she was to you.

    • Haha, so get this Sophia, that girl, I call her ‘married girl’ sarcastically said ‘guess there is someone out there for everyone…’
      I laughed loudly and said ‘and for some people there are a lot of people out there!’
      She muttered ‘cocky asshole…’

  6. Brother, I’ve been riding a wave of the very same elation ever since I arrived here. The Korean girls and women have been nothing but open and nice. When I first flew over here, the girl in the next seat was a girl who looked college-age. She was cute and I figured that since we’d be on the plane for over 10 hours, it’d be good to say hello, so I did. Her eyes lit up when I said hello. A fun conversation ensued. Even the convenience store clerks have a smile and a friendly hello here! I’ll write a series of posts about this stuff sooner or later.

    And although I think being a foreigner has something to do with it, everyone I’ve met from around the world has been, on the whole, friendlier than Americans. Men and women included.

      • Not necessarily, but we’re either so used to having to fight our way through conversations with girls or used to having no attention beyond the bare minimum from them that actual interest can get misconstrued as her being DTF. That is, we think a girl interested in talking to us must be interested in dating us instead of simply liking us AS A PERSON.

        I went through the same thing at first. I’d think, “Wow! She’s interested in me! I can get a date with her…” when in reality, yes, she was interested in being an actual friend.

        I’ve a good lady friend over here that was a prospect at one point, she didn’t want to date because of our cultural differences, so we became friends instead. Actual friends, who do things together and help each other. She helps me with Korean and I help her with English, etc. (again, another future post–Korean girls actually value friendships over the FriendZone(Tm)

      • @errantbuckeye

        “…actual interest can get misconstrued as her being DTF.”
        Took the words right out of my mouth, man. I’ve spoken about this before on my posts and others…that smiling, telling jokes, having real conversation with guys often ends with me being given a phone number or simply asked out. Once, I hugged a customer because his father had recently died and he looked like he was going to cry…we talked for a while, and when he left he thanked me for “a good date”! It truly is sad that showing basic compassion to a hurt soul can be thought of as something like this. It makes one cautious with how friendly one is…

        “Korean girls actually value friendships over the FriendZone(tm).”

        Ah, but EK has made it abundantly clear that in his mind, girls and boys cannot be considered friends. I know we can be, since my friends are guys, but…

        • @tarnishedsophia: Yes, what you said is absolutely true. A good date? shoot, you were simply concerned. Furthermore, I became good friends with a Scottish girl over here (both teachers in the same area) and she mentioned the same things you said getting asked out. She couldn’t understand why so many guys she considered friends were following her around and angling for dates. That is, until I broke it down for her one night. Now, it was easy to see why she was sought after: in addition to looking cute (shorter/petite stature, rounded features) she exhibited open body language and didn’t hesitate to use touch in conversation. After ascertaining that these fellows were fellow music nuts, nerds, or general beta/omegas, I told her that they follow her around because they *aren’t used to that kind of attention from a woman and thus follow her around because they like it.*

          And yes, I’m not friends with women unless:

          A–I work with her (professionalism/networking/esprit de corps)
          B–She’s my neighbor (it helps to know your neighbors)
          C–She’s a girlfriend or wife of a friend
          D–There’s an exchange of goods and services (ie, a language exchange, NOT friends with benefits)

      • EK, if American men think “wow this girl must want to f*ck!” every time a girl is very nice, can you understand why they become stand-offish and less nice with men after a while? You’re describing a paradoxical situation. I am nice. I don’t want men to think I want to f*ck them when I am nice. This was a big problem when I was young, not so much after marriage.

        • @Liz

          It’s even more confusing for me…I don’t think of myself as a woman, so when I act normally (aka like a man) it is taken as a desire to fuck rather than a desire to have fun and relax. When I’m around men that I’m comfortable with, I can even forget that I have tits and hips. This leads to *more* problems as newbies in the group see me sitting like a guy…telling dirty jokes…talking about my RPG characters /videogames…

          I’ve been accused of extreme flirting numerous times, and while it doesn’t make me standoffish or stoic, it does make me sad that the state of Male/Female relationships has devolved to the point where we can’t be kind to each other without thinking it’s sexual in nature. Troublesome, to be sure.

          • Check what I wrote to Liz, this is very, very typical. I don’t even put up with that shit, its just what I see with guys/girls all the time.

        • Interesting Liz, I certainly see your point, but I would say this is a chicken and the egg syndrome going on here.
          I think there is a big difference though from merely cordial to what I am calling ‘nice/friendly’. I have worked with a few…painfully few…girls who are cordial, going through social niceties, etc.

          But the big difference is that American girls DO NOT CONTINUE CONVERSATION.
          EK ‘hi how are you?’
          Amercian Bitch: ‘Ok’
          Ek :’Done anything cool lately?’
          AB: ‘Nope’ *pulls out phone and texts someone*

    • Glad you like South Korea….I’m assuming it’s South. Seems like a safe assumption. 🙂

      I lived there a year and didn’t like it much, couldn’t get over the culture shock. I taught English in several institutes and schools, also a few private classes in homes/banks/healthcare facilities. My niece took a yearlong contract to teach in Seoul and left after a month (this after teaching for three years in Thailand, which she absolutely loved). I knew many men who dated over there but none of them longterm either, culture shock was too much for them too.

  7. lol Why arent you taking those chicks behind some sheds & making out with them …

    Just grab them & snog them behind some buildings, tree’s etc., women want outdoor snogs …

    Foreign chicks are ridiculously easy, even american ones

    When oversea’s, every male looks alpha as they dont have their social network, so every male looks hot & alpha, it’s hilarious

    • Thanks for the tips man. I was under the impression though that foreign girls are ‘purer’ in terms of not infected with feminism, therefore fronting as this ‘badass alpha’ was actually bad to do.

      • lol all women are sluts overseas … like I said when theyre away from their families, all men seem like alpha’s as they dont have their fathers, brothers etc to protect them

        Making it ridiculously easy to bang them …

        The key is choose women who give you tons of IOI’s

        Dont go for chicks who dont give you any clear signals

        Look for tons of hair flicking, dilation etc

        Also once you find a chick who gives you tons of IOI, stare at her boobs … if she gets pissed, she’s not that into you

        If she ignores it & smiles at you, easy lay …

        The key to getting a relationship or chicks, is to find chicks who give you tons of IOI’s

        Only talk to chicks who give you tons of IOI’s

        Stop wasting your time with chicks who only have conversation

        Look for tons of hair flicks, dilation, & chemistry, if she’s not turned on by you, dont talk to her

        Its that easy, its all in the IOI’s

      • You distinguish yourself by being the guy who makes the moves on them

        The key is if a chick’s turned on by you, take her round the back, & make out with her

        Women really dont want conversation with hot guys

        Most guys dont have the balls to take a chick around the back, & make out with her, after talking to her for a minutes

        Thats what women respect in men

        If you dont make out with a chick & shes turned on by you, she wont respect you …

        The secret is, women dont want to date, they want to make out & hook up asap

          • @EK

            Well, there could be the danger of her making a false charge, but if you get consent you’re most likely fine. You can set your phone to “Record” if you are that worried, or even buy one of those recorder pens for $45.

            Go slow, and pay close attention to her body language. Start off with gently sharing her space…lean in when you talk, hold her hand, brush her hair from her face, and so on. If she seems comfortable, maybe make a joke about her sitting on your lap or giving you a kiss. Should she begin to initiate more physical closeness without prompting…you’re on the right track.

            To alleviate other concerns, NEITHER of you should be drunk. Clouded/fuzzy memories aren’t good for anybody. Make a point of only having one or two drinks…that way she won’t feel pressured to “keep up” with you.

            Just some tips. Hope they help.

          • One thing I have thought a lot about is the hand hold, which is what you advocate. To me that is a super strong ‘relationship’ move, not a NSA move. As illustrated in my ‘confession’ post hand holding made it seem much more than it evidently was.
            I kind of have a bad spot in my mind about hand holding, maybe I need to get over it though.

          • I’m sorry if you have a bad spot about hand holding…by all means, do not ever force yourself to touch in a way that is uncomfortable to your body/mind. Hands have become safe for me…mostly. There are still times when I cannot bring myself to shake someone’s hand, but they don’t happen often. My “safest place” to be touched is my hair…the one reason I keep it long, halfway to my waist. Various coworkers and some customers have learned that the best way to get my attention is to gently tug my ponytail/braid.

            I only recommended the hand holding because that seems to be what many people are used to. Know that it doesn’t have to be a stern grip, or even a long clasp. It can be something as simple as a brush of fingers, or a gentle squeeze. A quick touch to feel the energy and gauge attraction…it doesn’t have to be “romantic”.

            I’ll reread your confession post. If hand holding is something you *want* to be able to do, then you should find someone to practice it with. Sit across from this person and simply put your palms flat in theirs. When you can do this comfortably, move to doing things like having your fingers lightly stretched or rubbing their thumbs along the backs of your hands while holding them.

            I don’t know what created this “bad spot”, but it’s YOUR body and you have the right to decide what you want from it…past be damned.

          • The whole point is to get her to follow your lead

            Signal for her to follow you

            Signal to her you want to kiss her, etc

            Get her to follow your lead, thats what women want when it comes to hooking up with guys

            If you’re really paranoid, set your phone to record, use a 16gb sim, record you having sex with her, that’ll prove beyond a doubt it was never harassement or rape

            Sex harrassement & rape are almost impossible to prove

            If you get accused, never let the cops into your house, tell them to get a warrant, it pretty easy to avoid getting sent to jail for false accusations, demand a warrant & avoid letting them in your house

            Cops need a warrant to enter property, from there either show up in court for the hearing, or let your lawyer handle it

            If you do get accused demand proof, keep demanding proof, continously ask for evidence, this is basically what you need to tell your lawyer to do, tell him to continously ask for the evidence & proof

            After awhile it gets dropped

            Make sure the records of accusations are wiped from the police record & work record

            Sue the bitch, get money out of her

            Harassement & false rape, are great ways to make serious cash out of chicks

            Stay away from bitchy women with attitudes, & masculine women, stick to submissive feminine women, & you’ll never get accused of jack shit …

          • Only Pick chicks who’re turned on by you & give you tons of IOI’s & you’ll never get LMR or bitch shields

            Bitch shields & LMR, are all about building compliance …

            Get her to do shit for you, like cook you a meal, make her get the drinks, get her to fetch stuff, this’ll dramatically reduce LMR & get you an easy lay

            Also use tons of kino before banging her & escalate her

            Basically work out a strategy of kino to get the chick turned on & escalate her

            If you still get LMR, you can do freezeouts, & back turns

            Do a search for LMR, last minute resistance, theres plenty of stuff out there

            Like I said if you only choose who’re turned on by you, & give you tons of IOI’s you’ll never get LMR

            If you Hit on chicks who’re turned on by you & are submissive & feminine & you’ll avoid 99% of the shit most guys go through

          • Yeah, I guess its about just doing stuff like hair play etc and its basicly locked.

            I remember one girl though (looking back I should have just plowed on) but she was pushing me away from touching her despite me fingering her, I got up like 3 seperate times and she kept pulling me back. Whack. I eventually told her ‘this isn’t working’ and just left.

  8. @EK

    It seems that this woman is into you, not a persona. If she agrees to a date just keep doing what you’ve been doing already…if you start acting very different it’ll throw off her sense of trust and relaxation.

    I’d recommend getting a trim (especially around the lips…stray hairs = bad) for your hair/beard. Make sure your breath is fresh, your fingernails are clean and short, and that you have nice casual clothing. Nothing fancy, maybe a button up shirt and khakis.

      • I’m physically a female, and heterosexual…so no, I don’t date ANY women.

        However, if I was dating that is what I would want from a man…especially since that is what I find attractive in my lover. Now, I’m admittedly not very good at acting feminine since it goes against my gender…but if she’s in a new country with strange customs and a different language? Yeah, someone who makes her feel safe might be nice.

          • Lol. Well, I like to win whenever possible, so I never put all my resources in one basket/roll. Sure, you may get a cheap thrill from putting everything on one roll of the die…but that just means that you either win big or lose big.

            Me, I like to have a nest egg of resources/points to fall back on if Lady Luck spurns me. 🙂

          • I’m into sexual roleplay, light to medium BDSM, costumes, erotica, porn and shopping for new sex toys with my lover. I’ll try anything once, either to him or to me so long as there’s no risk of injury. I’m very adventuresome when it comes to sex.

            But that’s because I have a partner who I trust fully and completely, just as he trusts me. Surrendering oneself to the “play” at hand is a glorious feeling…made so much better because you know your safeword will be honored immediately.

            Safe, sane, consensual…that’s the name of the game, not risky and dangerous.

          • I would. It *is* possible that she was just tired or drained from whatever she was doing today. I don’t know, I’m not her.

            But there is no harm in pursuing and showing you have true interest. Go for it tomorrow, and if you leave a message make it clear that you’d appreciate a call back.

        • lol How does behaving feminine go against your gender? … lol are you whacked on dope

          Your supposed to be feminine & submissive if your a chick

          Women dont want to feel safe with hot guys

          Women want to feel hot & turned on & horny

          Women hate safety, they want danger & excitement, which is why women from overseas are so easy to bang & fuck

          • I have never taken recreational drugs/substances, so no…I’m not “whacked out on dope”.

            Sex is what you physically are, gender is what you mentally are. For most people it matches. For some, like myself, it does not. I may be a woman on the outside but I do not think of myself as one or equate my experiences with the female sex.

            As it is, not all regular women want to be submissive anyway…just as not all men want to be dominant. It may be due to my inability to understand women well, but I personally loathe the idea of danger being sexy. I prefer my lover, who makes me feel safe and secure. The best sex is with someone you can feel vulnerable with, without worrying about whether they’ll try to harm you.

          • I never said it was a social construct. I simply said that there are times ones mental sex doesn’t sync with ones physical sex.

            I look like a woman, but feel and think as a man. If I had a magic wand capable of changing me into a male, I’d use it with no hesitation.

            And if I’m a feminist, you’re the Queen of England.

          • You’re gender’s fixed biologically & mentally, you moron

            It’s impossible for you to even approach thinking like a man

            You’re whole brain’s completely wired differently from men

            Feminism is pure evil

          • Moron, huh? I’m glad that your side of the conversation has devolved to using intelligence shaming terms. Congratulations.

            I have undergone various brain scans, and yes…my mind reacts more like a man’s than a woman’s. It happens sometimes, be thankful you don’t have to live as such.

            I will agree that modern Feminism is a bad ideology that serves no purpose nowadays. But if you’re going to keep using derogatory terms towards my person, then our conversation is over.

            You did the same thing on my blog, and are one of the reasons I needed to create comment moderation.

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