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I am sitting here eating my breakfast before I head off to the endless grind of life as known as ‘work’.  I work at a job basically being an unglorfied lumberjack, and make 14$ an hour, I work 60 hours a week but through technicalities I do no get any benefits and overtime is not paid and because I am ‘temporary’ I could be canned for anything.  Despite the hard work there are more girls running chainsaws here than guys…feminism for the win I guess?

Despite going to a prestigious school and getting a good degree, I guess I should be lucky in this current society to have any job at all right?  Society is so strange, we are endlessly told how we are the most advanced and progressive empire in history, yet true unemployment sits around 50% and feminism and all its man-hating continues unabated.  We are so ‘progressive’ yet we think its ok to hate men who built this entire empire.

I actually want to publish a sci-fi book I wrote, and I actually tried getting published a few years ago until I realized that absolute shit hole publishing is of ‘who you know’ and not how good your writing is. The popularity of twilight, hunger games, 50 shades of grey is evidence enough.

I came across an interesting quote from some guy on a board where people were discussing the military, it is something I have long considered doing, despite my general reservations about society in general, the guy’s line was something like ‘to someone who does not consider themselves part of the collective, it would be foolish to sacrifice for the collective’ it struck me pretty deeply, after all, I do NOT consider myself part of this cruel joke America has become with man-jaw females running everything, men endlessly feminized, no good jobs anywhere, and people more concerned about american idol and dance moms than what is happening in Syria.

In some ways the military seems like the last bastion of decent values, but every other day I see a story about some guy fired for looking at a female the wrong way.  I am not part of dance-mom culture, so would it be wrong to join the military that ultimately PROTECTS american-idol and all the other shit?


I dont know…no easy answers.  Meanwhile I will be running a chainsaw all day in the sun, thinking ‘how did it come to this…?’


18 thoughts on “Musings on society

  1. The one advantage you would have, being aware of the red pill, is that you are unlikely to find yourself in a situation where you might get shit canned for looking at a girl cross eyed. Just follow Danny504s advice, talk to them (women soldiers) as little as possible. Depending on your branch and service that might not be that hard. I think one thing you need to think real hard about is what job you do in the military. Get the wrong job and the military will be the biggest fuck up of your life. As for me, if I ever enlisted and I am still within the age range, I would go for intelligence. Other good occupations would be something incredibly technical. But then Danny has written about it a bunch.

    Here is my final opinion. The military is about protecting your homeland, family and loved ones. Our culture is bullshit at the moment, but that will pass, our homeland will remain. Right now the military is being abused and used by a select few of this nation for social experimenting, I’d almost go so far as to say those actions are evil because I believe it will cause needless deaths of our uniformed personell, but this experimenting will not last. Eventually we will either fight a war when our technology will not be enough, or our fighting ability will be so hindered, that our leaders realize that the military needs to be ‘manly’ in the truest sense of the word. As you have said, America has turned into a cruel joke, but even a cruel joke has a punchline and I think that punchline will be ‘Shit! things were better the way we used to do them’. I see it starting to happen now, albiet slowly.

    The one real negative you have to consider is that you will take part in a military that will be used around the world, often capriciously. Unlike some others on the manosphere I don’t see our ’empire’ ending any time soon and I actually anticipate that we will become more active around the world as time goes on. America has been relatively restrained as far as world powers have gone in human history. If America becomes more traditionally more imperialistic you might see more ‘engagements’ that entail real occupation and pacification like we did with the Philippines at the turn of the last century (We brutally put down that insurrection). I think that is a far larger moral quandry than anything else.

    To summarize my long winded post. If I were you, with no plans or desires to get married, working a shit job that underutilized by potential, and desiring a sense of brotherhood. Then yes I would strongly consider the idea, after put down a detailed game plan.

    • Really good points here man, I have a question that definitely relates to your blog, you do NOT see a collapse of any sort coming in the near future of our empire? Including a collapse of a fiat currency?

      As an aside, everyone should read his blog:
      I would have you on my blogroll, but wordpress doesnt like blogspot and wont let them be listed.

      • I am a bit unusual in that I do see a collapse of our economy and society, but I do not think it will end our ’empire’. What I am afraid of is that our leaders will double down. There are numerous examples of strong powers, or potentially strong powers, becoming more militant as the result of a societal collapse. 1920’s Germany comes to mind for the modern day and Republican Rome as an ancient one.

        The US has many fundemental strengths that make her a world power. Our position is such right now that even with an economic collapse there isn’t a nation on earth that can go toe to toe in a convention war and win (Even with a collapsed dollar we still have nuclear submarines, 4th generation fighters, carriers and the ability to unleash nuclear armageddon. I think people place far more importance on foreigners owning our debt than we should since we could tell the world to go fuck itself if we wanted to.

        The reason I fear this result is because, by becoming a true empire rather than a hegemon, means the destruction of our republic. I do have a caveat though, my prediction only stands if a) that China is fragile as I think her to be and/or b) that internal dissension becomes so severe that it necessitates moving all our overseas military back home to restore order or fight a civil war.

        • Good points, how would you answer that if the stock market crashed, the already shaky belief in the system would lead to this collapse? Further, being a ‘global economy’ would drag everyone else down. Look what happened to malta a few months ago, that was like a microcosm of the fiat currency imploding.

          Interesting point about we will still have all our assets, but the problem is you need oil, if the econ crashes no more oil.

      • Well, that’s the thing. The US is already the 3rd largest producer of oil in the world. We have to import due to a combination of being extremely energy hungry, economically short sighted enviromental laws that severly curtailed domestic production and lastly, and least well known, using our economy against the soviets. By using our economy against the soviets I mean that we, our government, actively started to buy oil from the middle east so that Saudi Arabia would fall under our economic web and become less likely to side with the soviets politically and economically.

        In regards to a crash. We would lose a lot of our foreign oil resources, though I would bet that Mexico and Canada would still sell to us, in that situation the military gets first priority. 2,344 million barrels of domestically produced oil a year, about 50% of our total consumption, is more than enough to fund a war machine. This of course means that the common man will suffer but history has shown that governments are willing to screw over their populace if they think they can get away with it. From there our country would do things that we have been accused of but really did to any major extent, actually invade nations to plunder them of their resources.

        Ultmately bankruptcy or even economic collapse alone won’t end an empire. Empires end when they are physically unable to stand up to their opponents due to being too internally weak or their opponents overwhelmingly strong. The only reason Britain bequethed the oceans to America, or the Soviets stood down, was because both knew there was no way to win a fight with the United Staets, or in the case of the Soviets that ‘winning’ wouldn’t have been much better than losing. When you read about late Republican Rome and Imperial Rome the government usually operated in a state of economic crisis outside of the rare periods of really effective emperors.

        The US doesn’t even have to occupy a third world nation, merely the threat of total destruction is enough. Think about it, if you are a third world nation and you are faced with a) giving the US what it wants at discount or b) seeing your infrastructure obliterated a la Persian Gulf One, what do you do? Boots on the ground, or a real occupation, is only required if you have long term goals that exceed short term plundering. I would agree that long term occupation would be problematic, and would result in a Dacian type situation, a territory Rome invaded for gold but made the mistake of incorporating into the Empire, where the territory is more trouble than it’s worth.

        I realize that I am getting rather long winded here and hijacking your page, so I will close by saying that I could be wrong but the information I have gathered has lead me to the conclusions that I have.

      • There’s no such thing as nuclear missiles, or nuclear reactors, its all a hoax

        As for U.S military, they still wear shitty body armor, theyre tech’s stone age, which is why they only invade 3rd world countries, the U.S military is a joke …

  2. Married to a military guy and a military brat myself, so I think military service is the most honorable of all professions, it’s vital. The following quote comes to mind:

    “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

    My kids want to be soldiers (I’m ambivalent about that, my husband of course thinks it’s great, fortunately we won’t cross that road for a while). With deep cutbacks and lack of public interest, the military has been trending towards a sort of praetorianism (military produce military with fewer and fewer outside  entering the force).

    To quote Neptunus Lex (RIP):
    “Being replaced in the line by our own flesh and blood is a source of great pride to those of us in the service, but resourcing the officer corps exclusively from on base schools is not necessarily a healthy thing for the Republic.

    Then there is the civil/military cultural divide. Coastal elites often prefer clever and ironic poses to the stout, straightforward and famously un-ironic, Anglo-Saxon-laced language of the wardroom and barracks. When asked if they believe in America, the members of our armed forces – a preponderance of whom come from southern and western “fly-over” states – will passionately aver that they do, while increasing numbers of people who haven’t ever met a soldier “IRL” seem baffled by the question.”

    When my husband was considering leaving the service after his first commitment (10 years), we discussed it and although he had a lot opportunities on the outside (and many of our friends were leaving, usually the best were leaving) he elected to stay and make a difference. A military can only be as good as the people who serve, and I am grateful that many good people elect to do so. He stayed, and he did make a difference…not in the form of major policy changes, but he did have a major positive influence over a lot of people’s lives. There is no other endeavor which will give a person such a level of responsibility at a relatively young age.

    That said, if possible, I’d try to go for officer training if I were in your position. It’s a very different life from enlisted. My husband went to jump school with the army and obtained his jump wings there, when he was about 19. There is only a certain time in your life when you can endure that sort of thing (I don’t only mean physical endurance wise, it’s true in all respects), and he wouldn’t have been able to do so when he wasn’t at his most supremely motivated and very young (ironically, he has never worn those wings because he doesn’t want to be mistaken for an Academy graduate, they had their own version of jump school but it is much easier than the real jump school).

    I’d personally go for something in the medical field, if that peaks your interest it offers a very marketable background and a rewarding one, IMO (whether enlisted or officer). I’m a nurse and wish I had that background in emergency medicine, I’ve seen it save lives and limbs on many occasions, in places outside of the combat zone.

    Per Cogitan’s opinion regarding civil war/ military imperialism prospects, even our military capability in general….I must respectfully disagree on both counts. Our force has never been more hollow, for starters (I could go on a while there, but will drop it with that). On a geopolitical scale, though we could defeat any third world military force in a head-on confrontation, the US cannot occupy and control the third world. And as power devolves and smaller and smaller groups are able to obtain military effectiveness due to technological sophistication the consequence is declining capacity to maintain or obtain control on a large scale. In turn, as it becomes increasingly costly to project power, and ever cheaper to resist, the capacity of governments to exert control outside of their own borders shrivels. Ultimately, projecting power will become infeasible.

    • Hey Liz, thanks for the response I was looking forward to what you had to say. You are in an interesting position in that you are evidently a fan of the manosphere, and sympathetic to our cause, that being said how do you see the military fitting into this? Like I mentioned in the post, ultimately I would be defending the society I feel like has forsaken me. The brotherhood would be awesome though.

      • It’s your call, ultimately EK. I don’t know enough about you or your personal goals/objectives. I think (as Cogitans mentioned) it’s important to have a plan. Where do you want to see yourself in 10 years time?

        From my perspective, we have something worth fighting for, and from the perspective of a military person I would say if you feel you have something to give, your service would be very valuable. For all our warts, we have a good system by comparison to most. From all my travels (and I’ve lived in Asia and Europe), it’s the best by far. Governments capable of building a state that can protect its citizens, honor their rights, or refrain from robbing them blind don’t exactly grow on trees. They’re more the exception than the norm in the history of human experience. On that note, friend of mine just got back from a year in Africa…if the military gives you nothing else, you do benefit from life experience in the world one can’t get sitting at a laptop. But it is a sacrifice, and Africa sucks (as does Pakistan, Afghanistan, et al). Contrary to what stoner says below, I’ve found military people to be generally the best people I know (there are tools, of course, but

        But on the other hand, I would tell someone who doesn’t believe we have a nation worth fighting for to join a biker gang if they just desire male camaraderie without the burden of being a state vassal. I am not going to lie to you…women are ruining the military (they haven’t actually ruined the military, they’re just trying very hard). But I’m not one to support abandoning a good village when wolves come to the door.

        • ‘ I am not going to lie to you…women are ruining the military (they haven’t actually ruined the military, they’re just trying very hard)’

          So true, its very scary.

          I actually just was at a bar with some ex- special forces guys who told me joining was the worst decision of the life, interesting to here, given their sacrafice.

      • Hm…forgot to edit before posting. Wanted to say there are tools like everywhere, but generally the people are far better than most, and it is a very good environment to raise a family, in my experience.

  3. I could not handle the discipline or structure of military life…

    I would not want to be in a platoon with a bunch of other guys, living in close quarters. Call me homophobic, but it seems pretty gay. I never liked the “all male spaces”-I like solitude so much better…

    Ironically, I might make a good sniper. I enjoy long periods alone. But even if I missed my “calling” I’m glad. I would not want to kill someone for the US Warmachine…

    My cousin is in the Army. He is a jerk and a bully. He’s also hierarchical if that makes sense. He is obsessed with “rules” and “the pecking order.” I asked him if he’d ever killed anyone and he was really embarrassed when he said nope but he ordered “his guys” to light up a guy arming a mortar.

    I met a Marine Corps guy at a deathmetal show. He was really gruff, highschool dropout, similar height to me but built like a tank. I also asked if he killed anyone and he had. He told me in gruesome detail about shooting a guy who he thought was a terror bomber. He also told me about his “adventures” with prostitutes in Thailand and the Philipines. Maybe he was so open about things because he had about 15 beers that evening.

    The reason I bring this shit up is there is a very real chance you might kill someone, see someone get killed or get killed. (Unless you are a REMF like my dickhead cousin.) Nope, man, I gotta advise against this. It goes against my principles.

  4. Totally forgot bout this blog, did a url check & your site came up … always hit up the commentators blog, if he comments on your blog, good bloggers & commentators hard to find lol

    You should watch mountain men

    Those guys make serious bank, cutting lumber & trapping fur self employed

    $14 an hour, those guys’d crack up for cutting lumber

    Btw why dont they just fit some large saws on a bulldozer & cut multiple tree’s, instead of employing guys for min wage …

    If they employ women gtfo

    Theres nothing honorable about the military, train up murderers & serial killers, & government worshipping ass licking drones

    Fuck the military & their so called asslicking boot licking scum soldiers

    Military whore’s are all std ridden welfare sluts

    • Well said, crude but truth comes in many forms!

      I am realizing a lot about the military, the real deal is just thinking of grinding 12+ hours a day every day for shit I dont agree with.

      • I’m crude when the need arises lol

        You have NO rights if you join the military

        All you have is some kangaroo court, where you’re not even allowed to enter evidence etc.

        The military is pure enslavement

        Plus you’re allowing them to kill you off in battle, training etc.,

        Notice all the friendly fire deaths? … friendly my ass, shot dead by traitors in your own military

        They even changed the terminology from shot dead by traitors …

        Fuck the back stabbing military & their brainwashing 3rd world country murdering asshole’s

  5. Thought I’d add, if you are interested in reading informative commentary from military members regarding military affairs in relation to world events, opinions, et al….Abu Mugawama is a very good site:

    There is a listing of links to other military blogs to the right on that site as well.

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