Wtf is wrong with girls today: The manjaw + tattooes

I saw this picture of a new cadet for the air force academy, one of the most elite colleges someone can go to.  These are supposed to be the best of the best our country has to offer.  When you are ready for the horror scroll down.







the horror

This girl has a bigger jaw than the girl yelling at her.  Look, people can’t control thier body shape to that extent, so I get it, just a minor artifact of aggressive women taking over.  But the real issue is that huge skull arm tattoo.  What the fuck were they thinking letting someone in with that!?

Seriously, was there no one equally as qualified that didnt have a smiling fucking skull on their arm?  Who knows what out trash her body is littered with.  How is she supposed to wear formal wear without that little fucker smiling out in its contempt to the world?

Most afa cadets are 18-20, so if she was asked about it at all I am sure she said ‘it was a mistake of my youth’ but she likely got it within the last 2 years.  I got news for you, if you are about under 24 I would say you still have a LOT of growing up to do.

The fact such trash like this is supposed to be the best is a real sign of the times.  The writing is on the wall.

Girls: Take home message of the day: avoid tattoos, it doesnt make you unique in any way, only trashy.


16 thoughts on “Wtf is wrong with girls today: The manjaw + tattooes

  1. You’re not going to find many feminine women in the Airforce Academy, they’re pretty much ALL manjaw types. The tattoo thing is new. Think they were disqualifying for some positions in the Airforce when my husband started out. But back then, you had to put a photo of yourself in uniform on front of your application form for pilot training, for instance (i believe this was required for promotion packages too) and they stopped that long ago.

  2. Lol, I’m 99% sure that’s a man yelling at her, EK. But yeah…that tattoo is pretty bad.

    I never really understood what the deal was/is with tattoos, piercings or other body modifications. If you’re into it, that’s fine I suppose, but I haven’t partaken in ANY of it. It just always seems so unnecessary…

    Just to be clear, I don’t find tattoos or piercings attractive on men OR women. Not saying that I’d find them repulsive, but it certainly kicks attraction down a notch or two.

  3. fwiw, Female Airforce mess dress (formal wear) looks like this:

    Lovely ain’t it? Well, at least she’ll be covered up. 🙂

    I wouldn’t want my kids to go to the academy, candidly. I’ve met very few people to come out of there normal. Most act like they’ve never seen alcohol or a female, and want to make up for lost time. That, or they’re bible thumping teetotalers. They’re usually maladapted for life outside ‘The Zoo’ as they call it.

  4. So, Stupid Teen has an ugly Tattoo. Why should I care? Lots of People that age get really ugly Tattoos that they later regret. To show sexism, you can’t just show a benefit or disadvantage for one sex. You need to show that there is not a corresponding right or obligation. That the rules favor one group over another in an unjust way. Are tattooed males booted from this school? Site examples.

    • I don’t think he was implying tattoos are disqualifying for males and not females. EK just indicated that he thought it was poor form to have a large tattoo in a prominent area that looks disgusting, and it wasn’t a good reflection on an individual accepted to the exclusive institution in particular.

      But since you inquired, the physical fitness standards for males and females for the academy are completely different:

      • No question about it. The physical reqs are clearly sexism in action. Very clear cut different rules depending on gender, sexism. The focus of the post was the ugly Tattoo. With so many clear cut examples of sexism, there is no need to devolve to insults over ugly tattoos. Doing so just takes away from the real issues.

  5. I have very mixed feelings on tats…

    I always loved comic books so when someone has a really well done tat, I wanna take a look and ask ’em the meaning-most people are more than happy to tell the story. if I was a PUA- I’d probably tell you it’s a gr8 way to “open” an HB 11.245 squared but I’m not a PUA so I’ll tell you no such thing…

    I *do* think tatt’d people are cliquish and tend to hang with other tatt’d folks.

    I’m so tempted to make a joke about rape in the military right now but I don’t want to send any feminist’s or MRA’s into hysterics….

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