Absolute power females possess in society

I have been thinking about the claim of mra’s about the imbalance of relationship dynamics, and recently I am reminded of how absolutely true they are that a women could UTTERLY END a guy over hearsay and the guy does not wield nearly the same power.

Now I am sure my female readers will instantly think ‘oh we dont have that much power’ I would argue you are unaware because society is constructed so insidiously.  Guy’s will instantly sympathize because they know the validity of this statement.

For example, I recently talked about the flirty married girl at my work.  There is a cool swimming hole I was talking about to a different co-worker about and married girl  said she wanted to come and I should invite her this weekend.  (How rare girl ever WANT to go somewhere without being asked?)  Long story short, she wanted to come and wanted to go camping, talk about fidelity right?  Anyway she slowly started flaking about ‘not wanting to camp anymore’ (again, SHE was the one who came up with the idea) and then the morning we were supposed to hang at 20 min before the meeting time I get a text ‘u remember me saying I am not coming right?’  Obvious she had not priorly said anything, so a typical flake.  I hit her with a ‘lolz’ (which I actually hate ‘lol’)as much as I wanted to say ‘fuck off bitch’.

But this got me thinking about flaking and society power.  So this bitch flaked on a plan.  Is she married so she probably should not be hanging with a guy?  Yes.  But also when an adult makes a plan it is responsible to show up, not a childish bail.  I am not sure what I am going to say to her next time I see her.  If you have any ideas let me know.  I know PUA’s say ‘dont say anything it comes off as beta’ but I am not really convinced of that.  PUA’s claim that by showing it doesnt bother you, you gain more points or whatever.  But I actually disagree, girls CAN NOT STAND being shut down/dismissed, because 99% of guys endlessly placate to them:  ‘Oh its okay you didn’t come, maybe next time?’ complete with puppy dog eyes.

A guy who actually has value in my mind would be like ‘hey this girl said she was going to be there and was not, she’s gone.  I am not going to play some dumb game.’

But…that gets into the problem of society, and its inherent deference to women.  Despite her fucking up, if I was to make anything of it I WOULD HAVE TO WATCH MY FUCKING STEP.  I will freely grant the situation is different a bit because she is married, but take that out and simply think of a typical girl who bails on a guy. If the guy tells the girl off, or dismisses her or whatever because it is so unusual in her life she will think about it a lot, and what do girls love?  Revenge.

The paths for taking a guy down are endless ‘oh he wont stop making sexual advances at me’ or ‘he is so mean to women he is a misogynist’ or really any lie that is only hearsay.   But society ever the white-knight can’t let the villains attacking the poor women go unpunished so suddenly you are under a microscope, or your coworkers turn on you, or you get fired…all because you made a girl feel uncomfortable when she fucked up.

It is a very scary situation as a male to fully comprehend what this means, that at any moment a girl (who are whimsical by nature) could take a guy down with absolutely no recourse.  It is a terrifying prospect, no wonder guys are dropping out of society.  I know I think everyday how the hell to get out of this feminist utopia, otherwise known as a nightmare.


28 thoughts on “Absolute power females possess in society

  1. I completely agree with your first two paragraphs, but am unsure of what your story has to do with it.

    I don’t see a woman showing off her female power by flaking out, just someone who made an impromptu decision without really considering it. Maybe she got her period and didn’t want to go swimming. Maybe she felt dumb for forgetting her nephew’s graduation ceremony and didn’t want to admit it. Maybe her husband is a jealous type and she didn’t want to hurt his feelings by going.

    Or maybe she’s just not very bright, and has trouble following through with plans, even when they’re her idea. (Saying “oh, you should invite me” is also very weird in my opinion. Why not just ask “can I come too”? Freaky…)

    That being said, if it bothers you that much, then I say you should talk to her about it. Let her know that it was rude to send a text rather than call, and that she needs to be more upfront with her decisions in the future. I’d also tell her that you didn’t appreciate her waiting so long to clarify her intent to stay home, and that you’d want 24hr notice next time, emergencies aside.

      • Why? You’re not saying she’s stupid, you’re not being sexist, you’re not yelling at her in front of the entire office…You are calling someone out on their irresponsibility in regards to a non work related event.

        Is your workplace really so full of adults that would act like adolescents? If so, I’m very sorry for you. That sounds like a terrible work environment.

        • Sophia, I sympathize that on paper it sounds perhaps strange, but as a male this is the feeling almost anywhere in society that you can NOT yell at or even berate a women for her behavior without coming off as the ‘bad guy’ here.

          • I’m not saying to yell or berate, especially since we’re talking about grown men and women here. If you WERE to yell/berate then even I would think you were treating her as a child…which would be sexist of you, since adult women aren’t children.

            But one adult calmly telling the other that their actions were not appreciated? No one should raise an eyebrow. (Though I probably wouldn’t speak to her about it during work hours…that would not be professional.)

            If you are truly worried about public perception, then send her an email or a text. This is not something to be aired about in public, it’s between you, her, and any others who were affected by her absence.

  2. hahaha,

    I wouldn’t mention anything about it, but if she ever tries to make plans with you again, just laugh…

    …you probably dodged a bullet. Don’t ever hang out with married women or listen to their problems. They either have the jealous husband or worse yet are some creepy swingers who want to involve you in some weird shit…

      • there’s no power imbalance if you don’t pursue…

        yes, women are “allowed” flaky behavior by many “men.” Call ’em out on their BS. Flaky people aren’t worth it…

    • “…you probably dodged a bullet. Don’t ever hang out with married women or listen to their problems. They either have the jealous husband or worse yet are some creepy swingers who want to involve you in some weird shit…”

      +1. This.
      But we said that already. You ask for advice and then don’t take it, EK.
      Stay. The F*ck. Away. From this bitch. She is psycho. You have been warned.

      • Not to put to fine a point on it, but I’ll go there…this is like sitting in your car, with it running in the garage and pontificating about the way you can’t just sit in your car and run it in the garage without getting CO poisoning.
        Is it fair? No. Just turn the engine off. Then get out of the car, and the garage first…and then feel free to wax poetic about the injustice you feel about said events. Have you even met her husband? You have nothing beyond her good word to go by. You shouldn’t even be texting her.

  3. I think part of it comes to the messages she’s sending and the messages she thinks she’s sending. She’s acting backhanded in an effort to make you read her mind. As if you’re supposed to simply know what she’s REALLY thinking every step of the way. Her inviting herself along is part of a subtle persuasion. Notice the differences in the words and the messages these lines convey:

    Can I come too? –> Asking, inquiring. A yes or no question. You can reasonably answer no.

    You should invite me –> This is her telling you what to do. It’s her inviting you to invite her, and saying no means you’re rejecting her. She weaseled her way into “politely” asking you so she can turn around and say “He’s so rude. He never even asked me to~” if you say no.

    I agree with Stoner, you’ve dodged a bullet.

    • “She weaseled her way into “politely” asking you so she can turn around and say “He’s so rude. He never even asked me to~” if you say no.”
      Why does this even matter? “He’s so rude” well…she’s a whore, a married drama queen trying to ‘work it’ on the side because she needs an ego massage for unknown reasons. Best answer would be, “Sure you can go camping, when your husband takes you.” The end.

      • It matters because some women talk that way. But more importantly, you’re correct, Liz. She is indeed a married drama queen who wants her ego stroked. She wants to stir things up at work because life must be too easy. Your answer is dead on: Remind her of her marriage and get the hell away from her.

  4. I am so mad at women right now.

    Between this and Judgybitch’s thread on forced fatherhood and all the stupid crap happening with the military….I know a woman (civilian employee) currently claiming assault who reminds me of this one…married to her third husband, went out to the bar with male coworkers while deployed and got absolutely trashed, one walked her to her room because she could barely stand. Turns out she was taking psych meds that don’t go well with alcohol, so she passes out in the bathroom of the hotel room (alone). She wakes up and thinks she was drugged and called 911, and was taken to the hospital. At the hospital she refused the drug test, then went home after a saline IV. Later, she decides she was probably assaulted and drugged by the guy who walked her to her room (though she was locked in, alone). Thank God the hotel kept records and his key card went into his door within minutes after her key card went into hers…but her husband has been harassing this guy and coming to his workplace. He never even held her hand, let alone tried to slip her a roofie (and if you saw this woman, and you had only one roofie, trust me this isn’t the one you’d pick). They are now documenting her dreams of “the event” together. I can’t make this up. They’re both unstable, but her husband is only getting a small picture, her picture and is convinced she was drugged because he doesn’t have access to her medical record and believes her when she tells him she only had one beer.

    I need to go watch videos of puppies or bunnies or something.

      • Oh, it’s under investigation now.
        My husband is the boss of the accused, and he obtained permission to allow everyone in the building to carry a firearm because the husband has been so confrontational he’s worried the guy might just snap and commit a massacre. Fortunately, there is absolutely no evidence to support her claims and (more importantly) a lot of evidence contrary to her claims (and a blood alcohol test over .20, though she refused the drug test).
        That helps the defendant if it ever goes to court (unlikely), but it doesn’t help him in his private life with a couple of psychos pursuing him. He needs to buy a large dog.

        So glad to hear you’re bailing there, EK. Let her ruin someone else’s life. Now, I just have to coach my sons. But how on earth do you prepare them these days? The other day, I was discussing it with my husband and mentioned, “you need to tell them….” He said, “Honey, I’ve got this. I have a long list of things to watch for.” Hallelujah

        • Yeah thanks again Liz, when a hot girl was coming onto me it was novel simply because she was married, I had not considered all the dangers, now Im prepared for the future.

      • @TMG

        Really? Is that because you’re afraid of being pinned for something like the guy in Liz’s story, or because you don’t think a stranger is deserving of help? I’ve met people who say both. Just wondering which opinion you hold.

  5. this is the simplest way I’d define MGTOW, maybe not how any other man would or how the “tough guys” in the man-0-sphere would define it…

    a willingness to walk from a bad deal or situation…

  6. All my friends (and employees) know that I will not accept a text as an excuse for ANYTHING. If you’re going to bail on me, in either a personal or professional capacity, at least have the onions to tell me in your own voice.

    I regret what happened EK. She sounds like a needy little princess. I’d avoid talking to her and just smile politely if/when you see her again.

  7. Not all girls love revenge! The way I see it is, it did not make the situation not happen. Only if it can stop a another future to occur, like another robbery to someone else, or another murder or rape happening to someone else will I take revenge. Even that isn’t really revenge because I would leave it to the court. I f the court does not do anything then I will warn everyone.

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